What a Night!

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What a Night!
What a Night!
Year: 2023
A horny young man decides to go for a walk in the middle of the night to burn off some energy, but he spies a couple making love in the park. As he watches from the bushes jerking off, a dog suddenly mounts him.
Jack Morningwood
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Suddenly, I felt a hot wet sensation on the head of my cock and jumped back.  “What the fuck,” I whispered.

I looked down to see that a German shepherd dog had wandered up on me while I was perving on the fucking couple and licked the pre-cum off my throbbing cockhead.  Quickly, I glanced at the couple, but they were too involved in their fucking pleasure to have noticed my untimely groan.  I stood there like a stunned mullet, my hands in the air, my cock poking out stiff and hard, bewildered by the actions of the German shepherd.  As I stood wondering what I should do, the dog started licking my cockhead again.  I couldn’t believe it.  This dog was really going for it.

I must admit that it did feel good.  I also knew that I was so horny from watching the couple fucking that the dog’s actions didn’t bother me.  I moved my hands and let the dog lick me as I watched them fuck so teasingly close to me.  I noticed that the dog seemed to want to lick more and more into my pants.  So, I unbuttoned my pants and let them slide down to my knees.  I decided if the dog was kind enough to want to lick my genitals, I could certainly be accommodating enough to give the beast access to me to lick wherever it pleased.

The stray dog began licking my whole cock, my balls and was trying to get its nose under my balls and between my legs.  The area between my legs has always been particularly sensitive.  I love it being licked or touched, so I pulled my cock and balls up and spread my legs to allow the animal access.  The dog’s tongue must have been six inches long.  That first lick sent the shepherd’s tongue back to the top edge of my ass.  Then as the beast pulled its tongue back, it slid through the crack of my butt, across my asshole, and all the way between my legs.

I knew it would feel good, but I had no idea it would feel that good.  The sandpapery feel of the German shepherd’s tongue on my asshole and genitals was amazing.  ‘Any wonder chicks get into this,’ I thought, referring to the dog licking.  I trembled and almost lost my balance.  Before I could do anything, the dog shot its tongue back to pull it across my asshole again and between my legs.  I pushed the German shepherd’s head away because I knew I wanted to feel more of that.  Between watching this guy ass fuck this hot girl so erotically and feeling the dog licking me, I would be quickly blowing my load.  I did not want to do that standing in such an awkward position.

I had some thick gloves, which I had pulled off earlier.  I laid them about a foot apart on the ground, then dropped my pants and knelt with my knees on the gloves.  I leaned forward and rested my chest on a log.  This gave the German shepherd access to my butt and genitals from behind while giving me a free hand to continue stroking as I watched the fucking couple in the clearing.

The dog immediately went behind me and renewed its tongue treatment of my asshole.  I watched the couple slowly fuck.  The guy had begun to stroke her asshole faster, to which her moans had become increasingly louder and more husky.  I stroked my cock, and with my other hand, I pulled my ass cheeks apart to let the dog lick my anus.  The dog began licking my anus in earnest.  I relaxed the muscles to really enjoy it and was completely surprised to feel the dog’s tongue go way up into my asshole and back out.  This sudden wave of pleasure made me a bit lightheaded, and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning myself.  I stopped stroking my cock and reached back with both hands to pull myself open more.

I was rewarded with the feeling of the dog’s tongue going even deeper into my belly.  I had never felt anything like this.  I just spread myself as far as I could, looked up to watch the fucking in front of me, and gave in to the eroticism of the moment.  I was completely lost in the feeling.  I was amazingly close to actually cumming without touching my cock at all when suddenly, the dog stopped licking me.  My entire body was tingling.  I had never been so close to cumming without having some serious stroking going on.  I wanted this incredible feeling to continue.  Pre-cum was dripping from my cockhead.  The woman was moaning so erotically.  I could hear the man and woman’s bodies slap together as he fucked her ass hard.  Everything was so erotic.  I was so close to a climax.

Then I felt the dog jump on top of me, but at the same time, I felt its warm wet cock probing around my asshole.  I was so close to having the orgasm of the century that I didn’t care.  I just wanted stimulation—any stimulation.  I moved a bit and helped the dog aim and was quickly rewarded with its cock going a short distance into my asshole.  As soon as the dog felt it slide inside me, it began holding my waist very tightly and thrusting itself into me deeper and deeper.

What I wasn’t counting on in my lust-addled brain was the pain.  As the dog’s thick cock sliced through my sphincter and into my colon, my poor rectum burned with unbearable pain.  Stretching around a hot slab of dog cock was not something that it was used to, and the shepherd was not a gentle lover.  It thrust into me with all the might of The Hulk, stabbing its cock deep into my guts.  The urge to scream was overwhelming, and I quickly put my hand over my mouth, shut my eyes tightly, and, with all my might, remained utterly silent.

I thought I was going to die.  However, something funny happened.  In not too long of a time, the pain began to subside as sensual friction started to glow from my anal sphincter.  I could feel the dog’s cock going deep inside me, and it felt so wonderfully hot.  Plus, the dog’s warm belly warmed my slightly cold ass.  I also felt the dog squirting hot liquid into me as it thrust like a jackhammer into my raped asshole.  Now, instead of hating it, I loved the feeling.  Sure, there was still pain, but there was an incredible sensual feeling, too.  So, I pulled my cheeks as far apart as possible.  I felt the animal thrust into my belly as I resumed watching and listening to the couple fucking in the clearing.

God, this dog has a big cock,” I thought.

The dog’s rapid thrusting was intense.  It felt so good to be fucked this way.  I understood fully and completely the term ‘animal passion’ as the German shepherd shoved its cock deeper and deeper into my asshole.  I tried to push my ass against it, meeting the dog’s powerful thrusts as best I could and getting that canine cock as deep as possible in my guts.  As I was still watching the couple, I felt the dog shove particularly hard a few times.  I felt a large bulbous part of its cock near the base ram through my burning sphincter and punch into me.  I almost squealed.

It was so big and felt like it was getting larger with each thrust.  It seemed to slip in and out a few times before finally staying inside me.  It felt so good I wanted it to stay in.  I was so full of cock, and I had never felt anything like it.  With its cock and knot now stuck inside me, the German shepherd was fucking me with much shorter strokes than before.  But the speed was still there.  Feeling this huge cock and knot moving around in my belly was the most insane thing I have ever experienced.  I could feel its heat, how it throbbed and flexed, and how it jostled around my internal organs.  It was wild.  I wondered if I would die being torn apart by a massive cock, and I didn’t care.


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