What Gina Saw!

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What Gina Saw!
What Gina Saw!
Year: 2024
Gina sees a young woman jerking off a dog while looking out her window at work, and it flames her passions to new heights.
Sheela B.
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Lena Anderson liked to jerk off dogs.  Lena was 18-years-old, pert, nubile, and popular.  In most ways, she was perfectly normal, and her sex life was energetic.  The girl had three fairly steady boyfriends, all of whom she fucked regularly.  Once in a while, she would go to a single’s bar and get picked up by some well- hung stranger for a bit of variation.  Since Lena, therefore, had all the fucking that she needed, it wasn’t a case of frustration that led to her fixation with dog cock.  She simply liked to pull a dog’s cock.

The dogs liked it, too.

Lena had first found out that it was fun to masturbate dogs when she was younger and still a virgin– barely since she had finger-fucked some.  The dog had been the family pet, a Labrador retriever with an affectionate nature.  One day the girl had noticed that the Labby had a hard-on.  The hard cock had intrigued her.  She knew all about hard-ons from her heavy petting sessions with boys at school, and she knew how to milk their cocks until they came, but she wondered if she could do the same thing with a dog.  She wasn’t sure.  Not having hands, dogs couldn’t pull themselves off, and so maybe, she guessed, dog pricks didn’t work the same way as the human ones did.

The speculation so interested and excited her that she thought she would experiment on the family pet.  She called the dog over to her and knelt beside him.  She folded her hand around his big cock.  The dog rolled his eyes, and his tongue lolled out.  Lena began to run her hand up and down his iron-hard cock.  She loved the way that the dog’s cockhead flared out when she dragged the hairy skin back towards his bloated balls.  Suddenly, the brute howled.  A jet of creamy jism shot from the dog’s cockhead.

Lena gave a little gasp and kept jerking her pet off, emptying his cock and balls to the dregs.  She had discovered that it was fascinating to make a brute come.  When Lena had first started playing with his cock, it had been more out of curiosity than anything else.  Still, once she had felt and seen that thick, hot geyser burst from his thundering dog cock, Lena had been filled with fiery lust.

From that day on, the horny young girl made a point of jerking off the Labrador’s cock regularly.  She also jerked off several other dogs that roamed the neighborhood, becoming extremely popular with the canine set.  She never did anything else.  She had no desire whatsoever to let a dog fuck her or to suck one off.  She didn’t even get them to lick her cunt.  She was perfectly content to give them handjobs and then, filled with dark passion, to fingerfuck herself to a wonderful climax with her own cum-soaked hands.

When Lena graduated from high school, at last, no longer a virgin, she did four things.  She got her apartment.  The girl got a job.  She bought a convertible.  And she bought herself a sturdy and affectionate bull terrier with a beautiful white coat.

Bred to fight to the death, the terrier was a bit confused the first time his mistress began to fondle his cock and balls, but he was an intelligent beast.  He soon got the idea, fucking her hand with all the enthusiasm of his breed and rewarding the girl with a massive load of cum.  The dog was so much to her taste that Lena was fairly faithful to him and only jerked off one or two other animals that year.

And whenever Lena was not fucking her boyfriends, she liked to spend time with her pet.  It was Saturday.  Lena did not have to go to work, and she decided to drive out into the countryside for a picnic in her open car with her faithful dog.  She had an idea that it would be a lot of fun to jerk the dog off in the open air in the animal’s natural habitat, as it were.  The city streets were deserted on a Saturday morning.  Still, the traffic lights continued to function in their mindless fashion, and Lena had to wait at a red light.

That was when she saw that her bull terrier had a hard-on.  The dog was sitting in the passenger seat, and his cock jutted up like a cantilever supporting him.  The traffic light was still red.  The head of the dog’s cock was just as red.  Lena glanced around and, seeing no other cars about and no pedestrians, she grinned and reached out, taking her dog’s cock in her hand.  The dog whimpered gratefully.  Lena began to stroke his cock.

The big, hard cockshaft swelled into her fist, and the knob began to pulsate.  Lena got plenty excited, playing with the animal in public.  Her fist flew up and down at a fast rate, skimming his cock, dragging the furry pelt up and down the throbbing prick stalk.  She knew that the dog was going to shoot his hot wad very quickly.  She lifted the hem of her skirt so that it would not get soaked with jism.  She leaned towards the beast, her fist pumping steadily.

The dog’s cock went off like a fire hose in her hand.  The first creamy spurt flew straight up in the air and hung suspended for a moment, then dropped down, splattering on her naked thighs.  She continued to pump away, emptying its cum-loaded balls in spurt after spurt.

“Nice?” she asked.

“Woof,” said the dog.

The light was green.  Lena wiped her hand delicately on a Kleenex, put the car in gear, and drove off.  It had been no momentous occasion for the girl since she was well accustomed to masturbating her pet.  Little did she know the profound effect that her act was to have on a total stranger who had been watching from a window above.


She had just entered her office when a convertible pulled up at the traffic lights below.  Gina had gone to the window to open it.  She happened to glance down.  At first, Gina could not believe what she saw.  She was looking down into the open automobile from above, and the perspective confused her.  It seemed as if the sexy girl in the car was changing gears, but the car was not moving, and the gear lever seemed to be rising from the passenger seat.  There was a dog there, as well.  It added to her confusion.  But then Gina’s eyes shot the picture to her mind, and she gasped.

The girl was stroking the dog’s cock.

Two tumultuous emotions welled up in Gina at the same time.  She was astonished by what she saw, but she was also filled with vicarious lust.  Already hot and horny to begin with, the weird sight heightened her agonized need for cock.  She leaned on the windowsill, staring, her jaw hanging open in shock and her eyes gone big and round.  She saw the sexy young lady lift her dress with her free hand.  Her thighs were sleek and shapely.  Her other hand pumped rhythmically up and down on the dog’s cock.  She was looking sideways at him, watching what she was doing, and there was a smile on her face.  The dog’s tongue was lolling out, and his stout haunches were braced on the seat, quivering.

Suddenly the beast’s cock shot a wad of thick cum from his prickhead.  The sticky jism splattered on the girl’s bare legs.  Gina’s pussy seemed to erupt volcanically, untouched, going off of its own accord so that thick juice was running down her thighs as heavily as the canine cum was pouring over the girl in the car.  Gina cupped a hand over her crotch as if to hold her flooding desire.  She watched the girl milk the dog’s cock dry.

The convertible moved off, a happy girl and a happy dog heading for a picnic in the countryside, and horny Gina was left alone with her need and her terrible frustration.  Two frustrations in one day seemed too much.


For several minutes, Gina stood where she was, at the open window, while she considered what she had just seen.  It had been such a bizarre, unexpected sight that she was stunned–as much by the size of her lust as by the act itself.  Had someone told her about such a thing, she would have thought it disgusting and perverted, but the actual sight itself had not seemed that way at all.  The girl had obviously enjoyed jacking the dog off.  The dog had delighted in the act, and it had been fascinating to Gina.

Would I like to do that?’ wondered Gina.

She thought that she would.  And did that naughty girl in the car do other things with her dog as well?  Did she maybe take the dog’s cock into her mouth and suck on his cock, or lick the fiery-red prick tip–or let the animal fuck her, even?  Those thoughts were intensely exciting.  The whole concept of having sex with an animal was causing Gina to tremble with beastly lust.  ‘There were definite benefits in dog-fucking,’ she realized.

A married woman could get all the cock she wanted from a dog without technically committing adultery, she reasoned.  And it would be basic, physical lust, a simple case of give and take with no question whatsoever, of emotional involvement.  One wouldn’t want to, say, kiss a dog.  It was pure cock and no more.  And the dog could never blow the whistle on a girl, either.

‘Oh!  What am I thinking?’ she asked herself.  Gina grinned ruefully.  ‘I’d never do a wicked thing like that,’ she told herself.  ‘I’m just hot and frustrated, and that makes dog- fucking seem like a good idea, but I wouldn’t really do it.’

And yet, if a dog had happened to come strolling into that empty office right then, she wouldn’t have sent him away.  Gina suddenly realized that she was cupping her cunt in her hand and that her crotch was creamy.  She wasn’t sure if she had come or not.  She had been so fascinated by what she saw in the car below that her pussy might well have melted without her knowing it.  But whether she had already cum or not was a moot point.

She wanted to cum again.  She lifted her dress above her waist and pushed her soaking panties down around her knees.  She pushed her trim belly out against the windowsill.  Her cunt steamed in the cool air.  She began to run her hands up the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, then started working on her pussy with both hands.  She fingered her tingling clit with one hand while she pushed three fingers of the other up her cunt.  She was thinking about dog cock.


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