Why Tara Ran Away

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Why Tara Ran Away
Why Tara Ran Away
Year: 2020
Tara lives with her Uncle and Aunt and their son Kenny. One day, Kenny seduces her, which sets off a chain of events that make her run away.
Jack Morningwood
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Tara didn’t know what she felt when the dogs finally broke through under the wall of the shed and surrounded her.  She had lain back on the tarp-covered hay bale as if giving up any resistance.  The girl didn’t feel like resisting, really.  Tara felt vague anticipation of the inevitable and was scared—a little bit—as the dogs panted in the gloom.  She can feel their breaths on her skin now.  One growls, and there’s a short flurry of battle as King proves he is first.

Then she feels the dog mount between her slightly spread thighs.  Tara trembles.  It’s wrong, of course, for animals to mate with human girls.  But it’s that last happening that broke through something in her mind.  Her uncle raping her so brutally shattered her spirit of resistance.  ‘Fucking is a universal truth,’ she thought.  ‘That an animal would fuck a human is strange enough.  But is it as evil as the taboo hinted?  What uncle Frank did was just as animal as this.’

Tara can’t get it out of her mind.  How their tongues feel against her skin.  Now she’s stripped naked without a weapon, without any hope of escape.  And she’s hot.  The loving Kenny had almost given her, and the lustful and powerful rape she received from her uncle, neither had satisfied Tara sexually.  The girl had only been teased maddeningly closer to that most beautiful feeling of all.  A climax!  An orgasm.

When everything fled from her thoughts except the insatiable need to finish the itch, to catch the tickle and grind it out.  So, when Tara feels King’s paws pressing her shoulders down, she whines with the pent-up energy her body tingles with.  The German shepherd rams her cunt quickly, the red spear going so deep.  She cringes, closes her thighs.  It hurts, but the pain touches other nerves, other hunger.  Tara doesn’t know how to make love to a dog.  She’s still holding back, still unsure of the ground on which she finds herself.

King… Ohhhhh…

Tara opens her eyes.  The sight of the long muzzle, the tongue driving against her neck, shocks her back from her dreamy need to give her body what it wanted.

Nooo … Oh, noooo…

A dog!  I really can’t let it happen, no matter what,’ she thought in a panic.

Tara lurches sideways, throwing King off balance, the two of them falling into the dusty hay on the floor.  She’s crawling with no direction, no thought in her head but escape.  The girl had almost talked herself into letting it happen, allowing an animal to fuck her in gloomy, secret sin.  Now, as she crawls, Tara can hear the animals snorting once again for mastery of her.  Another scrape explodes, and she thinks she recognizes King’s howl as teeth bring the dog to the dirt floor.  Her head hits the wall.

She begins to claw with her fingers at the hole the animals had made to enter her prison.  But the gap is far too small for her to squeeze through.  A nose rubs harshly between her ass cheeks and the wet puffy lips of her young cunt.  Then she’s mounted.  A stiff dog cock jabs her petals slide to one side.  The next lunge is more exact.  Tara cries out as she feels the slick, hot cock enters her cunt.

The teen lurches sideways to escape, but the dog has already made a second lunge, skewering her completely.  Warm balls flop against her body.  Two dogs fight in the dust by her side as the other continues to fuck her.

Help … Help … Oh God, help me…

Tara tries to roll onto her back, but the dogs prevent her on one side, the shed’s wall on the other.  The attacker bites her neck in savage lust, holding her still as it works its dripping cock into her steamy, young vagina.  Somehow, Tara’s turned around and crawls in stupid, blundering haste back across the small enclosure.  She bumps against the hay bale, drapes herself across it to catch her breath.  The dog that had lost her mounted quickly again.  In two lunges, its red cock is deep, deep within her cunt.  The dog fucks like a mad thing, biting and licking and clawing at her back.  Then King attacks the dog on her back.

The two of them squabble noisily, fangs bared.  Tara’s too scared and exhausted to try to escape.  The dog who fucked her fell away, and King takes its place.  King’s cock is longer, thicker.  It’s hot, slick, and tapered, and as it goes deep, it seems to expand with throbbing excitement.  Her rubbed cunt comes alive.

Tara cries out with a gasp of excitement she can’t suppress.  ‘Is it wrong or isn’t it,’ she wonders?  She can’t think anymore.  The girl can only feel the spearing, swelling cock inside her ravaged vagina.  The petals of her pussy peel open, stretching around the thick base of King’s dog cock and knot.  The German shepherd growls and works it with rabbity hunches.  Tara cries again as the friction of her own pussy lips against her clit makes shots of pleasure jangle her body.

Ahhhhh … Ohhhhh…

Tara tries to push back against the monster atop her.  But she’s on her stomach, draped over the haybale.  She can’t grab the dog, can’t turn with the weight of the dog pressing her down.  Her pussy seeps hot slimy liquids, and the sound of the rigid shaft gliding in and out of her cunt is strangely exciting.  Even her cries excite her to whimper more.  Tara doesn’t know whether she’s really trying to get away or just playing a part.  It feels so terribly itchy and right.

Another competitor who wants to fuck Tara attacks King.  The dog snarls and snaps at the mongrel, which is its offspring.  The dog catches King’s front paw, and Tara watches the battle there a few inches from her face.  King’s cock sucks out of her cunt.  The teen feels the dripping pussy lips close behind the hot member, and her body throbs for the loss.  Tara should try to get away.  But to where?   She’s trapped in the shed, and the dogs are tearing at each other to have her.  ‘How can I possibly escape,’ she wonders?

Nooo… Oh, dogs, go away.”

She struggles to get off of the hay bale, but two more paws hit her squarely in the back and drive her down again.  This time the cock is smaller.  It’s the smallest of the dogs taking its turn while King and the bigger mongrel scrap wildly in the far corner of the shed.  The smaller dog atop her lurches with jerky movements showing experience in mating.  She feels the small cock miss her swollen pussy and slip against the taunt, dry pucker of her asshole.  Tara is sure it’ll never go inside, but the dog’s cock is slicker than she thought.  Suddenly the slender organ pierces her vagina.

Instinctively she clamps her sphincter with all the strength she can muster.  The smaller dog howls and dances in the dirt between her calves.  The dog can’t free himself, can’t get deeper.  Tara screams as teeth cut into her back and shoulder.


The dog is frantic to free itself from the hot vise of her ass, but she’s too scared to relax.  Tara feels blood streaming from a wound on her arm.  She screams a shuddering, awful fit as King bounds through the gloom and hits the smaller dog full in the side.  The two animals tear at each other in the rising cloud of dust.  The third mongrel drives Tara down again and, with a quick hump of its back, enters her cunt.

Nooooo … Ohhhhh, God … Stop…

The animal’s chest smears the blood of her wound, its paws scratching new ones.  The dog is frantic with need, something which had gone off inside the dog’s mind.  In the next second, Tara knows why.  Hot canine semen splatters the backs of her legs as the mongrel pumps her full of jizz.  It dribbles freely from around her hole.  Semen drenches her clit with the sticky, slimy stuff, and as the dog fucks furiously, her tender buttons rubbed devastatingly.  Tara can hardly get any air into her lungs.  Her bottom tingles as blood trickles down her spine and in between the crack of her ass.

“Ahhhhh … Ugh … Ooh…

The teen girl is moving her body.  She can’t help herself.  ‘It feels good … sooo good,’ she thought.  The way the dog’s cock rubs against her clit is fantastic.  She fights to regain her good sense, but there’s nothing in her mind now except the world of the animals with which she shared this dark and savage world.  It’s their world, and she’s in it.  Tara’s lost with their bodies atop her back.  The girl feels faint, hot, and crazy.  Her bottom works steadily now, even as the mongrel’s cock softens and slips out of her hole.


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