The Demon

As school finishes and eighteen-year-old Andy Lewis gathers his things to go home, a shiver runs through his thin body.  Andy has stayed down two years in high school because he’s not very smart.  He goes to his locker and packs his bag to a roiling stomach and racing heart.  For today, his nemesis in high school is senior student Chad Watkins (who’s also eighteen) had warned him that after school, the bully planned to kick his ass.  What for, Andy didn’t know exactly, he never really understood why the large senior had it in for him.  Sometimes, if the boy’s lucky, he can sneak out through the back of the school and cut through a large local park, missing Chad altogether who would be waiting out the front of the school.

The boy has gotten away with this strategy a few times now and feels proud he had outsmarted the meathead.  Andy is one of those late bloomers, he’s only just starting to grow pubic hair, so he always looks small and younger than he is.  He thinks that draws bullies to him, and with his blond hair and bright blue eyes, the little boy’s look is complete.

As Andy makes his way to the back fence of the school, a redhead girl called Nina (whom he hates) yells, “Chad is lookin’ for you.”

Andy ignores her, more determined than ever to escape the clutches of the bully.  He soon finds the gap in the fence and crawls through to appear in a garden bed covered with bark chips in the park.  As the boy crawls under some bushes, Andy sees something glinting in the sun and turns to stare at it.  What he sees is a diamond necklace.  The necklace part is a gold chain with a large diamond set into it.  It’s an uncut diamond and seems rough and chunky.  He wonders why he knows it’s a diamond anyway, yet something tells him it is.  Something compels him to pick it up.  To put it on.

It’s like a whispery voice that seems simultaneously distant and close.  ‘Pick it up … It’s yours … Put it on … You’ll like it,’ this voice whispers seductively in Andy’s head.

Trance-like, the boy reaches out and grabs the necklace, then crawls the rest of the way out and stands on the grass.  He stares at the diamond, it’s enormous and heavy in his hand.  The stone feels warm, and the whispery voice is more influential.

Put it on … Put it on…

Without thinking, he places the chain over his neck and puts the stone under his shirt.  For some reason, this makes Andy feel incredibly happy, and he goes to touch the stone again to find it gone.

“What the?” he groans.

The whispery voice is still there.  ‘You are mine … Until you satisfy my need, you cannot remove the necklace…

“But I don’t have the necklace.  It’s gone,” Andy said, looking around to find the owner of the whispery voice but sees no one.

It’s not gone.  It’ll appear again when you have satisfied me.  Then and only then can you remove it.’

Andy shivers so hard he nearly wets himself.  “How do I satisfy you?” he asks.

There’s whispery laughter.  ‘You’ll see … Oh, you’ll see.’


Andy stands near the garden bed, unsure of what to do.  He looks around, wondering if anyone can see him.  He doesn’t understand why this diamond necklace is gone and why it’s talking to him.  Who put this diamond necklace here to catch him like this?  However, there is still a problem looming, and that is the bully, Chad.  As Andy scrapes the bark chips off his knee and grabs his bag, he sees Chad riding into the park some distance away on his pushbike, and a surge of fear runs through the boy’s body.  He doesn’t want Chad to find him now because he knows if the bully does, the beating he’ll get will be severe.

Andy starts to run.  However, Chad spots him and is soon pedaling toward him as fast as he can.  The boy looks back and sees the bully catching him.  His heart is racing and sweat is pouring off his forehead.  He’s reaching the street when suddenly, with a loud screech of tires, the bully is off his bike and has Andy by the scruff of the neck.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going, Andy Pandy,” Chad shouts.

“Leave me alone.  Leave me alone,” Andy whines, struggling in the bully’s grip.

“I’ve been waiting for you, little bastard,” Chad growls.

“Please leave me alone.  I haven’t done anything to you.”

Suddenly, a strange look comes over chad’s face.  Chad’s bushy eyebrows draw down into a deep frown as he takes in the weakling eighteen-year-old before him.  “What the fuck is going on with you, little cunt,” Chad barks.

Strangely, Chad’s feeling a tingle in his groin.  To the bully’s surprise, he’s getting a boner.  Something about Andy is turning him on.  A surging lust is enveloping the teen and growing stronger by the second.  These feelings grow as Chad stares at Andy, the sexual arousal seems to be coming from the boy like pulsating waves of power.  Chad’s never had a gay passion in his life, and yet here he is staring at the blond-headed boy wanting nothing more than having him suck his cock.

For a while, Chad struggles against these strange feelings of sexual arousal for Andy.  However, they’re just too strong.  He glances around the park, looking for a place he can take the boy to have his way with him.  The desire to shoot as many loads of semen as he can down the boy’s throat is so strong his hands are shaking, and his knees are wobbly.  Not far away stands a concrete restroom block, and getting an idea, Chad grabs Andy by the collar and starts dragging the boy toward the toilets.

Andy screams as Chad drags him along forcefully, “Let me go.  Let me go.  What are you doing?

In the boys head the whispery voice seems to be in overdrive.  The excitement the entity has for this turn of events confuses Andy as much as what Chad is doing.  It sounds like the whispery voice is singing, and the word the boy can make out the most is ‘cum.’

All Chad can think of now is shoving his cock down the eighteen-year-olds throat.  Nothing will stop him now, the power of the demon has him in its full grasp.  This, of course, is unknown to both boys, yet this is precisely what the demon wants.  The demon wants semen, and Andy is now its vessel for obtaining this unique delight.  Entering the bathroom, Chad notes it’s deserted and forcefully shoves Andy into one of the toilet stalls.

As Andy falls to end up sitting on the toilet, Chad stands in front of him, unzips his fly, and gets out his already half-stiff cock and heavy balls.   “Kiss it, you little whore,” Chad shouts.   “Kiss my knob.”

One fearful glance at the bully’s face tells him to expect no mercy.  Andy puckers and kisses the cockhead, making it swell and twitch in appreciation.

“Now lick it, slut,” Chad groans.   “Lick it like a lollipop.   Get a lot of spit on it cos I’m gonna shove it down your throat soon.”

The size of Chad’s hard cock surprises Andy, it seems a good eight inches long and very thick.  He pulls the foreskin back to reveal a purplish head that’s leaking pre-cum.  The shaft is smooth with thick veins that run in crooked angles on the side.  Chad’s balls are like two big wrinkly bags with large testicles in each.  His balls are hairy and smell pissy and sweaty, it’s an intoxicating musky, manly odor

“Please, Chad,” Andy begs.  “Please don’t do this.  This is wrong.”

“Shut up slut.  Get my cock in your mouth and start sucking it and do a decent job.”

Suddenly, the whispery voice said, “Feed me cum.  Suck it, feed me cum.”

Andy knows that this behavior isn’t normal, he knows Chad isn’t gay and is starting to realize the possessed necklace is making the bully do this.  The blond teen shivers as Chad grabs him firmly on each side of the head and starts to ram his thick dick deep down his throat.  The cock is very girthy, and he can feel the veins throbbing on the shaft, and the taste of pre-cum is filling his mouth.  The smell of Chad’s balls wafts into the boy’s nose along with the ticklish pubic hairs.  The rhythm is relentless.  The bully pounds Andy’s face.  In and out, the thick white hard cock slams Andy’s mouth sliding down his throat with ease.

Yeah, take that cock, little bitch.  I know you like it.  I know you wanna suck this cock all day long, you dirty slut,” Chad moans.

Andy is helpless, despite wanting to run, wanting to fight this, he cannot seem to stop the onslaught of cock ramming down his throat hard and fast.  In his mind, he can hear the demon cheering, encouraging him to suck this dick with all his might

Feed me.  Feed me sweet, delicious semen.  I want cum,’ the demon sings.

After a few minutes of this, Chad’s grunting and moaning in pleasure, and his cock is bigger and harder than it had ever been.   The urge to shove his tingling cockhead into a warm, moist orifice now became too strong for the bully.  Grasping Andy’s head firmly in his hands, he crams his length into the boy’s mouth in a single thrust, making the teen splutter and gurgle in muffled protest.   Chad’s balls are now touching Andy’s chin.

“Choke on it, bitch,” he snarled at Andy, and he starts to fuck the boy’s mouth with brutal delight.

Andy almost does choke on it.  The enormous shaft pillages Andy’s mouth and throat with long, slow strokes, the swollen head penetrating well past his gag-point.   The boy’s face goes red, his eyes water, and drool escapes from the corners of his mouth as he retches and gurgles.   But Chad cares nothing for Andy’s discomfort.  Choke-fucking Andy is a hugely erotic experience, and the bully’s soon thumping the boy’s face into his muscular abdomen with each mighty thrust.

Andy can’t take much of this punishment.   The younger teen’s managing to breathe through his nose on each of Chad’s out-thrusts, so he’s getting just about enough oxygen to keep him from unconsciousness.  But the battering blows of the bully’s crotch and thighs to his face are too much.  It’s as if he’s repeatedly smacking Andy hard in the face at the same time as choke-fucking him.  Under that cruel assault, the little breath he has left hiccups out of him.   The boy’s face goes from red to purple, and he loses consciousness.

Chad’s way too turned on to care.  The bully’s enjoying the sensation of violating Andy’s face far too much to want to stop.  He sees Andy’s passed out but continues to force his dick down the boy’s throat with vindictive enthusiasm.  Suddenly, Chad grunts loudly, his balls tighten, and he rams his cock as deep as it can go and holds Andy’s head against his body.

Ah, God, I’m cumming.  Swallow my cum you dirty cocksucker,” he moans as wad after wad of sperm pumps down Andy’s throat to his gullet.

Cum … Cum … CUM … Feed me cum,’ the demon celebrates.

Andy suddenly comes too and starts coughing and choking again.  All he can taste, and smell is the pungent syrup Chad’s ejaculating into his body.  The boy can feel it sliding down his esophagus and can hear the whispery cries of exultation as the demon celebrates its victory.  Eventually, Chad pulls free, having spent his load, and the long, thick cock slides out of Andy’s mouth all wet and slimy and still half-erect.  He almost falls back against the stall door, breathing heavily, staring at Andy with narrow eyes and a deep sneer.

Panting heavily, he said, “That’s what you get for being such a little faggot.”

Andy is also panting.  “Please, Chad, no more.  NO MORE…”

Despite the boy’s protests, the demon certainly wants more.  Andy can feel a strange power rippling from his body, changing the bully who goes from sneering with hatred to leering with lust.   Chad’s cock is hard again and ready for action.

Andy starts to protest again, and Chad smacks a hand across his face and barks, “Shut the fuck up, and start sucking.”

The boy sits there on the toilet, stunned at this sudden change in attitude.   The angry shaft throbs with each beat of Chad’s heart.   His hands encased Andy’s skull again, and he pulls the boy toward his cock.

“Suck me off, you dirty little slut,” Chad shouts.

Andy begins licking up and down the shaft, tasting the semen there from the last time.   The bully has a massive set of balls, and the boys tongue dances with them as he wonders if this next load will satisfy the demon.  Chad soon grows tired of the ball play, and slowly lowers his cock to the level of Andy’s mouth, dragging the tip of his cock across the boy’s forehead, eyes, nose to his mouth, leaving a thick trail of pre-cum in its wake.  Andy opens his mouth wide and accepts the first four inches before closing his lips.

Groaning, Chad locks his hands behind Andy’s neck and begins a slow thrusting in and out of the boy’s mouth, and again, the girth of the cock makes it hard to breathe.  Like a battering ram, Chad’s dick hit the back of his throat repeatedly.  The bully unsnaps his school pants, and they fall to the ground.  Andy grabs his legs to steady himself as the bully’s hips swing his cock in and out of his mouth in an arc of lust.  Soon, Chad stops the in and out thrusting and slowly begins to push his cock into Andy’s throat again.  The boy chokes and gags over and over, but it does nothing to stop the assault.

God, who knew you were such a good little cocksucker,” Chad moans.  “I’m gonna have to put this mouth to constant use from now on.”

The bully doesn’t stop until Andy’s lips bury in his bush of pubic hair.  After grinding into his face, Chad quickly draws out of his mouth.  The cock’s covered with a layer of slime from Andy’s throat.  He uses the slime to jack his dick a few times, then put his hands behind Andy’s neck and, like a torpedo, jams his cock down the boy’s throat once again.  Every few thrusts, the bully would draw his dick out and jack it with the boy’s saliva, then jam it down again in one push.

Soon, breathing raggedly, Chad begins to moan loudly and buries his cock in Andy’s throat and holds it there.  The boy can feel the spurting of semen in the vein under Chad’s dick as the bully empties a second load down his throat.  After many ropes of sperm shoot down the boy’s throat, Chad releases his neck, and his cock slowly slips from his mouth, leaving a trail of sperm on Andy’s tongue as he exits.  Chad again backs into the door of the stall, breathing heavily, his face flushed red and sweat across his forehead.  The bully stares at the boy with cold eyes and a sneer.

The demon is gleeful it got two loads out of the bully, and it sings in Andy’s head.  “Cum … Cum … I love cum.  Feed me, feed me, feed me cum.”

A power again ripples from the body of the boy, trying to ensnare the bully for the third time.  However, Chad’s spent, and instead of arousing him, the demonic power just enrages the older teen.

You want more?  You want more?” Chad shouts at Andy though the boy never said a word.  “You dirty faggot, I ought to kick your ass for being such a little slut.”

“No, no, please, Chad, no more,” Andy begs.

More … More … More cum,’ the demon shouts in Andy’s head.

The bully grips his body as if a great pain has best him, he groans loudly, but the demonic influence cannot inflame the teen.  Chad bends, pulls his pants up, and suddenly runs from the restroom block.

“Leave me alone, slut.  Stay away from me,” Chad shouts insanely as he runs to his bike and leaves the park as fast as he can make it go.


Andy gets up and goes to a basin and washes his face.  The boy is whimpering from the face rape he just experienced.  There’s semen on his jumper, so he takes off and puts it in his bag.  Now he just has a white shirt on.  Glancing at his watch, he sees it’s getting late and decides he better get home.

‘Mom is gonna kill me for being late,” he said softly as he leaves the restroom in a hurry.


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