The Doghouse


Synopsis: Aiko has a term paper due about bestiality and asks her teacher for some practical help. (Too hot for smashwords). 10,200+ words.


The Doghouse

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The Doghouse

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Karen Dickson leaned against the front of her desk and watched her young female students as they read their assignments.  Dressed in a very sexy lace-up stretch cotton skirt that ended just above her knees coupled with a white silk shirt tucked in with the sleeves rolled up, she is a remarkable sight.  The tight skirt and black Italian high heels really showed off her long slim legs, and a perfect heart shaped ass.  Her trademark silk shirt is unbuttoned just enough to show the tops of her firm C-cup breasts.  She always wore silk tops without a bra because she loved the way the silk felt against her sensitive nipples.  Her long black hair pulls back in a severe librarian style bun, and she wore a pair of red round glasses that make her look sexy and intelligent.  In short, she is the classic Japanese schoolteacher wet dream.

She taught Female Sexuality at the prestigious Tokyo University.  She's also the university’s first openly lesbian professor and a rising star on the university faculty.  Her published papers on sexual fetishes were widely read and always controversial, leading to speaking engagements, book deals, and television appearances not only in Japan but all over Asia as well.  At just twenty-eight years old, she is successful, wealthy, and very horny.  Her class is the most popular class at the university.  The waiting list is long and limited to females only.  It is in one such class that our story begins.

The bell rang signaling the end of the Friday school day.

“Bye girls.  Have a nice weekend.  Don’t forget that your fetish term papers are due on Monday!” Karen called out as the girls filed out of the classroom.  She turns around to clean up her desk.  As she began to put her papers in her satchel, she is startled from behind.

“Excuse me, Sensei.” A familiar voice from behind her said.

“Aiko,” Karen said to a pretty student as she turns around.

Karen is pleasantly surprised to see Aiko.  She's her favorite student not only because of her enthusiasm for the course but also because of her extreme beauty.  Aiko exuded sexuality.  She had just recently turned nineteen.  Her young body is still at the magical stage between a teenager and a blooming young woman.  She even chose to wear the traditional student sailor suit-style uniform from her high school days, only much shorter.  She always sat in the front row affording Karen numerous opportunities to see up under her skirt.  More than once Karen had masturbated to the memory of Aiko’s white cotton panties and the sweet delights that beckoned.

“What can I do for you today Aiko?” Karen asks with genuine concern.

“It's about my term paper on bestiality, Sensei," she said with a bow.  “I just can’t seem to make any progress on it.  I don’t think I can finish it by Monday.” Aiko pouted as she began to tear up.

“There, there my sweet girl, don’t be upset.  You’ll figure it out," Karen said.  “Bestiality is a difficult subject to write about.  There's not much credible information about it due to the extreme subject matter.  However, it's also the most exciting fetish there is.  It's definitely my favorite fetish, and something tells me you're very interested in it as well.”

Karen pulls the young girl close to comfort her with a hug.

“Oh, Sensei, I do find Bestiality incredibly interesting and exciting.  I can’t believe you do too,” Aiko said with a relieved smile.  “But it's so difficult to research.  Other sexual fetishes like S&M, anal, fisting, edge play, and auto asphyxia are easy to research and experience.  There are clubs all over Tokyo catering to those fetishes.  However, bestiality is so taboo, even here in Japan.  I just don’t know where to turn.”

A plan forms inside Karen's perverted brain.  She had been anxious to read Aiko’s bestiality paper after she knew of her chosen subject matter.  Karen figured it would be fuel for yet another one of her masturbatory fantasies, but now the game plan had changed.  She had the chance to open the doors of a most taboo fetish to a beautiful and innocent young woman.  This is gonna be an exciting weekend, Karen thought with a smile.

“Well, I have some good news for you, Aiko.  It seems I have nothing planned for this weekend.  Therefore, I have decided to help you with your research," Karen said with a wink and a smile.  "I wouldn’t be much of a teacher if I knowingly refused to help one of my students who ask me for assistance now would I?”

“Oh, Sensei, thank you so much,” squealed Aiko as she hugged Karen as hard as she can.

Karen enjoyed the feel of the young student’s soft body against her own.  Her nipples hardened.  She reluctantly pulls out her embrace with Aiko and bent over her desk to write something on a piece of paper.  The teacher makes sure she afforded Aiko a beautiful view of her ass as she did.  She glances back to see if Aiko is taking in the view, the teen student is.

She finished writing and handed the paper to Aiko.

“Meet me here at 8PM tonight,” Karen told Aiko.  “I think you’ll enjoy it.” She added.

“What is this place?” Aiko asks.

“It’s an exclusive lesbian club.  It caters to the bestiality crowd.  It should be very educational for you.  I have to go now.  Don’t be late.” Karen said as she turns to leave.

Aiko stared at the paper, there's an address and the word Dogguhausu meaning 'The Doghouse.'

“Oh, and one more thing, Aiko, wear your school uniform," Karen said as she walked out of the classroom, "The one with the extra short skirt."


Aiko sat on the small plastic stool next to her bathtub, razor in hand.  She felt for any stubble on her freshly shaved pussy.  Tonight is going to be the most exciting night of her life, and she's leaving nothing to chance.  The student wants it to be perfect.  As her fingers delicately search for any missed hair on her exposed womanhood, she finds herself thinking of Ms. Dickson.  It's so lovely of Sensei to offer to help with my paper, she thought.

She remembers how wonderful it felt when Sensei pulls her close and they hugged the feel of Ms. Dickson’s hard nipples against her breasts.  It suddenly dawns on Aiko that perhaps Ms. Dickson is interested in her sexually.  She's a lesbian after all, and Aiko knows she's a very desirable girl.  Other female teachers and students have tried to hit on her since Aiko graduated from high school and the girl had been too shy to respond.  However, Ms. Dickson is different; she's so confident, beautiful, and intelligent.  Aiko feels so safe and at ease around Ms. Dickson.  The fact she finds bestiality exciting is arousing new feelings inside of the student.  How can a woman of Ms. Dickson’s stature even admit to finding such a taboo subject interesting and exciting, Aiko wonders?  A vision of Ms. Dickson naked and having sex with a large dog suddenly comes into her head.  A low moan escapes from Aiko’s mouth as her middle finger toys with her now engorged clit.

As Aiko’s fingers explore her sweet young pussy, she thought about Ms. Dickson’s slender body.  Sensei obviously works out as is evident by her toned arms and impressive abs, Aiko thought, her legs and ass are to die for.  Aiko slowly edges toward orgasm.  Aiko knows she had always been attracted to other girls more.  Other than a couple of heavy petting sessions with some clumsy young boyfriends, her sexual experience is limited and her virginity still intact.  She imagines herself naked in an intimate embrace with Ms. Dickson as a pair of large dogs looked on just out of reach. 

Her fingers move faster on her clit as her fantasy took on a life of its own.  She's almost there.  The student imagines Ms. Dickson guiding her up on all fours while pushing her head down on the floor offering her ass to the two dogs.  She can almost feel the hot breath of one of the animals as imagines the feel of the dog’s long, hot, wet tongue licking her virgin holes.  The thought pushes her over the edge, and she explodes with pleasure, squirting love juice onto the floor.  Aiko slides off the stool and convulses in multiple orgasms on the cold tile.

After a while, Aiko regains her composure and stands on trembling legs holding on to the sink to steady her body.  She had never cum like that before.  The student had reached a new level of pleasure she had not imagined possible.  A boundary crossed.  Aiko can never go back.  She decided that no matter what happened tonight, she would embrace the newfound feelings of lust flooding from her awakened mind.  Ten minutes later, she steps out of the bathroom clean and as smooth as the day she was born.

She slips on a pair of fresh white cotton panties and gazes into the dressing mirror next to her bed.  Aiko thought she could see a glow emitting from her nubile young body not there before.  The girl feels alive tonight, and she loves it.  The horny student slips on the schoolgirl uniform she had laid out on the bed earlier.  The skirt is wickedly short.  She walks around the room and sees the skirt barely covers her ass.  A flash of white panty shows with every step or movement she makes.  It's perfect.  She knows very well that Ms. Dickson enjoys the panty peeks Aiko so generously offered every day in the classroom.  Aiko knows that she would be extremely pleased when she sees her outfit tonight.  The student hopes her Sensei would not be able to keep her hands off her tonight.

She didn’t know if Ms. Dickson considers tonight a date or not, but Aiko did, and the teen is more than willing to let her Sensei go much further than first base.  The girl skips out the door and down the sidewalk to the waiting cab oblivious to the lecherous stare of the cab driver and is soon on her way.

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