The Incident

The Incident Sheela B.

  • A black MILF falls into the city pounds dog's yard naked while trying to hide from some criminals and becomes the center of a doggy gangbang.
Michelle and Kevin Brown love to go to truck stops and fuck like rabbits behind parked and empty trucks.  The thrill of chubby, hairy truckers nearly catching them is a crazy turn-on for the couple.  The Browns are a middle-aged black couple who are pillars of their community and church.  Kevin’s also a Federal Judge, and Michelle is a very prominent attorney.  Michelle ran track in school, and even after a few kids, she’s still a fine-looking woman.  The woman has large DD breasts, long legs, and a tight, round full ass.  Her body is curvy and still fit for her age.  Nobody would believe this upstanding couple to have such a kinky sex life.

It was a Saturday night when Kevin had Michelle naked and bent over behind a massive tractor-trailer, and a group of truckers started heading their way.  Given who they are, the last thing they want is for some truckers to find them fucking in public.  The only way they can prevent the truckers from catching them is to run into an empty building nearby.  The truckers catch them so off guard that the two have to leave their clothes by the tractor-trailer and thus enter the building butt-naked (except runners).

“Quick, hide,” Kevin whispers as they enter the darkness.

“Our clothes,” Michelle said and giggles.

They stop by a window and peer outside to see the men standing around talking and smoking cigarettes.

“I can see our clothes,” Kevin whispers.  “I don’t think they’ve spotted them.”

“God, what is this place.  It smells like dogs.”

Kevin tries to peer through the darkness.  “I think the city dog pound is near this place,” he said.  “It does stink, though.”

They hear footsteps, gaze out the broken window, and see several large men heading their way.

“Shit, we need to go deeper into the building,” Kevin said.  “Quick, hurry.”

They move quickly, trying to make as little noise as possible.  The couple finds a doorway deeper in the dirty building and hides behind it.

One of the men suddenly said, “There should be some bags in that room with the drugs in it.”  Then a torch is pointing at the very door the naked couple is hiding behind.

“We’re screwed,” Michelle whispers.

Kevin scans the darkness.  “Over there,” he said.  “I can see a hole in the wall.  Crawl through it and get away.”

“What about you?” Michelle whispers.

“There’s no time to argue.  I’ll hide behind those boxes back there.  Get going.”

Michelle runs to the hole in the wall and drops to crawl through what appears a small tunnel.  The light from outside is getting brighter as the trucker approaches.  The woman grimaces at the tunnel-like hole as it seems smaller than she first thought now the torchlight is helping to illuminate it.  She steels herself and crawls through, feeling the grit and stones on her raw knees and hands.  When she gets to the end of the tunnel, Michelle reaches into the darkness and finds herself falling.  The woman can feel the ground under her as she rolls down a slope.  Eventually, the woman stops, and she lies unconscious from having banged her head on the way down.


A warm feeling of pleasure engulfs Michelle as her mind drags back to consciousness.  She can feel an insistent tongue licking her pussy, brushing her clit, and entering her cunt.

“Oh, Kevin, you’re such a pussy hound,” Michelle mumbles.

Slowly she opens her eyes, expecting to see her husband, but instead, a big dog is standing between her legs licking her spasming pussy.

NO,” she shouts, sitting up with a spinning head.  “Get away from me.”

It scampers off with a yelp into the darkness, and after a moment, the woman rubs her eyes and tries to get her bearings.  ‘Where am I?’ she wonders.  Michelle can hear the sounds of dogs close by jostling and nipping at each other.  The black woman realizes she’s naked and surrounded by a pack of dogs, and tremors of fear ripple through her body,

KEVIN?” she shouts.  “KEVIN!

There’s no answer.  The dogs seem to grow even more excited at Michelle’s fearful shouting.  She climbs into a squatting position, trying to see anything but the darkness is just too much.  Michelle doesn’t know what to do as tongues attacked her from everywhere.  The same tongues soon concentrated their endeavors on her increasingly hungry cunt and asshole.  A familiar pang grows in her clit as the tongues glide over and around it, and without even a thought, she finds herself grinding back and forth to take advantage of the stimulation.  Her legs begin to ache, and the pushing of the dogs eventually forces her forward, and she lands on her hands and knees.

Oh no,” Michelle groans as she goes down, her head spinning in a mad whirl.

The Incident Sheela B.

  • A black MILF falls into the city pounds dog's yard naked while trying to hide from some criminals and becomes the center of a doggy gangbang.

A Labrador immediately jumps on her back, its legs grasping her firmly around the waist.  The dog’s head is off to the side, panting loudly, and its back arches around her.  It begins to hump wildly.  After several jabs into her thigh and mound, the Labrador finds her waiting cunt and pushes its cock easily inside.  Feeling her warm, velvety folds wrap around its hard red cock sparks the dog into a frenzy of fucking.  Michelle loudly moans as she feels the dog’s slick cock slide between the walls of her vagina.  Her body resonates to the dog’s primal thrusts as an orgasm builds inside.  Just as the canine intruder starts to feel good, it loses balance and falls, the dog’s cock sliding out of her cunt in the process, leaving her with a soul-crushing emptiness inside.

The dog licks her a few times, smelling and tasting her heat.  Yet the Labrador’s blunder opens the door for one of the other dogs to take over.  An Irish setter jumps on her, wrapping her tightly with its forelegs.  The setter’s red cock begins to probe her and before long pushes into her moist cunt.  The dog starts bucking its hips in a rhythmic fury, and Michelle gasps as the thick canine cock thrusts into her cervix with extreme force.

Oh, God, Kevin…  Kevin, help me.  God, what a cock,” she moans.

Michelle’s legs wobble, much as her boobs do as her body moves to the fucking rhythm.  The wobble turns into a tremble, and a red flush starting at her face moves around her body.  She lets out a loud squeal as she orgasms on the setter’s dick.


The dog feels her cunt contracting on its cock, repeatedly squeezing and releasing.  The sensations drive the animal to orgasm, and it abruptly unloads its jizz deep inside her cunt, filling her womb.  The Labrador jumps at the Irish setter and knocks it off Michelle.  The dog’s big red cock slides out quickly as it never knotted her.  Dog semen dribbles out of Michelle’s gaping pussy, causing more dog licking to send shivers throughout her body.  As the dogs grapple with who’s next, a Doberman gets a chance and mounts her.  Before long, the Doberman’s hard cock finds her abused vagina, and it pushes with all its strength to shove that canine cock deep inside her cunt.  The Doberman is a young dog, yet the power of the animals fucking astonishes Michelle.

God, what are you doing to me….”

Having orgasmed now and her mind is clearer, she starts to contemplate her situation.  There’s nothing she can use to protect herself from this attack.  She has an idea, a gross one, still, an idea that just may shorten her raping.  The Doberman is getting into it, and she can feel her sexual desires and lust awakening again within her belly.  The first dog, a Labrador, circles around her whining like a child who’s had its toy taken away.

As the Labrador passes her head, she grabs it and starts to play with its cock.  The red cock had retreated into its sheath by this stage, but with some determined stroking, it emerges again.  The Labrador stands still, enjoying her hand sliding over its thick shaft.  She uses her spit and the dog’s pre-cum to lubricate the canine cock.  Her legs begin to feel wobbly again, and her clit vibrates, sending pulsations of erotic pleasure throughout her body.  Her mouth hangs agape as she breathes heavily, and the Labrador seeing her moist mouth, decided it’s close enough to the real thing and mounts her shoulders.


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