The Naughty Mom


Synopsis: Kathy is a pervert, plain and simple, and she’ll fuck anything to fulfill her craven desires. Anything. (Free Sample in this post)


The Naughty Mom

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The Naughty Mom

Free Sample

Quickly she called the German shepherd. “Trig, here, Trig.”

The dog appeared from the doorway of the kitchen and came strolling in. The dog stopped when it saw Rita standing nude in front of the mirror. He raised his head to sniff the air a few times before walking on toward her.

Rita thrust her pelvis forward and saw her pink pussy lips puff up and part readily and exhibit the moist meat at the mouth of her tunnel. She could feel the ripples of need undulating along its length, making it stretch and grow soft, slippery, and warm inside, readying itself for something.

Rita’s ass cheeks trembled fleshly as her bottom rocked and screwed back and forth. Trig had approached her now and was sniffing at her rear. Rita noticed him in the mirror.

She bent over slightly as if to examine her breasts more closely. She felt the tip of the dog’s nose around the sensitive area of her thighs and crotch, feeling its soft nose press against her flesh, causing her to shiver.

She squatted slightly, bending her knees so that her inner thighs turned outward receptively for the dog’s tongue.

The long tongue flicked out, ran up the hollow of her groin, and brought more shivers to her skin where it touched. It passed up the tender, trembling flesh of her lower abdomen, tangling through the damp pubes and leaving a streak of slippery moisture that glistened under the light.

The dog moved around in front of her. The dog nosed her belly button as if trying to penetrate her there and then passed on, up to the hollow between her breasts. When the tongue was lapping at the space between her breasts, she moaned and squeezed her breasts together firmly.

Tingles ran all through her chest and made her nipples swell to the bursting point with the wild passion building inside her.

Her inner thighs covered with moisture, and her puffy pussy lips spread wide, like slitted petals of a bruised flower.

She watched the soft part of her belly quiver with anticipation as the dog continued to lick downward. The animal reached her belly again and moved toward her crotch, the tongue parting her pubes on its silky path. She felt it move along the downward-pointing root of her clit and then out to the throbbing tip. Jolts of electric shock fired through her pelvis and made her buttocks tremble. Her throat opened wide to let out a groan of passion, and her pelvis bumped back and forth in tiny waves, seeking more of the contact she so desperately needed.

Eagerly, she bent her legs more and widened the gap at her crotch. The tip of the dog’s tongue slid along the slippery folds of inner lips and paused at the entrance.

She watched it all in the mirror. The effect was devastating to her desire. The wide tongue slid tightly past the opening of her pussy and caused moisture to trickle out around it and run down her thighs.

Then the sucking motion began again, and she could feel the tongue jerking and lapping.

The dog pushed farther and the wide tongue popped inside her. Her clitoral knob pulsed outward, and she felt a burst of sensation warm her inner thighs as her body accommodated the long tongue.

The tongue slid in and out, rippling farther back toward her womb each time in searing waves of delight. She could see her abdomen bloating as she swallowed the heavy length of the thick tongue and hungered for more.

She felt her face go hot and her emotions swirl. She couldn’t recall being so aroused in her life as she was at that moment. Yet she knew that this was only the beginning. At the moment, she had a dog’s tongue inside her pussy. Soon she would feel his long cock probing her depths. She shivered uncontrollably in anticipation.

She moved over toward the bed and sat on the floor. Drawing her knees up she spread them widely and put her hands at her crotch. She looked down the curving length of her torso at the stretched mouth of her pussy. She could see it clearly in the mirror because the dog was lapping at it from the side. The sight thrilled her, and she suddenly wanted the dog’s cock inside her.

Patting her pussy, Rita called out, “Here, Trig. Come, fuck me…”

Trig rose up and, catching her arm between his front paws, attempted to fuck her side. She pulled him around in front of her again and pushed her titties outward so the dog’s cock could strike them as he pumped his hard-on against her flesh. She thrilled at the touch of the hard, stabbing object, briefly entertaining the idea of taking the dog’s cock in her mouth and letting him fuck her there.

What an extraordinary sight it was to view a big dog’s full-grown cock all red and wet looking, swollen into a large knot in the middle. What a great thrill also, to have that long wet cock fucking away at those titties, she thought. She found new strength and suddenly got to her feet, the dog clinging to her side frantically and continuing with its fucking movement. She dragged him to the bed and lay down on it, face down, her ass on the edge of the bed, and her knees on the floor.

The dog was on her instantly clutching at the roundness of her ass to hold on. Rita could feel his stabbing cock striking the flesh of her ass. God, his penis was hard! It hit her with all the force of a hammer, actually causing a great degree of pain when it repeatedly struck her flesh. No matter, she figured, she wanted that stabbing cock inside her, so she enjoyed it perversely. God, she wanted it inside of her. She waited for him to strike the correct spot. He did so almost immediately, wildly, frantically plunging his great cock up her ass instead of her pussy, and doing it so roughly that she nearly passed out from the hellish pain of it. It was indescribable and frightening. Her heart pounded wildly, and she knew she was experiencing the greatest thrill of her lifetime, and perhaps, the greatest she would ever know.

“Oh, my God…” Rita moaned as the dog pumped his long, wet cock into her asshole. “He’s fucking me in my ass! Oh! Oh ... my ... God…” She was almost crying. She stopped moaning words and merely groaned for a time. He was hurting her terribly now, but she was having mixed feelings about the pain. It was both horrible and wonderful.

The dog’s cock, growing longer and bigger by the moment, was thrusting into her so far she could actually feel the force of the thump as it struck dead end. This didn’t frighten her-it merely served to make her more passionate if that were possible. She was already so hot she could scarcely breathe. Each time the dog’s cock stabbed into her, it caused her to have sudden moments of sweet weakness, losing all track of time.

“Oh ... my God…” she moaned over and over again. “So good. So ... good…”

The dog was making a sound in his throat now that was not unlike a whine of pain and anguish. She wondered briefly if this act were hurting him, too, and decided it probably was, in one way or another.

He squirted off in her suddenly, and she became almost unbelievably weak from the excitement of receiving the animal’s hot cum.

“Oh, fuck me, teen ... fuck ... me…” she muttered, her voice sounding as if it were coming from a far-off place. “Oh, fuck ... that’s so good…”

Rita spread her legs farther apart, and the big dog recognized this as an opportunity to go deeper into her asshole, and promptly did so, causing her to cry out half in pain and half in ecstasy. The dog’s cock felt as if it must be at least ten inches long, with the middle part more than two inches in diameter.

However, it wasn’t just the magnificent size of the dog’s cock that felt so wonderful, it was the ruthless, quick, darting, savagely stabbing way the animal used it. He obviously needed a fuck, and he was getting it.

Rita suddenly had an orgasm that left her so weak she nearly fell to the floor, but with an effort of will, she held herself up on the bed by digging her hands into the bedspread. The cock was deep inside her ass, going around and around in driving movements, causing the flesh of it to bulge outward against the walls of her pussy as the head of it pounded against the insides of her rectum. The vibrations inside came at a maddening rate and made her flesh shake as if everything solid tore loose.

Her ass lifted and made her pussy quake wantonly below the dog’s cock. She clutched at the bed and screamed hoarsely as shock aftershock tossed her being from peak to higher peak and plunged her into the deepest valleys, only to lift her up again to further soaring heights.

The dog was moving with such great speed, his hindquarters whipping her butt so fiercely, that a new kind of pain began. Her flesh and muscles were hurting. The dog was clinging to her hips with his forelegs as if he feared she might fly out from under him. He scratched at her with his paws, but she didn’t mind this, in fact, she barely noticed it, for just as it happened, she hit her peak again quickly, wildly, wonderfully, as she was swept by another and far greater orgasm.

The dog kept on and continued to swell inside her to the point where she thought he would never stop. Then suddenly, he released a full stream of cum into her asshole. It came out as a thin stream for the first few seconds but quickly thickened and increased in volume and force. Rita thought afterward that it had felt somewhat like having a hot-water faucet shoved up her ass and turned on full force.

Then it was over.

Rita lay whimpering on the floor, her ass still sticking up in the air, held up in part by the dog’s massive cock buried deep inside her asshole. It was not until much later that the swollen cock diminished in size allowing the animal to pull it from her aching stretched ass. The dog licked at her and moved away sluggishly.

As Rita rested, she knew that Trig would be a great gift for Kathy.




  1. Kattcum

    I love the story and the detail that arouses me greatly. I would love to have all of Moe’s Books in paperback. Is there any chance of that? I have bought some on Smashwords but the download process is a pain in my ass. Even if I could get them delivered directly to my kindle it would make my life a lot better.
    Thanks for the books and hopefully a plan to get me some paperbacks or kindle reading

    1. Post
      GW Enterprises Publishing Company

      I don’t understand why it’s difficult for you to read Moe’s stories on your Kindle as you can download .mobi(kindle) versions from smashwords and just transfer them to your Kindle using a USB connection. You must understand that Moe or any of our bestiality authors could never publish on Amazon as they have a sitewide ban on bestiality stories. As for printed versions, we tried it, and found we just don’t sell that many to justify doing it.

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