The Sleep of the Innocent


Synopsis: A newlywed is dissatisfied with her new husband and turns to animals to get off. (Too hot for smashwords) 42,400+ words.


The Sleep of the Innocent

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The Sleep of the Innocent

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It’s a few weeks after they returned from their honeymoon that Evan Morrison had his first terrifying glimpse into the depths of his lovely young bride’s bizarre tastes.

Evan and Skyler Morrison had taken a fine home in Westchester County, within easy commuting distance of New York City, where Evan had a lucrative real estate business.  It’s a pleasant neighborhood of large homes, lush lawns, and enormous, over-arching trees.

One evening, Evan and Skyler were strolling along the sidewalk, hand in hand, enjoying the pleasant May air, and the feeling of being newlyweds.  Evan is exultantly aware that his youthful wife—she’s only twenty—hadn’t a stitch on beneath her flimsy summer dress.

He delighted, therefore, whenever they were in shadow, in running his eager hand over her ass, reveling in her buttocks’ exuberant contours.  From time to time, he even thrust his hand up under skirt.  Giggling, she would slap it away.

However, he would always come back for more.  His cock would strain at his pants as he moved his hand over her sleek thighs, intruding his fingers into her hot, slippery ass crack and, for short, delirious moments, between her legs and up into the crispy muff where he would fondle her fleshy cunt lips.

Skyler giggled and slapped, but it is obvious she loved it, and she would smear her body provocatively against his every time he squeezed her tits.

Evan is congratulating himself on his superb judgment in choosing such a delectable morsel as his bride when the dog appeared out of nowhere, running toward them swiftly over the wide, well-manicured lawn.  It’s a beautiful animal—large, very lean, and sleekly streamlined.  Evan wasn’t familiar with dog breeds, pedigrees, and that sort of thing, but he thought this might be a greyhound.

He stood by in amusement as Skyler patted the animal’s head and addressed him in the fond language many people love to lavish on pets.  He continued to smile as the dog licked Skyler’s shoes and curiously sniffed at her legs.

However, when the animal raised his snout beneath Skyler’s skirt, elevating the hem to crotch level, and began to sniff avidly at her exposed, bare cunt, Evan’s smile abruptly faded.

“I wouldn’t let him do that, Skyler—” he began.  However, his wife silenced him with an imperious gesture.  “Surely you’re not jealous of a mere dog, Evan,” Skyler said sarcastically, “Heavens.  The poor creature is probably famished for the smell of pussy, that’s all.  His owners have had him cooped up for days I’ll bet!” Then, darting a winning smile at the animal as it raked its frantically snuffling nostrils up and down her cunt crack, Skyler crooned, “Poor baby.  Does doggie want to lick Mommy’s cunt? Go ahead—lick it.  Lick it!”

“For heaven’s sake, be careful!” Evan exploded.  “This dog may be vicious.  You don’t know what kind of mood he may be in, Skyler.   Don’t just stand there like that.  Put your skirt down, and let’s be on our way home!”

Skyler hadn’t heard a single word Evan said.  Her lovely, oval face is transfixed in a strange, dreamy stare as she stood there on the lawn, her slim, voluptuously contoured body shadowed by the elm boughs overhead, gazing fixedly down at the animal whose pink tongue flickered flame-like between her legs.

Her legs spread slightly as she stood, and she held her skirt at waist level, completely exposing her creamy-white belly and ass.  Her magnificent thighs were also bare, except for the sheer nylon hose that halted about three inches above her knees.  The meaty succulence of Skyler’s thighs bulged exuberantly over the tops of her stockings and strained tantalizingly against the pink elastic of her garter belt.

Evan couldn’t help sucking in his breath excitedly as he stared at her.   One of the things that had most attracted him to her right from the start is the electrifying contrast between Skyler’s innocently childlike face and the riotous extravagance of her sweetly up-tilted melon-like tits.   The explosive rotundity of her deep cleft, high-slung ass, and the long, spectacularly sculptured legs that seemed designed specifically to flaunt the jiggling, rippling array of fleshy treasures that constituted her breathtakingly voluptuous body.

Now a dumb animal is casually profaning one of those splendid treasures.  A thoroughbred, highly pedigreed animal, true, but a beast nonetheless!

Evan felt the sweat start out on his palms and his voice had an unaccustomed tinge of hoarseness as he cried, “Skyler.  What in heaven’s name has come over you? What possesses you to allow a mangy mutt—”

“He’s not a mangy mutt,” Skyler murmured fervently, her eyes clamped tightly shut as she ecstatically bucked her hips forward toward the animal’s greedily slavering tongue.  “He’s not a mutt, he’s a beautiful thoroughbred animal with a lovely slim head a magnificent head made to order for exploring between ladies’ thighs—”

Her lips flared with sudden emotion as she blurted, “Oh Evan!—if you could know how delicious it feels having his magnificent tongue scouring over my vulva.  A dog’s tongue is so rough—it’s like having a warm, blubbery file gliding tenderly over your most sensitive parts rasping and arousing you where you most want to be excited.  Ooh—oh, that’s right, doggie.  Fuck your tongue back and forth over Mommy’s cunt.  Mommy loves it so much.

With an abrupt motion, the animal withdrew its tongue from Skyler’s abundantly juicing cunt slit.  Ducking skillfully between her stiffly planted legs, he now began to delve into her rearward treasures, his voracious pink tongue skidding impudently into her ass crack, loudly slurping the sweat that is beginning to form there in great, crystalline globules as Skyler’s lascivious excitement mounted steadily, relentlessly.

“Skyler—” Evan’s agonized protest died in his throat as he observed his wife’s next move.

Taking her skirt nearly up to the level of her pendulously swaying breasts, Skyler bent sharply at the waist and separated her buttocks with trembling hands to afford the dog’s frenzied tongue easiest possible access to the glassy-slick notch of her pinkish-brown ass crack.  The dog’s mouth played feverishly over the splendid mounds of Skyler’s marshmallow-soft ass, licking, sucking, slavering, and making the lovely hillocks ripple and shudder with the force of his imperiously rampaging tongue!

Now, even as he continued to guzzle Skyler’s ass and cunt juices with animalistic fervor, the dog commenced whining piteously.  It’s a low, spasmodic, whimpering cry.

“Oh, poor doggie,” Skyler said sympathetically, “what’s the matter?”

In answer, the dog began to drag his genitals along the ground, actually grinding his stubby cock into the earth as his tongue stabbed at Skyler’s brazenly displayed asshole.

“Oh, the poor animal is simply out of his mind with desire,” Skyler said.  “Evan, why don’t you help the poor thing find relief? Jerk his cock, help him climax!”

Evan had to pinch himself to be sure he wasn’t dreaming.  “You—you want me to get down on the ground and jerk this filthy animal’s cock while he sucks your pussy and your ass?” Evan said in agonized tones.  “Not on your life!”

“Oh, you’re so cruel!” Skyler moaned.  Her face is dripping with perspiration now, and gleaming rivulets of sweat were pouring down her thighs and draining in continuous streams from the cherry-tipped mounds that had flopped out the low-cut neckline of her dress.  “I never dreamed you were the type who’d be cruel to poor, helpless dumb animals, Evan!”

She wriggled her incandescent ass globes against the dog’s snout.  “Oh, I’m hot!” she moans.  “Evan, this animal has got me so hot I feel I could burst into flame any second.  Dear, please come over here.  Stand in front of me.  Unzip yourself.  Take out your cock and let me suck it while this beautiful animal fucks my cunt with his strong, virile tongue please.  Please!”

Completely aghast, Evan said incredulously, “You want to blow me right out here on the sidewalk—in plain view of the whole world?”

“Oh please!” Skyler groaned, “It’s dark—there’s no one to see us.  Oh, Evan, hurry, please.  I would never have married you if I had known you were so cruel!”

In spite of his revulsion at the scene of loathsome bestiality enacted before his horrified eyes, Evan’s cock is already poker-stiff inside his pants.  Since the day he had first met Skyler, only a scant three months previously, Evan had never been able to deny her anything.  She had a beguiling, childlike quality about her that made him feel protective and indulgent toward her.  The fact that he is thirty-three and Skyler is only twenty reinforced his permissive attitude.

This is no exception.  Standing there with her ass and cunt completely exposed, her tits hanging out the front of her dress, her face contorted in an expression of overwhelming lascivious desire, Skyler is the personification of lust stark, raving, ravenous lust incarnate!

Like a sleepwalker, Evan moved unwillingly toward his beautiful, panting wife.  As the dog continued to lap his tongue between the cheeks of her ass in broad, slathering strokes, Evan unzipped his pants.  Before he could extract his stiff, straining, seven-inch prong, Skyler frenziedly thrust her hand inside his fly and scooped out the livid slab of hot, dribbling meat.

Skyler allowed her eyes to feast on her husband’s tool for all of one second.  Then, with an expression of delirious bliss etched deeply into her mobile features, she commenced to suck Evan’s cock there on the lawn, and while she sucked, she slowly rotated her ass against the dog’s famished mouth.

Now she allowed her mouth to play lovingly over Evan’s giant, chestnut-sized balls.  “Oh Evan,” she’s moaning, “The dog has his nose halfway up my cunt.  Oh, his nose is like a monstrous cock, I can feel it penetrating deeper and deeper.   Oh, Evan, he has his entire snout inside my cunt, and he’s opening his mouth and licking my guts.  It feels like his tongue is lapping me inside halfway up to my tonsils.  Oh shit—shit.”

Her voice died away in an ecstatic moan.

Completely incredulous, Evan looked down at where the dog is crouched between his wife’s long, lithe legs.  It’s true—the creature had actually thrust half his slim, pointed snout up Skyler’s cunt and is licking and lapping her internal parts with furious abandon.  His muzzles buried in Skyler’s pussy practically up to his eyes!

Before Evan could utter the anguished protest that formed at his lips, Skyler once more gulped her husband’s cock into her mouth and commenced to munch and suck it, hollowing her cheeks with the ferocity of her effort.

Evan loves the way Skyler sucks his cock.  Since the first night of the honeymoon, he felt that he could forgive her any transgression if he could only be sure she would continue to suck him off at least once a day.  He enjoyed enormously the way she skidded his cock all the way into her throat, lashing the underside with her tongue, playing her lips over the base of his organ, knowing as if by instinct when to treat it gently, when to treat it roughly, nipping the skin with her teeth, sometimes to the extent of drawing blood.

The blowjob she had performed on him the night of their marriage is, in fact, their first shared sexual experience.  Many times during the courtship, Evan had felt consumed by a feverish compulsion to yank up Skyler’s dress and fuck her right where she stood.  However, he had always resisted.  He knew it would be much better to wait for the honeymoon when they could enjoy their first lay at leisure, in the ideal surroundings of a Caribbean luxury hotel.

However, the wedding night had not gone exactly to plan.  As they were preparing for bed, Skyler had suddenly blurted, “Oh, I can’t wait for another second, Evan.  I’ve got to have you right now!” At that point, she’s only half undressed.  She had peeled down the top of her gown, exposing the ripe fullness of her magnificent tits, and Evan is already nibbling at one firmly erect nipple.  He had unzipped his fly so Skyler could delve her hand inside and play with his eager, squirming cock.

Suddenly, however, after only the briefest foreplay, Skyler grasped her opportunity to have Evan without further preliminaries.  She had fallen to her knees, plunged his tool deep into her mouth, and commenced to suck it like a child sucking a Popsicle on a hot, August day.

Even in the ecstasy of the moment, Evan had felt somewhat dismayed.  He had firmly believed Skyler to be a virgin.  She had never spoken of previous boyfriends; she seemed quite shy of men, in fact—always a little awkward in their presence.

Now his shy, awkward darling is on her knees on the floor, eagerly gobbling his cock as if it were the most natural thing in the world.  How and where had she learned such a thing?

Nevertheless, soon his doubts drown in the sheer bliss of the moment.  The tingling rapture of having this very young and beautiful girl excite his yearning cock in the most lascivious, the most intimate way possible, bobbing her head frenziedly over his steaming meat.  Twin streams of saliva drooling from the corners of her mouth and splashing onto the rosy hillocks of her slithering, jiggling tits!

Evan had not been slow in coming, that first night.  It’s only a couple of minutes before his volcanically simmering cock had erupted into his bride’s mouth, sending huge, lava-like streams coursing over her tongue and down her throat.  The hot, sticky fluid bursting spasmodically from the pulsing tip of his joystick while he insistently fucked it further and further between her lips and down into her warmly receptive gullet.

When it is all over, Evan would have been glad to rest awhile, but to his utter amazement, Skyler insisted on repeating the process immediately!

At that point, Evan is too weak to resist.  Flopping onto the bed, he allowed Skyler to remove his pants.  Then, still half-clad, Skyler had sprawled onto the bed alongside him, and calmly proceeded to suck him off once more.

This time it took much longer.  For fully half an hour, Skyler bobbed and wriggled her head over Evan’s feverishly excited cock.  Her teeth commenced abrading the tender skin, rasping it to the point of screaming rawness—grating it—gouging it with careless teeth.

Now he could feel the blood flowing, he could feel himself bleeding from half a dozen tiny nicks and nibbles in the infinitely sensitive skin of his swollen organ.  It’s like the pain of red-hot needles ruthlessly thrust into his rod.  He could see the smears of bright, ruby blood on his bride’s lips as she continued to gnaw and suck his fully distended cock.  Yet, with all the agony, he hoped she would never stop!

She did stop eventually, of course, with an explosion of hot seed and blood into her mouth, a violent concussion of crimson-tainted sperm that sent a bone-wracking shudder throughout Evan’s entire body and made Skyler choke and sputter as the copious outpouring drowned her mouth and mounted into her nostrils in a sticky flood that gushed over her upper lips.

This time, she had allowed Evan to rest.  As he lay there, half-sunk in drowsiness and thoroughly exhausted by his first sexual encounter with his bride, Skyler had gently removed his clothes and put him between the sheets.  Then she had disrobed herself and slid into bed alongside him, her mouth and cheeks still encrusted with the syrupy discharge from Evan’s raw, oozing cock.

“Sleep tight, darling,” she had whispered, kissing him lightly on the mouth.

“What do you mean, ‘sleep tight?’ “ Evan had grinned back lazily.  “I don’t intend sleep until I’ve had my fuck!”

“But—but darling—” he heard Skyler gasp, “you’ve already cum twice.  Surely that’s enough for one evening!”

“Sure I’ve cum,” Evan had admitted, “but I haven’t had the pleasure of satisfying you yet, dearest.  You’re not going to rob me of the thrill of bringing you to orgasm on our wedding night, are you, darling?”

“Oh—oh well—that’s all right—” Skyler began to babble confusedly, “I don’t mind waiting until tomorrow.  Really, I don’t, Evan dearest—”

Evan sternly intruded his hand between her legs.  He is going to dip the wick into her before another minute is out or know the reason why.  It didn’t matter his cock feels mangled—he didn’t mind its torn and bloody state just so long as it could stiffen long enough to throw another wad of cum into Skyler’s juicy cunt.  His fingers groped inside her pussy lips.

What the hell? What the frigging hell is going on here? Skyler’s cunt lips steeped in some kind of greasy, gummy substance.  It wasn’t a vaginal lubricant—it didn’t have that kind of feel.  It wasn’t the natural outpouring of vaginal juice, either.  It’s slimy—sticky—

Evan’s lips compressed to a thin, white line.

It’s sperm, Skyler’s cunt drenched with semen.

How in the devil’s name could such thing be possible? Evan certainly hadn’t screwed her.  At no time since the wedding, has there been time for her to have relations with another man.  Even if she had wanted to, even if such a revolting idea had occurred to his shy young bride!

Evan swallowed hard.  As he lay there, frozen in a rigid, cataleptic posture beside the body of his wife, his mind raced like a supercharged engine, trying to figure the solution to the agonizing puzzle.  A dozen times the question died in the very act of utterance: “Skyler, some other man has already had you tonight.  Who is it? How?”

He forced himself to be calm by a supreme act of will.  It wasn’t possible.  It just simply wasn’t possible.

That night, Evan had lain there alongside Skyler for a long time, staring up at the ceiling, turning the alternatives over in his mind.  At last, thoroughly drained and exhausted by the events of the previous twenty-four hours, he had dropped off into a nightmare-ridden sleep.

The next day, he forces himself to dismiss the subject from his mind.  In the evening, after a champagne supper and an hour of elaborate foreplay, Skyler had urged him to thrust his imperious cock between her legs and fuck her as hard as is humanly possible.  When he did so, he found no evidence of anything remotely resembling semen.  Only a clear, crystalline spring of sweetly fragrant cunt juice.

The incident had quickly faded from his mind.  Now, as he stood beneath the open sky in this quiet Westchester town, with Skyler voraciously sucking his cock while the dog whimpering fucked his snout ever deeper up Skyler’s cunt, certain facts began to emerge with stark clarity in Evan’s computer-like mind.

Once again, driven by some inner, unconscious impulse, his brain is relentlessly poring over those hours immediately preceding that instant on the wedding night when Skyler had slumped to her knees and commenced to blow his cock.

Now, for the first time, he remembered the dogs.

Evan and Skyler had checked into the resort hotel early in the evening.  After an early dinner in the hotel dining room, they had strolled out onto the terrace for a breath of air before retiring.  On the terrace, they had fallen into conversation with a polite, refined English couple who had brought a pair of Irish setters with them.  The dogs were quietly sprawled at their owners’ feet when Evan and Skyler first saw them.

Skyler had immediately made a beeline for the handsome animals.  Crouching beside them, she had plied the English couple with all kinds of questions as to the dogs’ names, their ages, pedigree, and so forth.  All the time, Skyler’s hands had moved over the creatures’ pelts, luxuriating in the softness of their superbly groomed hair, fondling their paws, and—!

Now, as Evan’s memory moved back over that evening, he quite clearly recalled that, for one horrifying instant, Skyler’s fingers had also been busy with the dogs’ genitals—hurriedly caressing the stubby, black cocks and rubbing her palms over the tips of the animals’ cocks as if about to masturbate them!

It had only been for an instant.  It could have been a slip of Skyler’s hand, an involuntary movement without real significance.  Then, as the Englishwoman remarked that, it is time to give the animals their nightly walk, Skyler had practically fallen all over herself in volunteering herself for the job.

“Oh, let me walk the dogs!” she had cried, starting to her feet and gathering the pets’ leashes in her hand before the couple could demur.  “I can see you folks are just dying to have another brandy before you go up to your room.  Sit here and relax awhile longer while I give these lovely creatures a spot of exercise!”

She is gone, with the setters in tow, before anyone could stop her.  It’s obvious at the time that the English couple regarded Skyler’s behavior as a bit odd, but they were too polite to say anything.  When, approximately a half-hour later, Skyler had returned with the dogs looking brisk and happy, it is a closed incident.

Evan recalled now that the only remark offered by the Englishman at the time was, “The dogs certainly look well exercised—”

Yes, the dogs seem well exercised.  However, it is not until this precise moment, as Evan is having his cock sucked as the greyhound relentlessly bored his snout up Skyler’s cunt that Evan realized what that exercise had consisted of—Skyler has fucked both dogs.

No doubt about it.  On her wedding night, Skyler had given first preference to a pair of animals.  Before Evan had had an opportunity to so much as wet the tip of his cock inside Skyler’s juice-brimming cunt, she had deliberately taken on two beasts—flopped down in the hotel gardens with a couple of dogs and allowed them to fill up her pleasure cave with their slimy, glutinous sperm!

All at once, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the revelation sickens Evan.

The moment of revelation came precisely as Evan shot his seething load into Skyler’s mouth.  At the same moment, she bore her crotch down on the greyhound’s slurping muzzle and Evan could tell by the shudders that racked her body that Skyler is having her orgasm.

Skyler’s mouth quickly filled with the superabundant discharge of Evan’s churning testicles and part of the rich cream outpouring over her lips.  She sucked loudly and with obvious relish.  It’s difficult to tell exactly at which end she’s experiencing her greatest joy: whether it is in gulping Evan’s voluminous flood of rich, syrupy cum or in having her cunt fucked to delirious orgasm by the insatiably stabbing snout of the excited animal that groveled between her legs.

When the last of Evan’s sperm finally pulsed into Skyler’s sucking lips, he hurriedly zipped up his fly and made as if to take his wife by the arm.  He is going to lead her straight home and interrogate her.

However, more is to come.  Before he could stop her, Skyler sank to the ground.  With her mouth entirely filled with Evan’s hot, slushy sperm, she commenced kissing the dog on the mouth—to let the animal thrust its greedy tongue deep inside her own mouth to lap the creamy nutrient that had just vomited from Evan’s deliriously sucked cock.  At the same time, Skyler’s slim, patrician hand is fumbling between the dog’s legs—groping for his cock.  Before Evan’s aghast stare, Skyler began to jerk the animal off with quick expertise, her hand fluttering faster than the eye could follow, while she allowed the creature to fuck its sperm-lapping tongue deep into her throat!

“Aaaarrgghh—” she gurgled.  “Oh Evan, I hope you’re not angry at me for sharing your delicious cum with this poor, starved animal.”

then the dog’s flame-like tongue is flickering inside her throat once more, and she’s jerking him harder than ever and abruptly there came the spastic spurt of the creature’s sperm into Skyler’s madly shuttling hand, the slimy yellow fluid slopping all over her fingers and shooting onto her naked belly as she crouched beside him.

It’s the sight of the dog’s gluey semen crusting over his wife’s hand that did it.  It reminded him all too graphically of the night when he had thrust his fingers between his bride’s legs only to find that his place had been preempted by a canine interloper, or rather a pair of interlopers!

Evan saw red at that moment, his hand went to his waist.  With a quick, single motion, he ripped off his belt.  Then, with a lightning-like sweep of his muscular arm, Evan slammed the heavy leather across the satin rotundity of his wife’s exposed ass!

Whap.  Whap.  With every blow of the brutally wielded belt, a livid quarter-inch-thick welt erupted across the magnificent perfection of Skyler’s sweatily gleaming buttocks.

Her hands sprang instantly to her backside.  Her sperm-drenched fingers flew to protect her savagely punished can.  “Ohhh!” She screamed, “Oh, Evan, what are you doing to me? Are you angry because I—? Oh.  Oh, please.  You’re ripping my ass to shreds, Evan.  Oh, Evan, please don’t beat me anymore—I’ll suck your cock again; I’ll kiss your ass, I’ll do anything, only please don’t—EEEEEEEK.  OOOWWWW!”

Evan is a veritable paragon of fury as he stood over the helpless, cringing figure of his wife, slamming his heavy belt across the matchless perfection of her bare ass, her thighs, even her tits received their share of his skyrocketing wrath.

Evan did not cease until his arm is literally numb with fatigue.  By that time, Skyler’s entire body is a mass of welts where the savage leather had torn relentlessly at her flesh.

As he flung down the belt in disgust, his face is still grim.  “Arrange your clothing!” he ordered, his throat thick with emotion.  “For Pete’s sake, try to make yourself at least slightly presentable.  We’re going home!”

Skyler is sullen as they plodded silently homeward.  When they finally entered their house, she started to speak, but Evan silenced her with a slap.  “Keep your mouth shut, you bitch!” he snarled, “Only a bitch would have sex with a dog.  Bitches can’t speak, they can only grovel and whine!” He shoved her to her knees.  “Go ahead,” he commanded icily, “go ahead, bitch.  Down on your belly—grovel for me!”

“Evan, only listen to me for one second—” she began piteously.

“On your belly, you filthy heap of dog shit!” he shouted, “Your punishment has only begun!” As Skyler sank to her knees, he ripped the dress from her exquisite figure with a single swoop of his powerful hand.  “Who the hell ever heard of a dog wearing a dress?” he hooted scornfully.  Now Skyler is completely nude except for her hose, her garter belt, and her high-heeled slippers.

Evan removed something from his jacket pocket and brandished it before Skyler’s astonished eyes.  “Do you see this?” he asked her.

“Why—why, it’s a dog collar and a leash!” she said wonderingly.  “Where did you get that, Evan?”

“I took it from the dog you were just romping with,” he informed her, sternly.  “Right now, I think you have a greater need for it than he does.” Kneeling, Evan clamped it around Skyler’s neck.

“You—you’re putting a dog collar on me?” Skyler gulped, unbelievingly.  “But, Evan—?”

“Why not?” her husband stormed.  “You’re a bitch, aren’t you? What’s peculiar about a dog-collar on a bitch?” Skyler attempted to rise, but Evan shoved her to the floor with one motion of his swift arm.  “On your hands and knees!” he shouted.

Then, as Skyler meekly followed on all fours, Evan led her into the kitchen at the end of the leash.  He began to rummage in the refrigerator, his face a stony and inscrutable mask.

“I’m not hungry—” Skyler began.

Evan turned steely eyes on her.  “Haven’t I warned you?” he asked ominously.  Thereafter, Skyler is silent.  She crouched there, naked, on the floor, tremblingly awaiting Evan’s next move.

It’s not long in coming.  Swiftly selecting a few messy leftovers from the refrigerator shelves, he dumped them all together into a cracked bowl, which he placed on the floor.  “Eat!” he commanded.

“What? You want me to eat that slop. You expect me to crouch here on all fours and eat from the floor like a—?”

“Like a dog!” Evan finished for her, grinning savagely as he spoke.  “Exactly.  Keep your fingers out of the dish—who ever heard of a common alley mutt using its paws to eat with?” before Skyler could offer another word of protest, Evan pushed her face right into the gooey mess.

While Skyler strove miserably to force the food down her throat, Evan secured the leash tightly around a table leg so Skyler could not move her head more than a few inches in any direction without choking herself.  Then he stood over her, arms folded, while he grimly murmured, “Eat, you bitch cunt.  Every morsel of it.  Dogs that don’t eat are liable to fall sick, and I’m damned if I’ll spend five bucks on you for a veterinarian.”

When she had nearly succeeded in gobbling down the vile jumble of half-stale leftovers, Evan said, “The whole picture is very clear to me now, Skyler.  I know now what happened on our wedding night.  I know you let those two dogs fuck you in the hotel gardens.  That’s why you were so eager to suck me off.  You didn’t want me sticking my fingers or my dong up your pretty cunt because you knew exactly what I’d find there.”

“Evan, have pity on me.  Listen to me only for one second.”

This time, Evan’s rage almost burst the bonds of sanity.  Again removing his heavy leather belt, he lashed her naked body repeatedly, forcing her to squirm and grovel, first on her belly, then on her back, as the barbarous lash wrote its message of fire over the pale whiteness of her satiny hide.

He continued to whip her for five maniacal minutes.  At the end of that time, he suddenly dropped the lash, and bursting into tears, sank to his knees beside her.  “I’m sorry, dear,” he blurted, as he loosened the dog collar from around her neck, “but something just seemed to cum over me.  When I saw you degrading yourself with that dog outside, and when it dawned on me how you’d let yourself be defiled on our wedding night—”

“It’s all right, dearest,” Skyler said soothingly.  She is crying too, now.  “But I have this compulsion whenever I’m near a fine-looking dog to—to handle him intimately.  To fondle his cock.  To kiss him.  To let him thrust his snout up my pussy and excite me with it.  I—I’ve been like this for a long time, dearest.  However, I promise to do better in the future.  I swear it.  After all, I have a fine, virile husband with the biggest, most beautiful cock a girl could want to have between her legs, or between her lips.  I love having you ramrod your smoking cock up my cunt, Evan.  I love to suck it too.  Say you forgive me, darling, and I promise you an extra treat tonight when we go to bed,”

“Of course,” he forgave her.  It’s easy to forgive Skyler when she smeared her lush, naked softness against his muscular maleness, making his cock quiver and flip inside his pants like a hooked eel, and when she tilted her childlike face upwards for him to kiss.

She kept her promise that night.  She had promised an extra treat, and she delivered it.  In spades.  She made her lovely, normally resilient tongue into a wondrous imitation of a poker-stiff cock, which she slowly, with infinite guile, intruded between his buttocks and lovingly protruded into his blissfully acquiescent asshole.  Reaming, sucking, and making her mouth and tongue perform all sorts of fantastic tricks that eventually resulted in his climaxing without her even touching a finger to his cock.

As he, lay there that night, slowly drifting off to sleep, Evan’s body felt thoroughly satisfied.  However, a tiny current of uneasiness continued to course through his mind.  It’s like a scarlet thread staining the crystalline current of his thoughts.

He loved Skyler.  She is intelligent.  She is beautiful.  She had a sweet nature.  She is the best screw he’d had in his entire adult life.  However, how much did he know about her, really?

He had married her on only three months’ acquaintance.  He’d never met any of her family—they lived in a remote, backwoods section of the Midwest.  He only knew a couple of her friends.

What really lay behind Skyler’s strange craving for animal intimacy? She had promised to conquer her bizarre desires.  Would she? Could she?



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