A Dog & Pony Show

Freda is thirty years old and divorced.  She divorced her husband because he didn’t fuck her as often as she wanted it, and with the settlement, she bought herself a house on five acres for reasons of her own, nothing to do with agriculture.  Freda likes to fuck animals.  She likes to fuck men, too, and she hires a sturdy young country lad to take care of the farm and take care of her pussy when she’s in the mood for human cock.  The lads named Grant.  He’s twenty years old, just the right age for Freda’s tastes, and at the moment, he’s sitting on the couch in the front room of the farmhouse, stark naked.

Freda is naked, too.  So is the dog, of course.  The dog is a big, shaggy mongrel and just great as a lap dog.  The dog has a long, wet tongue and a big, thick cock.  Freda, not having a great deal of imagination, named the dog Rex.  Rex is lying beside the big stone fireplace at the moment, head resting on front paws.  Freda goes to look out the window.  She’s slender and shapely, with long black hair she wears in coils, pert breasts thrust out, and a firm heart, shaped ass.

“Uber coming?” Grant asks as he gazes in admiration at Freda’s naked body.

Grant’s been working for her for six months, and the young man can still not believe his good fortune.

“No sign of it,” Freda said.

“I was thinking, with your niece staying here, I guess we won’t be able to fuck so much, huh?”

He sounds unhappy at the prospect.  They just finished fucking, actually, and his cock is semi-hard.  Even in this condition, it’s an impressive hunk of meat, looping down his thigh in a curl.  Freda turns from the window, smiling.  A streak of juice glistens on her inner thigh.

“Fuck that,” she said.  “I didn’t invite her.  My sister Tania asked me if Sally could stay here.  I’m not gonna change my fucking life just because there’s a goddamn teenager in the house.  Anyhow, maybe she likes the same things I do.”

“Yeah?” Grant asks, interested.

“If she takes after her mother, she’s bound to be a horny bitch,” Freda said.  “Tania was wild when we were around Sally’s age.  She’s a few years older than me, but we used to double date sometimes, so I know how much she loves cock.  I don’t know if Tania’s changed since she got married, but I doubt it.  Shit.  Tania and I even used to eat each other’s pussy’s sometimes.”

Grant gulps, and his cock twitches.  “You and your sister ate each other out?” he asks wide-eyed.

He’s just a country boy and doesn’t know about such things.

“Sure, when we didn’t have a guy around.”  Then, grinning impishly, she adds: “Or a dog.”

Grant’s Adam’s apple bobs.  “Your sister fucked animals, too, huh?”  When he found out Freda is an animal fucker, it blew his mind.  He feels a little jealous about it, too.

Freda shrugs.  She doesn’t know whether Tania ever fucked an animal or not.  Freda discovered the pleasure later on after she married.  Her husband hadn’t been fucking her enough, and one day she coaxed the dog to lick her pussy and then let it fuck her, and she’d been an animal fucker ever since.  She’s not going to forsake the pleasure just because her niece is coming too.  Anyway, Freda has diverse sexual tastes.  She figures it might turn out to be fun, having a sexy eighteen-year-old around if Sally is already naughty, great.  If not, it might be fun to teach her a few things.

Freda is getting horny again just thinking about it.  She glances back and forth between Grant and the dog.  ‘Am I in the mood for dog cock or man cock,’ Freda wonders?  She doesn’t have to decide which of them to have because Freda is perfectly capable of handling more than one cock at a time.

She moves over to the couch and sits beside Grant.  He stares at her mouth, intrigued by the knowledge her sweet lips and flashing tongue ate her sister’s cunt.  She guesses this, and she lets the pink tip of her tongue slide across her lower lip.  Grant’s cock jerks and straightens out.  Freda leans over his belly.  Her long black hair sweeps across his cock and balls.  Grant moans as she blows her warm breath onto his cock.  Then she flicks her tongue across his cockhead, and he shudders.  She kisses the cock tip and slowly takes it into her mouth.

Freda loves to take a cock into her mouth while it is still soft and feel it swell and harden in her lips.  She nurses moistly on his cockhead, her lips pulling and her tongue sliding over the hot cock.  Her saliva runs down his cock.  She bobs her head a little.  Grant’s cock flares and hardens in her mouth.

When his cock is fully hard, Freda draws her lips away.  She isn’t ready to suck him off yet.  She only wants to feel him get hard inside her mouth, to begin with, and she wants to get the dog involved before she finishes milking Grant’s cock and balls.  His naked cock steamed as the horny woman’s saliva evaporates from the hot cock.  His cockhead is glossy with pre-cum, and the dark vein pulsates up the ventral shaft.

“You like my mouth, don’t you?” she whispers, forming an oval with her parted lips.

“Shit, yes.”

“My mouth is like a cunt, isn’t it, Grant?”

He’s nodding eagerly, expectantly.

“You like to fuck my mouth just like it is a pussy, right?  You like to squirt your jizz into my mouth.”

He’s frantically jabbing his cock toward her face, wishing she’d stop talking and start sucking his cock again.  But then she sits upright, smiling wickedly.

“Ain’t you gonna finish it?” he asks with a frown.

“Sure, honey.  You know how much I love to drink your jizz.  I love your cum as much as you love feeding it to me.  But I want to get the dog over here first.  OK?”

Grant nods.  He’s a bit jealous of the dog, whose cock is every bit as big as his, but the man always got plenty excited when the dog’s involved, too.  Freda spreads her thighs apart and dips her hand into her hairy groin.  Her pussy thicket is a mass of curls, a dark jungle through which her juice flows like a swamp.  She uses her fingers to spread her pink pussy lips wide open.

Rex, the dog, lifts that big, blunt head, sniffing.  The delicious aroma of hot pussy drifts across the room.  The dog cocks its head, one ear sticking up.  Its cock starts to tingle.

“C’mon, Rex,” she calls.  “Hot pussy, boy, come and get it.  Come lick it up, boy.”

Rex gets to his feet.  The mutt’s long, red tongue is lolling out from the side of its jaw, and its cock is swelling and lengthening under its shaggy belly.  Freda gazes at the dog’s tongue and then at its cock, admiring both of those valuable organs.  The head of the dog’s cock comes sliding out from the hairy cock sheath.  That naked cock is bright red and slippery.  The mutt’s cock pulsates and flares.

The dog’s inspired by the scent of Freda’s cunt, and its cock is getting hard as a stone and stretching out under the animal, so it seems to be standing astride a pole.  The dog’s balls are filling up, like big hairy melons jams between its hind legs.  Freda hasn’t fucked the dog all day, and it has a massive load of doggy sperm stored.

“Here, Rex, hot pussy,” she calls.

The dog moves across the room, stiff, legged, stepping gingerly around its thrusting cock and bloated balls.  Freda slides her ass down to the edge of the couch, perching there with her feet extended to the floor and her legs wide apart.  She takes her hand away from her pussy.

Rex whines and drools.  Foamy dog drool drips from the dog’s long, red tongue.  The dog acquired a taste for its mistress’s delicious cunt and loved to lick her pussy, especially since the woman always takes care of its cock afterward, one way or another.  Now Rex can tell she wants some tongue.  The dog’s cock will have to wait, but it’s all right because the longer it remains, the more it enjoys shooting its load at the end.

The dog pushes its snout into her crotch.  Freda shudders as the dog’s cold black nose touches her hot clit.  Her pussy ripples, and the pink pussy lips flutter open, streaked with pussy nectar.  The mutt slaps its tongue into her cunt slot.  It licks along her open pussy and over her clit.

Ooh.  Rex’s licking my cunt, Grant,” she moans.

Grant’s well aware of the fact.  He watches the dog’s wet tongue slurp at her creamy pussy.  Pussy juice pours over the dog’s tongue, driving it wild with animal lust.  The beast licks faster, slapping its tongue right up her cunt.  Pussy juice trickles down and seeps into the crack of her ass, and the dog ducks its head down lower and licks at tight ass crack, gathering her nectar hungrily.  She squirms and moans.

Ohhh, it’s so good,” she whimpers.  “Shit, I love Rex’s tongue.”

Grant’s neglected cock is pounding away like a jackhammer, and his balls inflated like balloons.  Freda folds her fist around the hilt of his cock, but she doesn’t stroke him.  She doesn’t want to run the risk of him prematurely ejaculating because she’s in the mood for a drink of hot jizz.

She shifts her position, turning onto her flank and bringing one foot onto the couch, her knee bent and her smooth thigh arched.  The mutt’s big shaggy head bobs in her groin, and she grinds her hips and churns her ass as she works her pussy around on the dog’s blunt muzzle.  The dog tongues her hairy pussy, whimpering and whining as it licks her nectar away greedily.

Then Freda lowers her head over Grant’s loins and takes his cock into her mouth.  Her cheeks are hollow as she sucks on the man’s delicious cock.  Grant throws his head and shoulders back, fucking his cock into her mouth.  He’s panting like the dog, whimpering with the joy of it.  Freda gurgles on his cock.  Her lips make soft sucking sounds and her nimble tongue slurps.  Freda is in seventh heaven with the dog’s tongue fucking into her cunt and her mouth full of hot cock.  Her face contorts into a mask of animal passion.

I’m gonna cum on the dog’s tongue,” she moans, the words muffled on Grant’s cock.  “Oh, shit.  I’m gonna cum.  Shoot your jizz in my mouth when I cum, Grant.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he groans.  “Fucking hell.  Milk me, Freda.  Swallow my cum.”

The horny woman’s cunt is starting to melt.  The dog is going frantic as it licks away, tasting the subtle difference in the flavor of her pussy juice as she orgasms.  The animal’s muzzle lathers with pussy nectar, and her clit sparks against its tongue.  She jerks and squirms.  Her ass is sliding on the edge of the couch.  Pussy juice gushes from her, lathering her crotch, and Rex licks the delectable stuff away as fast as it pours from her vagina.

She jacks Grant’s cock with her fist, wanting him to climax when she did.  Her hand skims up and down, bumping against her lips, then drawing down to his balls, so she’s jerking him off into her mouth while she nurses on his swollen cockhead.

Mmmm,” she purrs, loving Grant’s cock and eager for his hot, thick jizz.

A spasm shakes her.  Rex whines and licks at her pussy with long, rippling strokes, running his tongue inside her open cunt and across her clit.  Pussy juice is spraying out of her as the dog’s tongue whisks it away.  The creamy stuff runs down her thighs and sprays onto her pussy mound.

Oh my God,” she wails.  “I’m fucking cumming.”

Her fist flies up and down on Grant’s cock as she mouths his cockhead voraciously.  Her lips pull on his cock, and her tongue flashes wildly against the underside.  Another spasm shakes her loins.  Waves of pure ecstasy run up her trembling thighs and darts across her belly, crashing together in her cunt.  The dog’s lengthy tongue snakes up her cunt.  Thick, frothy pussy juice drips from the beast’s jowls.  Frantically, the dog licks away, driven wild by the delicious flavor of her pussy nectar.  She gasps and wails, climaxing repeatedly.

Cum for me, Grant,” she pleads.  “Shoot your fucking jizz in my fucking mouth.”

Grant humps from the couch, fucking through her fist and into her mouth.  Her lips twisted and sucked, and her hot tongue danced against his cockhead.

Here it comes,” he wails.  “Oh, fuck.  Drink it, Freda, drink my fucking cum.”

The young man’s whole body vibrates wildly, and his balls explode.  The thick sperm shoots up his cock and comes spurting out of his cockhead in a creamy cascade.  Freda gasps and gulps, swallowing his semen ravenously and sucking another thick mouthful from his cock.  Jizz overflows her lips and runs down her chin.  Jets of jizz hit the back of her throat and trickles down her gullet as she swallows hungrily.

Grant gasps and collapses along the couch, his balls emptied.  Freda keeps on sucking on his cock, and her cunt keeps drooling more pussy nectar onto the dog’s tongue.  No sooner does a wave of ecstasy rush through her than another follows.  Her pelvis jerks and jolts, and she sobbed and moaned with joy.  Her mouth is full of semen, and her cunt is creaming, and the horny woman is in ecstasy.  And she still has the dog’s big hard cock.

Freda licks up the jizz from Grant’s cock and balls, not wasting a single precious drop.  The dog is still lapping away on her cunt, but she finally stops orgasming.  The animal’s tongue still feels pleasant, even though her pussy cooled off, and Freda knows she’ll soon be horny all over again.  It’s one of those days when she’s in a particularly insatiable mood.  Now she’s going to have the pleasure of taking care of the dog’s hard-on.

She draws her head up from Grant’s cock, licking her jizz-soaked lips, smiling with anticipation.  Rex’s head raises, one ear cocked, the dog’s tongue hanging out and dripping with pussy juice.  The animal’s cock is so taut it is vibrating like a tuning fork.

“Shit, I sure enjoyed drinking your cum today,” Freda said.  “I’m really in a cocksucking mood.” She grins impishly.  “I think I’ll suck the dog’s cock now.”

Grant grins.  His cock softened somewhat, but not wholly, and he knows he’s going to be able to perform again.  If Freda intends to blow the dog, it means Grant will have the pleasure of fucking her cunt afterward.

Freda turns toward Rex.  “How about it, you nice dog?” she asks.  “Would you like to fuck me in the mouth now?”

The dog yelps as if it understands.  Maybe it does.  It won’t be the first time it’s had its cock in Freda’s hot mouth and hosed her throat with its canine jizz.  Freda slides down from the couch onto the floor.  She curls onto her flank beside the dog.  For a few moments, she just gazes at Rex’s cock and balls, savoring the anticipation.  Her mouth is watering for some doggy cock and some of that distinctive canine jizz.

The mutt is quivering all over, and its cock is vibrating wildly, the big red cockhead pulsating and the thick shaft throbbing.  A trickle of pre-cum seeps out of the piss hole, making the dog’s cock look even more succulent.  Freda cups the dog’s big balls in one hand holds the root of his cock in the other.  She slides her head under its shaggy belly and licks the pointy tip of the canine cock.

Yummy,” she purrs as her nimble tongue licks the pre-cum.

Rex whines.  The beast’s hairy haunches ripple as it thrust its cock into Freda’s face.  Her tongue slides over the red cock.  She parts her lips and is just about to take the cock into her mouth and start sucking it off.  Then she’s interrupted.

Aunt Freda.  What the fuck are you doing?” Sally Knights shouted as she stands in the doorway, staring in amazement at the outrageous scene.


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