Commision A Story

Do you want one of our writers to write you a hot story on something or someone that really turns you on? Then you can hire them to write anything your wicked mind can dream up. Moe Lester, Sheela B, or Jack Morningwood are happy to write the story you’ve always dreamed of reading involving any niche you like.

  1. Incest/Family sex
  2. Multiple Partners/swinging
  3. Anal sex
  4. Gay/Bisexual male
  5. Lesbian/Bisexual female
  6. Transgender
  7. Sissy & feminization erotica.
  8. Rape/Non-con
  9. Celeb or parody
  10. Cheating wife/adultery
  11. BDSM
  12. Bestiality
  13. Cuckold
  14. Big cock
  15. Small cock
  16. Teen Erotica
  17. Body Transformations
  18. Myths & Monsters
  19. Public sex and exhibitionism
  20. Erotic humiliation
  21. Mind control
  22. Big breasts.
  23. Age Play (Where the character having sex is over 18 but appears or is pretending to be younger.)
  24. Interracial sex
  25. College Coeds and cheerleaders.
  26. Fellatio or Cunnilingus
  27. Older/Younger
  28. MILF, Cougar, & GILF
  29. Female Domination/Dominatrix/Femdom
  30. Voyeurism
  31. Watersports
  32. Horror Erotica
  33. Dom/Sub
  34. Sex Toys
  35. Fantasy or Science Fiction
  36.  And many more.  Whatever you can think up.

We do not write sex stories about minors or children. All characters involved in sexual activity or themes in your story must be at least 18-years-old.


What we charge.

The authors charge USD 3 cents per word.

The minimum story length is 10,000 words and the maximum is 25,000 words.

10,000 words = USD $300.00
15,000 words = USD $450.00
20,000 words = USD $600.00
25,000 words = USD $750.00

The authors insist on half the fee as a deposit before beginning because they don’t want to waste their time writing for someone who tries to cheat them out of their fee at the end.  It takes hours of time to write a great story.

If you agree to a 15,000-word story and the author writes 16,000, you won’t pay for the extra 1,000 words.  Conversely, if you order a 15,000-word story and it turns out at 14,000, then the final payment will only be up to the 14,000 word total.

Stories can take 4-8 weeks to write (depending on the word length) as to produce something great takes time. We will give you regular updates on how things are progressing.


How do I pay?

Fill out the form below to begin the process. Select how many words and pay the corresponding deposit which is 50% of the quoted full fee above.


What Do I do?

Decide which author you want (you can leave that to us if you want).

Then, think about the story you want and type it into the box on the form (or paste from another document).  Decide what you want to happen to the characters in your story, what kind of sex scenes, how they dress, are they into it or not.  You can even provide pictures of examples of how your characters look and dress in your imagination.  The more information you can give your author as to what you want, the better your story will be.  The author will take some liberties in your story as they have to make the plot work and the story flow, but they will make sure you get everything you want from it. The more information you give us the better.

Just remember that your commission is only licensed for personal use. You cannot reproduce, sell, post online, or publish it in any medium without express permission from GW Enterprises Publishing Company. The copyright of the story still belongs to GW Enterprises Publishing Company and the author.


*Do the Paypal payment first, then press SUBMIT. If you submit payment but forget to add any or all the information about your story synopsis, then don’t use this form to resend it as you’ll be charged again. Wait until we email you and then you can send it to us via email.