Sheela B.

One of the best writers in this genre the world has ever known. This unassuming woman has an amazing talent for weaving compelling and thrilling plots into an erotic story. But you won’t find her on your New York Times Bestseller list, because the world cannot accept interspecies sex. Thankfully, you’ll find her here. So if you’ve never read one of Sheela’s amazing tales, then sit back, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

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Insatiable Dana Sheela B.

  • Eighteen-year-old Dana is eager to lose her virginity, and in a fit of horniness, she gets it on with her horse. Pretty soon, the whole family is horse fucking. Words: 25,528

Sheela's Taboo Tales One Sheela B.

  • Three great tales from Sheela B. in one eBook. Get The Cabin, The Obscene Caller, and Willow Grove Park. Words: 71,835. ISBN-13: 9781005315344.

The Cabin, The Obscene Caller, and Willow Grove Park.

Sheela's Taboo Tales Two Sheela B.

  • Two Sheela classics with a new story, Horse Crazy. So much action in one eBook. Abby Does Dogs. The Enemy Within. & Horse Crazy (A new story). Words: 75,809. ISBN-13: 9798223481461.

Abby Does Dogs. The Enemy Within. & Horse Crazy (A new story).

Animal Rescue 2 Sheela B.

  • The story of Debbie Benton using her peculiar skill set of fucking very large animal cocks goes undercover for the FBI to bring down a drug cartel in Mexico. Words: 62,384. ISBN-13: 9781370533497

Animal Rescue Omnibus Sheela B.

  • Buy all three Animal Rescue novella's in one great and mighty eBook. Take the amazing journey of survival and triumph with Debbie Benton. Includes: Grooming: a prequel to Animal Rescue, Animal Rescue, & Animal Rescue 2. Words: 140,993. ISBN-13: 9780463754962

Includes: Grooming: a prequel to Animal Rescue, Animal Rescue, & Animal Rescue 2. Words: 140,993.

Licorice All Sorts Sheela B.

  • After a very disappointing night with a pickup, Lexie is left high and dry. Luckily, her dog Licorice is there to help out. Words: 22,822. ISBN: 9798215038482.

Licorice All Sorts Free Sample

Red, Black, Pink, & White Sheela B.

  • A lonely housewife is tormented by her lusts while her husband is away. Words: 29,533. ISBN-13: 9798215540077.

Red, Black, Pink, & White Free Sample

Sisters Sheela B.

  • Two sisters, Julia & Sally share a secret taboo passion unbeknownst to each other until Sally comes home for a visit. Words: 18,681. ISBN-13: 9798215653647

Sisters Free Sample

What Gina Saw! Sheela B.

  • Gina sees something sexy and shocking while looking out her window at work, and it flames her passions to new heights. A young woman playing with a dog's cock in her car while waiting for the lights to change. Words: 24,983. ISBN-13: 9798215642733.

What Gina Saw Free Sample

Abby Does Dogs 2: The Fall of Leah! Sheela B.

  • Leah decides to confront Merv the Perv about what he's doing to Abby, and things don't go well. Words: 18,313. ISBN: 9798215350898.

Abby Does Dogs 2 Free Sample

Animal Passions Sheela B.

  • Jackie's lust for her much younger neighbor Andy is driven by the passions of his big dog, Hawk.

Animal Passions Free Sample

Bored in the Barn Sheela B.

  • Zoe's stuck on a boring family holiday and decides to have some sexy fun when she's alone in the barn. However, one of the barn's residents (a big black stallion called Noir) soon wants to join in the fun. Words: 8,342. ISBN: 9798215938157.

Bored in the Barn Free Sample

Licking Her Lust Away! Sheela B.

  • Sara is a nymphomaniac, and her desperation for sexual pleasure leads to her trying bestiality with the neighbor's Beagle. Words: 9,360. ISBN: 9798215527665.

Licking Her Lust Away Free Sample

Going Out with a BANG! Sheela B.

  • Rachel catches her wayward friend Kaylee doing unspeakable things to a horse and decides to join in to distract the blonde from a looming disaster. Words: 16,410. ISBN: 9781005599461.

Going Out with a Bang Free Sample

There'll Always Be Blackie! Sheela B.

  • When a border introduces the family dog to forbidden pleasures, soon all the women of the house are getting some attention. Words: 16,996. ISBN: 9780463733394.

There'll Always Be Blackie Free Sample

The CEO! Sheela B.

  • Kerryn is a sexually frustrated CEO of a large corporation who is seduced by her horny dog one night. Words: 15,419. ISBN: 9781005425012.

The Ceo Free Sample

Abby Does Dogs! Sheela B.

  • One night, Abby decides to shock her friend Leah in a lurid moment with a dog. Unable to stop herself after that with her own dog, her neighbor catches her in the act. He then blackmails Abby to become something she never thought possible. Words: 21,232. ISBN: 9781005562366.

Abby Does Dogs Free Sample

The Hobbler 9: The Final Race! Sheela B.

  • Kelly's hobbling operation has been working beautifully for 5 years now in Montana, but an old friend shows up throwing everything into an uproar. Words: 22,842.

The Hobbler 9 Read Free Sample Click Here

The Enemy Within Sheela B.

  • A widowed mother and daughter struggle with life with both falling into wayward ways. This leads to a very nasty man taking advantage of them. Words: 23,916.

The Enemy Within Free Sample Click Here

The Birth of Candy! Sheela B.

  • A mature, sexy neighbor seduces Kelsey into a new life of hedonistic pleasure and it has dire consequences for her marriage. Words: 22,941.

The Birth of Candy Free Sample

Sierrra's Nightmare Sheela B.

  • Sierra's getting obscene phone calls and it's sparking her desires which the family pet can sense. But is this stranger on the phone a threat? Words: 20,320. ISBN: 9781005326289.

Seirra's Nightmare Free Sample

Animal Rescue: The Pony! Sheela B.

  • When Jenny buys a pony, she gets an idea of how she might be able to use it in her new live sex act. Words: 31,456.

Animal Rescue: The Pony! Free Sample Click Here
(This is a sequel to Animal Rescue)

Exclusive Kennels Sheela B.

  • Nari is a refugee trying to start a new life in the USA. She gets a job at a renowned dog breeders' kennel and hopes this will be her big break. Yet there's more to this job than she was ever told, and her life descends into a nightmare. Words: 31,397.

Exclusive Kennels Free Sample Click Here
(This Ebook is only available here now)

A Weekend in Paradise Sheela B.

  • Gretel is unhappy with her life after she left her husband, but her new man Miles just might awaken something inside her. Words: 25,339.

Weekend In Paradise Free Sample Click Here

The Blackout! Sheela B.

  • During the infamous 2004 blackout in California, something bad happened at a rehabilitation house aimed at juvenile offenders who just turned 18. This is that story untold until now. Words: 20,220.

The Blackout Free Sample Click Here!

The Meter Reader 1 Sheela B.

  • When Anita lands a job with the waterboard as a meter reader, she finds a sexual encounter with a dog leads her into a dangerous situation.

The Meter Reader 2: The One! Sheela B.

  • A year after Anita helped catch a serial killer, her world turns again as her inner depravity and dark soul is exposed by another maniac. Get the first book free when you purchase this one.

The Meter Reader 2 Free Sample Click Here
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The Obscene Caller Sheela B.

  • When Amber starts getting nasty phone calls from a man who knows all her nasty secrets, her life spins into turmoil.

The Obscene Caller Free Sample Click Here

The Hobbler 8: Fresh Meat! Sheela B.

  • On the run, Sarah has a new identity and look, but she's still deep in the horse hobbling game. Words: 22,947.

The Hobbler 8 Free Sample Click Here

The Hobbler 6: Belmont Park! Sheela B.

  • Sarah recruits a team to take hobbling to the next level, and their first venture is the riskiest job they've ever done.

The Hobbler 6 Free Sample Click Here

The Hobbler 7: Infiltration! Sheela B.

  • The FBI know something is going on and they send infamous animal porn star and undercover operative Debbie Love to try to infiltrate the hobbling posse.

The Hobbler 7 Free Sample Click Here

The Cabin Sheela B.

  • Two sisters wake to find themselves in a cabin on a mountainside and they have no idea how they got there.

The Cabin Free Sample Click Here

Willow Grove Park Sheela B.

  • Brandi is a sexually frustrated wife who takes it out on anyone she can!

Willow Grove Park Free Sample Click Here

Bitch Hollow: The Story of Ellie May! Sheela B.

  • Ellie May Williams is a conservative school teacher who has an encounter at Bitch Hollow that changes her life forever. With the help of her sister, Deanna, they try to beat the terrible curse that makes her do bad things.

Bitch Hollow: The Story of Ellie May Free Sample Click Here
(This is a prequel to The Curse of Bitch Hollow)

The Burr Valley Incident 1 Sheela B.

  • On Klaxus Prime, the biggest threat to humanoid life is a pack of mutated canines that kill their cattle and take their women.

The Burr Valley Incident 1 Free Sample Here

The Burr Valley Incident 2 Sheela B.

  • The presence of Knox and the mutant wolves is proving to be troubling beyond the livestock losses, and a bizarre mystery is unfolding in Burr Valley.

The Burr Valley Incident 2 Free Sample Click Here

The Burr Valley Incident 3 Sheela B.

  • A showdown is looming between man and wolf, so can Lyn & Jony's marriage survive her infidelities with the mutant dog Knox.

The Burr Valley Incident 3 Free Sample Click Here

Witness Protection

  • A sequel to Animal Rescue centering on what happens to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns down the offer to work in Mexico with Debbie and the DEA.

Witness Protection Free Sample Click Here
(A sequel to Animal Rescue)

The House Cleaner Sheela B.

  • A sexy woman who cleans houses for a rich neighborhood is taken aback when she finds some shocking old porn mags one day.

The House Cleaner Free Sample Click Here

The Devil Did It Sheela B.

  • A young woman discovers she has an exhibitionist streak and it leads to an encounter with a big white wolf.

The Devil Did it Free Sample Click Here

Survivors Sheela B.

  • When their plane mysteriously crashes in the Canadian Rockies the survivors discover the wildlife is acting beyond strange.

Survivors Free Sample Click here

The Hobbler 5: The Preakness Stakes Sheela B.

  • After a torrid night at the Pimlico race track stables, an offer is made that will turn this hobbling from a sometime thing into a high stakes game. Does Sarah have the courage to lay it all on the line for the best sex of her life?

The Hobbler 5 Free Sample Click Here

The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy Sheela B.

  • After hobbling Flash Jester in the Kentucky Derby, Sarah has a holiday at the Maryland Riding Academy hoping to find the self-control she needs to stop.

The Hobbler 4 Free Sample Click Here

The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby Sheela B.

  • Sarah is at the most famous horse race in the world and it's going to take everything she's got to hobble the favorite Flash Jester.

The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby Free Sample Click Here

The Hobbler 2: The Ponderosa Sheela B.

  • Sarah has escaped from the nasty clutches of Carl Norris, but can she escape from her raging lust for horse flesh? (Bestiality)

The Hobbler 2: The Ponderosa Free Sample Click Here

Something About Mary Sheela B.

  • ary is very angry at Bob, come to think of it, she's always angry with him but this time he's really done it. After finding his stash of porn on his laptop, Mary had read the riot act, and their marriage is officially on the rocks. In one last ditch effort to save his marriage, Bob reserves a beautiful cabin in the mountains for a weekend away without the kids.

Something About Mary Free Sample Click Here

Grooming Sheela B.

  • Tracy has landed a dream job at a Hollywood pet grooming salon when the owner offers her a sideline of milking the pedigree dogs for the black-market sale of their semen. Tracy's sudden popularity gets under the skin of a nasty BBW co-worker who just happens to be the owners daughter. Can Tracy stop this BBW sexually harassing her with her vile kinky games?

(An Animal Rescue Prequel)

The Hobbler 1 Sheela B.

  • A young horsewoman is forced to use her special skills on a rival racehorse trainers farm to hobble his horses before race day. (Bestiality).

The Resistance Fighter Sheela B.

  • A Boxer mix named Woofie takes Amelie's virginity and initiates her into the world of bestial love while hiding with the French Resistance during WW2.

Webcam Wendy Sheela B.

  • A recently widowed MILF needs to earn some extra money and decides to become a webcam performer. All goes well until her dog, Butch, decides to get in on the act.

Webcam Wendy Free Sample Click Here

Animal Rescue

  • Debbie Benton is at the top of her game as an animal welfare officer in Dallas, when one day an encounter with a large Great Dane cross changes her world forever.

Animal Rescue Free Sample Click Here

Reprogramming Jessica Sheela B.

  • Jessica is sick of Samantha's constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl's trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.

Reprogramming Jessica Free Sample

Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch Sheela B.

  • The FBI have two female agents investigate the disappearance of Monica after her mother becomes ill, and uncover something unexpected. (Bestiality).

Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch Free Sample Click Here

The Curse of Bitch Hollow

  • Jenny is raped in Ikeman's Park by three dogs, unbeknownst to her this is just the beginning of her misfortunes.

The Curse of Bitch Hollow Free Sample Click Here

The Switch Sheela B.

  • Nick unwittingly discovers his sisters secret sin — bestiality — in a most unusual way. He switches bodies with her.
  • GW Enterprises Publishing Company

The Switch Free Sample Click Here

The Incident Sheela B.

  • A black MILF falls into the city pounds dog's yard naked while trying to hide from some criminals and becomes the center of a doggy gangbang.

The Incident Free Sample Click Here
(This is a sequel to The Zoociety)

The Zoociety Sheela B.

  • Two weeks after ‘the incident,’ Michelle physically recovered from her night in the city pound, but all she can think about is animal cocks.  The black MILF dreams about dogs fucking her relentlessly, and it’s so intense she orgasms while asleep.  Kevin is worried about his wife, as he knows what’s distracting her lately.

The Zoociety Free Sample Click Here

The Desperate Housewife Sheela B.

  • Her husband is always away for work leaving her to raise the kids alone. Her loneliness boils over, and who should come to the rescue but the families pet Boxer. It's lust, it's nasty bestiality, but most of all it's love that will drive Helen to make the toughest choice in her life. Words: 10,867. ISBN-13: 9781310132506.

Peeping Pete Sheela B.

  • The towns peeping Tom (Pete) doesn't know what's hit him when a hot mother/daughter combo move in next door and sunbathe nude by their pool. Words: 11,327. ISBN-13: 9781370857401.

The Facility Sheela B.

  • A brilliant biologist specializing in animal reproduction and sex is sent to ‘The Facility’ to help bring back an important species from the brink of extinction. Words: 30,770. ISBN-13: 9781370764778

The Mission Sheela B.

  • Sergeant Niri Chung is sent into North Korea to spy on a military base that may have mobile nuclear missile launchers that could easily target Seoul. From the vantage point of Kumgang Mountains she hides, safely observing the base. However, the local wildlife take a liking to her and pretty soon she finds herself the lust interest of several animals. Her pussy has never got such a work out. Words: 6,174. ISBN-13: 9781311652928. Get "The Devil Did It" with this purchase.

Get "The Devil Did It" free when you purchase this eBook.

My Brazen Brother Sheela B.

  • A brother and sister forced to share a room in the family holiday home all their lives find now they're young adults in college the sexual tension between them grows and grows until one day Luke decides to up the ante in a shockingly perverted incestuous way. Words: 7,435. ISBN-13: 9781311757494

Seducing Daddy Sheela B.

  • Cindy is nineteen and madly in lover with her father, Tom. With the help of her friend she starts to up the heat at home trying desperately to get him into bed. Tom is conflicted. His mind says no, but his lust says yes! Can Cindy get her dream man? Words: 10,070. ISBN-13: 9781311936431. Get "My Brazen Bother" free when you purchase this eBook.

Get "My Brazen Brother" free when you purchase this eBook.

Lucy Sheela B.

  • Steve is home for the first time in years and notices his younger sister has grown into a total babe. When he catches her playing with the family pet dogs cock he discovers his hot sister has deep dark secret. She's a Zoophile. Words: 4,552. ISBN-13: 9781310348723