The Burr Valley Incident 3


It matters little to the sleek and powerful black wolf the small town’s streets are lighter due to additional lights.  The mutant wolf merely clings more stealthily to the shadows of the warm summer night, avoiding with ease the clumsy patrolling humans who seek to destroy the beast.  A balanced sense of pride burns in the wolf’s deep muscular chest.

The black wolf stole in a surreptitious silence equal to the very shadows enshrouding it, craving dictates in feral loins magnetically guiding the beast.  Cautiously, the black wolf moves its great head in searching sweeps with piercing red eyes.  Ahead, it sees a humanoid shelter.  A feverish heat spreads through the wolf’s strong body at the glow coming from the opened window.  It sniffs the air catching a pungent yet irresistible scent.

The surge of wild mating instinct motivating the massive wolf causes its long tongue to lick out ravenously at its lips, while animal loins convulsively react in pulsating throbs.  Deliberately, but with vigilance, the elusive, beast creeps toward the open window, a sudden piercing howl back in the hills advising the wolf its pack is racing toward the farms to hunt for food.


The willowy, ivory-skinned girl, who tossed herself nakedly onto Lyn Tere’s bed, sensed a certain feeling of imposition at her friend relinquishing their bedroom to them.  Jony, too, insisted, and of course, her own numb old Randy has merely said ‘thanks.’ The fool, all he was concerned with is getting a story for the media channel he slaved for, not giving the slightest thought to Lyn and Jony’s inconvenience.  Then Randy goes off to chase down the utterly ridiculous tale that brought them here.  Nety Marte had expected to be a Klaxus News widow throughout most of their stay in Burr Valley, but she’d hoped this, their first night here, would be together.  Especially after her monthly abstinence because of her period, Nety is keen to get some satisfaction.

I’m always a lusty little hotbox after my period; Nety thought with a sigh.  She wriggles the naked roundness of her white buttocks in slight sensuous undulations against the smooth satin give of the mattress.  A tiny shiver of erotic delight tingles along her spine.

Reflexively, Nety brushes her long slender fingers with a light touch over the diffused, resilient flesh of her breasts, absently teasing at their ruby-like nipples until they’re incited buds of sensitive hardness.  Randy could’ve at least waited until morning, she thought.  I certainly dropped enough hints all evening long.  She lay there uneasily in her aroused nakedness, the soft glow from the bedside lamp playing over the smooth curves and hollows of her supple body heatedly adding to her sensual appetite.

Of course, the drinks hadn’t done anything to cool her down either, especially the last two she’d had with Lyn after the boys have left on their crazy wolf hunt.  However, Nety needed them; she was mad when Randy told her he probably wouldn’t be home until morning.  Such absolute nonsense, the whole ludicrous story, she thought, lying there, a wild dog raping a girl.  It surprises Nety an intelligent man as Jony Tere can take any stock in such an absurd claim, and he seemed so grave about it, avoiding Randy’s questions.  Even Lyn, after they left, had practically refused to discuss it, continuously changing the subject.  Frankly, I could use that dog right now, Nety remembers, half smiling, any reference to sex doing nothing but turning her on that much more.

At least, it’s lovely being with Lyn again, and Jony is just as handsome and desirable as ever, though Nety doubted if her husband or Lyn would appreciate her secret sexual fantasies about the virile deputy sheriff.  Anyway, it’s all an illusory affair, and entirely one-sided, Nety felt sure, though he’d done marvelous things for her in naughty dreams, wildly passionate acts that can only take place in her sensuously unbridled mind.  Like now, at this very moment, as Nety continues to stroke her soft hands over the smooth white flesh of her nakedness, and imagines what Jony’s cock, in an excited desire-hardened state, might look like filling her fevered mind.  It would be longer and thicker than Randy’s is.  Jony’s a much bigger a man, and it would be very hard, hot and throbbing in her hand as Nety slowly pulled back the foreskin to reveal the moistened, purplish head with its tiny slitted eye seeping out those first delicious drops of his heated precum.

The thought alone is enough to drive Nety wild, the naked, short-haired brunette dreams, letting her caressing hands brush over the churning little bowl of her belly in their ever descending course toward the sensually dampened, small erogenous slit between her thighs.  Nety feels the soft down of her pubic curls with the tips of her fingers, grazing through their silken texture, the realization flitting through her mind she wouldn’t be thinking this way had her husband, Randy, stayed with her.  Fuck him, Nety thought, I’m just too good to him is allSucking him off every night during my period, no wonder he put that stupid story ahead of me.

Nety has spoiled Randy during their marriage with the constant hunger of her mouth, but the woman couldn’t help it.  Nety does love to fuck; she’d give anything for the hot, thick length of hard cock buried to the hilt in her hot cunt at that very moment.  Yet there’s something so intimate in sucking Randy’s cock, it thrills Nety beyond the usual.

To get down between Randy’s legs and caress those semen-bloated balls in her hands and to lick away that first pungent drop of precum with the tip of her tongue thrilled Nety.  To moisten her lips and slip them down over its hot, blood-swollen head, gradually sucking the thick length of it into her saliva-slickened mouth and throat until her nose brushes pelvic hair is so erotic to the woman.  Then, that insane moment of wanton ecstasy when Randy pumps scalding sperm deep into her mouth, half-choking Nety as it floods like liquid fire down her hungrily swallowing throat to boil in her belly below.

Fuck, I’m hot, Nety thought, aware that her fingers have gently spread open the flushed lips of her desire-filled cunt, two of them slithering wetly into the seething, moist crevice between.

Those fingers stroked through the smooth fluid flesh, one skillfully caressing the tiny bud of her clit, transmitting frenzied little shocks of sensation to her brain.  Ooh, if only I had Jony’s cock in my mouth right now, Nety thought.  Shit, I’d suck his balls inside out. \ Nety spreads and lifts her long, shapely white legs and drawing them back up her naked body until her knees kissed the hardened, tingling nipples of her swollen breasts.  Then, as the brunette plunges two slender fingers into the nibbling, viscid mouth of her tightly absorbing cunt, she raises her head to look down between her breasts and observes through glazed eyes the erotic sight she presented to herself.


It’s at this precise moment that she sees a black wolf.

Nety’s dull eyes lock on the black wolf’s presence, their sparkling darkness seeming to grow wider by the second.  Her movements cease, her small tongue-moistened mouth falling open in a silent scream.  The black wolf doesn’t wait longer, but bounds through the open window.

Whatever has happened to her throat, Nety can’t imagine.  She tries to scream, but nothing comes out.  The first sight of the massive animal head with gleaming fangs and glowing red eyes viciously staring at her over the sill of the open window sucked a vacuum into her belly and loins.  Again, Nety tries to raise a sound in her convulsing throat and got nothing but rasping chokes then, the wolf nimbly bounds through the window onto the bed.  Now, Nety stares at it…A black wolf… and she’s desperately trying to register it in her terrorized brain.

The wolf’s practically on top of her defenseless naked body, and then Nety realizes she still holds her legs drawn up and back in a lewd, intercourse position.  Slowly, Nety starts to lower them, immediately freezing as the intruding wolf unleashes a low but warning, guttural growl.  Then the wolf moves on the bed until its heads poised directly above her helpless loins and buttocks.  Nety swallows loudly, the mutant wolf’s presence, its infamy, plus the absolute fact that it’s here, the very myth that brought her and Randy to Burr Valley.  Except these black wolves are no myths.  The massive beast is savagely hovering right vulnerable loins.

Nety has never been a coward, a stupid person, or whimpering female, not in all of her twenty-six years, but this is unbelievable.  She tries to think.  To scream would be futile.  There’s no one to help her; only Nety is alone in the house, and Jony had spoken of posted sentries, but how far away is the nearest one she doesn’t know.  The black wolf can tear her apart before any help would get close to the house.  I must remain calm, or he’ll kill me, or rape me, Nety thought, feeling anything but that.  A potent, unexpected sensation charges through her earlier, self-aroused loins and belly as she watches the wolf lower its head and begin to sniff her genitals, the cold, wet nose like the brushing touch of an ice-cube against her hot, sensitive pussy lips and still tingling thighs.

Omigod, Nety suddenly thought with a loud gasp, that’s his tongue…

With spine-chilling awe, Nety frantically squirms beneath the sudden lashing hotness of the wolf’s wet tongue as it snakes out to lick up and down the smooth-fleshed vale between the trembling, taut mounds of her buttocks.  Nety sucks in her breath and holds it until she fears her lungs will burst, while the wetly moistened end of the black wolf’s nose teases hotly against the sensitive area surrounding her anus, its worming tip burrowing with an uncanny knowledge into the small oval of its tightly clenched lips.

Ooooooo…” Nety moans at the shocking aggression, her mind a whirlpool of confusion.  Stay calm, she thought, yes…Omigod…Keep your head…Be quiet…Mustn’t scream…Mustn’t…Ooh…  Nety chokes within to the unbelievable probing of her unprotected loins by the ferocious-looking wolf.  The brunette isn’t going to faint; she well knew that.  The woman has never fainted before, so what is she going to do now?  Omigod, he’s starting to lick me ‘there’ as if I’m just another bitch-in-heatand fuck, I was that before he came along…Could he sense it?  Why hadn’t I listened when they were talking about him?  The black wolf…yes, that’s what they’d called him…The black wolf.

Ooooooo…” Nety moans, hearing wolves simultaneous whimper as again, it wetly taunts the tiny puckered hole of her anal mouth with its hot, incessant tongue.

Fuck, it raped that girl, Nety thought.  She hadn’t believed it.  Now, she isn’t so sure.  If only she hadn’t drunk so much.  It’s almost impossible to put thoughts together or to make sense.  Nety was so hot thinking of Lyn’s husband virile cock, sucking it, and suddenly, this maddening reality burst upon her. Am I much more than an animal myself, Nety wonders?  The lustfully confused brunette with heaving breaths enjoys the erotic sensations coming from the black wolf’s hot, savage tongue flickering sensuously through her loins. Reflexively, Nety twists, gasping loudly and then stiffening at its menacing growl.

The black wolf’s head rose in a vicious show of teeth, drops again and Nety feels its wet, searing tongue burning toward the still hotly flushed lips of her pussy.  Nety uncontrollably trembles as it sweeps its branding, moist flesh along the narrow pink crevice between her spread thighs, then up over the full split of her hair-fringed pussy.  From Nety’s quivering rectal mouth, it traces the pink passion engorged edges of her hot pussy lips to the pulsating clit.

Nety lifts her head higher to gape down between her throbbing breasts and open thighs at the obscene spectacle.  Blinding sensations of lust stabs through her naked body at the contact of the beast’s melting tongue.  Repeatedly, the wolf licks between her legs, the thick length of its deliciously fluid tongue spreading deeply through her yielding pussy flesh like a dull knife through softened butter, carrying Nety higher away from human reality with every breathtaking lick.  It doesn’t stop, and the exposed reporter’s wife who lies in a desire-blinded state of passion beneath the incessant wild tongue, moan out her sensual delight.

Ooooo … Yeah … So good … Oh, lick me there … Yeeeess…”

Unceasingly, the massive wolf splayed the smooth, inflamed genital flesh with its captivating tongue, finally pausing to curl it with a deeply invading thrust far up into her turbulently wet cunt.

Ooooo … Omigod, that’s heaven…” Nety cries out, gasping and jerking spasmodically beneath the wolf’s unthinkable assault.


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