A Weekend in Paradise


Gretel revived from her faint only slowly.  Little by little, she becomes aware of pleasure signals shooting through her body.  They’re less intense than they have been before the woman passed out but more subtle, more penetrating in their way.  The strawberry-blonde becomes aware she’s lying on an extremely comfortable surface.  She smiled lazily and touches her body for reassurance.  It’s then Gretel realizes she’s naked.

Her eyes fly open.  Justine’s bent naked over Gretel’s breasts, sucking incitingly on one nipple, caressing the other.  The dog, Fritz, stretches out between her legs.  She watches, stupefied, as the dog’s tongue snakes out and assaults the vulnerable wet slit of her pussy.

Ahhhhhhhhhh…” Gretel groans.

Still too groggy to decide on any course of action, she lies where she is and wonders at the incredible scene that’s awakened her.

Justine asks softly, “Feel good, darling?”

The look Justine is directing at her now is much happier, much more gentle than it was before.  Slowly her eyes take in the slim contours of the other woman’s body.  Justine’s trim but pleasingly curvy.  Her breasts are much fuller than they appeared when clothed.  When Gretel makes no reply, Justine just caresses her cheek.

“Are you all right, Gretel?  You don’t mind that we’re here?  Fritz and I?”

Gretel surprises herself by giggling.  She feels lightheaded as if she’s not quite in possession of her body.  “I don’t mind, Justine.  I’m just trying to figure all this out.  I mean…  I’ve never awakened to anything like this before.”

Justine smiles mysteriously.  “I thought not.  I thought it’d be fun to give you a surprise.  Why don’t you just relax, darling?   There’s nothing to worry about.  Fritz and I are going to make you feel good.  Better than you’ve ever felt, I guarantee it.”

Even if she has wanted to, Gretel feels she can’t deny those large doe-eyes anything.  She feels intensely drawn to this woman from the first moment she laid eyes on her.  Justine seemed so self-possessed, so aloof.  The younger woman couldn’t help feeling flattered by this attention Justine is now bestowing upon her.

Besides, the more awake she becomes, the more excited she grows.  The idea of having sex with a beautiful woman and her dog is the nastiest thing she can imagine.  For that very reason, it also makes Gretel’s little pussy flare with arousal.  Just then, the dog bends its head forward again and licks all the way from her sensitive asshole to her nub-hard clit.

Ahhhhhhhhhh…” Gretel moans.

“See?   It feels good, doesn’t it?” Justine asks excitedly.  “Now you just relax, darling, and let it happen.”

She lies astride Gretel’s chest and closes her mouth over the younger woman’s.  Shocked as Gretel is by this impassioned kiss from another woman, the strawberry-blonde responds to it almost at once.  She closes her eyes tight and stabs her tongue deep into Justine’s throat.  Their tongues clashed hotly.  The slender brunette’s forcefulness staggers Gretel.  She feels powerless not to respond.  The feelings are much more potent than when she’s alone.  The more wantonly Justine caresses her, the more ardently Gretel replies in kind.  The dog’s tongue assaults her open pussy again.  She remembers the book in the library.  It seems her suspicions were not so far-fetched after all.

Gretel knows now this weekend will be everything she expected and more.  No matter where events lead her, Gretel’s ready to follow.  She respects these people and admires them.  She trusts them to start her into the erotic side of life at the top.  Things have never been this exciting moving between home and work.  Gretel’s becoming a new woman, even more quickly than she expected.

Justine’s mouth on her breasts is sending little pangs of pleasure darting through Gretel’s naked body.  The younger woman peers down nervously at the head of the big black German shepherd poised between her legs.  The dog’s tongue on her cunt feels intensely good.  Her mind, though, is rebelling against the idea of a brute animal licking her private parts with its tongue.  It’s so depraved.


She tosses her head from side to side and feels Miles’ earrings brushing her neck.  The reminder of the man who brought her here, who left her helpless at the hands of their strange hosts, gives her a little masochistic thrill.  Gretel wants Miles to be pleased with her and to be worthy of his trust and favors.

Oooohhhh …  God...” Gretel wails wantonly.  “You’re making me feel so good.  I don’t believe it.”

It’s true.  After all the erotic adventures Gretel had today, she’s primed for a response.  Her body is over-sensitive to pleasure.  It’s as though all her nerve-endings are rising to the surface.  It takes only a touch to make her feel weak with arousal.

The dog’s tongue is agile as a snake.  It incites Gretel’s clit to rock-hardness and prods hard against the soft, yielding opening to her vagina.  Gretel thrusts her hips upward, trying to get the tongue to surge inside her spasming cunt.  She’s so hot in there.  When the dog’s tongue moves on to her asshole, Gretel forgets one need unfulfilled in the soaring ecstasy of another satisfied.  Repeatedly, Fritz licks her sphincter until she’s quivering wildly.  She gyrates her hips, trying to give the dog better access.

She strokes the long sleek hair of the woman leaning over her, who’s planting wet little titillating kisses all over her breasts and belly.  “Oh, Justine …  Justine …  It’s so nice.”

It’s like a dream.  A strange erotic dream that’s picked Gretel up body and soul and carried her to a place with no rules or restrictions.  To change her forever from the confused young woman she was after she left her dull husband to something new.  The brunette kneels astraddle Gretel’s body, shoving her ass right in the face of the dog.  Fritz backs away for a moment, confused.

“I’m so hot, Gretel.  I love making love to your body.  You’re so beautiful,” Justine said, almost breathlessly.

She grinds her cunt down onto Gretel’s and rubs clit against clit.  Gretel wants to shriek with excitement.  In her most abandoned dreams, she had tried to imagine what it’d be like to scissor another woman.  Now she knows it’s terrific.  Unbelievable.  It makes her feel so wanton to churn her pussy back against Justine’s, to feel her clit pulsing with wild longing.

Justine.  Justine…” Gretel wails.

The brunette moans, “Yes, darling …  Yes.  It’s good…

Justine’s working her way down now over Gretel’s body.  She kisses her navel, then licks a trail down to the first trimmed strands of Gretel’s pussy hair.

Justine gazes up longingly at the other woman.  “I want to eat your pussy, Gretel.  And I’m going to get Fritz to fuck me at the same time.”

Even in her weakened state, Gretel gasps at the lurid idea.  She stares in disbelief as Justine turns to the German shepherd and gives it the command to mount her.  The big animal seems to grin at her as the dog wraps its furry forelegs around Justine’s hips and begins to rut forward, looking for the waiting hole of her cunt.  Fritz seems to have some trouble in finding her vagina with that stiff red cock.  Several times, the dog lunges urgently forward.  Each time, Justine grunts with excitement and then with disappointment.

While she waits for the dog to take her, she stabs her tongue at Gretel’s vulnerable clit.  The shock is great enough to send Gretel’s hips lunging off the ground in search of more of the tantalizing tongue-strokes.

Aaaiiieeeee.  Oh, God.  Justine.  Your tongue is so good on my pussy,” Gretel squeals.

Justine said, “It tastes so good, darling.  You have such a yummy cunt.  Oh Fritz, for fuck’s sake, get it in me…  Aaaaaggghhhh.  Oooooohhh…

At last, it seems, Fritz has found the mark.  Wide-eyed, Gretel watches her new woman friend buffeted roughly forward by the powerful dog’s fucking strokes.  Justine’s eyes are as big as saucers as she gazes momentarily up at Gretel.  Her excitement seems to have dazed Justine, though not so much that she forgets to pay attention to the blonde’s throbbing clit.

Stimulated by Justine’s abandon, Gretel becomes more wanton about roving her fingers over her naked body.  She pulls on her nipples, already hardened by her woman lover’s moist attentions.  Then rubs her belly that tingles erotically in response to the brunette’s talented mouth on her pussy.

The more frantically Justine responds to the dog, the more wantonly Gretel lunges her cunt up into her friend’s face.  She can feel a crisis simmering in the pit of her belly.  Gretel wants to work it out.  Already she’s reveling like an abandoned creature in the sheer ambrosia of absolute depravity and loving it.

Ooh.  Kiss my pussy, Justine.  Aaiieee…

She struggles to get a look at the dog’s cock.  By looking around and down under the brunette’s belly, she can catch a peek of the long tapered red instrument dealing such delight to Justine’s welcoming pink slit.

“God.  He’s shoving it in you so hard, Justine.  Doesn’t it hurt?”

Justine replies, “Oh, no, Gretel.  It feels wonderful.  My cunt’s on fire.”

She begins to churn her hips more hungrily than ever back against the animal’s furry, humping loins.  The other woman’s excitement works directly to Gretel’s advantage.  Justine’s tongue circles her clit with maddening, rhythmic moist strokes that drive Gretel wild.  From time to time, Justine lets her tongue slip inside Gretel’s vagina.  She can feel the slippery little intrusion massaging her sensitive inner tissues to tingling, spasming ecstasy.

My God.  Justine, I’m cumming.  You’re making me cum…

Gretel closes her eyes as a crazy smile distorts her features.  She’s experiencing orgasm after orgasm today, and each is more intense than the last.  Though she doesn’t pass out this time, she feels more relaxed, more receptive to what’s happening to her.  Sexual stimulus is becoming an integral part of her soul.  Gretel feels like a plant that all its life has dwelled on the verge of thirst that now has all the water it needs.  Her water, her lifeblood, she knows now, is sexual excitation and pleasure.  Lazily, the blonde opens her eyes and smiles at her woman lover, who’s peering up at her eagerly.

“Oh, Gretel.  It makes me so happy to see how good I’ve made you feel,” Justine said.

The wanton way in which Justine’s breasts are bobbling, knocked awry by the dog’s ceaseless energy, makes Gretel’s cunt pulse with renewed lust.  She jiggles her damp pussy up under her girlfriend’s chin.

“More, please,” she mewls and feels her body tremble with need and arousal.

Groaning submissively, Justine buries her face again in Gretel’s damp slit.  She shoves a finger, this time deep into her friend’s cunt, and wriggles it around.  The brunette’s tongue and finger together have the desired effect.  Within moments, Gretel is again the fiery she-cat she was on the brink of her last orgasm.  Time seems to stand still while the three writhes together in wild abandon.  The dog’s steel-hard member drives deep into Justine’s clenching cunt again and again until the lovely brunette thought she’d go mad with excitement.  Like a woman-owned, Justine lunges her ass back at the rutting dog.  At the same time, she never loses her pace over Gretel’s cunt.  Her finger and her mouth work in lusty harmony to turn the blonde into a moaning mass of jelly.

Gretel is beside herself.  She’s at the point now where she feels she can go on making love like this for hours, forever even.  Her body is open and receptive.  Her condition makes enjoying orgasms easy as jumping off a log.  Gretel can feel one rolling through her now.  She glances crazily about her, wondering how things still seem the same but feel so different from inside.  Gretel’s not the same woman she was when she entered this house, though she already had a yearning for liberation that let her go this far.

The bedroom is dark, and Gretel has not really paid much attention to the furnishings.  She realizes now, though, that there’s something on the other side of the room, a movement, a hand.  They’re not alone in the room.  Somebody’s watching them.

Her instincts tell Gretel to be frightened.  But her excitement causes her to gradually become aroused at the thought of performing for an unseen audience.  Gretel imagines it must be the three men, but she cannot be sure.  She raises her arms over her head and moans wantonly.  They want to watch, and she’ll make sure they have something to remember.

Oh, Justine, honey.  Finger my cunt.  Suck my clit.  Jee-zuz, it’s good,” Gretel screams hotly.

Justine complies, but it’s obvious she’s reaching a crisis of her own.  Her mouth movements become more feverish—her body quakes like a mountain about to erupt.

Oh, God.  Fritz has knotted me…” Justine groans.  “God, it’s so big.  It’s so big.  AHHHHHHHH…  Fritz’s cumming in me.  I can feel it.  Shit.  Oh fuck, I’m cumming too.  I’m cumming so hard.”

The sheer depravity of watching the brunette’s thrills acceptance of a dog’s semen in her cunt and womb makes Gretel let go once again.

Me too.  Me too, Justine.  Ooooooo.  I’m cumming too…

Even as she drifts off into a stupefied pleasure zone, Gretel wonders if the men watching the women and the dog frolicking on the bed have hard-ons.  Hard cocks.  She wants them to get so hard, they’d think of her forever after, every time they have a hard-on.  Right now, Gretel wants some cock herself.  She feels as if she can never ever get enough cock.


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