Reprogramming Jessica

Reprogramming Jessica Sheela B.

  • Jessica is sick of Samantha's constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl's trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.
Jessica Grant studies business at the local university and feels fortunate she found some nearby accommodation because living with her parents became a chore.  Her parents are overbearing religious types, and Jessica always believed it held her back, especially with boys.  The young woman is a cute redhead, five foot six, with long auburn/red hair.  She has a curvy body and a nice set of C-cup tits which is a source of great pride for Jessica.  Being a redhead, she’s a pale skin girl, and she’s almost fragile looking.  Some would call her nerdy, especially when she wears her black-rimmed glasses.

Having grown up in a strict family, Jessica’s somewhat reserved and shy for her nineteen years.  More so than most other girls her age, especially Samantha (Sam) Collins, the woman with whom she shares a house.

Sam is about the opposite of Jessica, as you can get.  The voluptuous blonde works in the city at a clothing retail store.  One of those trendy fashion shops that always make Jessica feel uncomfortable.  All the clothes there seem garish and too revealing for Jessica.  Sam’s breasts are bigger than Jessica’s, and Sam loves to show them off too.  Jessica moved in thinking Sam was a respectable young woman and life would be simple in the house.  However, she soon found out Sam is anything but decent.  The word Jessica eventually used to describe her wayward roomie was slut.

Sam is a slut.

That’s the only conclusion Jessica can make as she hears nearly every night the moans, screaming, and banging coming from Sam’s bedroom.  There’s an endless parade of men and women coming and going, all of whom end up in Sam’s bed at some point.  Jessica is surprised that Sam hasn’t hit on her yet.  Not that the redhead is against her roomie having sex, she just wishes she could do it quieter and less frequently.

Jessica has finals coming up, and it’s hard to study while she hears Sam shout, “Fuck me.  Shove your big cock inside me as far as it can go.  Oh, fuck yeah.  Slap my clit with your balls.”

The young redhead is no virgin.  A guy took her virginity in high school a few years ago.  But you couldn’t call her sexually active either.  She hasn’t had a man for over a year.  Not that she craves it, masturbation is acceptable to tide her over for now.  Jessica is more concentrating on her studies than the pleasures of the flesh.  The girl doesn’t even masturbate that often too.  More often than not, she’s too lazy to rub one out and prefers to go to sleep.

However, she can often hear Sam moaning through the thin walls when she’s supposed to be alone too.  If the lusty blonde isn’t getting it on with others, she’s relentlessly fucking herself with her vibrating dildo to multiple orgasms.  It’s reached a point where Jessica now has grave misgivings about staying at this place.  She won’t even bring her college friends over in case Sam is doing it again.

Things come to a head when Jessica is busy studying, wearing an old t-shirt and yoga pants, and she has to go pee.  She bumps into a man and woman on her way back from the bathroom, leaving Sam’s bedroom.

“Hello, beautiful,” the sweaty man said.  “Why didn’t you come and join us?”

“Leave her alone, Frank,” the dark-haired woman said, pushing the man down the hall.  “Not everyone’s a freak like you.”

“Or you,” Frank said and laughs.

Jessica watches them go down the stairs and turns to see the door is open, and Sam is lying on the bed naked, her legs spread showing everything.  ‘Oh my God, she’s bald down there,’ Jessica thought, as her eyes bulge at the gaping entrance to Sam’s vagina that’s still leaking jizz.

“See something you like,” Sam said, lifting her head off the pillow and gazing at the stunned redhead.

“Oh my God, Sam.  What’s wrong with you?” Jessica shouts through the door.  Her face is turning red.  “I’m trying to study for finals, and all you can do is fuck.  Don’t you do anything else but work and fuck?  It’s not normal.  It’s not humanly possible to be as sexually active as you are.”

Reprogramming Jessica Sheela B.

  • Jessica is sick of Samantha's constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl's trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.

Sam sits up with a sneer firmly planted on her face.  “Who said I’m human?” she yells.

“What the fuck?”

“I don’t see how it’s humanly possible to have sex as little as you do,” the blonde shouts, her fists bunching at her sides.  “I thought I was getting a college girl here.  A horny, partying college chick.  Instead, I got some fucking prude.  What college are you going to anyway?  Fucking Nuns college, you dried up bitch.”

“How dare you,” Jessica screams.  “You’re a slut.  You’re nothing but a slut.  No, even worse than that, you’re a sex addict.”

“You don’t know what I am, but I’m going to show you,” Sam screams and suddenly lunges forward at Jessica from the bed.

The diminutive redhead flinches and braces herself for contact.  Then it seems as if time stands still, and Jessica can see the screaming blonde moving through the air, her face red and teeth showing.  Then a strange transformation takes place, and Sam starts to disappear, only leaving what looks like a smoke or mist trail.  Before the redhead can think, ‘What the fuck?’ the trail of mist enters her nose and mouth and goes into her body.  Jessica falls to the floor and starts uncontrollably convulsing until she passes out.  Foam forms around her mouth as her petite female body shakes and shudders.


Sometime later, Jessica opens her eyes and stares at the ceiling.  She feels dizzy and sick to the stomach.  Her mouth tastes like crap.  The girl slowly sits up, checking herself for injury to see none, then glancing around to find Sam.  The redhead frowns as Sam’s nowhere in sight.

“Sam?  SAM, where are you?” Jessica shouts.

I’m right here,’ Sam said.

Jessica gets to her feet to get a better view.  The blonde’s not on her bed or in the hallway.  “Where are you?” she asks again.  “Is this some kind of sick joke?”

Sam laughs.  ‘It’s no joke, bitch,’ she said.  ‘I’m inside you.”

“Don’t be a fucking psycho.  Show yourself.”

Just think for a moment,’ Sam said casually.  ‘Can you hear my voice with your ears, or is it more like a voice in your head?

Jessica thinks about it.

Jesus, your thought patterns are so primitive,’ Sam teases.  ‘Any wonder you’re a stuck-up bitch.’

A sudden shiver goes all over Jessica’s small pale body.  “What’s going on?” she whispers.

Not very bright, are you?  I’m taking over your mind, bitch.  I’m gonna have some fun with you.’

“B-but how?  How….”

‘I told you I wasn’t human,’ Sam said.  ‘Well, at least not in the way you think is human.  But I won’t bother you with that because you’re not ready to know such things.’

Jessica closes her hands over her head and her eyes.  “Get outta me,” she shouts.  “Get out.”

Or what?’ Sam said mockingly.

“I’ll kill myself, so you die with me,” Jessica said and rushed downstairs to the kitchen.  She pulls a large carving knife out of the block and holds it to her jugular.  “Get out of me, or we both die,” the redhead shouts.

Too late, I have control of you now,’ Sam said, and the knife suddenly moves away from Jessica’s neck, and despite how hard she tries, the redhead can’t stop it.  ‘It’s no use fighting it,’ Sam said.  ‘I own you now.’

Then Jessica’s hand puts the knife back in the wooden block.  “What are you going to do to me?” she asks.

Reprogramming Jessica Sheela B.

  • Jessica is sick of Samantha's constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl's trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.

That’s when the redhead feels a spark in her clit.  It’s a strange feeling for her as she’s not the kind of girl to become aroused for no reason.  Yet, she can feel her clit buzzing, sending pleasure into her lower belly.  Then her pussy lips are swelling, and slimy juice dribbles from her deep place.  Her nipples have gone hard, and the growing heat inside her body makes Jessica sweat some.  The girls breathing is heavier, and the feeling of arousal swelling in her loins becomes very intense.

“What are you doing to me?” she whispers.  “Oh, God.”

The growing sexual heat is becoming too much for the redhead, and she slides a hand under her yoga pants and starts to rub her clit.  Just as an orgasm is close, the feeling suddenly stops cold.

“What?  Where did it go?” Jessica whines.

The redhead stares into a nearby mirror, wondering if Sam has left her body.  She touches her face, frowning.  ‘It’s all just a dream,’ Jessica thought.

Oh, it’s no dream,’ Sam’s voice rings in Jessica’s mind.

“How is this even possible?”

You wouldn’t understand.”

The redhead frowns at herself.  “What are you going to do to me?” she asks.

You called me a slut,’ Sam said coldly.  ‘So, I’m gonna make you an even bigger slut than me.  I will destroy your goody-goody reputation.  By the time this is over, you’ll be the biggest whore in town.

“I won’t do it,” Jessica shouts at her reflection.

Then her reflections smirked.  ‘I can make you do or feel anything I want,’ Sam said.  ‘You’re my bitch now.  I own you.  What I just did to you is only a taste of what I have planned for you.’

“Please, get out of my body.  I beg you,” Jessica wails.

However, Sam is busy rewiring Jessica’s brain.  The fear of what Sam may do slowly fades away, and a new state takes its place.  Pretty soon, Jessica is finding the idea of becoming even a bigger slut than Sam appealing.  Her primitive brain is raging, making her feel such things the redhead has never before.  Her pussy buzzes at the idea of it all.  It’s so unlike the near asexual college girl she had been before Sam entered her body.

“What are you doing to me?” she asks.

Changing you.  Making you a slut,’ Sam said.  ‘How does it feel?

“All I can think about is cock,” Jessica said with a shiver.  “I think I like it.”

I knew you would.’

“I think I wanna be a slut.  You’re fucking with my mind.”

Sam chuckles.  ‘That’s the first fuck you’ve had in a while, I see.  The next fuck will be far more enjoyable than that last guy.  Jesus, he came in like a minute.  That’s so funny.’

“He was a loser.  Sam, I feel scared,” Jessica said to her reflection.  “Will you stay inside me and help me?”

Do you want me to?

“Yes.  I think I like it with you there, guiding me.”

OK, I’ve just fucked your brain,’ Sam said.  ‘Let’s test it out.’


Stick your fingers in your cunt, then taste yourself,’ Sam commands.

Jessica sighs.  “I’ve never tasted my pussy before.”

Do it, slut!

Reprogramming Jessica Sheela B.

  • Jessica is sick of Samantha's constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl's trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.

Jessica shoves her hand down her yoga pants and slides a finger inside her vagina.  Then she pulls it out and puts the finger in her mouth, and sucks on it.  It feels good, and she finds herself wishing it was a cock.

How does it taste?’ Sam asks.

“Can’t you taste it?”

I wanna hear you say it.’

Jessica sticks her finger in her cunt again, slides it around, and then sucks on it to get the taste.  “OK, it tastes a little salty, kinda tangy or sharp, with a slight metallic after taste,” she said.  “It doesn’t taste too bad.  It’s not fishy like you always hear in the movies.  A little sour, maybe, but OK.  I don’t think I can compare it to any foods or smells.  The closest thing I could compare it to is a battery, maybe.”

Sam is laughing.  ‘OK, you don’t need to write me a fucking essay about itSheesh.’

“OK, sorry.  But I like it.  I like how my pussy tastes.”

You’re gonna like how a lot of pussies taste by the time this is over.’

“So, what now?” Jessica asks her reflection.

There’s silence.


You wanna do something really nasty?’ Sam asks.


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Reprogramming Jessica Sheela B.

  • Jessica is sick of Samantha's constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl's trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.

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