The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy


The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy Sheela B.

  • After hobbling Flash Jester in the Kentucky Derby, Sarah has a holiday at the Maryland Riding Academy hoping to find the self-control she needs to stop.
When Sarah arrives at the Maryland Riding Academy, the riding master greets her warmly. The master is, in fact, a woman called Jillian, in her late-thirties, long black hair, a little curvy, and a warm smile.

“So nice to meet you,” Jillian said shaking Sarah’s hand. “John has been boasting about you for months, so it’s nice to put a face to the name.”

Sarah blushes. “John exaggerates,” she said.

Jillian laughs lightly. “He does indeed about most things, but not horses or horse people.”

“I thought John said a man owned this place?”

“He likes to think he does,” Jillian said with a knowing smile. “That’s my husband, Blake.”

“Oh. I see. I love your ranch, it’s stunning here,” Sarah said to change the subject.

“Not as Hollywood as The Ponderosa, but I like it,” Jillian said puffing her big breasts out, “Why don’t I take you to your cabin so you can settle in.

A Hispanic man had put her suitcase into the back of a golf cart from the taxi, and the women climb in and drive along a paved road away from the main house. They pass the stables, and the smell of horses and manure makes Sarah relax. In paddocks, she can see many grazing, some lifting their heads majestically to stare at the cart as it whizzes by.

“We get lots of tourists here,” Jillian said as if Sarah had asked. “They come for riding holidays.”

“You teach them how to ride?”

“We get people of varying abilities, but that’s one of our focuses,” Jillian said as they turn to what appears a street with small cabins on both sides. “I’m betting you don’t need any riding lessons?”

Sarah laughs. “I’ve been riding horses since I was four years old,” she said with a high chin.

“Have you ever thought of riding in competitions?” Jillian asks as they stop in front of number fifteen.

“I did do some horse barrel racing, and some jumping when I was a kid,” Sarah said, “but I always wanted to be a trainer.”

“Well, here we are,” Jillian said and points to the log cabin with a small porch on the front, “It’s not the Ritz, but it’s comfortable.”

“You didn’t get my billing info, though?”

“John is covering it,” Jillian said, “and besides, I have a couple of horses here that need someone of your expertize to look over if you don’t mind.”

Sarah shrugs. “I guess, but I won’t be here long enough to train them.”

“Just a consultancy, take a look at them and tell me what you think,” Jillian said getting out of the cart.

Sarah takes her suitcase and follows Jillian to the cabin, and they enter. The raven-haired beauty hands Sarah the key.

“There’s chopped firewood out back, it gets chilly here at night, so you’ll need it,” Jillian said. “The fridge is stocked with enough food for a week, but you can join us at the main house anytime. Just let us know if you need anything, and we’ll get it for you if we can.”

The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy Sheela B.

  • After hobbling Flash Jester in the Kentucky Derby, Sarah has a holiday at the Maryland Riding Academy hoping to find the self-control she needs to stop.

Inside the cabin is more luxurious than Sarah thought from the outside, with a stocked bar, satellite TV, a spa bath, and a luxurious country interior design.

Sarah has a shower and changes into her riding gear, thinking she’d like to see the countryside a bit more. Her body is recovering from the wild night with Flash Jester faster than she thought it would, and the muscle aches have stopped. The teen goes to the stables they passed on the way to the cabin and studies the wide selection of riding stock, dismissing the mares and the geldings, of course. She finally selects a handsome black stallion called Onyx with a great deal of Arabian blood in its ancestry and lots of cock and balls between its legs.

Onyx is five years old, too young for a riding hack and hasn’t been gelded, yet reputedly of a docile nature. The brute has a flowing mane ripples like the wings of a raven in flight, a long and luxurious tail like fluid ebony and broad, sturdy hindquarters and powerful shoulders. He also has intelligence in its eyes.

A white man in its fifties brings her a saddle and smiles as the man sees the teen stroking the animals head.

“He likes you,” the man said with raised eyebrows, “Onyx tends to pick and choose who he likes.”

“He’s a gorgeous animal, looks like he has some pedigree in him,” Sarah said rubbing the beast’s neck.

“Yeah, he does,” the man said. “I think he’s one of the horses Jillian wants you to look over.”

Sarah turns to gaze at the man, her blonde hair sashaying as she does. “You know who I am?” she asks wide-eyed.

The man smiles and shrugs. “Jillian described you to me,” he said. “Sarah, right?” She nods. “I’m Hank, I work here.”

“Hi, is that saddle for me?”

“Yes, take him out and give him a good run,” Hank said. “Onyx loves to run.”

Sarah would’ve liked to ride him bareback and feel those surging muscles move directly beneath her crotch. However, she deemed it wise to have him saddled so the staff doesn’t become suspicious, for the teen would be mortified if anyone guessed her motives were sexual.

The Maryland Riding Academy is among gently rolling hills and picturesque forests of Pine, Hemlock, and Oak trees, with plenty of secluded glens where a woman can have the privacy she needs to relax.

Wearing jodhpurs and a hacking jacket, shiny black boots, and a black riding cap, Sarah rides from the stables along a track. She posts at the trot, rising and dipping in the saddle, while still in sight of the academy when the contours of the small hills hide her from the view of the buildings; she stops using that gait and sits firmly in the arch of the saddle. She removes her boots from the stirrups and wraps her long, muscular legs around the horse, knees, and thighs gripping, and her feet tucked in beneath its loins, massaging its cock.

The teens delighted to feel its massive hunk of horse-cock respond to her touch, hardening and swelling between her feet. Out comes the stallion’s cock. As the horny teen feels, the massive horse-cock continue to expand and harden, she trembles with wild anticipation, and also with the sorrow her cunt is still too sore to enjoy it.

Sarah tilted in the saddle and gazed beneath her mount, gasping as she sees the stallion’s beautiful cock. The horse’s balls are swollen between its hind legs, and its cock has extended along its belly, the head reaching its powerful chest. The head of the horse’s cock is dark gray as it squeezes from the black sheath, and the cleft in the gray slab is parted and already starting to bubble with precum.

Her pussy begins to flood, and her tongue tingles at such a mouthwatering offering. Clamping her bare heels and insteps against the horse’s cock, the woman strokes it. Sarah shifts in the saddle, massaging the equine phallus between her feet. By the time they reach a suitable spot to stop and linger, the stallion’s cock is fully erect and as hard as a pillar of stone.

Sarah dismounts in a shady glade, with a swift stream gurgling past and a fallen oak tree trunk providing a platform that seems useful for her purposes. She drops the reins. The horse, well trained, stands still, yet even if it wasn’t an animal with a hard-on is not about to bolt from such an opportunity. Onyx stands, slightly lathered from the run, watching her with shining dark eyes.

The teen takes her clothing off. She piles the riding clothes neatly on the grass. After she had removes her riding pants, she put her boots back on. Somehow, it seems only proper when a woman is attending a horse, she should wear boots.

The horse whinnies softly, hopefully. Sarah strokes its muzzle and finely arched neck. Then she kneels beside Onyx. The heat from its swollen cock wafts from beneath the stallion, the muskiness of its sex exciting her. Sarah watches the huge slab of its cockhead flare and throb. She reaches beneath with a hand, palm up, and hefts its bloated balls, thinking about the vast abundance of hot horse-cum in those mighty testicles.

Then she fingers its dark-gray cockhead. It’s like a lump of iron sheathed in rubber, smooth, slippery, and hot. From the parted cleft, a trickle of frothy slime bubbles. The massive cock pulses like a pump. Sarah drools, she intends to suck the stallion today, and not sure, her cunt can take another pounding so soon after Flash Jester. The aroused blonde teen stares at the delicious-looking cock, she simply has to taste it. She sits her bare ass in the cool, soft grass and her knees rose, squirming beneath the stallion.

Onyx trembles and paws the earth with a front hoof. Sarah’s flushed face is directly in front of the head of its cock, only inches from it. She blows on the meaty slab and watches the cock pulse. The teen can look right into the parted cleft and see precum gathered just inside. She takes Onyx’s cock between her hands, not quite able to span the shaft, just behind the bloated knob. She strokes the big cock and slowly, watching the cockhead flare with wide-eyes as she jacks off the horse.

Sarah moans with sexual hunger.

Her hot tongue pushes into the pee slit and takes a lick, gathering a mouthful of slime from the horse’s steaming cock. Sarah savors the slippery precum on her taste buds and whimpers with pure pleasure. She licks again, and then swipes the beast’s entire cockhead thoroughly, lapping the massive slab of dark-gray cock. Sarah pushes her tongue right into its cleft and lets precum stream into her mouth and over her face.

Onyx quivers violently.

The stallion humps, pushing its cockhead into her face.

Sarah opens her mouth as wide as she can, her lower jaw dropping almost to her breastbone, yet to her frustration, she can’t fit the gigantic hunk of cockhead into her mouth.

If only I could let him fuck me, she thought. My cunt can probably take his size.

For the moment, the randy woman is so enjoying tonguing the tasty horse-cock she’s in no hurry to do anything else. I have a couple of weeks to work up to it, she thought. Sarah’s wide-open lips suck, and her nimble tongue licks with practiced efficiency. A stream of precum runs down her chin and drips onto her tits. Another hot flow pours into her mouth, and she swallows it into her gullet. The slimy, salty ooze is so delicious Sarah decides she wants more, she intends to drink the stallion’s semen when it shoots. If her cunt isn’t ready for the massive cock yet, at least she’ll have the pleasure of swallowing Onyx’s semen.

Holding her open mouth clamped to the cleft of its cockhead, she begins frigging its shaft between her hands. The meaty wedge flares in her face. The horse’s haunches move, rippling, as it fucks through her moving hands, the cockhead bumping gently against her mouth. Her hands skim faster as she yearns for Onyx’s hot cum-load. Her lips almost turned inside out as she mouths as much of the mighty cockhead as she can, while her tongue slurps on the dripping pee slit.

The horse snorts and stamps its hooves.

Sarah feels its cock swell between her hands as the thick cum comes rushing along the shaft from its balls. The blonde teen whimpers with joy, waiting for the load of horse-cum. Then the stallion shoots its load in a tidal wave, the thick cum spurting into Sarah’s mouth with such force her head tilts back as the milky geyser hoses her throat. She swallows, gulping semen, and pushes her head back onto the cockhead as its second spurt of cum shoots.

Onyx empties its balls in half a dozen powerful spurts of sperm, and the horny horsewoman swallows its semen with glee. When the stallion finally stops cumming, she uses her nimble tongue and fingers to gather the residue of cum from its cockhead, and from her face and body. She cups her tits and lifts them to her face, licking thick drops of horse semen from her smooth breasts. Then she tongues its tasty cockhead again, polishing it to a luster, replacing its semen with her saliva. She had adored drinking the stallion’s cum. Now she longs to have her cunt full of the precious stuff.

The mighty stallion’s cock is still rock hard.

The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy Sheela B.

  • After hobbling Flash Jester in the Kentucky Derby, Sarah has a holiday at the Maryland Riding Academy hoping to find the self-control she needs to stop.

Damn, I so want that cock inside me, she thought. Sarah feels her wet cunt and slides fingers inside, and it doesn’t seem sore as she does. Should I, she wonders? There’s no argument really; her desire is too strong. It’s time for the hot blonde-haired teen to fuck a stallion again.

In a leafy glade beside a babbling brook, Sarah, who already has her belly full of delicious horse-cum, is preparing to get her cunt filled with the hot, thick ejaculate.

Sarah has positioned herself on the fallen tree. The tree appears blasted by lightning, and it opens at the widest section into a sort of cradle or basket into which her ass fits perfectly. Her crotch is elevated to the right height for the horse’s cock, braced firmly by the tree; she won’t get shoved away from Onyx as it attempts to penetrate her sodden pussy.

“I must be crazy,” she whispers as she squirms into position.

When Sarah clicks her tongue, Onyx eagerly trots over. The black stallion places its front hoofs on the log, and its cock looms over her belly. Sarah fondles the horse’s cock and kisses it. Onyx’s cock vibrates like a tuning fork between her hands and hums on her tongue. Then she pulls the gigantic cock to her groin. The thick horse-cock comes down like a lever, and the head pushes against her cunt.

Sarah trembles with passion and fear—the giant cock might hurt her after her recent antics at the Kentucky Derby. She arches her back and throws her legs widely apart. Using her fingers, she spread her cunt lips open, slipping them over the top of the horse’s large cockhead. Onyx feels her warmth engulf its cockhead and instinctively thrusts.

Inch by precious inch, the head of Onyx’s cock jams into her pussy. The blonde gasps moans, and twists her lithe hips and supple pelvis, trying to work her cunt around the horse’s cock. Half of the dark-gray cockhead is in her cunt now, and she feels the pain of healing flesh stretching too soon, it makes her yelp and pant.

However, despite the pain, she wants more horse-cock.

She jams her ass up hard, her back arches in the basket of the damaged tree—and the rest of the animal’s cockhead vanishes into her cunt. The beast humps and her whole body moves with him stuck fast on the head of its immense cock.

She throws her legs up and hooks her thighs around its shaft, as if she were clinging to a pole, doing some acrobatic feat on a horizontal bar. The teen’s shoulders press against the tree as she crams her crotch, and the horse snorts and thrusts—and a good foot of the stallion’s enormous cock plows into her cunt. Having fucked horses many times, her cunt can accommodate the big cock, yet it still brings her pain. Sarah’s cunt sucks on the massive cock. She’s glad her cunt has had so much practice on other stallions as the teen squirms and takes another six inches.

This is all she can take.

Sarah’s cunt now stuffed with eighteen inches of fat horse-cock, filled to the very brim with the hot meat, riding it with her thighs clamped around the shaft. The teen’s legs tightening as if she’s posting in the saddle. She rotates her hips, screwing her cunt around on its cock like a nut onto a bolt.

Onyx has been patiently waiting while she feeds its cock into her cunt. Now she knows the equine phallus in as far as it can get, the rest of its shaft will not fit.

The stallion begins fucking Sarah with horrendously long thrusts.

The blonde cried with pure animal joy, and wild lust as the thick horse-cock stirs in her cunt and guts, eighteen inches of the massive cock fucking in and out, spreading her cunt as wide as it will stretch and plumbing as deeply as her cervix allows. Onyx jams her against the tree as it plows into her cunt. As the stallion draws its cock out, Sarah’s cunt sucks and milks on the knob and stalk. The beast’s cock plugged into her so tightly there’s not even room for the cunt juice to escape. As her pussy creams, the hot juices slosh around inside her belly. Sarah almost faints with the joy of it.

“Ooooooh,” she moans, humping her cunt faster for him. “Ah—Oh yeah—YES—Ooooo—WOW!”

She creams, her cunt melting, and the fuck juices still trapped inside her pussy like a liquid genie in a bottle. The horse begins to fuck faster, buffeting her slim body, about, bouncing her up and down on its mighty cock. Her ass bumps on the split tree, and she gets slivers in her thighs, yet nothing matters—nothing but this enormous hunk of stallion cock and the cum soon to fill her cunt.

The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy Sheela B.

  • After hobbling Flash Jester in the Kentucky Derby, Sarah has a holiday at the Maryland Riding Academy hoping to find the self-control she needs to stop.

Onyx is fucking her at a trot.

Then the stallion’s pouring the cock into her at a canter.

“Oh, Yes,” she groans. “Oh, fuck me—Give it to me—Oooooo—Yeah!”

Then, to her delight, the brute breaks into a full gallop and its huge cock fucks in and out of her at a pace she’s only felt with Flash Jester. Onyx’s massive balls balloon. With her cunt plugged so tightly, she knows when the stallion shoots it won’t drain out of her—her belly is going to bloat as if she’s pregnant. If semen were lighter than air, she’d float into the sky.

The horse neighs and tosses its head, its wild mane streaming.

Then semen explodes into Sarah’s cunt.

She cries with ecstasy as she feels the hot horse-cum gush into her cunt, her pussy melting at the same time.

“OH—OOOOOOOOOO—GOD—FAAAAAAARK,” she moans. “CUUUUUUUMMING!” Sarah’s body churns wildly in the throes of orgasm while the stallion continues to pump in and out, emptying its cock and balls to the dregs.

Drained, at last, the stallion pulls its cock from her cunt. Onyx’s cock comes free like a cork from a bottle. A thick, milky flood of horse-cum, streaked with strands of cunt juice, pours from her gaping red cunt and washes her ass crack before it dribbles onto the tree.

Sarah, completely satiated and content, leans back against the tree trunk with a happy smile. Amazed her cunt could take it after Flash Jester.

While she’s lying there, still enjoying the afterglow of her powerful orgasm a female voice said, “So, what’s your opinion of Onyx?”


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