Sierrra’s Nightmare


“And then I’m gonna suck your cunt nice and slow so you can feel my tongue slipping right between those pretty pussy lips.”

“Who is this?  How the fuck did you get my number?”

“Don’t matter,” the heavy voice breathes after a second or two of rest.  “I’m gonna suck hard, real hard against your pussy.  You’re gonna be bucking and moaning by the time I get through with you.”

“I won’t.  Who is this?”

Sierra Miller sits at the edge of her small bed, her feet pressing hard against the dark green carpeting.  She’s alone in the big house, and never before had the eighteen-year-old felt more vulnerable, more frightened than now.

“Then I’m gonna fuck you.  My cock’s real thick and long.  You’re gonna feel it.”

The unknown caller sighs.  There’s the sound of fumbling over her cell phone.  Sierra blushes furiously, her toes curling hard.  She knows what he’s doing.  He’s playing with himself, rubbing his cock while telling her these awful things.

“I’m gonna end this,” Sierra said, her icy fingers tightening around her cell phone.

“No, you’re not,” he moans, laughing softly at her defiance.  “You like it.  You like hearing about what I’m gonna do to you.  Fucking, baby.  That’s what I’m gonna do to you.  You’re gonna be yelping for my cock.  Ohhhh, baby, you should see my cock now.  It’s all red, thick, and juicy, ready for your tight pussy.”

Sierra wants to end the call.  She does.  But something vague and yet all too real is keeping her fingers around her phone.  The girl begins rubbing her free hand over her tummy, and the halter around her breasts begins to bind her.  The pretty blonde teen edges back on the bed, unaware of movement at her half-opened bedroom door.


“Don’t what?  Tease you, baby?  You wanna have a good taste of my cock now?”

“No, stop this,” Sierra begs.

He laughs, his laughter turning to a low moan.  Sierra wonders just how big his cock is.  Then she shakes her head.  She isn’t that kind of girl.  Not like that bitch Emily Tarrant who just edged her out of cheerleading practice this afternoon.

“You don’t want it to stop,” the male voice said.  “Just like you won’t want me to stop when I start squeezing my cock into your cunt.”

Sierra thinks again about ending the call.  It’s a simple move.  But instead, she remains sitting on the edge of the bed, her naked legs pressing against the mattress.  She can feel her pussy swelling open, a hot feeling steaming up her pussy.  Sierra scoots her pert ass back a little, feeling the sexy rub of her slick pussy lips against one another.  She blushes, glad her mother isn’t home.  ‘What would she think, being the kind of straight-laced prude mom is?’ Sierra wonders.  Then a thought strikes her.

Perhaps her pervert caller knows she’s alone.  Perhaps her caller knows everything about her.  A movement nearby interrupts the teen’s thoughts.  At first, Sierra thinks it’s her mother, and she freezes.  ‘How could I explain this to mom?’ she wonders.  Then Sierra sighs with relief, realizing it is the family dog.  Picard.  Sierra smiles weakly, letting out a hissing sigh when she sees the handsome gray and black German shepherd edging past the door and into her bedroom.

No one would dare come into the house with Picard standing guard.  Her mother had bought the dog nearly three years ago for protection, shortly after her father had died.  Picard served them well, acting as if it was the king of the house, an attitude her mother fostered, but one that made Sierra a little nervous occasionally.  Right now, the girl’s glad the dog’s around.

“Am I getting to you, baby?  I can hear you moaning almost as loud as me,” the male said.

Oh, how she wished she could place that voice.  There’s a familiar ring to it.  But he’s doing his best to disguise it.  She leans forward, slipping one hand around the dog’s powerful neck while listening to this vile man whispering to her.

“Listen to me,” she said to the pervert.  “I don’t wanna hear you talking to me like that because—ohhhhh.”

Sierra drops her cell phone, her eyes widening with surprise.  She can’t believe what happened.  The German shepherd is pressing its snout against the crotch band of her shorts.

“No, stop it,” she hisses, warily glancing at her cell phone.

She can hear the faint rattling of the man’s odd voice.  Dropping her hands to her damp crotch, Sierra pushes the curious dog away.  Nosing around, dogs do that kind of thing all the time.  But now, this is different.  She’s so hot, so very hot after listening to all the things this stranger told her.  The last thing Sierra feels she needs is a pussy-nosing dog.

“Something wrong, baby?” the man asks.

“No, no—”

“I wanna come and see you.  One day, I’m gonna wind up right there in your bedroom, you know.  Right next to those Justin Bieber posters.”

Sierra’s heart skips a beat.  She flashed her eyes to the left and stared at the posters in question.  “How do you—” she begins.

She didn’t bother to finish the sentence.  Sierra feels she’s dealing with someone out of the ordinary.  He isn’t about to give her the correct answers.  Besides, Picard is acting strange again, pressing his snout against her crotch.  The man’s voice is sounding cocky, self-assured over the cell phone.  Sierra squeezes the device in her damp palm.  Again, she tries pushing the big shepherd away.  The dog rolls its big sorrowful eyes at her, blinking while cocking its head to one side.  Sierra swallows hard.

“You can’t come over here.  I don’t want to see you,” Sierra protests.

“That’s not what I hear in your fuckin’ voice, baby.  Why don’t you text me some pictures of you naked, and I’ll cum over them?”

What can she do?  This man is still on the phone, and Picard is nosing around again, trying to get at her hot, buttery pussy lips.  Sierra jerks her legs up, folding them under her ass.  Her knees cramp from the position.  It’s the only one.  However, she can get into and keep the dog from her pussy.

“Come on, show me your pussy and tits,” he says.

She can hear his breathing even more now.  Maybe it’s because she’s becoming more aroused.  His voice is a turn-on despite the fear she feels.  It’s touching something deep inside Sierra, something she had felt stirring uncomfortably for the past year.  The girl finds herself leaning back on the bed, pushing her legs out until her heels dangled over either side of the narrow mattress.

“There’s no way I’m sending you anything like that,” she shouts.

“Sure, you will.  I wanna see the pussy I plan to suck the juices out of until it cums.”

Sierra flushes even more.  She’s getting this dirty phone call and secretly enjoying it.  What’s worse is that the dog is now climbing onto her bed.  Sierra gazes up, swallowing hard as the German shepherd lumbers onto the coverlet.  The dog sniffs at her toes, touching them with its cold snout.  The girl cringes, jerking her right foot back and bending the knee hard.  Picard is undaunted.  The dog moves forward, drawing its tongue along her ankle to her knee.  Then down behind it to that sensitive spot of flesh.  Sierra let out another hissing breath, ensuring the unknown man didn’t hear her reaction.  She thinks she will drop the cell phone when Picard slides forward a little more, pressing forepaws against her inner thighs.  The dog’s licking the material pressing up against her pussy lips.  The beast can smell and taste her.  That realization comes as a shock as the girl lies on her bed and hears that man telling her wonderful, strange things about her cunt.

“And then maybe I’ll let you suck my big cock,” the man said.

What am I doing?’ Sierra wonders.  It’s as if another person is somehow inside her body.  Sierra finds herself slipping from her shorts, peeling the tight-fitting blue garment down from her thighs, knees, and toes.  The girl can hear cars shooting up and down the narrow tree-lined street outside.  Meanwhile, she’s spread open—hot and wet—letting the dog touch her private parts.

Ahhhh,” she moans softly.

“You still there?” the pervert asks.

“Oh, yes, but—”

“I’m gonna let you suck my cock.  It’s pretty fucking big, but you’ll get the hang of it.  Lots of girls do.  I promise I won’t cum in your mouth.  Not the first time, anyway.”

Sierra shivers at the thought.  She shivers at something else right now.  The dog’s forcing her tight, white shivering thighs apart with its nose, bracing its paws on her hips and dipping its head.  Sierra watches with suspicious eyes as Picard presses the lips of her pussy back to give the dog room to lick at her pulsing clit.  ‘How does he know about that?’ the girl wonders.  Sierra tightens her ass cheeks, feeling the muscles cramp in her butt and along the backs of her thighs.  The sensation of Picard’s warm furry head against her flesh sends rivulets of pleasure rushing along her spine.

“You ain’t ever done anything like this before, eh?”

“No, and I’m not going to start now,” Sierra said as firmly as possible.

“Yeah, they all say at first,” he counters.  “But when I stick my cock inside, they fall hard.”

Sierra let out another groan, her knees jerking up, then slowly settling back down to the bed.  The dog wiggles its snout against the mouth of her vagina.  Sierra sucks in a ragged breath, then collapses backward on her bed.  Her thighs spread helplessly for the dog.  Somehow, she managed to keep the cell phone wedged between her right shoulder and her chin.  The room is getting fuzzy while a buzzing sound resounds in her ears.

“Not me,” she insisted.

“Yeah, baby, yeah.  And you ain’t gonna be the exception.”

Sierra can’t stop either of them.  The man and the dog are on their paths.  She’s helpless, trapped by her blossoming sexuality.  Sierra rocks from left to right.  The buttery dew is oozing from her fuck slot, dotting her pubic hairs.  She’s ashamed and yet curious about these sensations, this odd combination of words and the dog’s tongue.

“I’ll come over this week, baby.  This week.”

“Oh, no.  No.  I’ll call the police.  You can’t do this.  You can’t—”

“I can do anything I fucking want,” he growls.

Sierra pants hard, feeling dizzy.  She’s moaning now, responding with half-words as the dog settled down to his cunt licking.  Picard’s growling now, a soft, muted growling that resounds deep in her cunt.  She feels her muscles convulsing deep inside as the dog licks down over her ass cheeks and into her cunt.  Pulling back, Picard rims the edges of her cuntal mouth teasingly.  Sierra stares wide-eyed at the beast.  She can swear the dog has done this somewhere before.

“No, you can’t,” she tells the pervert on the phone.

“You don’t want it?  Then hang up.  Hang up right now, and nothing’s gonna happen.”

Sierra can’t move.  It’s as if someone had drugged her.  She raises her knees instead, letting them fall apart, to either side of the bed.  The dog yips in triumph, scooting forward more on the mattress.  The animal’s long, broad pink tongue laps and licks deep into her cunt.  Sierra can’t believe it.

Ahhhh,” she softly moans.

Sierra feels her heart pounding hard in her chest.  She’s getting dizzier and dizzier.  Her cunt is flooding out hot juices, which the animal is licking up.  The girl rolls halfway to the left, raising her knee slightly and then spreading them further from her body.  The resulting tension is making her cunt throb all the harder.  She had been careful on dates, making sure no boy took her before she was ready.  Yet here she is, spread wide open for a German shepherd.  Sierra let out another moan.

“I’m gonna fuck you good and hard,” the stranger insists.

“No, don’t—don’t talk like that,” Sierra groans.

The girl is rubbing the naked backs of her legs against the coverlet now.  The smooth, cool sensation of the material against her flesh makes her hotter.  She licks her dry lips, blinking her eyes and peering at the cunt-licking pooch.  Picard meets her eyes, staring hard at her making Sierra close her eyes.  There’s a kind of mocking intelligence in the dog’s eyes that frightens her.  She rubs her naked little ass faster and faster, her breath coming in short, raspy little pants.

“Real slow is how I’m gonna do it.  I’ll even let you put it in.  You ever touched a cock when it slides in?”

Stop it.”

Somehow, she’s managed to pull the cell phone from her chin.  Sierra is holding it safely away from her lips, gasping for air as the dog keeps touching those sensitive areas around her cunt.  The girl doesn’t want to let that dirty man hear her groans.  He’d think they were for him, and he’d come right over.

The dog is lapping his tongue up and down now, wetting her pussy lips, then slopping to her clit and touching it repeatedly.  The resulting showering sparks make Sierra prance her ass up and down.  She moves her cunt from side to side, increasing the slick friction already driving her mad.

God,” she moans.

Picard is pushing his tongue inside her cunt.  It’s as if the dog’s scrounging around for something in there.  Sierra let out another groan, arching her spine and pushing her head and shoulders back into the soft pillow behind her.  She fans her toes out, curling them until they cramp.  Slowly she moves her fingers around and around her lower belly, pushing them down until she can feel the soft, silken hairs of her cunt.  They were so very wet with her juices and the shepherd’s spit.  Sierra let out another cry, snaking her body across the sheets.  Behind her, she hears the headboard banging against the wall.


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