The Burr Valley Incident 1


The Burr Valley Incident 1 Sheela B.

  • On Klaxus Prime, the biggest threat to humanoid life is a pack of mutated canines that kill their cattle and take their women.
Strange sensations of tingling warmth ripple through Pixi’s belly as she lies limply on her back, a maze of disconnected thought-waves suddenly swirls through her head.  Confusion sweeps through her and Pixi tried to move, but stops at the sound of a low, animal-like snarl.  The girl opens her eyes then, yet continues to lie there unmoving, the strange stirring sensations in her belly ever increasing with a weirdly rising excitement.  Her brain functions in its effort to restore normalcy.  Where am I, she wonders?  It’s dark, yet she sees two half-moons and the stars.  What happened, Pixi wonders?

Thunder fills the darkness of the warm summer air as simultaneously, further charges of stimulating arousal filled through her loins and belly.  Pixi raises her hands to her throat in revived fear.  She lifts herself to her elbows with the full brunt of her returning memory.  Then, by the flash of revealing lightning, Pixi sees she’s naked.  Wholly and shamefully naked …  Pixi is lying with her legs obscenely spread apart, and the massive wolf-like German shepherd is standing between her thighs, its tongue laxly out and its great head lowered just above her pantiless pussy.

Again, fire-filled sensations charge through the virginal core of Pixi’s naked body.  The warm, wet contact of the dog’s saliva-drenched tongue spread open the sparse, hair-lined lips of her tight cuntal crevice, Waving its sensitive, pink inner-flesh with a taunting upsweep sending uncontrollable shivers of sudden passion brushing over her.  Omigod, he’s licking me down there, Pixi thought, horrified.  Had Pixi been petrified before fainting, she’s now shockingly panic-stricken.  The unbelievable sight of what’s happening between her naked, widespread legs, the realization the vicious mutant animal is actually licking at her virginal pussy with its hot, wet tongue, is about to drive her hysterical.

Yet, somehow, Pixi knows she must retain control if she’s to come out of this alive.  To struggle against the mutant dog in any way might bring it fiercely charging at her throat.  Pixi cannot restrain the whimper of extreme dread when, by the next flash of lightning, she sees tatters of her clothing ripped and strewn about them.  Jesus, he must’ve torn them from me with his teeth, she thought.  What sort of animal is it that’d do such a thing to a human female?  Pixi gapes at the German shepherd through the darkness, which her eyes are growing accustomed to, and sees its own burning orbs staring hotly at her as it continues to obscenely lick and nuzzle at her helplessly exposed pussy lips.

A tremor of incredible sensations causes her to convulse in her shameful nakedness.  Omigod, Knox is almost human, Pixi thought, that expression in his unrelenting eyes is intelligentWhy is this dog licking my pussy?  Ooh, what is he doing to me?  She’s never known such sensuous feelings in her belly, and her pussy, in spite of her fear, feels as if there’s a hot little fire glowing inside it.  Even her breasts tingle in excitement as she mentally cups, then pinches their tiny, hardened nipples.  This is insane, Pixi thought.  Omigod, the evil dog will kill me before he’s done, he’ll tear me to pieces.

Pixi has to keep her head to get away from the beast as soon as possible.  Maybe, if I just jump to my feet and run, she wonders?  I have to do something; he intends to kill me, I feel sure of that, and maybe even eat me.

It’s the last horrible thought that makes Pixi feebly cry out, then attempt to scramble onto hands and knees and blindly crawl away.  Knox waits only long enough for Pixi to reach the all fours position before unleashing a savage growl, stopping the curvaceous, naked teenager in icy-veined terror.  Pixi uncontrollably sobs out, the fear-filled, choking sounds little more than animalistic whines in the gripping anguish of her unimaginable horror.  From that point, the huge dog never seems to hesitate but moves as if its intentions predetermined.  The mutant dog mounts Pixi from behind, its powerful forepaws clutching at the soft, white flesh of her cubed hips, its wet tongue hanging loosely from its open mouth.

Pixi dares not breathe, terrified with the alpha dog’s sudden clamber up behind her unprotected nakedness, its strong forelegs clutching at her narrow waist and the arch of her hips.  Pixi has seen animals do it together like this a thousand times.  Her firm breasts quiver and sways beneath her chest from the jarring force of the German shepherd’s luridly obscene position behind her defenselessly upraised buttocks.  Then suddenly, Pixi feels the medallion that hangs from the dog’s neck grazing the smooth-fleshed hollow of her back.  Knox’s going to do it to Pixi as if she were nothing more than a whining bitch dog.

N-no … No, please…” Pixi hears herself whimper as something long and pointed probes wetly back between the nakedly raised trembling mounds of her softly quivering buttocks and lewdly spread thighs.

The Burr Valley Incident 1 Sheela B.

  • On Klaxus Prime, the biggest threat to humanoid life is a pack of mutated canines that kill their cattle and take their women.

Pixi’s brain swims again.  Omigod, I’m a virgin, and he’s gonna do it to me, her mind screams.  At that precise moment, whatever additional thoughts she has dissolve when Pixi senses the nose of the mutant dog’s hardened cock prodding at the tight, wet mouth of her defenseless cunt.  Pixi desperately tries to squirm away from the vise-like grip of Knox’s encircling paws, but it’s useless. Like a charging, white-hot lance, the substantial thickness of the dog’s huge cock spreads the soft hair-fringed lips and forces its way into her forced slickened cuntal passage with a slight, wet popping sound.  The mutant cock ripples the smoothly yielding cuntal walls wide apart before its bevel-tipped hardness.

Pixi gasps for an elusive breath as the massive length of blood-filled dog-cock stretches and fills her cuntal channel like a muscular arm ramming into the sleeve of a garment, its pointed end smacking heavily up against the very base of her tender cervix.  Again, Pixi chokes out a whimpering gasp, while the great beast that’s mounting her from behind snarls out a low, commanding growl of triumph and then humps and fucks into her.

The teenager’s mind is a vortex of unheralded, emotional sensations.  Her entire head vibrates with the pounding blood racing through her brain, while her body quivers and convulses in the throes of an unknown, physical agony.  Her cuntal passage feels impaled with the massive, sawed-off limb of a tree; yet at the same time, there are weird spasms of intensively rising desire filling her.  Nevertheless, she compulsively fought the sensuality, her sickened, fear-fills mind concerned only with the horrifying animal fucking she is receiving from behind!

It strikes Pixi then that the mutant dog’s heavily burrowing cock of firm flesh has ripped her wide open.  She feels the thin membrane of her maidenhead give way with a bursting stab of pain and is sure the vicious beast has horribly torn the expanded little hole of her cuntal mouth.  The girl worries she might bleed to death there in the deserted cellar if Knox didn’t kill her outright.

Again, with a twisting lurch of her naked body, Pixi tries to shake free from the long, piercing thick hardness in her cock-filled cunt, but her efforts are in vain.  Knox’s fierce growl chills the very marrow of her bones, while the dog’s powerful forelegs clutch possessively at her soft waist and hips.  Thrusting, ever thrusting, like a searing firebrand it slithers in and out of her helplessly clasping cuntal channel, spreading the virginal passage open wider and wider as the German shepherd hammers its enormous, mutant cock deeper and deeper between Pixi’s helplessly spread thighs.

The panting Knox’s mutant intellect makes the mighty dog aware of the woman’s sudden resignation and surrender.  Briefly and in desperation, Pixi struggles at one last frantic attempt to escape before hopelessly subjecting herself before its conquering attack.  The dog senses the resistance draining from Pixi’s naked, human flesh, as it does with its own female bitches when it selected and demanded from them.  A spirit of exhilarating revenge races through the beast’s savage body as it watches the upper portion of Pixi’s smooth body drops until her face, and human breasts flatten against the softness of the grass.

The rounded mounds of her soft, white buttocks rise submissively to the dog’s vindictive assault.  This, Knox knows, won’t breathe life into his torturously murdered mate, nor his pups in her belly, but scientifically embedded in the dog’s mutated brain dwells a principle driving it on, that of retaliation and revenge.

Through the dogs unfathomably keen senses it feels its twelve-inch cock slithering forward with a wet charge until entirely buried in the clutching moist heat of Pixi’s tightly clinging female passage.  The dog’s sperm-laden balls slap hard against the soft dampness of her lightly curling pubic hair and clit.  Mercilessly, Knox bucks and plunges into the hot, yielding cuntal flesh.  Hearing Pixi’s feminine moans and feeling the trembling nakedness of her smooth, white buttocks flattening against its belly, the dog attempts to skewer her onto the last remaining inch of its cock.


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