The Obscene Caller


Amber Fitzsimmons stretched her firm, slender body in bed as she feels her hot pussy lips puff up and moisten with excitement.  Her husband Sean would be home tomorrow from his sales trip to New York.  Amber closes her eyes and runs her fingertips over her panting belly, rubbing the tips of her long, taut nipples.  She let out an excited cry response.  Amber groans as she as she feels her stiffening clit quiver furiously and lowers her hand to her crotch and starts milking the swollen slippery edges of her pussy lips together.  It’s something Amber does every time Sean is on the road.

Fuck me, fuck me,” she moans as she closes her eyes and sees her husband naked again.

He’s standing in the bathroom doorway, dripping from a hot shower.  His powerful fingers move up and down his nine-inch, thickly veined cock.  Amber remembers how she’d spread her legs and arch her back, tossing her steaming, itching pussy in the air while she begs him to stuff his cock in her cunt.  Her mind explodes in images of how Sean slides his dick in and out of her aching vagina until his throbbing member fires its hot, sticky load of thick jism into her welcoming, sucking cunt.

UNNNNGH…” Amber cries out hoarsely as she moves her fingers until they bump against her vibrating cit.

She carefully grips her miniature, throbbing organ between her thumb and right forefinger.  Slowly, Amber starts tugging and strumming it while she continues to dip the rest of her hand in and out of her quivering, hot hole.

NNNNGH…NNGH…NNNGH…” she groans as she feels her sweating body rocketing toward a climax.

A thick, foamy torrent of hot juice oozed out from between her swollen pussy lips and coats her probing fingers as Amber feels the first of what promises to be a long, hard series of climactic contractions rip through her pussy.

Wawwwwwwh…Wawwwwwh…Arrrghh…” the woman shrieks as her cuntal walls clamp tightly around her fucking digits.  “OHHH, Noooooo…” Amber cries again as she throws up her legs and grinds her trembling thighs together.

Wave after wave of delicious spasms sweeps over her wildly beating clit as Amber bucks, heaves, and thrashes on the squeaking bed.

OHHHHHHHH,” she groans in relief as the last contraction tears through her cunt.  Slowly she slides her hands down her body until she cups her thunderous breasts.  “MMMMMM,” Amber groans as she squeezes the spongy flesh gently and grinds her juice slickened thighs sensuously together.  She feels her pussy rumble with a series of orgasmic aftershocks.  Amber has wanted to masturbate for days but felt afraid the neighbors would hear her screaming and groaning.  It was the same story when she and Sean wanted to fuck.  They had to make sure the neighbor’s lights were out before they hit the sack to play cock and cunt.  One place in particular where two young men lived, both would barley be twenty, but the bedroom windows poorly placed for sexual privacy.

As much as she hates it when Sean’s away, Amber is willing to take her chances with burglars, murderers, and rapists for one night, anything so that she can finger herself off as many times as she wants in privacy.  Besides, there is her pet German shepherd ‘Gus.’  God only knows the dog would tear apart anyone who’d even dare to look at the house sidewise.

Omigod…” Amber cries aloud.

She feels her clit vibrate wildly as she thought of the dominant dog’s panting belly.  Her mind flashes to an image of the dog’s bouncing balls and sheathed, furry cock.

“No,” she protests feebly as her nipples start itching again, and her pussy generates heat once more.

That’s sick…SICK,’ Amber thought as she shakes her head violently from side to side in an attempt to throw out the pictures of Gus that run through her mind.  Gradually Amber becomes aware of scratching sounds against her closes bedroom door.

“Gus?” she calls out softly.

A friendly bark followed by a series of short whines makes her smile and then realizes she’s forgotten to feed him that evening.  Amber rolls out of bed and throws on her short pink cotton nightie.

“Hungry boy?” she asks as she bends and runs her fingers through the shepherd’s short, stiff fur.

Amber gasps with pleasure as she feels Gus’s snout poking against her trembling legs.  The woman straightens and strides toward the kitchen.  Gus follows close behind, pricking his ears and sniffing the air curiously.  Amber turns around and smiles broadly at the dog, wondering if it’s picking up the scent of her vaporized pussy juice.  In the kitchen, Amber tries to remember where she put the food.

“OK, boy, where do you think…Ohhhhhhh…” Amber cries out at the powerful shepherd leaps and places its large paws on her shoulders.

She nearly crashes to the floor as Gus starts lapping her face and hunching his hind legs against her spread thighs.

Don’t…Don’t…” Amber protests.

However, the animal’s sudden attack excites her too.  Something deep in her is responding to Gus’s unexpected show of sexual interest.  Her pussy fires like an overheated blast furnace when she feels the shepherd’s lengthening, pointed cock strike her left leg.

“I don’t know how to do this,” she said, pushing Gus down to the floor, “but let’s find out in the bedroom.”

Amber practically runs to the bedroom.  Her heart pounds wildly against her ribs as she hears the rapid patter of toenails against the hardwood floor behind her.  She sighs and smiles to herself as she rips off her nightie and jumps on the bed.

“Up, Gus, up…” Amber cries excitedly as she gets on her hands and knees and wriggles her wet, gaping vagina in the shepherd’s face.

She closes her eyes, waiting for the animal to do something.  However, nothing happened.  Amber lowers her head and gazes between her hanging breasts.  Gus is standing in the doorway with his head cocked to one side.  The dog seems to be confused.  Amber runs her fingertips lightly over her puffy outer lips.  Slowly, gently, she spreads them apart, exposing her slick hot cunt to the dog.  Gus takes the hint.

“Come on, boy, don’t you smell it?  Can’t you smell my pussy?” Amber asks the shepherd.

Suddenly Gus barks twice and then jumped on the bed behind her.  The dog rams its pointed snout between her thighs and jams it close against her pussy.

Ohhhhhhh…” Amber cries in fear and surprise.  She’s beginning to feel a growing tingle in her nipples and cunt.  “Ohhhh, yessss,” Amber moans as the woman feels the dog’s hot breath against her wet pussy hairs.  “Lick me, you beautiful son-of-a-bitch…” she coos softly.

Gus seems to understand her.  Suddenly the dog starts sloshing its tongue in and out of her steaming pussy.

OH GOD, GUS…” Amber shrieks, slamming her ass cheeks against the shepherd’s probing tongue.

Gus’s probing is growing faster and faster as his tongue lashes in and out of her pussy, lathering her stiffened clit with spittle and then slides up to her quivering asshole before moving back down to her cuntal opening.

Omigod…Fucking Jesus, YES…” Amber screams as she feels her cunt spasm in rhythm to the dog’s jabbing tongue.  “Oh, Gus…Nnnnngh…Omigod, you’re gonna make me cum that way…You’re gonna make me…Meeeee…

Amber can’t finish the sentence.  She feels the building thrill of climax fill her body and mind as she clenches the wrinkled top sheet and sways wildly from side to side.  Her taut, brown nipples scrape the fabric as her cunt aches and screeches for relief.  Contractions rip through her pussy as she feels Gus’s hot tongue play back and forth across her twitching, erect clit.


Amber cries out mindlessly.  She closes her eyes and tosses her head from side to side.  Her mouth opens and emits guttural, animal growls that match the shepherd.  Suddenly Amber feels her cunt and belly muscles tightening.  This is it.


Her legs tremble and jerk wildly as an explosion rips through her pussy.

“I CAN’T STAND IT…OH, FUCK…UNNNGH…WAWWWWH…I CAN’T STAND IT, GUS…” Amber wailed as spasms roared through her spit-slicked, twitching pussy.

It seems like hours before the last contraction sweeps over her beating clit.  Amber collapses on her elbows and starts laughing softly as she continues to feel Gus’s frantic licking at her slackening pussy.

“Jesus, Gus, you’re almost as good as my husband,” Amber said as she sits on the bed and turns around, stroking the shepherd behind the ears.  The dog whimpers and starts moving forward placing its right forepaw on her shoulder.  Amber glances down and sees the red, pointed cock jerking crazily in the air.

“Oh, Gus, I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that,” she said.

Licked off by a dog is one thing, but having actual sex with one is still a stretch too far at this stage. Amber licks her lower lip in excitement as she slides her right hand down the animal’s thick, powerful neck.  Her slender fingers plow Gus’s silky coat of grey fur until they inch against the dog’s throbbing cock.

“Easy, boy,” she coos in the shepherd’s ears as she slowly wraps her fingers around its long, jerking cock.  It feels slippery, wet, and hot in her hand.  “Mmmmm, you’re hot, aren’t you?” Amber asks the whimpering dog, feeling her pussy beginning to tingle again.

At first, she can’t believe it.  Here she is, a perfectly respectable woman jerking off a dog.  Still, there is her aching pussy to think about too.  ‘Should I let him fuck me,’ she wonders?  Amber bites her lower lip, ponders the idea for a few seconds as drops of pre-cum ooze out of Gus’s trembling cock tip, and moistens her massaging fingers.  ‘Well, why, the fuck, not,’ she thought.  The more she thought of having the shepherd’s cock jam her vagina, the more she likes it.

“Here we go again, boy,” Amber said as she strokes the animal gently behind the ears one more time.

Amber goes back to her bitch position on the bed and wriggles her firm ass cheeks in the shepherd’s face as encouragement.  She hears the dog bark excitedly as she feels another trickle of hot pussy juice ooze down her right thigh.

Hurry, UP…” Amber cries out impatiently.

She turns her head around and sees Gus’s long, red cock jerking in the air as the dog sniffs her pussy excitedly.  Amber is getting too excited to wait much longer.  She wraps her fingers around the shepherd’s twitching, slick cock and pulls gently forward.

“Just relax, Gus.  Easy boy,” Amber coos as she feels the shepherd move forward slowly.

Suddenly the dog scrambles onto her and wraps its massive, furry forelegs around her waist.  It starts humping immediately, pulling its canine cock out of Amber’s hand as it tries to stuff its cock into her vagina.

“You’ll need a little help, boy,” Amber said softly as she fished blindly behind her with her right hand until she finds the cock again.  “Take it easy, boy,” she whispers, rubbing the shepherd’s oozing cockhead up and down her puffy pussy lips.

Amber feels the animal’s hot, uneven breath against the back of her neck and knows Gus is close to shooting his doggie load.

Ooh, shove it in…” Amber cries, closing her eyes tightly as she feels the shepherd lunge forward, forcing its stiff cock into her juicy cunt.

It feels more beautiful than she ever imagined it could.  As the shepherd starts hunching his hips rhythmically back and forth, Amber decides the German shepherd’s cock feels almost as good as her husband.

Oooooo, fuck meeeee…” Amber wails as she shudders and bucks with pleasure.  “Omigod, help me, I like it…Oh fuck, I like it…

She closes her eyes and enjoys the feel of the shepherd’s hot, furry body grinding against her sweaty skin.  Amber loves the feeling of Gus’s paws wrapping around her panting belly.  She loves the sensation of the animal’s growing knot sliding in and out of her sucking cunt.

Oh, Gus…Omigod…Argh…Fuck me…Fuck me…Oh, fuck meeeee…

Amber screams as she starts swirling her ass on the shepherd’s churning, stabbing cock.  The woman begins rotating her ass faster and faster as Gus’s fucking becomes more frenzied.  She feels her clit swell more and more as his hot cock slides over her sensitive membranes.

I can’t take it…Oh shit, I can’t take it anymore…I-I…Unnngh…Arrrgh…Wawwwwwh…” Amber cries out mindlessly as Gus growls and whimpers with increasing excitement.  Everything in the room fades away as the animal begins its final round of frenzied fucking before blowing its load into her cunt.  Buzzing explosions fill her head as blinding lights flash in front of her eyes.  Her breasts sway back and forth, as Gus’s furry balls slap noisily against her upturned buttocks.

Now…Now…Oh shit…Fuckin’ shit…Now, you bastard…Shoot, you…Ahhh…Unnngh…

Gus seems happy to comply.  The dog speeds its fucking.  Amber’s nearly knocked against the wall as she feels the beast hammering desperately at her cunt.  The dog crams and churns its knot against her swollen, quivering pussy lips.  The shepherd whimpers and whined uncontrollably now.  Amber knows what it’s about to do, the dog is going to breed her like a bitch

Fuck…Fuck…Fuuuuuuck meee…” Amber wails again.

She’s backing against the German shepherd now, rocking in rhythm with its stabbing cock and knot.  The woman lowers her head and watches Gus’s long cock and big knot slide in and out of her squishing vagina, glistening under the lamplight with layers of her hot, bubbling pussy juice.

I’m cumming…Omigod, I’m cumming…Ahhhhh.  Argh…

Suddenly Amber feels the shepherd’s knot swell even larger inside her spasming pussy and jerk crazily.  Then hot, thick doggie semen shoots out of the animal’s piss-slit and splatters against her trembling, rumbling cuntal walls.  The dog’s jizz fills her steaming cunt and starts to leak out from between her puffy, bloated pussy lips and trail down her trembling, sweating thighs.

ARRRGH…” Amber shrieks, as spasm after spasm, breaks loose in her body again.  Grunting, screaming, sobbing, she thrashes from side to side as she feels Gus’s incredibly massive load of dog cum still spew into her sucking cunt and womb.

Wawwwwh…Arrrgh…Ohhhhh, noooooooo…” Amber shrieks mindlessly as Gus whines and growls.  Finally, the last of the dog’s load dumped into her cunt.  Gus licks the back of Amber’s neck gratefully several times before it jumps off and pulls its softening cock and knot out of her violated vagina.

UNNNGH…” she cries out as the animal’s big knot slips out of her pussy with a loud pop.

Amber collapses on the bed, sliding her body slowly over the sheets as she feels a warm glow of sexual satisfaction cover her exhausted body.  The woman smiles to herself as she feels Gus’s cooling load of jizz leak out of her cunt and oozes down her thighs to the top sheet below.  Amber had never dreamed she could use family pet for something other than fetching the newspaper and protection.  The ringing phone interrupts her thoughts; they have a landline on a bedside table.

“Hi, sexy,” Amber hears as she put the receiver up to her ear.

“Who is this?” she asks, unable to recognize the voice at the other end of the line.

“It doesn’t matter who this is, slut.  I’ve seen you before, and I think we can get it on together,” the man moans.

Amber slams the receiver down.  Suddenly she feels helpless and vulnerable without Sean there.  The woman knows that most callers like this are harmless creeps who wouldn’t take their cocks out of their pants, let alone try to slip it up their phone victim’s cunt.  Still, there’s that small percentage that follows up on their threats.

Omigod,” Amber cries as the phone rings again.

She starts to walk away from the end table.  However, it might be Sean and can’t ignore a ringing phone.

“Oh, slut, I wanna take my hot cock and slip it in your wet cunt,” the voice said huskily.  “I wanna take those big breasts and mash them between my fingers.  I wanna suck those tough, brown nipples until they blow off in my mouth.”

“Who is this?” Amber demands as the voice pants over the phone.

“It doesn’t matter, slut.  Just remember, you don’t need a dog to bring you off.”

Amber almost drops the phone in horror.  ‘How did he know,’ she wonders?  She wheels around and sees the side window of the bedroom is open a few inches at the bottom.  Whoever is calling her had watched the whole scene through that narrow peephole.

“Now you listen,” she begins angrily

“Now YOU listen,” the man shouts.  “I’m gonna have a little fun with you before I finally slip my cock up your cunt.  Maybe up your shitter, who knows?  Just remember, you won’t know if the creaking sound in your kitchen is me or something else, slut.  But when I come after your pussy, lookout…”

“Please, listen to me,” she wails.

Nevertheless, the man had hung up.  Amber stands in the middle of her bedroom, holding the phone tightly with her right hand as her ear filled with the harsh buzzing dial tone.  The shock begins to wear off slowly, and she gently put the phone down.

“Omigod…” she cries as she runs to the side window and slams it down, pulling the shade until it covers the sill.

Shivers run up and down her goose-pimpled skin as she pictures an unknown man standing outside her window watching the dog jam its canine cock in and out of her pussy while he silently jerks off.  The idea makes her sick.  Then she hears a car pull up.  ‘Could this be the man,’ she wonders?  ‘Is he crazy enough to pull right up to the house even though it’s night?

Amber instinctively covers her breasts protectively with her arms as she hears heavy footsteps climb the front steps and shuffle slowly across the porch toward the front door.  Cautiously, she tiptoes to the living room.  Through the curtained front window, Amber sees a bulky, towering figure swaying back and forth.  Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.

A male voice yells, “Mrs. Fitzsimmons, it’s me, Dale from next door.”

She glances at the clock, it’s late, but the woman feels relieved.  Dale is one of her neighbors, a nice young man too.

Oh, thank God…” Amber sighs in relief and opens the front door.  Then she becomes aware she is standing naked in front of the neighbor.  “I-I, j-just stay there,” she stammers as she runs down the hall to her bedroom.  Amber quickly throws on a red bathrobe and returns to the living room.  Dale closed the door behind him and stands in the middle of the room, looking puzzled.

“What was that all about?” Dale asks as he put his arms on his muscular hips and sways slightly back and forth.

“Have you been drinking?” Amber said dryly as she looked admiringly at her twenty-year-old neighbor.

Dale’s overgrown by any standard.  He’s larger than any other man on the block is.  His big, square-jawed face is all-American handsome.  As he stands in the middle of the room, wearing only a pair of jean cut-offs and sandals, Amber stares at his massive chest.  It looks like it belonged to a weightlifter.  Black curly hair covers his body and mats his chest and forearms, trailing down across his washboard stomach.  It flares out into a thick bush just above the waistband of his cut-offs.  Amber didn’t need much imagination to guess it probably ultimately crowned a horse-sized cock.  The same curly black hair sweeps down his enormous thighs and legs.  Yet despite his almost prehistoric build, Dale’s eyes gleam with electricity and intelligence.

“I was celebrating, Mrs. F.,” Dale said in a guilty tone as he shifts his feet uneasily on the carpeting.  “You know before I fly off to basic training.”

“That doesn’t start for another month, right,” she said, remembering he had joined the marines.

“Yeah, well, I met your sister out, and she asked me to look in on you cos Mr. F. is away. So here I am…” Dale slurs.

Ella Nixon is Amber’s younger unmarried sister, who lived on the other side of the city.  For the past year, she’d been living with an airline pilot.  On the nights when he wasn’t home, she went out and mixed it up at the local clubs and bars.

“Jason’s still there,” Dale said as he shifts his gaze back up to his sexy neighbor’s face.

Jason is the man Dale shares the next-door house with, a construction worker of some sort.

God, Amber thought, as she feels her clit start to stiffen again.  Dale’s eyes seem to burn their way into her skull as he reels slightly from side to side.

“But…” Amber starts.

“I got bored sitting there listening to Ella talk about Ken, that guy she’s been fucking.  Do you have anything to drink?” Dale said as he starts walking toward the kitchen.

“Don’t talk about Ella that way…” Amber said defensively.

“OK, sorry, but I think Jason was planning to fuck her tonight,” Dale said as he staggers past his sexy neighbor and turns down the hall.  “Poor Ken, I thought, she treats him like a beta cuck.”

Dale almost falls over, so Amber directs him into the spare bedroom.  “Well, how about you go in here and sleep it off.  We can talk about it in the morning,” Amber said, relieved a man was in the house tonight.

“If you say so,” he slurs and falls on the bed.

Amber closes the bedroom door and sighs deeply, and then she chains the front door and turns off the lights.  She wants to tell someone about the call but isn’t sure who she can trust right now.

“See ya in the morning, Mrs. F.,” Dale calls from behind his closed door.  Amber tiptoes to his room and hears the bed groan as the man rolls onto the mattress.  In a few minutes, his room fills with the sound of heavy, even breathing.

Why am I acting this way,’ Amber wonders?  She sneaks back to her bedroom and unfastens her robe.  Gus’s spirited fucking seems to have unleashed a torrent of forbidden lust locked inside Amber for years.  Her breasts scream for Dale’s mighty hands.  Her pussy aches for his mammoth cock.  Some powerful force suddenly grips her body and mind as she throws back the covers and slides quietly out of her bed.

Slowly she slips out of her bedroom and creeps down the darkened hallway toward her neighbor’s bedroom.  Amber stops at the door and presses her ear against it.  The sound of her neighbor’s breathing makes her pussy tremble excitedly.  Images of his erect cock float through Amber’s mind as she pushes the door open.  Amber pokes her head into the room and sees her neighbor’s naked body gleaming in the bright moonlight streaming in through the open window.

Omigod…” she whispers hoarsely as she creeps into the room and to his bed.

Dale’s obviously having a wet dream.  His gigantic cock is erect, poking into the air and twitching angrily as his breathing becomes irregular.  Amber is afraid he’s going to pop off in the air.  She wants her neighbor’s jizz in her.  Slowly she bends her head, lowering it between Dale’s widely spread legs until her lips encounter her neighbor’s big balls.  The woman takes one sac into her mouth and gently massages it with her tongue, then replaces it with the other.  Dale groans, but remains asleep.

Releasing the balls, her lips press firmly against the base of her neighbor’s throbbing cock.  Slowly she moves up to the head, stretched shining by the enormous erection.  The woman takes it into her mouth, sliding it quickly down over his hot cock.  Her tongue presses firmly against the underside, as Amber slides back up to the top.  Her mouth then takes one sudden lunge and engulfs the throbbing cock until her nose presses deeply into the thick matting of hairs at the base.

UNNNGH…” Dale cries out as he woke.

Amber pulls her mouth away quickly and wants to run out of the room before her neighbor realizes what had happened.  She glances up and sees him staring at her in disbelief.  It’s too late.

“What are you doing, Mrs. F.?” the man asks dazedly as he stares at his trembling sexy neighbor.

“I-I can’t help it, Dale,” Amber stammers, feeling her face flush with shame and guilt.  “I saw you lying there with that huge erection, and I just couldn’t help myself.”


This is an excerpt (1st Chapter) of this 28,000+ word novella.  Buy the eBook to read the whole nasty, amazing story.



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