The Hobbler 6: Belmont Park!


Jillian puts a horse blanket on some hay bales she stacked so she could lay at the right height for Peewee’s cock. Then she straightens and begins playing with Peewee’s big testicles. The stallion’s cock starts to slide out of its sheath, as Jillian watches the stallion’s cock getting hard and extending out and down at least eighteen inches, she feels the heat in her loins building and spreading.

She stares, dark eyes flashing as her fingers are still busy with the big balls. “Good, boy,” she coos. “You’re in for some fun tonight.”

It’s an exciting sight as Jillian gets on her knees on the bed she’d constructed out of the hay and blanket and begins caressing the long shaft. There isn’t any precum yet, the lubricant provided by nature, and Jillian admires the big organ. It appears so hard and sleek, and it isn’t repulsive at all.

The woman smiles and quickly positions herself on the makeshift bed. She places her crotch almost directly under the end of the stiff shaft and wriggles her ass until the big cockhead is resting against her pussy lips. Grasping the cock with both hands, Jillian wriggles a little more, hunches upward, and four or five inches of the stallion’s cock slipped into her cunt. The woman begins making fucking motions, lurching up ever higher, soon taking seven or eight inches on each thrust.

Peewee is responding now, feeling the silky vaginal sheath massages its hard equine cock making it swell bigger and start to leak precum. The horse stomps the ground and nickers, now thrusting its haunches to ram its big cock up Jillian’s cunt. Jillian’s also using her hands as well as her body movements to control the depths of the penetration, but the stallions thrusts are getting wilder, and eleven inches slide into the woman’s belly, pushing her cervix deep.

The woman’s face contorts with passion. A light sheen of sweat breaks out over her skin as the stallion Peewee starts to fuck her harder. There’s pain now as the swelling equine cock reaches its full erect thickness, the head exceptionally large. Jillian slaps her hand over her mouth, remembering this isn’t one of the fuck sessions down in the old barn she has to remain quiet. The cock is hitting her hard, making her body shake and breasts jiggle each time the head bottoms out in her cunt. The horse snorts, its tail swooshes as if batting insects and its muscles glisten as the cock drives home.

“Omigod … Omigod … Omigod…” Jillian chants in a whisper.

She’s not new to horse fucking, sure, but this is different. There’s no control here, Jillian has to let the animal use its energy to fuck her, so that means the thick cock is battering her insides as the horse starts toward its first climax.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, I’m cumming … Oh, who could imagine how good this feels … Oh, fuck…”

Jillian’s body shakes, and she even squirts around the huge cock pounding into her cunt. The woman does all she can to prevent herself from screaming. The first orgasm rolls quickly into a second and a third as the stallion’s effort reaches its peak, then Jillian feels the hot semen hosing her womb and squirting out of her cunt around the quivering horse cock.

“Omigod, so much cum,” Jillian whispers.

Peewee steps back and the equine cock pulls free with a plop as copious amounts of semen cascades from Jillian’s gaping cunt hole. The stallion recovers quickly, though, and doesn’t even lose its hard-on after shooting its first load in Jillian. The woman sags back on the blanket and takes some deep breathes.

“One down, five to go,” she said softly. “Just as well you’re not Ronnie; you’d be asleep by now.”

There’s a sound outside, and Jillian hears footsteps and a man saying, “Did you hear something, Frank?”

Jillian rolls off the haystack, and pulls the blanket after her, quickly crawling back to the manure chute. As she enters, she hears the other women also getting in the chute, but can’t see them as it was very dark. A stall door opens. It’s not hers, but the stall next-door Alice is working in.

“Thought I heard moaning or something,” Joe said shining the torch.

“Horses don’t moan,” Frank said. “See, no one’s here except that nag.”

“Fuck, look at the boner on that thing, it’s fucking huge,” Joe said and laughs.

“Look at the floor, there’s jizz… There’s the source of your moans, the horse is jerking-off.”

“How the fuck does a horse jerk-off?”

Frank sighs. “They bang their dicks against their bellies, don’t you anything about horses?”

“Never knew that,” Joe said. “Let’s leave him to his fun.”

The door shuts and is locked again, and the men chatter quietly as they walk away.

Jillian waits for several agonizing minutes to be sure the men are elsewhere and reenters the stall with Peewee.

“Time for round two,” she whispers to the horse.


Alice can’t believe how close she came to getting caught. She just got into the manure chute as the stall door opened, as her convulsing cunt had the gray stallion called ‘Smokey’ in an orgasmic death grip. For what seemed an eternity, it seemed the stallions cock was stuck inside her. In the end, it was Smokey climaxing that saved her and the gush of semen shot her off the big horse cock and onto the floor. Alice didn’t have time to worry about it, and quickly dived through the chute. The rest of Smokey’s semen hosed the floor, which the security guards noticed.

I nearly gave it away when I came, Alice thought. This is harder than I considered fucking this stallion stupid while staying as quiet as you can isn’t easy. The black woman listens, and though she can hear the odd snort and nicker from the adjoining stalls, Alice can’t make out any female moaning. Better get back to work, she thought.

She squats beside Smokey and starts stroking the stallion’s semi-hard cock, feeling how slimy it is now. Alice even plays with its huge balls, and eventually, the cock stiffens to its full twenty inches.

“Damn, you got a pretty cock,” Alice whispers, “Time to give ol’ Alice some more of it.”

The black woman rubs her hand in some semen and uses it to lubricate her asshole, sliding fingers inside. Then she stands and bends beside the horse, grabbing the thick cock and pulling it out, so the head pushes right against her anus—pushing back, Alice feels the resistance in her anus and with enough force; the flanging cockhead pushes inside her asshole. She immediately slaps her hand over her mouth as she squeals from the sudden invasion of the massive cock.

There’s no time to wait. Alice starts riding the big cock into her asshole until Smokey gets the hint and starts thrusting with its haunches. The thrusts at first are painful as her rectum stretches around the thick cock. The cock goes deeper with every hump, and she feels the head moving inside her belly. Alice grabs Smokey’s front leg for support as the stallion now works up its excitement. She manages to hold herself far enough away, so the cock doesn’t completely impale her asshole but is still getting a good twelve inches up her guts. The free hand is rubbing her clit furiously.

“Oh … Oh … God … That’s so fucking good,” she whispers as her body shakes with an orgasm. “This is the best job ever.


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