Abby Does Dogs 2: The Fall of Leah!


“What do you want with Abby?” Leah asked, sliding her juice-soaked panties up over her narrow thighs to her waist.

The cold pussy slime soaking her briefs made her outer labia shudder at the contact.

“Abby?  Hell, I don’t give a fuck what happens to her or you.  I just wanna fuck with her for as long as possible,” Merv said, tilting his head to one side and studying the frightened girl carefully.

“Fuck with her?” Leah was completely confused.  She didn’t know what on earth this man was talking about.

“She’s a slutty dog fucker, and so are you, by all reports.  So, it’s my job to feed you both as much cock as possible.  Mine, others, and dogs,” Merv said, stepping forward and touching the girl’s pendulous titties.

Leah released a sharp gasp of terror, shrinking back from his touch.

“You weren’t so fuckin’ proper a couple of minutes ago,” he commented wryly, dropping his hand.

He picked up his tie from the chair and turned his back on the girl, lifting his shirt collar and sliding the tie around his thick neck.

“What if we don’t want you to treat us like this,” Leah asked.

“Who gives a shit what you want?” Merv said, looking into the dresser mirror while tying his tie.

With that, Merv grabbed Leah’s shoulders, twisting her around like a China doll and shoving her roughly toward the door.  Leah sobbed, shuffling forward and stepping into the hall.  Leah walked down the hall like a zombie, her arms held tightly across her jiggling titties.  She could hear Abby sobbing in the living room amid the sniggering and cursing.

“Leah,” Abby cried, stretching her arms as the redhead entered the living room.

“Easy, bitch,” Merv said, raising his hand over his head threateningly.

Abby cried out, covering her face with both arms and shrinking back onto the couch.  Leah looked around the large room, horror in her eyes.  Leah glanced back at Abby.  The blonde’s clothes had been stripped off her body.  She was naked, and Leah could see jizz leaking from her pussy.  The fat old man had given Abby a workover while Merv was fucking Leah’s brains out in the bedroom.

“Have you got your little friend out in the car, Tom?” Merv asked the fat man, still standing behind the redhead teenager.

His lips peeled back in a broad grin, revealing two rows of sparkling white teeth.  “Yeah.  But I thought we weren’t using him until later,” fat Tom said, nodding to Merv.

“Abby said this bitch does it with her dog,” Merv said, indicating Leah.  “I wanna see if it’s true.”

Leah glared at Abby because she didn’t expect her friend to betray her confidence.  Abby turned away, blushing.  “He only licks me,” Leah said.  “I don’t have sex with him.”

Fat Tom said with a leer, “Well, today is your lucky day then.”

He threw open the front door and went outside.  Abby sat, crossing her legs tightly at the knees and staring hopelessly at her friend.  What shame and horror she’d brought down on the two of them.

“I swear, Leah, I only told him because this old bastard was blackmailing me,” Abby said rapidly.  She felt she had to explain herself to her friend.

“Oh, Abby—” Leah began.  Then she heard the fat man coming back into the house and froze.

At first, Leah noticed only the man.  Then she saw what the man had brought in a big Great Dane.

“Oh no, no,” Abby cried.

She’d twisted around on the couch and saw what the fat man had brought in.  Abby knew what they had in mind and was protesting wildly.

“Shut up, Abby,” Merv said.  “It’s time your friend here graduated from a licker to a fucker.”

Leah shuddered at those words.  Having a little licking fun with her dog Shaq was harmless, but Merv and this fat man wanted something different.  The fat man was holding the Great Dane tightly by the leash.  The big dog’s shiny coat seemed to glisten with excitement.  The redhead could see the hard muscles rippling under the fawn coat.  The dog’s lips were pulled tightly back, revealing two rows of sharp teeth.  From its thick throat came a steady low growl.

“OK, little Leah, come on, go on over to the dog.  His name is Hoss, by the way,” Merv said, pushing Leah roughly forward.

The girl stumbled across the carpet, still hugging her titties.  Glancing at her friend, who was sobbing, the teenager moved slowly, cautiously toward the big Great Dane.  Hoss eyed her suspiciously and stopped growling when he picked up the scent of her juice-stained panties.  Leah watched as the dog’s nostrils quivered and its head stretched forward.  Its pointed ears pricked up, then flattened back as the dog’s feet danced anxiously over the floor.

“Stand right there,” fat Tom said, dropping the leash onto Leah’s bare feet.

The Great Dane moved between Leah’s legs and tilted its head, sniffing at the soaked crotch panel.  Then, twisting its head to one side, the dog started licking her calves tenderly.

Ohhh,” Leah cried.

“Get down on the floor, Leah,” Merv snarled.

Leah shook her head, biting down hard on her lower lip.  That filthy animal’s tongue made her feel warm and tingly.  She was feeling something good while that big Great Dane was trying to lick her pussy.  Leah could feel her flesh crawling, the skin puckering into goose pimples.  Hoss was trying to reach her soaked panty crotch.

“Down,” Merv said, pushing her to the floor with his big paw-like hands.

Leah crashed to her knees, reeling backward in pain.  She wound up in a sprawled sitting position, one leg tucked under her ass and the other stretched out in front of her.  The dog acted quickly, moving between the redhead’s splayed thighs.  Its tongue stretched out, brushing against the narrow band of wet cotton pressed hard against her pussy lips.

Leah couldn’t believe what was happening to her.  She moved forward, pushing her hips up and down.  The dog whimpered and moved its snout from side to side.  The cotton twisted into a rope, pressing hard against her inner pussy lips.  The dog was peeling them back, forcing them aside.  No, she couldn’t do this in front of these creepy men.  It wasn’t meant to happen like this.  With these men watching, she couldn’t let this Great Dane violate her.

Yet there the dog was, its stubby tail wagging back and forth.  That low growl started in the dog’s throat again.  Its eyes were slit and glistening with lust while those pointed doggy ears flattened back.

“No, no,” Leah cried, pushing her hands hard against the big dog’s head.

Hoss ignored the girl’s pleas, shaking her hands off and continuing with his lapping.  The Great Dane opened its mouth wide and pressed its fangs into her thigh.  Leah could tell the dog wasn’t biting.  But the pressure of its teeth made her gasp in fear and pleasure.  Hoss was raking her tendons and muscles with his killer teeth, showing her he could rip her to shreds at any second.

Leah sucked in a ragged breath.  Hoss let go for a second, then bit higher on her thigh.  Her hot flesh being bitten by that Great Dane made her heart pound wildly.  The dog moved its shoulders further between her knees.  Instinctively Leah pulled her leg out from under her butt and spread it to the side, slowly dragging her knees to her chest.  She was getting all hot and wet and swampy down there.  Her labia were filling with blood, getting ready for another hard fuck.

Ahhhhh,” Leah cried, feeling Hoss pushing her knees apart.

The girl let it happen.  She bit harder on her lip until she could taste blood.  The girl closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side.  She sobbed, rolled back and forth on her ass as the sloppy cotton crotch panel twisted, pulled into a tight little rope.  It fell to one side and exposed her swollen pussy lips.  Hoss grunted with excitement, sticking his cold black nose against the wet, bloated surfaces of her pussy lips.

Ahhhhh,” Leah moaned.

The dog seemed to go crazy because it was aroused more than ever.  Its powerful sides heaved in and out while its body trembled.  The growl became more intense, shaking the dog’s entire body.  Leah could feel the vibrations of the dog’s whining and growling rumbling through her pussy.  Hoss gouged his claws against her thighs while rubbing his snout against the wet, slick folds of her pussy.  The Great Dane’s nostrils glistened with her hot, bubbly pussy slime.  The dog’s pink animal tongue lapped up and down the jagged crack, parting the lips and slicking down her clit.

Leah fanned out her toes, rubbing her legs against the scratchy carpet piling.  God, how good that felt.  She dropped her hands and leaned back, looking heavy-lidded at the big Great Dane.  She could feel herself building quickly and steadily toward a big climax.  The tight feeling in her cunt; the hot/wet sensation engulfing her titties, the way her skin crawled with excitement.  It all told the girl she was going to orgasm big.

The redhead gasped in lungfuls of air.  She felt as if her entire body were burning.  Her mind was overloaded with the incredible rubbing sensation of the dog’s tongue over her pussy slit and her sputtering, unsheathed clit.

The college girl snapped her knees shut suddenly, rubbing her legs slowly back and forth across the animal’s heaving sides.  How good the dog’s short, stubby fur felt against her hot flesh.  Leah rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder, her lower jaw slack.  The girl was sliding her feet up and down on the carpeting.  If only the dog would keep lapping at her, licking the juices oozing from the depths of her cunt.

Leah slid one hand down to her pussy mound.  She felt how soaked she was, and her labia bathed in a hot mixture of the dog’s saliva and her bubbly juices.  Suddenly Leah felt Hoss lap her fingers and knuckles.  When she dragged her fingers across her lower belly, they made streaks of wet spit and fuck slime.  ‘Jesus, could anything be any better?’ she wondered.

“Oh my God, Leah.  Don’t let Merv the Perv corrupt you,” Abby cried.

The blonde peered through the fingers covering her face, gaping in horror at what her friend was doing.  To fuck old Merv in the bedroom was one thing.  Now Abby watched her friend giving in without a fight to this horrible man and that dog licking her off.

“I can’t help it,” Leah groaned.  Her friend’s words penetrated the red fog settling over her mind.  “Get away,” she screamed, rolling over onto one side and trying to crawl away.

The dog lunged back, then plunged its head between her legs again.  Leah’s panties were pulled into a tangled, twisted rope, cutting between her ass cheeks.  Hoss wet her there, too, nipping her shivering flesh again with his teeth.  Leah cried out, reaching out for the leg of the couch.  If only she could get away from Hoss’s tongue and jaws.  But the dog was insistent.  The girl’s panties were pulled more tightly into her wet ass crack.  With a sharp nip on her thigh, the dog twisted its head and forced the cringing girl onto her ass cheeks again.

Oh, please, please.  This is not right,” Leah cried, trying to close her knees again to protect her pussy.

“Skin down them panties, slut,” Merv growled.

Leah looked up at him and saw the fat bulge between his legs.  He was hard, hard as fat Tom, who had fucked Abby.  She thought of the stiff male cocks in front of her.  Cocks, hunks of dick meat throbbing inside their jockey shorts.  The thought of those drooling cockheads, pulsating because she twisted and writhed under the Great Dane’s insistent licking fired up her cunt even more.

Automatically Leah blocked out her friend’s pleas.  She couldn’t hear the woman sobbing as she reached down and, with some effort, skinned off her panties, peeling them from her ankles and throwing them in front of her trembling legs.

Ohhhhh,” Leah moaned, lying flat on the carpet now.

She could feel her pussy lips completely exposed.  Every time she rocked her hips slightly, she felt the inner surfaces of her cunt rubbing together, making a slick-clicking sound that filled the large room.  The big Great Dane looked at her curiously, sizing up the situation, then moved forward again.  Its paws lay on her thighs while its cold nose plunged into her hot pussy mound again.

Hoss was wetting her shamelessly now, wiggling his strong body back and forth while he towered above her.  Leah didn’t feel the shame and horror she did before.  The touch of the dog’s tongue made her belly contract with excitement instead of fear.  She pressed her cheek against the carpeting, slowly letting her knees sag apart.  Hoss was going wild.  The Great Dane’s tongue slopped over the inner skin of her right thigh.  Each lick brought gasps of delight from Leah’s mouth.  It was the kind of violation Leah had secretly dreamed of—overpowering, brutal, something she didn’t have to share complete responsibility for.

“Look at her go,” Merv said, wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

He reached down and curled his fingers around the bottom of his fly.  His cock was stirring, growing hard, wanting to be removed and rubbed, maybe even stuck back into that girl’s violated pussy again.  But Merv was hesitant because he had somewhere to be soon.  He’d fucked the shit out of her in the bedroom just as a lesson to Abby.  Now Merv was letting her get it on with a dog.  The two college women could do as they pleased when he got through with them.

Ohhh,” the redhead teenager cried.

The dog nuzzled its black nose between her bloated pussy lips like a furry cock.  Leah knew the big dog was tasting her, lapping at her slick folds and hollows, sucking in her pussy slime.  How good it felt when the dog petted her clit with its tongue.  Hoss rested on his belly between her thighs.  She could feel the Great Dane’s hot breath tickle her pussy hair as it drenched her loins repeatedly with its fat, rough tongue.

Oh, oh, oh,” Leah cried repeatedly.

She worked for her hands over her jiggling titties, then down to her swampy pussy.  She felt the squishy, steamy mess between her legs with her fingers.  Then she felt Hoss’s tongue as it caressed her fingers too.  ‘When will it end?’ Leah wondered.  She could feel her pussy slowly reaching a long, hard climax.  But it was so agonizingly slow.  If only she had something inside her pussy, something long, thick, hard, like Merv’s cock, she’d be able to fire off her load like a cannon.

Ooh.  Nooooo,” Leah moaned.

Her clit burned like a bright jewel from the steady licking.  She fanned her fingers out along Hoss’s neck, lifting her feet from the carpeting and slowly inching her knees back.  They were soon against her tits, parting them further.  Her pussy was peeled back now in a wide grin, exposed to the sex-hungry animal.  Hoss nuzzled and licked his tongue against her soaked cunt.

Leah gasped and babbled to the dog as it fucked her with its snout.  The big animal growled deeper in its throat, swaying its hindquarters from side to side.  Leah couldn’t see it now, but the dog’s long, thick cock banged against its belly.  Hoss enjoyed licking the thrashing, wild girl.  But the Great Dane was preparing to slip that doggie dick into her cuntal sheath.

Ahhhhh,” Leah moaned.

Drool leaked freely from the corners of her mouth.  She moved her ass up, let it fall back, then moved it again in jerky motions.  Feeding her pussy as if it were meat to the animal was what she was doing.  ‘What kind of sick person am I?’  Even with these thoughts, she continued twisting and hunching on the carpet.

Ooooooooo,” Leah moaned.

She could feel Hoss’s teeth brushing one pussy lip, then the other.  She could die doing something like this.  The girl kept moving her tight little ass around in circles, crying excitedly through her nose.  Her lungs and throat burned with excitement.  Leah tilted her vagina up, feeling Hoss’s tongue rim the pulsing circle of muscles.  If only someone would fuck her now.  She’d explode right there in front of her sobbing friend.

Then the girl felt herself teetering over into climax.  Her orgasm was agonizingly slow.  She jerked and twitched like a person with epilepsy, hunching up and down, spearing her vagina onto Hoss’s fucking snout.  When she opened her eyes again, Hoss still crouched over her, his dark eyes boring into her like two death rays.

“You took care of yourself, selfish bitch, but not poor Hoss,” Merv said coldly.

Leah dragged her torso up and saw fat Tom had been videoing her the whole time.  ‘Blackmail like Abby?’ she wondered.  Leah didn’t know.  But she knew what he meant about taking care of the dog.

“No, let me do it, not to my friend,” Abby pleaded in a hoarse voice.

“Forget it.  It’s time this redheaded bitch embraced her new life as a dog fucker,” Merv said, backhanding Abby hard and making her snap back against the back of the couch.

Leah shrank from the violence done to her friend.  No, she’d do anything these men wanted.  Just to be rid of them.


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