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Willow Grove Park Sheela B.

  • Brandi is a sexually frustrated wife who takes it out on anyone she can!
After breakfast, when Brandi’s cleaned the kitchen, she’s still restlessly frustrated by the horse fucking. They always affect her this way, ever since she has first witnessed one as a little girl. Now the woman debates whether she changed into jodhpurs and sweater and enjoys a fast ride in the woods, but then finally decides to enjoy a lazy afternoon, and she wanders over to the stables where some riders are just leaving as others arrive.

In the main stable, she steps to one side as Dylan staggers by carrying a heavy bag of oats. He’s a dark, good-looking young man of twenty-one, and is sweating profusely, giving him a virile, capable look that has Brandi’s breasts all tingly again.

“Ma’am,” Dylan manages to say as he passed by. “I’ve just given Jax and Princess fresh bedding.”

“Thanks, Dylan,” she said.

Jax and Princess are two Shetland ponies she impulsively bought at a horse show two months ago. For some reason, Dylan has taken an instant liking to the small, placid ponies, attending to their every need even though he and Giles have more work now than they can handle. Halfway in the huge stable, she stops to watch Amy, who’s wiping down the palomino.

“Have a good ride, Amy?” Brandi asks, unconsciously putting her arm around the young girl.

“A great ride, thanks, Mrs. Phelps,” Amy said with a smile.

Brandi squeezed the girl’s waist. “That’s a girl,” she said, smiling. “You got over your excitement, did you?”

Crimson creeps into the teenager’s face. “Of course,” she said a little nervously.

It was five minutes after she started her ride before Amy realized how really wet her crotch had been. Then the movement of the pommel of the saddle against her pussy gently but effectively aroused her clit. A few minutes later and she bucked and thrust her young hips in a rhythm of fucking that finally released her bursting orgasm, soaking her panties and even the thick, heavy material of her riding pants.

Brandi squeezes the girl’s waist again, and then almost without thinking, moves her hand upward to cup and squeeze one hot little breast.

“I didn’t realize how fast you’re growing up, Amy,” The older woman said, smiling as the teenager gives a pronounced shiver. “You’re coming along nicely. Don’t forget what I told you about seeing me if you ever want a friend and you to be alone.”

Amy gives another shudder as Mrs. Phelps’s marvelous hand continues to squeeze gently over her breast. “I…I…I won’t,” she manages to stammer, unable to believe the intense excitement now racing through her pussy.

“That a girl.” Brandi gives the breast one last affectionate little pull, her fingers briefly finishing on the startled small nipple, which is forcing itself eagerly against the material of the girl’s sweater. “I’m just going to check on the two ponies.”

Amy fights for breath as Mrs. Phelps starts away. Impulsively, she puts the brush on the shelf nearby and starts after the older woman. “Would you mind if I come too?” she asks, an urge to stay with Mrs. Phelps suddenly overtaking her.

Brandi turns and smiles. “Of course, Amy.”

She holds out her hand, pleased the young girl has apparently thought nothing of having her breasts fondled. In no time at all, Brandi’s sure she can have Amy ready for a little more exciting stuff. At the pen at the far end of the barn where the Shetland ponies are, Brandi opens the little gate. The animals are lying down after a feed.

“Aren’t they adorable?” Amy gushes.

“They certainly are.”

Brandi dropped to her knees in the fresh bed of new straw alongside Jax, who raises his head and brays as the two women join them. The pony brays again as Brandi runs one hand along its side and over its thigh.

“Have you seen his cock?” she asks Amy.

Amy, who has just joined Mrs. Phelps on her knees, almost chokes, but clears her throat. “No,” she manages to say, her eyes taking in the way Mrs. Phelps’s fingers are groping between the pony’s thighs.

Willow Grove Park Sheela B.

  • Brandi is a sexually frustrated wife who takes it out on anyone she can!

“It’s small and very nice.” Brandi focused her big eyes on the helmet-like head of the animal’s cock as it starts to appear from the thick sheath of brown skin. “Here it comes,” she said softly, her voice streaked with excitement. “Now, it’s coming beautifully.” She’s gently rubbing at the pulsating cock. The pony lying back contentedly as soft fingers coax and please its itching cock. When its seven inches long, Brandi wraps her fingers carefully around the warm, throbbing stem. “So warm and soft, it’s just like a man’s.”

Amy is staring wide-eyed at the powerful little cock and the way Mrs. Phelps is avidly fondling it. She sucks in her breath, the tingling in her breasts starting once more.

“Yes, he’s just like a man,” Brandi said again, her breasts and pussy now blazing out of control. “He loves to have it rubbed, doesn’t he?”

Amy said nothing, although the pony is obviously enjoying it.

“Would you like to feel it?” Brandi asks in a low voice.

Amy swallows hard and continues staring at the huge cock, which is pulsating hungrily from the top of Mrs. Phelps’s fist.

“Here, I’ll help you.” Brandi takes the young girl’s hand, opens the fingers, and then clasps them over the rigid length of cock as she withdraws her own hand. “There…Doesn’t it feel marvelous?”

For one frightening moment, Amy thought she would faint. Never in her life has she been so excited. It’s just as if the column of warm, exquisitely smooth cock is alive. The teen clasps it tightly and rubs it erratically. Then, Amy gasps as the end of the pulsating cock ejaculates a fine spray of hot sperm, taking Amy by surprise as it showers the front of her pants.

Shit,” she moans, still holding the stiff cock as more semen bubbles from the throbbing knob-like head.

“Lovely,” Brandi moans, laughing at the teen’s bewildered expression. “That’s what a man does if you excite him properly.”

“He does?” Amy asks, now completely bewildered and staring at the droplets of semen on her riding pants.

“Now rub him gently…That’s it…Oh, he loves that, and doesn’t it feel wonderful?”

“Yes,” Amy said with no idea why it should, but she has to admit it does.

Her little breasts are on fire, and the ache in her pussy is indescribable. Amy’s tempted to move her free hand to her breasts or into her crotch to stroke at her clit, but she’s afraid of what Mrs. Phelps might think. While she’s still deciding, Mrs. Phelps solves the problem for her.

To Brandi, the young girl’s enthusiasm is nothing short of fantastic, and an answer to her prayers. She discovered the pony likes to have its cock rubbed quite by accident. The cock is weirdly similar to Jared’s cock. Consequently, she has relieved her own sexual frustration on several occasions with a little friendly arousing of the Shetland’s handsome cock. Now, watching Amy and the young girl’s busy hand, an overwhelming urge to help the girl sweeps into Brandi’s mind. A moment later and she has furtively run her arms around the teenager’s quivering young body, her hands going to the thrusting little breasts and squeezing them gently in time to the girl’s hand.

“There,” Brandi whispers, beside herself with excitement, the crotch of her shorts uncomfortably wet as her own juices ooze out of her yearning, aching cunt. “That feels wonderful, doesn’t it?”

Ooooooh, God,” Amy moans.

Willow Grove Park Sheela B.

  • Brandi is a sexually frustrated wife who takes it out on anyone she can!

“Yes, he loves that, and he loves you for doing it.”

“It’s so hot and smooth and feels like it’s alive.”

The sweater is frustrating her, and Brandi runs one hand down to the hem, reaching inside to cup and feel the perky little breast through the small wispy bra. Her thumb and forefinger find the tiny nipple, which blossoms to her touch.

“That feels really good, doesn’t it?” she asks, noting how the girl shakes each time she plucks at a little nipple.

Y-y-yes,” Amy stammers. The pony’s cock is hardening in her hand again. “Oh…oh…

Brandi sees what’s happening at the last moment. “Use your other hand too,” she urges, not caring now what they do, or what Amy thought. “That’s it,” she said excitedly, “you always use two hands when a man gets excited.”

Amy’s eyes are hazy with lust. She works her hands frantically on the throbbing cock, not sure what to do but wanting, for some reason which baffled her, to give the animal as much pleasure as possible. “Omigod,” she moans as every vein and every muscle on the pony’s straining cock is suddenly visible. “Omigod…

Then, almost without thinking, her dainty hands are clutching at the thrusting shaft, holding it in place as the excited pony tried to jerk its powerful hips. A few seconds more and the cock is a streaming geyser, the hot gushing semen bursting from the head in a considerable stream that almost takes her breath away.

Wow…Omigod…WOW” Amy squeals delightedly.

Only then does she realize Mrs. Phelps has somehow lifted the little bra over her raging breasts, and now the older woman’s fingers are massaging her breasts like never before. Brandi watches the girl hold onto the massive cock until the outpourings ceased. Her hands work diligently over the straining teenager’s writhing body, concentrating mainly on the hard little breasts with their swollen small nipples, but occasionally moving one hand down into the elastic of the girl’s bikini briefs.

Then, with an enormous climax, which racked her entire body, Brandi pulls the girl back against her, hands kneading and milking at the fabulous young breasts. Amy’s groaning with relief as an orgasm shivers through the tunnel of her young, eager little cunt.


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