The Birth of Candy!

The Birth of Candy! Sheela B.

  • A mature, sexy neighbor seduces Kelsey into a new life of hedonistic pleasure and it has dire consequences for her marriage. Words: 22,941.
Kelsey Stone thinks it a bit strange her neighbor should close her drapes at this time of day.  But then again, Ariel Hart seems to have them closed all the time.  She seems to like living in the dark.  There seems something unhealthy to Kelsey about having the drapes drawn on a bright summer day.  She grew up in a family that rose at dawn and worked hard all day out in the fields and the barnyard.  Kelsey is a country girl and proud of it.  She senses a certain decadence in Ariel’s lazy city sophistication.

She knows her husband Troy thinks Ariel is sexy, which makes her even more suspicious of her neighbor.  The woman’s convinced she can never be friends with Ariel.  Her talk and manner are those of a woman with loose morals.  The very thought Ariel might have ideas about her husband makes Kelsey rigid with fury.  Not that Evan is much good to her lately.  Their relationship seems to have come to a standstill.

Inevitably, the young blonde’s thoughts return to the reason why she had been working so furiously in her garden since eight o’clock this morning.  Things between her and Evan had taken another turn for the worse.  This time, Kelsey is sure it’s her husband who’s at fault.  He had behaved like an insensitive brute.  When he stormed out of the house shortly before eight, Kelsey had been sure she can never forgive him.

Already her conviction is wavering.  But she’s still angry.  She’ll have like to talk things over with Evan.  Come right out and ask him how he could treat her so coldheartedly.  But she’s afraid tonight things will be the way they always are after a spat.  They’ll pretend nothing happened.  All the hard feelings will bury only to surface on another day, for another reason.  Though basically, the reason is always the same.

Kelsey needs sex.  A lot more sex than her husband is giving her.  She and Evan have been married only two years, and already the desire seems to have evaporated from their relationship, at least as far as Evan’s concerned.  Though she feels dissatisfied with her husband and the state of their marriage, Kelsey still wants him.  She thinks if their sex life were better, everything else would flow right along with it.

One alarming fact keeps Kelsey tied to her marriage.  Hard as it is to live with her husband, the blonde has no idea how to manage without him.  She has no skills, little education.  She has known no other lover but Troy—he is her world.  How can she give up her whole world?


Kelsey takes a break from her gardening a little after twelve.  She’s making herself a tuna salad sandwich when there’s a knock at the kitchen door.  To her surprise, it’s Ariel Hart.  Kelsey had only encountered Ariel on occasions when one or both husbands were present.  She feels ill at ease to find herself alone with the strange, beautiful older woman.  Ariel doesn’t wait for an invitation to enter.  She takes a seat at the kitchen table and draws a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of her loose-fitting blouse.

“Smoke?” she asks Kelsey.

“No.  Those things will kill you, Ariel,” Kelsey said, sitting across the table from Ariel.

The older woman shrugs as she lights up.  “Gotta die of something, I suppose.”

Nervous as she is, Kelsey doesn’t want to be rude to the other woman as they’re neighbors.  They must maintain some semblance of friendliness.  It’ll be just too complicated otherwise.  Ariel accepts her offer of a sandwich and a cup of coffee with no indication of embarrassment.  Where Kelsey comes from, people don’t go visiting at mealtimes.  They especially don’t accept a polite impromptu invitation.  Someone should turn down such invitations with heartfelt gratitude for the offer.

But Kelsey finds the company of the other woman a welcome diversion to her morning’s misery.  Ariel seems well educated.  She knows a lot of things, and she’s witty.  The older woman makes Kelsey laugh.  By the second cup of coffee, Kelsey thinks that the two of them could become friends.  There comes an awkward pause in the conversation when, after both women have been laughing at one of Ariel’s anecdotes about life at college, the brunette stops talking to stare at Kelsey.  The blonde holds her gaze for a while but eventually turns away.  Ariel is aware of the effect she has on the younger woman.

“Look, Kelsey.  There’s something I’ve wanted to say to you when I got a chance to talk to you woman to woman.”

Kelsey grabs the chance to recover her cool.  “Oh?  What’s that?”

“I know you probably have kind of a bad opinion of me.  I’ve noticed, the times when we’ve had little chats with the men along, you thought I was kinda crude.”

The Birth of Candy! Sheela B.

  • A mature, sexy neighbor seduces Kelsey into a new life of hedonistic pleasure and it has dire consequences for her marriage. Words: 22,941.

The blonde’s growing more embarrassed by the minute.  Kelsey’s not used to this kind of honesty.  Even with her husband, she observed certain formalities and respect for privacy.

“Oh no, Ariel.  I promise that’s not true,” Kelsey said, blushing slightly.

Ariel raises a hand to stop Kelsey’s protests.  “Don’t get uptight about it, Kelsey.  I’m not accusing you of anything.  I’m just stating a fact.  I know I’m crude sometimes.  I work at it.”

What can I say to that,’ Kelsey thought and waited for her neighbor to continue.

“I think it goes back to when I was a kid,” Ariel said.  “The only way I could get my parents’ attention is to act the smart ass.  I’ve been performing for people ever since.  With most people, I don’t give a damn really what they think of me.  But with you…  You’re good people, Kelsey.  I can tell that.  I’d like us to be friends.”

Ariel’s sincerity and beauty dazzled Kelsey.  For the first time, she understands what it is that Evan finds attractive in the older woman.  She has a lot of that quality they called charisma.

“I think your good people too, Ariel,” she said cautiously.  Expressions of affection with anyone other than Evan embarrassed the country girl.  “I don’t see any reason why we can’t be friends.  Besides, we’re neighbors, and everyone needs good neighbors.”

Kelsey giggles to break the tension of all the emotion.

“You’re right there,” Ariel said and smiles.  “Hey, I got this idea this morning.  Why don’t we go out together tomorrow afternoon?  We can have a nice lunch somewhere, and then go shopping or something.  What do you think?”

“Will we be home in time for me to make Evan’s dinner?”

“If you need to, sure.  I’ll just leave my old man something to warm up.

Kelsey is getting more enthusiastic about the idea.  ‘Why am I worried about getting home for Evan anyway,’ she wonders?  ‘He doesn’t appreciate it.  He thinks all I do is take naps all day.  Let him see what it’s like to eat cold cuts for supper for a change.’

“Sure, I’ll do that, too,” the blonde said.

“Good girl.  Now you’re talking.  This is the twenty-first century, honey.  A woman doesn’t have to be some man’s domestic slave anymore.” Ariel stands and returns her cigarette pack to her pocket.  “I’ve got to be going now.  Thanks for lunch.  I’ll pick you up tomorrow at eleven-thirty.  Deal?”

Kelsey smiles and nods.  “Deal.”

As she watches the brunette cross the road to her house, Kelsey realizes Ariel is staggering slightly.  ‘Is it possible Ariel’s been drinking so early in the day,’ she wonders?  Kelsey feels a surge of the old horror where Ariel is concerned, but the blonde suppresses it.  ‘I’m gonna give the woman a chance,’ she thought.  ‘I need a friend, and I suspect Ariel does too.’


Ariel’s dog Spike was waiting for her when she got home.  The big German shepherd stands at the door, wagging its tail impatiently.

“Hey, Spike, darling.  Where have you been all day?  Have you been cheating on me with some stray bitch?  You naughty big devil, you.”

Ariel sips a Scotch and soda as she watches the animal attack some meat scraps she set out in its dish.  Watching Spike eat reminds Ariel of its other ravenous appetite.  She feels a hot little surge in her pussy.  ‘Why not,’ she thought recklessly.  Spike’s always willing and eager.  When the dog finished eating, Ariel coaxes Spike into following her into the master bedroom.  She finishes her drink and begins to remove her clothes.

“You got some energy for me, Spike, old buddy?  I’m feeling hot, and I’ve just been visiting that little honey across the street.  You’d love her, Spike, you masher you.  You’ll get your chance one of these days with her if my plans work out the way I want them to.”

The Birth of Candy! Sheela B.

  • A mature, sexy neighbor seduces Kelsey into a new life of hedonistic pleasure and it has dire consequences for her marriage. Words: 22,941.

Ariel’s cunt tingles at the thought of what she has in store for Kelsey.  She has little doubt she’ll be able to bring her neighbor around to her way of thinking.  Kelsey is lonely.  That is obvious.  The blonde went for that straight-from-the-shoulder sincerity routine Ariel dished out at lunch.  ‘Yes,’ Ariel decides.  ‘I know just how to manage the fair young Kelsey.’  The voluptuous brunette stands naked, with hands-on hips, in front of the attentive dog.  Ariel could’ve sworn Spike is grinning at her, just like any old lecher.

“You like what you see, do you, boy?  Well, how’s about a little taste?  Hmmmm?”  Relishing her bold lewdness, Ariel lies spread-eagled on the rug and parts her moist pussy lips.  “Come on, Spike.  Lick me, baby.  I want you to make me feel good.  Pretty please.”

The animal knows what its lovely mistress wants.  The dog positions itself between her thighs and licks up from her puckered asshole to her hot pussy to her clit.

Oooooo.  Oh, Spike, darling.  That’s terrific.  God, yes.  I can feel myself getting an erection already.”

Her clit has swollen to a hard nub.  Every slight touch of the dog’s muzzle gives Ariel a surging thrill that ripples throughout her body.  She wiggles her ass cheeks off the carpet, encouraging the dog, begging it to provide her with more of its tantalizing tonguing.  The animal’s enthusiasm for its task shows the dog enjoys the obscene diversion just as much as its mistress does.  Repeatedly the beast laps its long pink tongue over her seeping pussy slit.  Each time, her throaty moans of pleasure goad Spike on to more intense efforts.

Oh, Spike.  I’m getting so hot.  I can feel my pussy getting so wet.  Does it taste good, darling?  Do you like the way I taste?

Spike likes the way she tastes.  The German shepherd’s tongue cleans the clear hot juices from her pussy as quickly as she excretes them.  The slightly rough surface of the dog’s tongue tickles her clit and makes it spasm with rapidly building desire.

Ariel has been playing with dogs for years, letting them satisfy her depraved sexual longings.  She discovered the talents of her poodle when just a teen.  Whenever her parents left her alone in the house, Ariel took the dog to her bedroom and got it to make her pussy feel good.  It wasn’t until she was nineteen that she fucked a dog.  But she had enjoyed it right from the start.  Ariel finds a dog a welcome companion when there’s no one else around to satisfy her almost ceaseless sexual desires.

Long ago, Ariel learned to accept her hyper-sex drive for what it is, her flight from boredom.  Sex is the only thing that doesn’t bore her.  Her husband started to bore her long ago.  Only when they go to bed together does she still find him attractive.  That doesn’t happen much anymore.  Ariel seeks her amusements elsewhere.  She knows one day she’ll leave Ford.  She’s just waiting for the right moment.

In the meantime, there’s Spike.  Ford doesn’t know about the special relationship between her and her dog.  Ariel doesn’t think he could live with it.  What’s more, she doesn’t think it’s any of his business.  Ariel’s defensive of her privacy where Ford is concerned.

Fuck, my clit feels good, lover.  You know how to do it, baby.  Ahhh…

Ariel is writhing and twisting on the bedroom floor like some wild creature.  The woman’s relishing the perverse thrill of letting a dog make her feel good this way.  She’s enjoying the perverse satisfaction of desecrating the bedroom where her husband will sleep tonight.  He thinks he’s depriving her by not giving her his precious cock.  Well, little does he know, she doesn’t need it.  Ariel gives her husband the finger in her mind’s eye while her pussy yields to Spike’s aggressive tongue assault.

Ooooooo.  God, yes.  That’s it.  I love it….

Ariel amuses herself by trying to catch hold of the tip of Spike’s tongue and draw it into her cunt.  Several times, she thinks she might be successful.  The brunette feels the taunting intrusion parting her pussy lips, start to penetrate the first little way, then falling back.  Each time, the first lewd sensations are tantalizing, and she groans with disappointment when the German shepherd pulls back on her.  Her cunt is so hot and aching for something to fill it.

At last, the shapely brunette can take no more of the prolonged teasing.  Ariel needs the real thing.  She needs a hard cock.

Oh, Spike, darling.  I need you to fuck me, baby.  Will you do that for Ariel?

The alcohol that courses through her veins gives her an added surge of courage as she positions herself on hands and knees.  When Spike steps back, she sees what she’s looking for—the animal has an erection.  The dog’s cock is protruding long and red and stiff from its sheath.

Oh, Spike.  You want me as much as I want you, don’t you, lover?”  She wriggles her smooth round ass cheeks in the dog’s face and coos encouragements at him.  “Come on, baby.  Fuck me.  Fuck me…

With mounting excitement, she strains back over her shoulder to watch the German shepherd wrap its hairy dark paws around her hips.  She peeks between the dangling swells of her breasts, between her thighs, at the spectacle of the menacing dog cock.  Hard and heavy, it surges forward, seeking her hot, waiting cunt.  Time after time, she watches it lunge forward and then fall uselessly back.  She feels the ruthless prodding against her buttocks as Spike almost knocks her off-balance with the strength of those efforts.  Finally, she can bear the tense expectation no longer.

The Birth of Candy! Sheela B.

  • A mature, sexy neighbor seduces Kelsey into a new life of hedonistic pleasure and it has dire consequences for her marriage. Words: 22,941.

Reaching back between her thighs, she takes hold of the sleek stiff shaft of Spike’s cock and guides the tip toward the waiting hole of her vagina.  When the dog feels the spongy give of her vaginal entrance, the dog thrusts forward with brutal strength.  Its cock drives deep into Ariel’s cunt, spreading the hot fleshy walls wide.

“Oooooooo, darling.  It’s delicious.  Fuck me.  Fuck me…

Spike fucks her, in long deep, penetrating strokes that batter all the way in against her cervix.  The German shepherd establishes a regular hard rhythm that never wavers.

Ariel closes her eyes and lets the sex drive her into the absorbing world of pure naked pleasure.  More than anything else in life, she relished this compelling release from care, dark depressing emotions, and marital responsibility.  The woman loves the pursuit of pleasure, of orgasm, for its own sake.  When she’s climbing high toward that culminating peak of forgetfulness, then and only then is she truly satisfied.  With the orgasm comes the beginning of the letdown.

She concentrates on the stiff shaft of Spike’s cock driving deep into her cunt, forcing her vaginal walls far apart.  Each time the dog’s cock begins its upsweep into her craving depths, she experiences a new, more intense jolt of excitement.  The woman’s so filled, used, and satisfied.  Her pussy feels so good.

Time stands still for the wanton brunette as she kneels on her bedroom rug, reveling in the depths of her depravity.  Welcoming the dog’s stiff cock deep into her hungering cunt.  As her arousal grows more intense, she begins to thrust her buttocks back against the dog’s loins.  Her urgent gestures encourage the animal to penetrate her harder and faster.

Spike never accelerates his pace, but he never slows either.  The dog’s hard pummeling pleasure is as predictable as rush-hour traffic.  Ariel loves the animal’s energy and its staying power.  Spike never leaves her in the lurch.  The dog always sees her through to her orgasm.  The German shepherd’s rough skewering lasts long enough to allow Ariel to let go of all her barriers, to climb to the furthest heights of ecstasy.

Inspired by a passionate preoccupation with her depravity, Ariel reaches back and begins to caress the wet flaccid lips of her pussy.  She likes feeling the stiff shaft of the dog’s cock surging into it.  Ariel likes the feel of her juices coating the dog’s turgid cock length.  With the palm of her hand, she begins to manipulate the blood-swollen nubbin of her clitoris.  Her pleasure increases tenfold.  Now she has all the input she needs.  Now Ariel’s well on the road to deep orgasm.

Oooooo, Spike.  Fuck me.  Fuck my pussy, baby.  Make me your bitch….

Ariel has lost all control.  She’s a raging, squirming being, suffering on the brink of an explosion.  She’s all needs, wants, and desires.  All it will take to make her complete will be that release.  That sweet release.  Then just as she thinks she can take no more, the dog’s massive knot surges through her swollen labia and into the woman’s cunt.  It lands directly on her g-spot, and this triggers the release Ariel has been waiting for all day.

AHHHHHHHHHH, God.  I’m cumming.  I’m fucking cumming….

Her ass cheeks grind lustily back against the German shepherd’s loins as she works out the full range of her climax.  Ariel falls forward onto the rug when her orgasm has ripped her soul to pieces with eyes closed and body limp.  Only vaguely is she aware of the animal’s cock and knot pulling out of her wet cunt.

Oh, God.  God….

She dozes off, and when she wakes, there’s the beginning of that letdown.  Orgasm is her life, but like any drug, it only lasts for a specific time then the cravings slowly begin to build again.  Spike is licking her pussy clean of sperm as it dribbles through her gaping pussy lips.  The tongue again sends waves of arousal through her body.  The jizz keeps coming.  Dog’s ejaculate much more than a man does.  Before long, Ariel is orgasming again.  Not as intense as the one delivered by that hard, relentless cock and knot, but pleasant just the same.

Her loins become overly sensitive to the probing dog tongue, and so Ariel rolls away from Spike.  When the dog tries to reclaim its place at her pussy, she pushes it away.

“No,” she said harshly.

The dog understands the command, backs off with a whimper, jumps up on the bed, lies, and starts licking its cock.  Ariel glances over at Spike and smiles.  It makes the dog’s tail thump into the bed as the German shepherd loves its mistress.


The Birth of Candy! Sheela B.

  • A mature, sexy neighbor seduces Kelsey into a new life of hedonistic pleasure and it has dire consequences for her marriage. Words: 22,941.

She takes a shower and spends a long time admiring herself in the mirror, powdering herself, making herself up.  Not that it matters what she looks like to her husband.  She’ll be alone all evening, in all probability.  But tomorrow there’ll be lunch with Kelsey.  She has something to look forward to with the blonde over the road.  When Ariel enters the bedroom, she finds her husband rummaging through the closet.

“Why, Ford.  What a pleasant surprise.  Don’t tell me you’re going to spend an evening at home,” Ariel said, her voice is heavy with sarcasm.

“No, as a matter of fact, I’m not,” he said with a sneer.  “I have a dinner meeting tonight.  I only came home because I forgot to take my good suit with me this morning.”

“Oh?” She rocks her hips as her unbelieving voice taunts him.  “And what’s the matter with the one you’re wearing?  Too conservative for the fellows, is it?  Or maybe there’s a lady or two scheduled to come to the meeting?”

“For fuck’s sakes, Ariel, don’t start that jealousy crap again,” he said and sighs.  “I’m going to be working tonight.  That’s all.”

“Well, you have to get it somewhere, as you’re sure as hell not getting it around here,” Ariel snaps.

“Fuck off, Ariel.”

His voice is calm, even.  The thing that bothers Ariel most about Ford is that he never got angry.  He’s always calm and detached.  That makes him think he’s superior.  His composure infuriates her.

“Fuck off yourself, you asshole,” she shouts.

“Listen, honey, if we’re gonna start accusing me of infidelity, I think you should know that this room smells like a fucking brothel,” he said coldly.  “If you’re gonna sneak your lovers in here, I suggest you buy some air freshener.”

Ariel calms down.  A faint smile even manages to creep over her features.  “Oh, Ford…  You’ve got it all wrong.  I never entertain gentlemen callers.  I just like to masturbate a lot.”

He stares at her and grins sardonically.  “You always were weird, Ariel,” he said and left the room with his suit over his arm.

Ariel’s one consolation as she pours herself a fresh drink is that she had the last laugh.  Ford thinks he has everything figured out.  But there’s a thing or two about his wife that even he doesn’t know.


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