Licorice All Sorts


In the front room, Lexie was not thinking about her dog yet.  But she was still kneeling on the floor and, although she didn’t realize it in her despair and frustration, she had assumed a position that was very familiar to a dog, the doggy fucking position.

Lexie had never been fucked by her dog, although she had often wondered what it would be like to have that big, hairy dog cock thundering up her cunt.  But she had coaxed the dumb brute into lapping her pussy many times.  Lexie loved to feel the Great Dane’s big, nimble tongue slapping up her flooded cunt, and to cream on its black muzzle.  In return, she enjoyed jerking the dog off as a reward, a sort of dog yummy.  The woman loved to watch its watery spume hose from his naked red cockhead as her fist skimmed the dog’s cock.  But that was as far as she had carried it up to now.

Now Lexie was kneeling in front of the couch, seething with need, so distraught that she wasn’t even thinking about the willing and available dog.  ‘Fuck that useless prejac,’ she silently cursed.  ‘What a nasty trick to play on a girl.  Shit, I should have at least made the bastard tongue-fuck me,’ she thought.  But it was too late now.  Rick was gone, and anyhow, Lexie was more in the mood for fucking than she was for cunnilingus, which was probably why she hadn’t yet thought about calling for Licorice.

She gazed down at her jizz-drenched tits and belly.  Her cunt felt like a glowing ember between her thighs.  Pussy nectar was pouring out, mixing with Rick’s wasted jizz in her lathered crotch and down her legs.  She considered returning to the singles bar and getting picked up by some other guy, but she knew that would take too much time to suit her at the moment.  The only thing she could do now, she guessed, was to take the immediate pressure off by giving her cunt a good finger-fucking.

Then, partially relieved, she could go out and look for some more cock.

She ran her hands up her belly and cupped her tits, scooping the lathery semen.  She brought her hands to her mouth and lapped the semen like a cat at a cream bowl.  Even delivered by hand, Rick’s jizz was yummy, and she trembled at the thought of gulping a load straight out of its cock.

She dipped a hand into her crotch and rubbed her pussy, then brought it to her lips and lapped up a succulent palmful of blended semen and pussy juice.  She began to change hands, rubbing her pussy with one while she licked the cream from the other, then switching.  Her hand went down to her groin, all slippery with saliva, and came back slathered with semen.  Her pink tongue slid through the frothy cream, and her tastebuds tingled.  Oh, how she wished she had a cock to suck off or even a cunt, come to that.  If her pussy juice was so delicious, Lexie knew she would love to suck some out of another girl’s juicy vagina.

A ripple ran through her crotch.  Waves of rising passion coursed across her slim belly and shot like an electric current up her trembling thighs.  It was time to orgasm now.  Her pussy was already melting as she rubbed it.  She leaned forward, resting her chin on the edge of the couch.  Her fat tits swayed under her like ripe fruit ready to be plucked.  She arched her slender back, hiking her heart-shaped ass to the highest point of her kneeling body.

Licorice’s big head edged around the door.

The Great Dane’s black nose flared and twitched, and its amber eyes gleamed at the sight before it.  The heart-shaped ass was hiked up, and under those firm ass cheeks, Lexie’s pussy was flowing freely.  The dog blinked.  The dog had never seen its mistress in that position before, although it was a familiar one, for it had fucked its share of bitches.

Always before, when she let the dog lap her cunt, Lexie had sat on the couch or in a chair, her ass perched on the edge and her feet extended, spread wide, to the floor.  At the same time, the dog’s busy head worked away at her cunt from the front.  Then, after creaming on the beast’s tongue, she would kneel beside the dog, still facing it, and jack the animal off.  Now, seeing Lexie pose differently, invitingly and provocatively, the doggy whimpered with a new realization.

Lexie was working on her cunt with both hands now toward a creamy conclusion.  Her firm-fleshed ass jerked and shot out from side to side as her hands played under it.  She was slowly pushing three fingers in and out of her cunt in a fucking movement while her other hand caressed her fiery clit.

Unghhh,” she grunted as intense pleasure rippled through her loins.

A spasm caught her, and her pelvis trembled.  Pussy juice was pouring down the insides of her thighs in creamy ribbons.  Her hands were soaking wet with the fragrant seepage.

Licorice approached stealthily, his hindquarters low to the floor as if stalking a rabbit.  However, no rabbit had ever been as juicy and tasty as that steaming pussy toward which the dog crept.  The Great Dane’s head was thrust out, nostrils flaring, drawn to her sweet, musky scent like an iron filing to a magnet.  The dog’s tail swept back and forth behind its haunches like a rudder steering its course.

The dog whimpered, then whined.  But Lexie was not yet aware of the beast’s approach, for she was almost at her peak and panting heavily, blocking out all external sounds.  The Great Dane snuck up to her churning ass, its tongue hanging out and dripping.  The dog sniffed and quivered all over as the redolence of her pussy registered on its bestial senses.  The dog shoved its head out.

Lexie moaned in shock and surprise when the dog’s cold black nose bumped against her hot, pink fuck bud.  Her head jerked up, and she looked back over her shoulder.  The naughty woman smiled when the brunette saw her faithful doggy behind her.  She was in the mood for cock, it was true, but a long, wet doggy tongue was better than her hands.

You wanna finish this job for me, Licorice?” she whispered.  “You wanna lap my pussy off, hmmm?

The dog woofed as if in reply.

Lexie drew both hands out of her crotch and heaved her ass up higher, wriggling.  “Yeah, give me that long, wet tongue, you cuntlapper,” she rasped.  “Lick me till I cum, then I’ll beat your meat for you.”

She still didn’t understand that because of the position she had settled into for her handjob. Licorice would not settle for fucking her fist.

The Great Dane’s head ducked down, ran its flattened tongue up the back of her thigh, then lapped at the cheeks of her ass.  The dog slurped again, tonguing up a slimy ribbon of pussy juice from the inside of her leg.  Lexie squirmed happily under the tongue’s caress.  Placing her open hands on the mounds of her ass, she spread them apart, exposing the brown eye of her shithole.  Licorice whimpered, slurped his tongue up the crack of her ass, and whipped it against her asshole, enjoying a preliminary snack before he got to work on the succulent main course.

Ooooooooo,” Lexie squealed in delight as the dog’s tongue slithered right into her anus.

The Great Dane’s head ducked down, slurping up the crack of her ass again, frothy doggy slobber pouring between her cheeks.  She still had her open hands on her firm ass cheeks, spreading her ass crack open as her pelvis jerked in a wild dance and her hips pumped frantically.  The naughty girl squirmed and writhed with the pleasure of having her asshole tongued out and with the thrill of knowing that big wet tongue would be at her pussy next.

Licorice growled, shot his tongue into her tight brown bud again, then lowered his head.  Lexie jerked her ass and hips upward, her thighs tightening as they lifted her ass cheeks.  More pussy juice had trickled down her legs, and Licorice slurped it with his flashing tongue.  The dog lapped up to the crease where her leg joined her crotch and took a long, moist slurp paralleling her pussy.  Lexie moaned and shot her hips out, and when Licorice shot his tongue out again, he lapped into her sloppy vagina.

Yeah.  Yeah.  Oh, shit.  Give that hot tongue to me, you big beast,” Lexie cried.

Licorice’s tongue slapped into her pussy slit.  Pussy juice sprayed out, soaking the dog’s black muzzle.  The doggy was becoming frantic now that it was at the feast, every nerve and synapse in its burly body registering the thrill of the succulent taste and the fragrant aroma.  The dog ran long, flattened, rippling tongue strokes through her crotch.  The Great Dane’s wet tongue started at her throbbing clit, stirred up through her open pussy lips, and slurped onto the crack of her ass.

Lexie wailed with the joy of it, shaking her ass about as if she were wagging a tail.  She gurgled and moaned as the dog slapped another long stroke to her crotch.  As the dog’s tongue drew up her slit, her pussy lips rippled and dragged, sucking on its tongue meat.  Her clit flared explosively against its tastebuds.

She slid her hands under her belly and opened her cunt even wider with her fingers.  Licorice shot his long tongue deep inside her cunt.  The dog lapped at the creamy inner folds and then began to slam in and out in a fucking motion.  Lexie cried out with the bliss of it.  The Great Dane’s long, fat tongue was stuffing her cunt like a cock.  The animal whimpered and pushed its cold black nose right into her pussy.  The doggy seemed to be trying to bury its whole head into her cunt, to fuck her with its hairy snout.  She ground back against the dog.  Its tongue shot in deeply again, then curled around her hard clit.

She was starting to orgasm. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she wailed as her body shook.

As her climax neared the crest, the flow from her vagina became hotter and thicker and creamier and even more delicious.  Licorice was frantic as he slurped that steaming hot pussy ejaculate from her melting cunt.  Pussy juice was poured onto the dog’s curled tongue in slimy ribbons, frothy and creamy on the pink meat.  It dripped from the edges of the beast’s tongue and matted the bristly hair of its muzzle.  The dog whined and yelped, lapping for all its worth, swallowing her juices down in greedy gulps and whipping its lapper into her pussy slit to slurp out more of the delicacy.

The Great Dane’s tail switched, and its haunches jerked, and under its trembling loins, the dog’s massive cock was pounding like a jackhammer, longing to replace its tongue in her hot, wet cunt.  The Great Dane’s naked red cockhead was flaring out in a huge angry wedge, and foaming slime bubbled out from its open pisshole, running down the slick shaft.  The Great Dane’s balls were bloated with such a huge load that they threatened to burst.  The animal’s long, thick shaft vibrated like a tuning fork, so taut it could have used it to play a fiddle.

Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Lexie moaned as the crest broke in her loins and the steaming pussy slime flooded the dog’s tongue.

Wave followed wave as the horny girl lingered at the peak.  Then she moaned, and her dark head dropped down onto the couch.  She was past the crest, coming down, the waves still rippling through her pussy, but moving slower, spaced out.  She started twisting, intending to jerk the doggy off now to reward its efforts and because she enjoyed watching the semen squirt out of its cock.


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