Licking Her Lust Away!


Rusty,” she whispered hotly.  “Rusty.  Here, here, lick Sara’s pussy.  Ohhh, come here and lick my hot pussy.”

Rather forcefully, alarming the dog, she grabbed Rusty’s body and lifted it right off his feet.  She planted the dog firmly between her trembly thighs and drew her knees up and out, pulling the startled dog to her loins and mashing her pussy against its nose. Rusty didn’t like this rough treatment at all.  The Beagle yelped, startling Sara, and she released her tight hold on the dog.  Rusty whined as if hurt and backed off completely from her twisting young pussy.  Sara got up on her elbows and looked at the dog through starry eyes.   The dog looked frightened.

Oh, fuck,” she said heatedly.  “Now I’ve ruined it.  Rusty.  Come here, boy.  Please come here. Sara just wants you to lick her pussy.  I’m sorry I scared you; I got carried away.  Ohhh, come here and lick me.”

But Rusty yapped noisily and jumped back even farther as if the dog no longer trusted her.  Sara moaned sadly.  Her lovely breasts were aching, and her pussy was hot for a tongue—any tongue.  She peered down and saw her pink clit sticking out from between the soft lips of her horny pussy.  It needed to be stimulated by something alive, something other than her fingers.

Ohhh, Rusty, please lick my pussy,” she begged, trying to soothe the dog with her voice.

She wasn’t aware of it, but her voice was no longer soothing.  Her voice was tense with sexual need, low and luscious, but to a dog, she sounded threatening.

Here, Rusty, come and lick Sara’s pussy.  See here?  See Sara’s clit?  Come lick it, boy.”

No amount of coaxing helped.  Rusty started barking and yapping and jumping all over the carpet.  A light twinkled in Sara’s blue eyes as she realized that any boy or man in the world would do her bidding in a second, but not a dog.  A dog needed something more than a girl’s begging.  Her eyes darted to the yellow box on the mantle.

“OK, Rusty, just relax,” she purred, getting to her feet.

She drew the box down from the mantle, and Rusty stopped yapping.  Just the sound of the carton was enough to get the dog’s undivided attention.

Sara giggled.  “All right,” she cooed.  “If a girl’s hot pussy doesn’t turn you on, this sure will.”

She shook one hard, brown doggie treat out of the box into the palm of her hand.  The treat was shaped like a bone, about three inches long, but was a hard biscuit.  She replaced the box and enclosed the treat in her fist, smiling lewdly.

“Now, you little pussy-teaser, we’ll see who’s boss around here.”

Rusty started leaping in the air and doing all the cute tricks Kathy had taught the dog.  Rusty knew that if he performed well, he’d get the treat.

“Fuck that,” Sara said and laughed as the dog cavorted and turned and sat up begging.  “I don’t give a damn how cute or clever you are.  If you want this treat, you must come and get it.”

With that, she pranced to the sofa and lay down on it.  She drew one foot up onto the cushion and raised her knee.  She left her other leg off the side of the sofa.  Her pussy was beautifully exposed.  Smiling wickedly, she rubbed the bone-shaped biscuit up and down the crack of her slit, soaking it in pussy juice.  She extended her hand to the dog, and Rusty bounded after its favorite morsel.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Sara said and laughed.  “You don’t get it that easy.”

Sara giggled excitedly as the eager dog tried to jump up for its treat.  She quickly stuffed the biscuit between her pussy lips and, with one long finger, she slid all three inches of it up into her cunt.

Stretching her pretty legs wide, she cupped her aching breasts and cooed, “There you are, Rusty.  Come and get it.  It’s all yours.”


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