The Meter Reader 2: The One!


The big Doberman is breathing harder as it approaches her bare pussy.  The growling grows furious.  Anita can see the hairs on the animal’s neck standing as it presses its cold, big black nose against the flesh near her left pussy lip.  Anita let out a small cry and scoots back instinctively.  She tears clumps of grass in her trembling fingers as the big man laughs at her reaction.

“So, you’re nervous about taking a new lover?” the deranged stranger said, chuckling as he watches Anita close her legs protectively.

As if on cue, the big dog leaps, its paws were settling hard on her legs just above her kneecaps.  Anita cries out, shrinking back from the growling Doberman as she feels its sharp toenails dig and pierce into her tender flesh.  She sees its stubby black tail wriggling back and forth while its massive cock twitches and jerks against the dog’s flat, muscular belly.  ‘What is it with me and killers dogs,’ Anita thought, as she falls back onto her elbows.  Escape is impossible.  If she tries to make a break for it, either the dog or the master will kill her.  All she can do now is lie helplessly and let the animal work its will on her.

Quickly the dog begins licking, lowering its head and lapping at her kneecaps, her thighs, and her legs.  Anita let out a long, low wailing moan of submission.  Her throat tightens, and her mouth goes dry as she rolls her eyes to the sky and begs God to kill her before the animal fucks her.  Yet, the rough tongue is warm and wet.  There seems to be something comforting, almost caressing about the dog’s licking.  Anita is not new to this, though her attacker doesn’t know that, so the familiarity of it comforts the woman.  She feels her skin puckering into gooseflesh wherever the Doberman’s hot, wet oral organ slobbers.

Anita feels her arms go limp.  She feels herself going breathless with the furry dog’s eagerness.  ‘Oh God, this dog is experienced,’ she thought.  “I can’t let this creep think I’m enjoying this.  God, I wonder if he made Julie fuck this dog too.’  Just as with the cigarette, what should’ve been horrifying given the circumstances is excruciatingly exciting.  Anita should have been crying out for help.  With every ounce of decency, she should’ve died resisting the brutality of this unknown sadist and his licking animal.’

But something inside is unfurling its dark wings again, beating them against her soul and taking over her mind as the big black dog lathers her thighs with animal spittle.  It’s just like when that black and tan mutt used to dominate her, the serial killer’s dog.  Gradually Anita realizes she’s urging the dog to excite her further.

Oh, p-please…

Anita rolls over onto her belly and sucks in a ragged breath as the big Doberman bobs its head around.  The dog sees the curly pussy hairs sticking out from the spot it was sniffing seconds earlier.  The animal moves forward, nosing around her ears until her neck is thoroughly wet.

“Like it, bitch?  Just think of that big old dog on top of ya, licking you from head to toe.  Boy, that’d sure feel good, eh?” the big man said mockingly.

The words should’ve cut down her pride, making her rise with indignation.  But Anita can only murmur in agreement as she gives herself entirely to the dog.  She can feel the thick grass working into her pussy slit, pushing into her hot, wet vagina while several blades knife her clit.  Anita groans, clenching her cuntal muscles and rubbing her slick sides together as the grass prickles her pussy.

The animal stands over her; its legs braced on either side of her back.  The dog licks down her curved spine, lathering down the hollows and bumps glistening in the moonlight.  Anita let out a shivery moan, spreading her knees further apart while she hunches her crotch and works her pussy lips against the grass.  Slowly Anita lifts her ass, wagging it obscenely for the animal.  ‘Why am I such a slut to dominant dogs,’ she wonders?  ‘Oh, God, it feels good.’

The Doberman growls and wets each rising, creamy, glowing ass cheek with its sloppy tongue.  It smooths it between her tight little crack until the dog’s hot spittle dribbles over the thick curls of her pussy.  ‘Damn, if I knew this was gonna happen, I would’ve shaved my pussy for him.’  Anita realizes she’s panting as hard as the dog.  The weight of her breasts hanging from her chest excites her even more.  She wobbles, gasping for breath while the dog’s tongue brushes over the top junction of her swelling pussy lips and her clit.

Anita let out a low growl herself, rocking backward and begging silently for the animal to lick her sore, aching, stiff clit one more time.  The meter reader feels the dog working lower on her loins.  Her head hangs, brown hair dangling like a thick, matted veil in front of the woman’s flushed face.  She’s climaxing because of the savage licking of this animal.  Gradually Anita parts her thighs until her inner pussy lips open.  The dog pushes hungrily at that spot, raking its tongue under her mound, then curling it back upward.

OHHHH,” Anita cries, pulling more grass with her fingers as lust roars through her tightening belly.

She collapses on her stomach, rolling over on her back again and parting her legs for the animal.  The dog pulls back, then jumps forward, placing its paws against the woman’s inner thighs while it pushes its black snout into the mouth of her vagina.  Rover sniffs and pants at the steamy, soaked flesh.  Anita kicks out her right leg as the tense thrills build.

The man said, “Yes, you are the one.  I know it for sure now.”

Anita cannot hear a word he’s saying.  The blood rushes through her veins, drumming in her ears.

“The one knows the touch of a dog’s tongue and the feel of its cock,” the big man said, chuckling as he squats to her right and watches the big Doberman lather her pussy with its foamy spittle.  ‘That’s how she did it, how she took my love from me.’

The dog’s growling a soft, smothered snarl of lust.  Anita feels herself moaning back.  Her slender fingers curl into the soft ground under her, tearing at the field grass and ripping some up by their roots.  With a great effort, Anita dragged her hands to her chest and ran them over her breasts.  It feels good to relieve some of the pressure building under her stiff, red, rubbery nipples.  Anita squeezes them hard between her thumbs and forefingers.  The sharp little pain telegraphs to her clit, making her vagina wink shut and nearly trapping the Doberman’s snaking, wet tongue.

As she rolls her head from side to side on the ground, pieces of dried grass and dead leaves clings to her dampened hot ass cheeks.  Tears run from her bulging eyes while drool spills freely from her half-open mouth.  Anita is out of control, spinning around and around while the big Doberman laps her free-flowing juices.  She’s shifting her thighs from side to side now, grinding her hips to give subtle friction to her cuntal walls.  ‘Oh, if only I had something in me,’ she thought.  The dog’s tongue is only teasing her, promising Anita of something more to come when there’s nothing.

Raising her head, she gazes under the Doberman’s belly.  Even in the moonlight, she can see the dark red spear of the dog’s cock.  It seems to have slipped an inch or two further out and glistens with natural lubrication.  Suddenly the idea of that big dog mounting, stabbing her with its spear-like knobby cock thrills Anita.  She thinks of all the times a dog has pursued her down the street when she’s working, tongues hanging out, eyes rolling in their heads while the fat reddened tips of their cocks slide in and out of their furry sheaths.

Oh God,” Anita moans, babbling with excitement as she squeezes her breasts as hard as she can.

Then Anita drags her hands down further, sliding them over the thin layer of perspiration coating her flesh.  It mixes with the foul-smelling piss sprayed onto her earlier by that man.  Yet combined with her sweat and pussy juice, it produces an odd perfume that’s strangely intoxicating.

The man said, “The dog can’t satisfy you, so you gotta play with yourself? Ha, I knew you were the one.”

Anita ignores the comment as she pushes fingers through her spit-soaked pussy.  The dog’s tongue laps over them, making her shudder and twist her mouth into a strange smile.  Anita’s eyelids flutter while her chest tightens until she thinks it’ll rip apart.  The woman jerks her hand up, feeling for the big dog’s head.  Wrapping her fingers around the dog’s thick neck, Anita holds its head, so it laps her velvet cuntal slit open.

She half sits up, watching the dog licking her pussy.  The animal wags its powerful hips.  More of its red cock slithers out.  Anita feels as if she might scream with passion.  Her brown pussy hair clings together in wet little curls along the edge of her labia.  Sitting with her legs partially crossed now makes her able to see the tendons in her inner thighs bulging out whenever the animal slurps along the slippery length of her slit.

The woman rocks back and forth, tossing her head from side to side and babbling obscenities.  How she wants that cock inside her cunt.  How foul it seems to be thinking thoughts like that in front of this sociopath.  But sitting here in the dark with the large, powerful Doberman panting and licking at her pussy, Anita cannot help herself.

If only her cunt has some stiff cock rubbing up and down, forcing her sticky vaginal walls into a tunnel as they cling to the spearing shaft.  To feel something hot and muscular crawling over her body, pinning her down, crushing her nipples with a brutal force while a cock plows through her cunt.  The thought of something like that drives the woman wild.  Her eyes bulge then roll around in her head as her breath comes in shallow, uneven pants.

The Doberman closes its teeth lightly on the ridged muscle suddenly.  Anita catches her breath, then lets out a delighted cry of surprise.  She falls back on the grass and thrusts her mound upward.  Then tosses it around in tiny, jerky circles, whimpering for the dog to eat her out again.  Rover pushes forward, lapping and sniffing.  If only it could go on for hours.  If only Anita could lie there unbothered, writhing on the grass like a snake while this big dog has its head burrowed in her pussy, licking and reaming out her cunt.

She imagines her thighs encrusted with dried pussy juice and saliva as orgasm after orgasm ripples across her belly.  Then it happens.  Anita feels the friction from the Doberman’s tongue build in seconds to her climax.  The dog humps its ass wildly, rubbing its cock against the soft grass as her pussy climaxes.  It licks and laps her pussy while Anita can feel the shake of its shoulders.  There’s that strong canine back and the subtle, erotic movement of the dog’s body.

Yes, oh yes, oh yes,” Anita moans.

“So, you’re cumming?” the man cynically asks as he watches Anita’s legs fall apart, only to snap together again.

Her hands go wild, caressing the thick neck of the Doberman, and then moving back down to her pussy.  Then to her jiggling breasts where she touches the mounds and crushes her nipples again, and down to her shuddering loins once more.  Anita hugs the Doberman’s body with the insides of her knees as it brings her to that final throbbing hurt, a pain so keen that an odd kind of pleasure boils from it as her hot juices bubble from the crevices of her cunt and wets the big black animal’s furry muzzle.

The woman can hear the slick sounds of the dog’s tongue on her pussy, lapping the increased flow of salty juice.  The sucking and clicking with each jerky, shifting movement she makes resounds in her ears like the roar of a cannon.  Everything seems to excite Anita at that moment.  The meter reader feels all the strings cut loose.  She’s floating in a climax more shameful than any she’s ever known, and she’s had many orgasms of the likes that would shame most people.  Yet how deliciously wicked she feels, and how good that throbbing itch and scratch is inside her cunt.

The orgasm seems to take forever, and Anita grunts and laughs, unable to stop moving.  Her moans and her feverish squirming seem to set off the dog in a wilder fury.  It makes strange grunting growls against the hot mess of her loins.  Those sounds make her open her knees even wider.  As her passion peaks again, the dog opens its jaws and runs the sharp edges of his teeth along her outer labia.  That sensation drives Anita wild, dragging more tight, high-pitched whimpers from her throat.

Her hands are back on the Doberman, caressing its muscular neck, smoothing its sides.  Then she runs her fingers along the dog’s flat belly, reaching back further and further, wondering what’ll happen if she touches that long red cock.  ‘What will the dog do,’ she wonders?  In a second, Anita gets her answer.  She feels something hot and rubbery with the back of her hand.  From the surprised howl of the Doberman, she guesses it is the dog’s cock.

Unable to restrain herself, the woman runs her palm along the slick cock.  Immediately the dog starts hunching, fucking her hand as if it were a bitch dog’s cunt.  Rover humps its cock against her hand, moving back occasionally and rubbing it against her knees and shins.

Ugh, no…

The dog climaxes too quickly.  She feels its jizz splatter her forcefully on her wrist and upper leg.  The big dog moans and howls, tossing its head from side to side while its body shudders from the force of its orgasm.  As Anita comes down from her sexual high, she realizes how disgusting this all is, and she tries to wiggle away from the spurting blasts of animal slime.

No.  Oh God.  Noooo,” Anita cries as the Doberman finished dumping his load onto her.

Quickly the dog backs off after finishing, trotting back to the tree and curling up like a snail.  It laps the tip of its receding cock as Anita sinks to the grass and moans at her actions.

“Well, you do that as well as I remember,” the man said.


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