Witness Protection


Witness Protection

  • A sequel to Animal Rescue centering on what happens to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns down the offer to work in Mexico with Debbie and the DEA.

Later that day, Annie and Curly have their first meal at the new apartment; some takeout from a nearby soul food restaurant. Pushing her chair back, Annie excuses herself quickly and heads for the door.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Curly asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Out in the backyard … I need some fresh air,” Annie said innocently.

“A cigarette, you mean,” Curly said gathering the dirty plates.

“Well, you won’t let me smoke in here.”

“You should quit, it’ll kill you.”

“Not this again, you know how stressed out I am, smoking calms me,” Annie whines.

“OK, OK, just stay in the shade, babe,” Curly said. “You know how easily you sunburn, and it’s sweltering out there today.”

“Sure, Curls … don’t worry.

Annie ran down the stairs, stands under the stairway, and lights a cigarette as she scans the overgrown yard and the rubbish scattered around. The sound of dogs from the nearby pound makes the blonde sigh with frustration. As she examines the wooden fence to the shop next door, there’s movement, and to her surprise, Annie sees an adult Doberman patrolling.

“Oh, company,” Annie said and giggles. The woman wanders over to the fence and squats at a hole in the palings. “Hey, doggie, you guarding your master’s shop, eh? Well, no need to worry about me, I’m not gonna steal anything.”

The Doberman stops and sniffs at Annie who holds her hand near its nose so it can get her scent. The dog isn’t growling, and Annie notices its stumpy tail is wagging. The Doberman licks at her hand and Annie moves it closer to let it.

“You’re not so tough,” Annie said enjoying the feel of the dog’s tongue on her hand. “You won’t stop the burglars if you lick them. Do you have a name?” She grabs his collar through the fence and sees ‘Duke’ engraved on a metal plate. “Duke, eh? It suits you. If only this fence weren’t stopping us getting better acquainted.”

Annie stands scanning the fence, and she realizes she can climb it further down using a drum as a step. Shit, I promised Roberta I wouldn’t do anything stupid, Annie thought. What Roberta doesn’t know won’t hurt her. The blonde runs to the drum stepped up holding the top of the fence and jumps over onto the gravel in the next yard. Soon as Annie’s inside, the Doberman runs to her and begins bounding around her, demanding attention. Annie’s ready to give it plenty of attention.

“Hi, Duke,” she chirps, patting him on the head as the dog goes with her toward an area of grass. “Wanna play with me?”

The beast trots along obediently, saliva drooling from its panting mouth as dog and woman enter a shady section of the neighboring store’s yard, where a thick growth of vines and tall bushes provided a cool oasis. Annie hopes no one can see them, but it seems private.

“Let me see your cock,” Annie whispers as she drops to her knees. “Be still now, Duke.”

She peers beneath the animal’s belly, staring at his furry cock-sheath while holding the Doberman still with both hands. Then Annie slides a hand down the dog’s flank and grasps its cock-sheath, squeezing gently. The Doberman flinches, unaccustomed a human touching that area and twists its powerful neck, gazing at the kneeling girl in apparent confusion. However, Duke stays still, apparently enjoying the strange sensation of having his canine cock fondled by this pretty woman.

“C’mon, boy,” Annie urges, massaging the dog’s cock-sheath eagerly. “Lemme see you get it up.”

Annie jacks clumsily on the Doberman’s cock-sheath, her knuckles bumping against its heavy black balls while steadying the nervous animal with her other hand. Duke caught the pungent scent of the woman’s hot pussy, which is already juicing in her jeans anticipating the beast fucking her.

Witness Protection

  • A sequel to Animal Rescue centering on what happens to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns down the offer to work in Mexico with Debbie and the DEA.

Duke whimpers in confusion, seemingly unsure whether it should give in to the arousal it’s feeling, or run in terror. The poor dog has never had a human female do such things to it, and the animal seems bewildered. Nevertheless, living alone in the back of a shop has severely limited Duke’s access to bitches-in-heat, and the dog is always horny. Therefore, nature takes its course. The Doberman’s cock begins to emerge from its cock-sheath, swelling and stiffening under the soft touch of the woman’s stroking fingers.

Annie continues to jack the canine cock, bending lower so she can see his slimy red hard-on slithering from the sheath. She lets her fingers slide down the slippery shaft of the canine cock, her nose wrinkling at the nastiness of what she’s doing.

“I’m not waiting for Roberta to hook me up,” Annie said, jacking cautiously on the beast’s naked cock. “It’s been too long for me, I need this.”

When the dog’s cock is vibrantly stiff beneath the woman’s stroking fingers, she bends lower, peering closely at it. Duke becomes jittery again when the woman moves in so close to the Doberman’s cock, and she has to steady the dog with soothing words. However, all the while, Annie keeps her fingers curled around the dog’s hard-on, pumping gently.

Up close, Annie can see the dog’s cock coated with a gloss of slime, and the crimson cock-shaft is veined and a bit bumpy. The head of Duke’s cock coming to a sharp point. However, far from disgusting, the close-up view of the Doberman’s cock only excites her more.

“You want your cock sucked, Duke?” Annie asks, gently rubbing the dog’s flank with a hand while she holds its cock and examines it. “They used to pay me well to suck dog cocks, but I’ll give you a freebie since you’re such a good boy.”

Duke whimpers, gazing back at the kneeling woman. “Yeah,” she said, patting his back. “Typical male, never turn down a blowjob, eh?”

The blonde glances around to make sure nobody’s watching, clinging to the nervous animal’s throbbing canine cock while she surveys the immediate area. Curly is still in the apartment, and the lane seems deserted. The dense growth of weeds provides much privacy, and so the woman quickly decides its safe and ducks beneath the dog’s belly, her jean-clad ass jutting in the air.

Without any hesitation, the young woman opens her mouth and clamps her pretty lips around the head of the dog’s cock. When the dog feels the woman’s hot sucking mouth on the end of its cock, the beast is so startled it lurches out of her grasp. Annie grabs the Doberman’s leather collar and pulls it back toward her, trying to soothe the dog with softly spoken words. It takes her a minute to settle the unnerved beast. Nevertheless, the dog’s cock remains stiff, jutting obscenely from its sheath.

Cautiously, Annie bends low again and grasps Duke’s hard-on and then she begins licking the bright red head of the canine cock with the warm tip of her tongue. There’s a sharp, pungent flavor to the slime coating the dog’s cock, but the naughty woman always finds it appealing. This time, the Doberman is still, twisting its neck to watch Annie licking its canine cock. As she stimulates the sensitive underside of the tapered cockhead with her tongue, Duke’s muscles ripple and the dog shudders, its black nostrils flaring.

Encouraged by Duke’s docility now, Annie again slips her lips around the tapered head of the canine cock and begins sucking gently while keeping a hand on the dog’s furry flank to steady it. Her free hand goes quickly to the beast’s hairy black balls, and she fondles them gently, assuming Duke would like it. However, when Annie touches the dog’s balls, it jumped and skittered sideways defensively, apparently fearing she’s going to hurt it. As Duke lurched, his cock again slips from Annie’s lips.

“Stay, Duke,” she snaps in a commanding voice, out of patience with the animal.

Obediently, the Doberman stands still and let Annie crawl under it again. When Annie takes the dog’s cock back into her mouth, it surprised her by hunching forward, fucking about half of its long red canine cock between her lips. Quickly, Annie starts bobbing her head, slipping her warm lips along its shaft. The Doberman responds favorably this time, humping so hard the dog almost knocks her to the ground with its fuck-thrusts.

Excited by the guard dog’s response, Anne clings to its hips and twists her body, lying on her back and letting the dog fuck her elfish face. Duke’s confused by what’s happening, and the dog keeps glancing around, seemingly bewildered. However, the dog has its cock in a hot fuck hole, and the lusty sensations activate its instinctual urges. The Doberman knows it isn’t fucking a bitch but isn’t sure exactly what’s happening. Nothing in the beast’s limited experience has ever suggested that a human female’s face is for sex, and yet that’s what the dog’s doing. All the dog really knows is it feels good, and that’s reason enough to do it.

Witness Protection

  • A sequel to Animal Rescue centering on what happens to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns down the offer to work in Mexico with Debbie and the DEA.

In its excitement, the big Doberman keeps stomping all over Annie’s breasts with its hind legs while it fucks her mouth, leaving dirty paw prints on her blouse. The dog’s sharp nails are hurting her breasts, but Annie’s thrilled by the long cock sliding in and out of her mouth she doesn’t care. Clinging to the dog’s furry body with her hands, Annie let Duke fuck its cock clear into her throat with each lunge.

The woman has originally intended to get the beast hot by sucking its cock, and then try to get him to fuck her. However, now that it’s happening, she loves the bestial cocksucking and decides she wants the beast to fill her mouth with cum. Annie loves the salty, coppery flavor of dog semen. She developed a taste for it back in her dog grooming days when made to drink copious amounts of dog semen by a bullying coworker. Therefore, Annie stays on her back on the ground, her head raised for the canine cock as it fucks her sucking mouth.

Duke’s humping becomes more rapid, its balls thumping against Annie’s chin as it fucks her mouth. The Doberman keeps stomping on the pert little mounds of her breasts, getting her blouse filthy, and Annie continues to hang onto the dog’s hips, willingly taking the rapid-fire thrusts of its red cock into her mouth. Suddenly, the Doberman begins to snarl angrily, but it keeps fucking the blonde’s mouth.

Annie wonders why Duke is growling, but she’s so enjoying the sensation of the dog’s cock pounding her mouth she just goes on sucking. The Doberman seems excited now, and Annie remembers that dogs sometimes growl and snarl when they’re about to cum. Duke’s snarling becomes more vicious, but the dog’s ass continues to pump rapidly as it fucks the woman’s face. The dog’s stomping hind legs pulled her blouse open, and one of her small bare breasts is exposed. There are red marks on her creamy flesh where the animal’s claws have scraped the skin.

Suddenly, the dog’s angry snarling turned to pitiful-sounding whines and whimpers, and its haunches pump faster than ever. The dog’s stiff canine cock is fucking deep into the woman’s throat, and its cum-laden balls bump rapidly against her chin. The violence of Duke’s lunges knocks Annie down, and the back of her head strikes the dirt. About to blow its load, the frenzied beast hunkers down, pinning the woman to the ground as it fucks her face so fast its pumping ass becomes a blur.

Before Annie can react, she feels the canine cock throbbing against her lips as it slides in and out. An instant later, her cheeks puff as hot bursts of dog-cum fills her mouth. Taken by surprise, Annie gags on the sudden flood of semen, and begins trying to push the dog off her face with her hands. However, the dog’s too heavy, and the helpless woman sputters and chokes around its fucking cock as the cum keeps gushing forth in rapid bursts, filling her mouth faster than Annie can swallow.

Dog semen streams from her flared nostrils as tears well in her reddened eyes.

Then another powerful burst of sperm explodes in her mouth, gushing out from the corners of her cock-stuffed lips and running down the sides of her face. The dog’s pumping cock acts as a plunger in Annie’s mouth, causing creamy semen to bubble out over her lips and coat her chin.

Witness Protection

  • A sequel to Animal Rescue centering on what happens to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns down the offer to work in Mexico with Debbie and the DEA.

Semen overflowing from Annie’s mouth gets onto the dog’s balls and, as it kept humping and its balls slap against her chin, milky cum splatters to either side. Some of the splashing dog-semen gets into her hair, but most of it drools down the sides of her face and onto her neck. Lewd slurping sounds emanate from Annie’s mouth as the dog’s cum-spouting cock fucks in and out.

Drowning in dog-cum, Annie becomes panicky. She starts kicking her legs frantically and pushing up on the sex-crazed beast’s belly with her hands. Annie’s strangling and gagging, but the dumb brute just keeps fucking the woman’s face, and her feeble efforts are no match for its size and strength. She can’t stop Duke or scream for help.

Fear grips the woman as she realizes she’s in danger. Annie begins pounding on the dog’s ribs with clenched fists, kicking and squirming beneath it as her air-starved lungs burn. Horrid visions of being found dead with dog-cum still drooling from her mouth flash through Annie’s mind.

“Hey…” a male voice shouts. “Knock it off.”

Annie gasps for air as the dog’s canine cock withdraws from her mouth. Looking up through tear-glazed eyes, she sees Curly tugging at Duke’s collar, pulling the confused beast away. Duke is snapping at Curly, snarling viciously as the man holds it at bay. Annie sits up, coughing cum up from her clogged throat. The hot slimy semen runs down her chin, dripping to her exposed breasts. Her blouse ripped wide open in front by the dog’s hind legs, and a couple of buttons are gone.

“Settle down, you dumb mutt,” Curly said in an authoritative tone, slapping the dog’s snarling jowls. “Sit … SIT…”

The angry beast had shot the last of its load onto the ground, and now it responds to the man’s tone of authority and sits obediently. The dog’s big tongue dangles over its black lips as it pants in the aftermath of its climax, looking perplexedly at its disheveled human bitch.

Annie is licking dog-cum from her lips, and tears streak down her cheeks and run through the slime of sperm that coats her chin. The woman tried to close her blouse over her naked, red-streaked breasts while Curly glowers at her.


This is an excerpt from Witness Protection, a 35,000+ word novella that will blow your mind. Buy the eBook to read the whole sexy story.



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