Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch


Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch Sheela B.

  • The FBI have two female agents investigate the disappearance of Monica after her mother becomes ill, and uncover something unexpected. (Bestiality).
A nasty hiss comes from Monica as the power of Cerberus transfers into Cindy’s pussy. The tingling is merely as the cocking of a gun, however, once the trigger is pulled the explosion of lust inside her body makes her orgasm instantly. A strong throbbing orgasm, an indication of what’s to come. Cindy finds herself dropping her trousers, panties and all, in Fred’s backyard as several dog’s push noses against her to smell the heat coming from her cunt. The shadowy figure of Monica recoils, wringing her hands as Cindy goes to her hands and knees to be mounted by a Labrador. The cock slams into her pussy, making Cindy grunt loudly as the pleasure radiating from her clit and cunt fills her body with ungodly delights. Monica goes beside Cindy and takes her gun.

“He wants you,” Monica says in a low voice.

All Cindy can do is grunt and moan as the Labrador cock pounds into her, the wet, nasty noise of fucking reverberates around the yard. The dog’s heavy panting, and Cindy’s girlish moans. Monica places pressed the gun against the side of her head.

“He wants you to take my place,” she says almost in a hiss.

Cindy stares up at Monica, and seeing the young woman’s finger move toward the trigger, she shouts, “No.”

“He wants YOU,” Monica shouts, and slaps Cindy hard across the face.

The Labrador grips Cindy’s waist tighter as he fucks her, her body trembles as an orgasm takes her, trying to pull her away from Monica. She fights Cerberus’s hold, shaking her head to clear it, even as her pussy spasms around the big canine cock fucking her.

“I c-can help y-you,” Cindy manages to say.

Monica laughs coldly. “I don’t need your help.”

The shadowy figure pulls the gun from her temple and moves into the house. The Labrador’s knot slams into Cindy’s cunt, making her squeal. Another orgasm makes her rattle, and sweat drip from her face. A burst of gunfire comes from the house, yet the power of Cerberus is taking its hold on the agent, and it barely registers. Cindy has known a few cocks during her life, however, she had felt every inch of the fleshy pole as it stretched her to the bursting point as this one did. Digging to depths no man had ever reached inside her before.

Gradually, Cindy’s eyes glaze in a blind stare of passionate acceptance as she crouches in helpless submission before her canine lover. Without warning, her hips begin a mindless automatic motion back against the lewdly invading dog-cock. First in little circles, then in hard jarring thrusts, straight back into the Labrador’s straining loins, while she mewled and moaned in lascivious pleasure. Oblivious now to Monica and Fred, she feels the dog pounding into her with the vigor of a lust-driven nineteen-year-old, yet with the strength of a tiger.

The well-filled woman tries to look beneath her kneeling body to watch the penis pound into her twitching cunt, yet all she can see is the dog’s hairy balls swinging lewdly between her legs. Each sharp slap of his balls against her clit giving her additional jolts of wild pleasure. Reaching between her thighs, Cindy circles her fingers around the dog’s hot slippery penis as it flashes between her sensitively throbbing cunt lips. Feeling it slide far up her shuddering pussy effortlessly. Simultaneously, the lewdly excited woman grinds her knuckles gratifyingly into her moist cunt, savoring the meeting of her genitals, and the powerful dog’s cock.

Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch Sheela B.

  • The FBI have two female agents investigate the disappearance of Monica after her mother becomes ill, and uncover something unexpected. (Bestiality).

The sweating, panting, moaning woman feels so alive as the demon plays her body with the skill of a maestro. Her helpless small body sways beneath this madly humping furry canine, his long tongue lolling from between his fangs as he fucked her as the bitch she is. Just the thought of the forbiddenness of what she’s doing adding new dimensions to the erotic signals radiating from Cindy’s plundered depths. Cindy grunts each time she moves her buttocks against the dogs hard-driving loins. Never had she felt so passionately involved in getting fucked, the half-crazed woman, dimly realizes, enraptured by the wonderful canine-fucking.

She can feel her soft pink inner flesh pulling out of her pussy with the dog’s cock on the out-stroke, only to be pounded back inside as he again thrusts his hips. Dazed, she’s lost in lust, her mind wandering, and the only reality in the world becoming the huge dick thundering into her eagerly accepting cunt. The cock is all that mattered now; the huge dog-cock becoming an incredible giver of pleasure. Sensing her arousal, the dog doubles his efforts, encouraged by her acceptance, jolting her each time he thrust into her hotly clinging cunt.

“Ung, Ung, Ung, Ung,” she grunts, each time his powerful loins thud against her flexing ass-cheeks.

His huge fleshy pole penetrating her body until it feels as if it were going to pierce her stomach. Bracing herself as best she can, Cindy opens her thighs wider, stretching her whole pubic area until she thought she would split open. Spreading herself to the degree she has never, or thought possible so she can gain the full benefit of the canine’s enormous penis. Reveling in the feelings of his heated hardness smashing past her tender pussy lips on its relentless journey into her most secret depths.

The woman’s beauty slowly turning into a raving sex-starved maniac, moaning and cursing, and pleading with the slaving canine to fuck her as she’d never been fucked. Orgasm after orgasm rocks her body, leaving her in constant quivery spasms.

“Fuck me, fuck your big cock into me. Cum in me, fill me with your cum.”

The twitching, writhing, panting woman is unrecognizable now, her face distorted into a twisted yet somehow oddly beautiful mask of pure lust. All her sexual fantasies are fulfilled in this one fuck. She’s being used, degraded and enslaved beyond her wildest imaginings. Strange forgotten masochistic emotions well from her unconscious, making her flesh shiver with forbidden delight while her mind dwelt on the terrible nature of the act she’s performing. Never has sex act seemed so lust-filled, more carnal with her as she made her body a willing receptacle for the thrusting red penis of a brutish canine, whom fucked into her as if she were a dog herself.

Cerberus has triumphed today, she thought dizzily as she humped before her furry lover as any bitch in-heat would.

Driven by the pummeling of her clitoris by the dog’s balls, Cindy reaches back desperately with one hand to soothe the wonderful agony between her legs. The tip of her middle finger pressing hard on the swollen nerve-button. The final trigger had been pressed, and the inflamed woman suddenly feels as if a heavy fist has thudded into her stomach as her muscles contract in a wild delightful spasm. Her buttocks begin flexing and hollowing as her clenching pussy sucks and pulls on the dog’s throbbing cock.

“Oh God,” she moans, half-blinded by the power of the most powerful orgasm yet.

The shaking woman is only dimly aware of her canine-lover’s blood-engorged cock swelling to greater dimensions under the obscene stimulation of her powerful milking pussy.

Suddenly, the dog’s searing canine cum begins to jet into her innermost depths, flooding her with an obscene warmth. With one long powerful squirt that seemed to tunnel a molten path right through her quivering insides, her mind explodes in a great flare of colored lights as she starts to cum again. The dog holds tight to the bucking woman as she gurgled out a long moan of sensual pleasure. All the time emptying his sperm-bloated canine testicles into her gyrating body as she kneels before him in unashamed depravity.

Cindy wails and thrashes as she presses her hungrily milking pussy-mouth back against the spurting canine cock as if afraid to let one precious drop of the fluid escape. The thick white liquid gushes from around where her madly working cunt clasps tightly around the dog’s jerking member, running in sticky trails down her convulsing thighs to drip onto the grass below.

Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch Sheela B.

  • The FBI have two female agents investigate the disappearance of Monica after her mother becomes ill, and uncover something unexpected. (Bestiality).

Finally, as another powerful shudder passes through the sobbing woman’s exhausted body, she falls limply forward onto the ground to lie in a sodden heap, still impaled on the cock now knotted inside her cunt. The sheer force of her many orgasms causing her to black out and when she woke, she twists her head to see another dog through her night vision goggles. The Labrador is gone, now a Great Dane pounds into her buzzing pussy, immediately the sensations take hold and another orgasm ripples through her. Cindy is delirious, the pleasure is extreme. An orgasm that goes on, and on. A powerful supernatural force of lust, driven by a demon, buffeting her as if she were no more than a piece of paper in a tornado.

The dog shivers and trembles, trying to bury the blood red tip into her luscious body. Her mind reeling in a confused daze of sexual need and debasing humiliation, she looks at him through her wide eyes watching him. Then, as Cerberus has taken over her will, she thrust hungrily up with her buttocks in a mechanical motion to take the shaft of canine flesh into her swollen pussy lips. The lust-driven dog fucks her with all the barbarousness of a Tartar, savagely humping her white-hot pussy. Inch after inch of his long, thick cock disappears into her with each new pile-driving thrust of his hairy flanks.

Suddenly, her breath hisses out of her body in a high whistling sigh as the great cock slams into her cunt. The Great Danes forelegs drop on either side of her smooth curved hips, trapping her, and she undulates her quivering body. Her tightly clenched buttocks grinding in lewd circles, abandoning herself to the wonderful animal-fucking she’s receiving from the Great Dane. Her face is twisted with ecstasy and her full taut breasts jiggle lightly, moving in time to the throbbing dog-cock as it spirals upward into her pussy, as if a rampant drill made of hot flesh.

“Oh, God,” she moans, relishing every vicious slam of the Great Danes prick into her hotly raving cunt.

She’s getting screwed senseless by a Cerberus, the huge dog cock filling her slim belly and pushing her inner organs higher and higher until she’s afraid they’ll rupture, and be pushed all the way out of her mouth. It’s tearing the soul from her body, driving it out of her with every power stroke. She’s begging him to fuck her harder and faster, to shoot his hot cum into her pussy, aching to be filled with the dog’s lewdly building sperm.

All that mattered to her now is reveling in her defilement, uncaring, no longer capable of thinking about Monica or Fred. The tremendous shaft of hard animal flesh pistons inside her wide-stretched pussy, causing her to hump back hungrily against the dog’s furry, jerking body as if a female animal herself. Small droplets of moisture are forming in the juncture of Cindy’s erotically rotating thighs, trickling over her smoothly gyrating buttocks. Sometimes sticking to the dog’s sperm-laden testicles as they slap wildly against her upturned anus with each stroke.

Her round ass-cheeks contract uncontrollably, signifying her ongoing climax, and she screws up greedily against the beast. Cindy’s crazily grinding buttocks pitch and toss wildly as her thrilling climactic upheaval explodes deep in her belly with another searing burst of canine cum. The Great Dane settles, to let his seed fill her womb. The growing pressure inside her triggers more orgasm’s. How many orgasms’ can one woman take, she wonders, before it becomes torture?

She hears a scream, a woman’s scream, and is at first thankful it isn’t her. Someone or something brushes past her, knocking her the Great Dane to the ground with great force. The huge cock pulls free from her still-spasming cunt, and Cindy sighs as the loss opens a great cavern of emptiness within her. She rolls over the lawn several times to end on her stomach, panting, almost gasping, as if something is smothering her. Something grabs her by the hair and yanks her head up sharply, making her Cindy groan.

“He wants you, but I’m not ready to leave,” Monica shouts into her ear, making Cindy wince.

More gunfire, and some dogs whelping in pain. Monica lets go of her head and flees as Fred emerges from the door with his revolver outstretched.


This is an excerpt from Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch. You can purchase the 27,000+ word novella here, or read it in full in our MEMBERS AREA.


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