Jack Morningwood

Jack is such an interesting man, and his interest in interspecies sex has spawned this collection of stories. We often read of women and animals, but men and animals seems way more taboo. Harder to imagine even, and while we don’t encourage anyone to do what happens in these fictional stories for real, it does throw open interesting possibilities in human sexuality.

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Must Be Good with Animals Jack Morningwood

  • Carl is a down-on-his-luck ex-con and prison bitch struggling to build a new life when he finds a job ad that appeals to him. Words: 12,426

What a Night! Jack Morningwood

  • A horny young man decides to go for a walk in the middle of the night to burn off some energy, but he spies a couple making love in the park. Words: 6,012

The Trouble with Kahn Jack Morningwood

  • After his neighbor rapes him, Jake is forced to watch the evil man's dog while he takes his family away for a holiday. Words: 19,137

Descent to the Dark Side Jack Morningwood

  • After his divorce, Nate moves across the country to the west coast and buys a dog for companionship. Words: 18,982

A Night Out with Tonia! Jack Morningwood

  • Tony/Tonia is a crossdressing sissy who gets more than he bargained for one night out cruising for anonymous sex with men. Words: 12,258

Primal Love! Jack Morningwood

  • Harris is a horny gay man looking for places to jerk off in his backwater town because his home is too crowded, and he finds the perfect place at the local scrapyard inside an old car.

Why Tara Ran Away (Hetro) Jack Morningwood

  • Tara lives with her Uncle and Aunt and their son Kenny. One day Kenny seduces her, which sets off a chain of events that forever changes Tara's life. Words: 11,117

The Prison Bitch Society 3: Bitch In Training! Jack Morningwood

  • Ben just can't fill the emptiness in his heart after he's released from prison. When one day, a stranger makes a proposition that'll change Ben's life forever. Words: 12,612

Jack Morningwood: Shorts! Jack Morningwood

  • Sam's Backyard: Sam goes out to see why all these dogs are in his backyard. Craigslist Fun: A bondage adventure he'll never forget. Seduced by a Doberman: He's minding the neighbor's dogs and the Doberman is a real alpha. The Repairman: He repairs more than just a broken fridge. The Drunk: Chet is walking home drunk and is searching for a secluded place to urinate. Words: 15,289

The Cum Demon Jack Morningwood

  • Andy finds a strange necklace while running away from bullies and it possesses a demon that controls him until it's got what it wants—CUM! Words: 16,690

In The Name Of Science Jack Morningwood

  • Toby's home trying to write a paper for his psychology degree when the neighbors annoying dog wanders into the backyard. Words: 14,175

The Junkyard Dog Jack Morningwood

  • Jacob is a car nut but also very gay and id into crossdressing, and one day he decides to play a prank at the junkyard that changes his summer irrevocably. Words: 8,031

The Repairman Jack Morningwood

  • Toby is home alone when the perverted repairman comes to fix his hose. Words: 8,006

The Prison Bitch Society 2 Jack Morningwood

  • Danny is on parole, but his history as a voracious prison bitch catches up with him when his next-door neighbor catches him doing something really perverted. Words: 12,754

Stranded! Jack Morningwood

  • Carter is on his way home for the semester break when his car breaks down. Luckily for him, a beefy bear offers him a ride to the next town, and a ride into extreme pleasure. Words: 9,990

The Workout Jack Morningwood

  • When a mutt dog intrudes on Ross's workout in his home gym, a new life is born as the neighborhood canine whore. Words: 15,336

The Prison Bitch Society 1 Jack Morningwood

  • When an ex-con is suddenly harrassed by an old neighbor, his life takes some kinky twists that lead him back to a life he thought he'd left behind. Words: 12,247

The Neighbor Jack Morningwood

  • When Josh Benson comes home from college he finds the once hated neighbor Sam Davidson has turned into a total hunk and he develops a gay crush on the man. Words: 12,013

Snake In The Grass Jack Morningwood

  • When a bored small town gay teen (18), on the cusp of going to college, meets the love of his life—a German shepherd—he begins to doubt if leaving for college is the best thing to do. Words: 10,302

The Gay Dog Jack Morningwood

  • Ryan, an eighteen-year-old semi-homeless guy is forced to look after his friend's pit bull terrier while their away camping, and one thing leads to another. Words: 10,906

The Stray! Jack Morningwood

  • One night, while coming home from his job in a burger restaurant, Sam runs into a large dog who seems lost. So he decides to take the animal in as an act of charity. Words: 11,429

Pet Friendly Services (Straight Edition) Jack Morningwood

  • Jack Morningwood has reworked his original hot story to make it about a woman who becomes a dog whore in this compelling new work. Words: 18,567

Dogs at Work! Jack Morningwood

  • When Jake, a zoophile, gets a temp job in an office, he finds the ‘Dogs at Work’ program offers temptations too great to resist. Words: 11,244

Junkyard Jim Jack Morningwood

  • Tonight, Jim is going to finally give himself fully to his lovers, four junkyard dogs. Words: 8,680

Pet Friendly Services (Gay Edition) Jack Morningwood

  • Gay man Paul gets propositioned in a park by a stranger looking for someone to have sex with his gay dog, Oscar. Words: 15,773

Driving with Desirae Jack Morningwood

  • A drag queen named Desirae gets a flat tire on the trip home from a show in the middle of nowhere and is molested by two stray dogs. Words: 7,230