A Night Out with Tonia!


She sits, lights another joint, and allows her coat to fall fully open and her miniskirt to ride up her nylon-clad thighs to fully expose her erect cock and balls to the cool night air and the park.  ‘Fuck, I feel sexy sitting here exposing my hard cock to the park,’ she thought.

Tonia slowly slides her fist up and down her shaft, pulling her foreskin back and forth.  She has to concentrate hard to prevent herself from climaxing just yet, as Tonia’s so horny after her pitstop encounters.  It’s while Tonia’s idly edging her cock and listening to her ass still gurgling from all the jizz it contains and burping sperm tastes into her mouth that she’s surprised by the sudden appearance of a dog.

Experience has taught her that where there’s a dog, there’s usually an owner close behind, so she keeps an eye out for anyone approaching.

The dog sits as her ears strain to hear its owner approaching, but she hears nothing.  After a few minutes, Tonia relaxes and carries on idly jerking off but remaining alert for anyone coming toward the shelter, just in case.  She leans forward to peer up the path either way but sees nor hears anyone, and so she starts to stroke the head of the dog sitting nearby.

When the slutty tranny does that, the dog stands and wags its tail, its tongue hanging out so’s it seems as if the animal’s smiling.  Tonia guesses from the dog’s appearance.  It’s part Labrador and part something else, and by the look of the furry sheath between its hind legs, the dog certainly isn’t a bitch.  She starts sliding her hand along her erect cock again, and the dog takes a step toward her before suddenly licking the pre-cum off her cockhead.  It’s like an electric shock up her cock, and Tonia lies back and lets the dog do it again and again.

Fuck.  That feels good,’ she thought.

The dog’s now licking the entire length of her cock, and Tonia simply lies back and let the animal have its way, her jizz now bubbling in her balls.  Then, without warning, the dog’s tongue shot up between her splayed thighs, and it contacted her leaking ass.

The dog’s licking the beer gut guy’s jizz from her earlier fuck as it oozes from her ass-pussy and the animal’s snout firmly pushes between her thighs, making little snuffling noises.

The stray mutt then pulls back and wags its tail, the dog’s tongue lolling out of one side of its mouth before it jumps with its forepaws, putting them on either side of her thighs on the bench.  Tonia can’t resist reaching forward and taking hold of the furry sheath that’s jiggling from side to side as the dog wags its tail.  When she touches it, the dog humps forward and exposes about four inches of red cock from its sheath.  Slimy canine pre-cum is already spurting onto the ground between her feet.

Tonia thinks the dog is trying to tell her that it’s feeling horny too, having tasted the beer gut guy’s jizz as it leaked from her ass-pussy, and that the dog wants her to do something about it.  She can’t resist, and she curls her fingers around the furry sheath between the dog’s hind legs and slides it back once or twice.  The effect is immediate and startling.  The dog instantly holds around her hips with its forepaws, gripping her firmly as it humps its cock at her, exposing even more and splattering her cock and balls with canine pre-cum.

The sissy fag lets go of the stray mutt’s slippery red cock, and the animal releases its grip on her hips.  Then the dog turns round to lick its exposed cock before standing there between her feet and wagging its tail more furiously than before and whining softly.  ‘He wants me to jerk him off,’ Tonia thought, amused.

“Come on, boy,” she calls softly to the dog.  “Do you want some action then?”

It’s as if the dog understands every word, and it whines again before sitting and pawing her knee.  The dog’s cock is now sliding out of its sheath and jerking against the beast’s belly.

“I think we can do better than a handjob, boy,” Tonia whispers to the dog as she smiles and strokes the Labrador cross’s head.  “How do you fancy fucking me instead?”

Again, it’s as if the dog understands every word.  It jumped and danced about, panting loudly and very excited.  Tonia stands and gazes cautiously up and down the path to see if anybody is coming.  Seeing no one is around, Tonia moves around to the back of the shelter, calling the dog after her.  The stray mutt follows behind her straight away, its tail furiously wagging as Tonia takes off her coat, miniskirt, and blouse and lies them on the ground to protect her nylons from laddering when she kneels for her first-ever doggy-fuck.

To start with, the tranny squats, dressed only in her black Basque and nylons, with her back against the shelter and spread her thighs as wide as she can to let the dog lick some more jizz from her ass-pussy again to get her going.

It also lets her jerk off a little before getting down on her hands and knees.  The dog instinctively knows what Tonia wants it to do and dives between her nylon-clad thighs to eagerly lick the sticky jizz still oozing from her exposed ass-pussy while she gently jerks off.

The tranny nearly climaxed there and then, and it takes all the control she possesses to stop herself from doing it.  She prevents her jizz from exploding from her cock by simply resting her hands over her suspenders and nylons and letting the feeling in her cockhead subside slightly.  The dog sees this and instantly paws her again.

The dog’s whining and wagging its tail as if asking Tonia to get ready to mate with it.

Tonia plucks up the courage needed and slides onto her knees before getting down on all fours, bracing herself for the dog’s sexual onslaught.  Instead, the dog goes around behind her and eagerly licks her stretched asshole.  It’s lapping up the river of jizz that now flows from her.  Then, without warning, the dog stops licking, jumps on her back, and wraps its forepaws tightly around her waist as it humps her back end viciously.  The red canine cock is nearly erect now and spitting pre-cum at her puckered ass-pussy.

The dog takes a step forward, and its cock stabs at her ass-pussy, missing the mark the first few times and then stabbing straight into her after taking yet another step forward and plunging its hard cock into her belly.  The dog’s back end hunches forward, and its tail goes between its hind legs as the animal fucks into her at a rapid rate.  The dog’s legs dance around between Tonia’s, and its cock grows noticeably longer and thicker with every second that passes.

The stray mutt rams everything it has into Tonia’s asshole as hard and as fast as it can, as the animal grips her tighter and pulls her toward it.  The dog’s claws scratch Tonia’s hips, and its thrusts make the delicious sound of naked flesh slapping together.  It’s then Tonia notices the dog’s cock getting thick and long, and she can feel the spurts of pre-cum hitting her insides, such is the ferocity of the lubricating ejaculation.

Then, as the beast plows into her, Tonia feels the knot swelling and stretching her ass-pussy.  The animal changes its rhythm and technique from a rapid stabbing to a deep and powerful thrusting, and Tonia can feel the knot getting bigger and bigger until the knot holds, and they lock together.

Still, the knot continues to swell, and the dog’s cock lengthens and thickens until Tonia feels full of cock.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The tip of the dog’s cock must’ve been a good nine inches inside her belly and probing deep into her gut, and the knot swells even bigger until Tonia can feel it stretching the walls of her bowels far more than usual.  The dog’s cock (and knot) is massive.

Tonia’s utterly full of cock, far more than she’s been in her life, even when she uses her large dildo at home.

Thankfully, the dog slows thrusting and eventually stops.

The dog’s lying on the tranny’s back, panting loudly as the massive cock and colossal knot jerks and throbs violently inside Tonia’s body.  The dog’s jizz spurts into Tonia with powerful squirts and is soon oozing past the ultra-tight fit of the knot to run down the insides of her thighs, soaking her stocking-tops.

Tonia drops to her elbows, and the dog instantly humps into her again, the tip of its massive cock impaling her ass-pussy even more and sliding another two good inches into her guts.  The dog’s knot also slid even further into her and swelled even more than before.  However, it feels a little bit easier as the knot’s deeper inside her and, thankfully, away from the tight sphincter that keeps her ass-pussy closed.

She must have a total of ten inches of throbbing and jerking dog cock inside her and a knot the size of a grapefruit stretching her open.  ‘God, it feels good,’ Tonia thought.  They’re firmly locked together, and the tranny can’t move a muscle as the dog continues to pump jizz into her body.   Tonia’s cock is jerking and twitching the whole time, but still, she hasn’t climaxed yet.

It’s then that she hears a sound.  Glancing up in the dim light, Tonia sees a guy standing before her, fumbling with his fly.

“Well-well-well, what have we here,” he said quietly.  “A woman fucking a dog in the park.  The things you see these days.”

It’s evident from what he said that he thought Tonia was a woman and not a man dressed like one, and she isn’t going to tell the stranger differently.

“Please, mister,” Tonia begs.  “Don’t tell on me.”

“How about you suck me off, and I’ll not mention this to anyone,” he said.

“OK, you’ve got a deal,” Tonia said in a soft feminine voice to keep the illusion alive.  “I’ll do whatever you say.  Just don’t tell anyone about me.”


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