Roxy’s eyes bulge as she watches the dog’s powerful jaws open.  The dog’s gleaming white teeth are like rows of hundreds of razor-sharp blades set entirely in a soft, wet pink lining.  Spittle rolls out of its mouth, dripping to the floor in long crystal strings.

“Keep ‘em apart, or I’ll have him rip your cunt to shreds,” Tyson warns her, referring to her legs.

Roxy whimpers, then relaxed her leg muscles as she watches the animal closely as if she’s a hunted, cornered sewer rat.

“Go on, boy,” Tyson urges, letting go of the big animal’s collar and giving it an encouraging shove forward.

The big Doberman moves forward cautiously, sniffing the air gingerly as it strains its pointed, strong head ahead.  Roxy pushes her head back until it’s pressing hard against the door jam.  Her legs tremble with fear as the Doberman creeps between her widely splayed thighs.

Oh God, help me,” the blonde moans, closing her eyes and breaking down into helpless, wild sobs of despair as she feels the hot, wet breath of the dog blowing gently against her pussy.

Alex and Tyson laugh as they watch the big dog lower its head and take a big sniff at the woman’s slit.  The Doberman’s ears perk as it seems to like what it smells.  Roxy opens her eyes again and notices the big dog’s body trembling.  She glances behind the dog and sees its cock sheath jerking around.  She sees a red, pointy, worm-like thing oozing out from the black, furry cock sheath in another second.  Twitching and bobbing against the Doberman’s muscular belly as if it has a life of its own.  His fuzzy ball sacks jiggle and screw tightly against the thick root of its red cock with excitement as its eyes bore into Roxy’s pussy.

The blonde can sense the savage, powerful lust radiating out of the powerful animal’s body.  It peeled back its rubbery black lips and revealed a terrifying row of white, gleaming crisscrossed teeth lining its dusky pink gums.  The big dog’s black nose twitches as it takes another sniff at the woman’s exposed pussy.  The Doberman creeps forward, one giant black paw in front of the other as Roxy scoots her firm ass cheeks back as far as she can.

The blonde can feel the rough wooden surface of the floor scratching her, and it reminds her of the night they first raped her.  Her slender fingers claw helplessly in the air as she pulls her head back and turns her face away from the approaching dog.  The big black animal’s growling sends shivers of revulsion through her trembling body.

NOOOOOOOO…” the blonde woman shouts.

Her knees tremble, then snap toward one another as the Doberman lowers its mighty head and pushes its cold nose gently against her pussy lips.  Roxy feels the soft membrane peels back slightly from the pressure.  The Doberman’s hot, wet breath drifts into her vagina, sending shivers of revulsion through the writhing woman’s body.  Roxy groans again, rolling her head wildly from side to side against the door jamb while she pulls and jerks at the restraining ropes binding her wrists.  She rocks her ass on the wooden, moving it first left, then right as she tries to save her pussy from the animal’s attack.

“Don’t do this.  Please, God, don’t do this,” the blonde groans in a strained voice as hot tears well in her bulging eyes, then spill down her flushed cheeks.

Roxy’s mouth twists into an expression of disgust as she watches the big dog’s body tremble with sexual fury.  Her toes curl tightly around while the blonde woman rubs the back of her legs helplessly against the floor as she tries to back away from the Doberman.

“Too much for ya, bitch?” Alex said with a sneer.

“Fuck it.  Let’s smoke a joint while the bitch gets it,” Tyson said, pulling out a bag with white powder from his pocket and handing it over to Alex.

“Should we give her friend a puff, it might loosen her up?” Alex asks, leaning over and looking hotly at Katie.

The brunette doesn’t hear or see what the men are doing, only a few feet away from her.  Her eyes glued to Roxy, who’s moaning and trying desperately to protect her pussy from the growling Doberman’s vicious attack.

The dog moves forward, bringing Roxy back to the reality of her own situation.  Roxy’s screaming and thrashing startled the big animal into a temporary retreat.  The dog backs away a foot and stares confusedly at the helpless woman.  Its big ears point forward while the Doberman pants with excitement.  The temporary standoff ends when it lets out a loud bark and then starts moving slowly back to the woman’s quivering pussy.

“Please stop,” Roxy said through her tightly clenched teeth as she can feel the Doberman’s breath again drifting through her pussy hairs.

Then its cold nose is touching her slit again, pushing tentatively forward into her vagina as the room fills with the smell of weed.

Roxy feels the muscles in her inner thighs cramp painfully as the Doberman pushes its pointed, furry snout into her cunt.  She feels her pussy lips peel apart, unsticking as the dog growls lower and more excitedly.  A cold sweat covers her body as she throws back her head and lets out a high-pitched, thin wail of despair.  Her arms pull desperately at the tight, binding ropes, making her muscles bulge out.  Roxy tries to cry out and beg the men to let her go.  However, her mouth is too swollen and dry for her to say anything intelligible.

AHHHHH…” she screams as the cold nose starts to scrape along the slick, warm inner membranes of her pussy.

Roxy starts to think of those rows of sharp teeth gleaming in the dull light.  She pictures them slicing through her tender pussy flesh, tearing into her helpless pussy until her cunt fills with blood while she sits helplessly bound to the crate.  Rearing back, the big dog chews somewhat lightly her hip, drawing a small trickle of blood from the flesh covering the bone.  As the razor-like teeth dig in, Roxy shrieks, jerking her body so hard it moves the locked crate across the floor about two inches.

“That’s what you’ll get if you try anything more with him,” Tyson said, taking another puff on the joint.

The Doberman stands, trembling between her widely splayed legs.  Its snout coats with a thin layer of her pussy juice, while a small band of blood embellishes its upper lip.  The blonde shudders, then closed her eyes and hung her head limply on her chest.  There’s no escaping this humiliation.  All the woman can do is acquiesce to whatever Alex and Tyson do and pray she can survive.

The animal moves closer and closer, lowering its head to the level of Roxy’s pussy.  At the same time, it keeps its big brown eyes tightly fastened to her face.  The blonde woman groans again, stiffening every muscle in her body as the now-familiar sensation of the Doberman’s hot breath fills her inner thighs and cunt.  Then the nose is back again, pushing into her pussy lightly.  However, this time there’s something new.  The big dog moves back slightly, opening its mouth, and pushes its long, dripping wet tongue into her cunt.

At first, Roxy feels her stomach turn over and contract, threatening to send a load of bile through her mouth.  However, then something strange happens.  The terror, the sheer helplessness, and the overpowering degradation of the situation are actually turning Roxy on.  There’s something warming, sexually exciting in getting humiliated like this.  She feels small, insignificant, universally dirty, and defiled by these men and this dog.  The big breasted blonde bites her lower lip, sobbing at this realization, yet it’s something she can’t put out of her head.  Her body’s sweating and trembling now, but this time, it’s due to what’s happening to her.

OHHHHH,” Roxy groans as she feels the long, hot wet tongue slurp her pussy, pulling the blonde hairs up and laying them flat against her swelling, hot pussy lips.

There’s a big, swelling ball of tightness in her belly, growing until it spreads to her pussy and to her jiggling breasts.  Roxy gasps as she works her fingers helplessly in the air.  Her knees involuntarily spread apart as she sags from her bounds and opens herself to the licking animal.

“I think she’s starting to like it,” Alex said as Roxy’s breathing becomes irregular.

“Oh, she likes it rough, remember,” Tyson said.  “She loved it when we roughed her up the last time.  Course, she didn’t mention that part in court.”

Roxy’s panting, panting like the dog standing in front of her with its big tongue sloshing up and down her swelling, heating, tightening pussy.

OHHHH,” Roxy moans hotly again, rolling her head against the edge of the door as hot rivulets of dog spit ooze down her inner thighs and seeps into her ass crack.

The big dog shoves her thighs further apart with its handsome blackhead and starts to wash its tongue over her thighs and bottoms of her ass cheeks.  Roxy feels herself floating mindlessly in a sea of warm wetness as the Doberman’s growls echo through the cabin.  The woman sucks in a deep breath as the big dog suddenly applies more pressure to its tongue.  The sudden, scalding force of its powerful tongue as it peels her pussy lips apart makes the woman jerk her knees even further apart.

The big dog growls low in its throat and braces its paws on the floor as it presses in.  One wet lick rubs Roxy’s penis-like clit.  Roxy’s eyelids flutter open, and her eyes bulge as she bites blood from her bottom lip.  ‘What am I coming to,’ she wonders?  ‘I’m actually enjoying this horrible depravity.’  Roxy moans in anger, then changes her tone of hatred to whimpers of delight as the wet tongue repeatedly sloshes over her mound of sputtering sex flesh.

Suddenly, the big dog presses harder into Roxy, and she gasps.  Roxy feels the cheeks of her ass press harder against the rough wooden floor.  No one could’ve made the dog stop now.  The animal’s wrapped in its own sexual frenzy as it licks the now flowing juices of Roxy’s pussy.  The blonde doesn’t want anyone to stop what’s going on now.  She feels a strange, arousing kind of hot wetness gripping her body.  Her big breasts sway lazily across her sweat-streaked chest as her nipples poke themselves stiffly into the air.  The blonde locks of her hair cling wetly to her dampened forehead as Roxy’s eyes glaze and roll into her head.

“No, no, no,” Roxy groans weakly, rolling her head from one shoulder to the other.

Hair hangs in her eyes as she feels every ounce of strength draining from her body.  Roxy’s cunt aches from the tension the big animal is stoking into it.  The friction, rubbing of one wet surface against another, is driving Roxy out of her mind.  Her knees tremble violently as she feels her pussy screwing tighter and tighter beneath the big dog’s attack.  Her nipples feel as if they’ll tweak off her jiggling boobs.  Her ears roar with the slick clicking sound of the Doberman’s tongue against the folds of her pussy flesh.  She can feel bolts of white-hot sexual heat cutting through her like the teeth of a rusty saw.

AHHHHHH,” Roxy moans as she feels the inner, wet surfaces of her cunt rubbing together.

The woman is helping the big animal now.  Rolling her firm ass on the floor and grinding her thighs as she milks her pussy flesh together with those body movements.  Simultaneously, she squeezes more and more hot juice out of her vagina.  The Doberman growls as it laps the tiny river of pungent fluid, growling for more as Roxy sighs, whimpers, and groans with delight.  The dog’s tongue had thoroughly wet her pussy.  The dog’s healthy body quivering with tension as its tongue going wild.  The dog’s tongue slips over the tender inner skin of her thigh.  Each hard, wet hot lick brings floods of juice from her cunt and makes her belly contract with delight.  Roxy feels ecstatic.

She squirms shamelessly on the floor, her hot ass flesh squeaking over the sweat-covered floor as she rolls and hunches to the big dog’s snout.  Roxy knows the dog tastes her.  She can tell from its reaction the beast is more than pleased with her response to its licking.  The woman opens her eyes and glances at the giant red cock swaying and bobbing back and forth between the Doberman’s muscular hindquarters.  At first, she’s afraid of the knotty spear.  Now all she can think of is how it might feel, peeling back her pussy lips and sinking slowly into her cunt.

More … Ugh … More,” Roxy moans as Katie watches.

She wants her cunt full.  Her vaginal walls spasm, and she can feel the muscles in her cunt, grabbing at the dog’s black nose.  She quivers on the brink of her climax, and the big muscles in her thighs and ass cramp.  If only she could have something pushing against the itching, aching walls of her cunt.

Ah, God, more … Eat my cunt,” Roxy moans.

Roxy’s mind burns at the thought, and her ass bucks against the Doberman’s parted jaws.  The dog’s teeth cut her slightly, bringing babbling groans of pleasure from her throat.  The woman presses her knees more tightly against the Doberman’s hot, trembling body.  She tosses her head as if a madwoman.  Feeling her hair whipping in soft tangles across her face as she feels herself finally falling over the brink and climaxing.

AHHHHHH … YEEEEEEEE…” Roxy shouts in a low, broken, throaty voice.

She quivers and throbs while she bucks her body wildly.  Her back scrapes against the rough wooden floor as the Doberman keeps licking and nuzzling against her pussy.  Hot, salty-tasting juice floods onto the animal’s snout, wetting down the short fur as the wet sounds of the tongue against pussy squished and squeaked louder than before.  Her orgasm is achingly slow.  It isn’t at all as sharp and fast as when a man fucks her cunt.  Roxy can’t seem to get enough friction for the kind of orgasm she needs to completely satisfy herself.  However, it’s enough to keep the delirious waves of ecstatic climax flowing.

When Roxy opens her eyes again, she sees the dog still standing between her widely splayed legs.  Its canine eyes glisten and roll in its forehead.  The blonde woman sighs, wanting to pet the big dog gratefully.  Then gradually, the reality of the situation comes back to her.


This is an excerpt from the eBook called ‘Abduction‘ by Moe Lester. Buy the book to read it all or join our Members Area to read hundred’s of taboo stories.


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