Mark asks his lover softly, “You hear anything, baby?”

“No,” the woman mumbles around his cock.

The radio crackles again, and the way the man’s eyes bulge as he realizes it’s the police made Kay chuckle.

Kay asks Rocky, while staring at the couple canoodling in the bushes, “Are you ready, boy?”

Kay pulls her panties up and gives Rocky a signal, not one he had been taught during his police training, one she had taught him. The dog jumps to his feet and heads toward the bushes barking. The man realizing what’s happening quickly pulls his hard cock from the young woman’s mouth and while pushing himself to his feet, he knees her in the head, knocking her out.

The man grabs his pants and makes a run for it, abandoning the unconscious woman to her fate. He’s all for himself now, fuck her, he’s not going to get done by the cops if he can help it. Rocky stands by the prostrate woman watching the man disappear in the darkness, he starts to sniff her finding her wet cunt easily as her smell is strong. Soon, his nose is buried between her thighs, licking wildly at her, tasting her tangy essence, and filling her cunt with his wet tongue.

Kay comes as close as she dares, pulling a small camcorder from her backpack and videos the scene before her. The young woman comes to, and her head rises to see the dog lapping her cunt furiously.

“Noooooooo,” she shouts, and kicks at the dog making him back off.

Using this moment of respite, she nimbly jumps to her feet and runs, the dog is close behind. Get her, Kay urges in her mind, GET HER.
Suddenly, the dog hit the young woman’s back and knocks her forward into the ground headfirst. She grunts loudly as she winded herself on the hard ground, rolling, yet not seeing where her attacker is in the darkness. It takes too long in her mind for her to breathe again, but once she can, she rolls to her hands and knees to make a run for it. A painful sting takes her from her ass and she turns to find the large dog has her ass in his jaws.

“Let me go, you fucking dog,” she screams slapping at the animal.

She tries hard to punch the dog to get it to let go, yet it remains stubbornly attached to her.

“Let go, you fucking asshole,” she screams.

The young woman jerks when she suddenly feels a cold nose poke into her tender loins and sniff her sex. A tongue soon licks along her bald slit, tasting her womanhood, her scent. The dog starts licking furiously, swiping her from clit to anus, spreading her puffy labia to lick inside her lips, and occasionally entering her cunt and making her shiver.

“No, stop that,” she shrieks as the rasping dog tongue sends quivers of pleasure through her body.

She moves her hand back to block the German shepherd, however, he only tries to bite it, then went back to licking when she withdrew. She looks around to see if anyone can help her, yet there’s no one, and as she gathers her strength to make another run for safety, the big dog jumps on her back and wraps his legs around her firmly. To make it worse, he grabs her neck in his jaws and holds her so she won’t move. Now she can feel its rubbery cock jabbing her from behind as he searches for her cunt, his legs tightly around her waist. She can feel his hind legs dancing behind her, in close, and jumping over her legs as he searches for the best position for himself. The first touch of his hot, swollen cock sliding over her trembling thighs makes her a jolt, flinch even. Slipping and dancing, the sharp tip of the dog’s dick slides tantalizingly over her exposed clit, searching for its hot, moist goal. The dog bites harder on her neck, pushing her so she spreads her legs wider.

Suddenly, with a harsh jolt, the dogs hot cock slams inside her cunt with a force that makes her squeal and grunt. His furiously hunching hips make his thick cock slide into her deeper with each stroke, until his balls start slapping against her clit sending a concussion of sexual heat through her. To the woman’s dismay, she feels her stomach tighten, and her legs feel wobbly and weak as the animal continues to fuck her wildly. She closes her eyes, trying to force her body to stop its natural reaction to the sex, hating herself for feeling pleasure at such a moment. However, no matter how hard she tries, her body continues to build to orgasm as the hot doggy cock slides loudly into her young tight cunt.

“Oh god,” she moans softly.

The dog pants loudly in her ear, as he rapes her soft young pussy with his big cock, blissfully uncaring of the young woman he’s using. To him, she’s just another bitch in the wrong place at the wrong time. Feeling her velvety folds stretch and contract around his rock-hard cock as he rams it into her abdomen, the most delicious feeling his doggy brain understands. Suddenly, she feels his cock getting even larger, and she knows what it means.

“No, not that,” she whispers desperately.

Now, when the dog withdrew she can feel the outer lips of her pussy train and pull with him, then, when the dog thrusts again, the growing knot pushes through her making her grunt as it stretches her cuntal walls beyond anything they’ve experienced. The German shepherd bulldozes her cunt with his knot that keeps growing larger with every thrust. She has her eyes clenched and she groans rhythmically with the probing cock slamming into her.

No, no, I can’t,” she moans again.

Yet despite her protestations, her body is telling her ‘you can’ and as the heat grows in her loins, her body tenses, and an orgasm is released that surprises her with its intensity. Her muscles surge into paroxysmal spasms, making her stomach look like rolling waves crashing onto the beach. The woman’s cuntal walls convulse around the police dogs cock, which continues to pound into her without respite. An intense heat glows at her core, making her soft skin turn red, and beads of sweat drip from all over. As she rides this surge of orgasmic fury, the dog slows his punching cock and with a small whine, he starts to pump his cum into her. The heat and extra pressure caused by his semen pushes her orgasm along and with a twisted, burning face she moans loudly. A strange sound, a mixture of a grunt and squeal that echoes in the darkness of the empty park.

After a while, he loosens his grip and hung on her back. She took advantage of this and tries to push him off, but this nasty coupling keeps them tied. His knot is swollen large enough to prevent its removal, yet pulled constantly on her pussy lips as he fell off her back to one side.

A female voice suddenly says out of the darkness, “Well, what have we got here?”

The young woman looks around and sees Kay standing there, with her arms across her chest, and a deep frown on her face.

“Oh, officer, thank God, this dog just raped me,” the woman said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“That’s not what it looked like to me, I saw you orgasm.”

“No, I mean, I didn’t want to. I promise, he made me cum,” she said, shaking her head wildly.

“And you’re still cumming, I see.”

“I can’t help it, he’s—he’s—oh, God, please help.”

Her body is shaking, and Kay can see her tight young cunt spasming on her dog’s cock, the sight makes the police woman’s pussy gush and dampen her panties.

“I can’t get him off you until his knot shrinks, I’m afraid you’re stuck like this for a while.”

“No, please I can’t,” the woman begs.

“Let me get your things, I need some identification anyway,” Kay said and walks back to where she originally sees the young lovers fucking to get the woman’s clothes and purse.

Standing in front of the woman, Kay looks at her driver’s license, and says, “Hmmm, Louise Paterson? You’re the Mayor’s daughter aren’t you?” The woman lowers her head and mumbles something. “Speak up, I can’t hear you,” Kay shouts, making the woman’s head jerk.

“YES, I’m the Mayor’s daughter,” Louise said in an angry tone.

Kay laughs, making Louise blush.

“He’s gonna be proud of his little girl tonight, eh?”

“Please don’t tell him, can’t we keep this to ourselves?”

Before Kay can answer, Rocky whines loudly, and pulls his big cock out of the Mayor’s daughters cunt, with a big wet noise, followed by a gush of cum. Louise rolls to a sitting position, grabbing for her clothes. Kay watches her dress silently until Louise stands before her, hand out for her purse.

“Now, just a minute,” Kay said, holding it out of her reach. “Bestiality is a crime in this city, Louise.”

“I told you, he raped me. Arrest the dog,” Louise said, and snatches her purse from Kays hand.

‘And it so happens you’re walking around naked in the park in the middle of the night?”


“And it so happens that while you’re out walking around naked, this dog decides to rape you?”

Louise sighs. “I know it looks bad, but—”

“I can keep this quiet, but you owe me,” Kay said as she waved the woman to silence. “You owe me.”


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