Blake’s New Life


The first thought that entered her mind when Kristin returned was that she could still be shocked.  The older woman had gone after the Doberman and held onto the big dog’s collar.  Blake didn’t have to be told what she was going to do.  The teen had heard and read about such things, of course, but that didn’t lessen the shock she was experiencing.

Seeming to read her mind, Kristin said, “I’m not asking you to let Baron fuck you, Blake.  I’m not even asking you to watch him fuck me.  I do think you’d find it an exciting sight, however.  Do you want me to take him to another room while I let him mount me?”

Kristin had stopped near the foot of the bed.  Baron had settled back on his haunches.  The dog was panting, its long tongue hanging out one side of its mouth.  Blake had sat upright and could see the tip of the dog’s cock sticking out of its sheath.  She could also see the dog’s big ball sac resting against the carpet.

“He looks so dangerous,” Blake said.  “Aren’t you afraid he’ll hurt you?  Maybe bite?”

“I’ve raised him from a pup.  He wouldn’t hurt me.  He wouldn’t hurt anybody I didn’t want him to hurt.  You didn’t answer my question.  Do you want me to take him out of here?”

“I think I’d like to watch,” Blake said.  “It’d be a new experience for me, that’s for sure, and so far, all of my sexual experiences have been pleasurable.  I’m just going to watch, though.”

“Suit yourself,” Kristin said, dropping to her knees.  “I won’t pressure you to do anything, baby, so don’t worry.  If Baron could talk, he’d thank me for doing this.”

The brunette moved closer to the foot of the bed and got on her knees so Blake would have a better view.  Kristin put a hand down and stroked and squeezed the Doberman’s sheath.  The dog’s cock was slowly creeping out of its protective covering.  Its red prick was soon extended to its full length, and the girl was surprised by the size.

Kristin got on her hands and knees.  Her ass hiked toward Baron.  The dog got on all fours and began licking Kristin’s ass and exposed pussy lips.  She urged the dog on with whispered words, simultaneously balancing on one hand and arm while slipping her other hand down under her body to her crotch.  The big dog was already making hunching movements with his hindquarters.  The dog’s blood-engorged cock glistened with moisture.  In a loud voice, Kristin ordered the Doberman to mount her.  Baron obeyed, snuggling his lower body close to her uplifted ass, humping and jabbing his big cock until it settled onto her cupped hand.

Blake had a perfect view.  Kristin moaned as she guided the jabbing cock into her vagina.  The horny dog began humping quickly, its body flaking out over Kristin’s arched back, its front legs draped over her shoulders.  She’d removed her hand from her crotch and again balanced on both hands and arms.  The brunette moved with the swiftly fucking dog, her entire body shaking as she thrust back to take the big dog’s pistoning cock.

Then Kristin explodes in an orgasm.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she wailed.

Blake had never heard of a dog knot, yet through the older woman’s orgasm.  She saw a hard red bulge ramming at the entrance of the woman’s vagina.  The lump was only a distraction, however, because the dog’s cock was still thrusting into Kristin furiously.  The woman’s eyes were closed, and her mouth hung open with a thin strand of drool dripping from the corner.  Her battered clit fired thousands of pleasure jolts through her body, making her moan loudly.  Meanwhile, the hard, muscular swelling of the knot was getting thicker and knocking at the entrance to her slit.

She could not help but see it now and glanced between Kristin’s legs to establish what was happening.  However, the dog’s thrusts were so fast and hard that she couldn’t focus on it.  The knot seemed to be stretching Kristin’s vagina open more and more, and suddenly, the dog’s knot was inside.  It rammed into the older woman, making Blake feel as if it must be ripping the woman’s tender pussy apart.

Oh, God.  It’s in me,” Kristin shouted as the Doberman’s knot stretched her cunt.

The Doberman pushes its knot inside her, making the brunette squeal and orgasm suddenly, her body shaking violently as the baseball-sized knot pressed into her g-spot.  There was a tingling in Blake’s pussy as she watched the exciting sight.  On her knees, her ass resting on her folded legs and heels, her hands went to her throbbing, taut-tipped tits.  Kristin’s lovely titties swayed and jiggled as she hunched along with the dog’s fast, powerful strokes.  Baron’s tongue was hanging out as he panted, saliva dripping from his mouth, and the teen could tell the moment he shot his load.

Baron, feeling her cunt clamp hard on his cock stopped and started to unload his semen deep into her body.  The feeling of the dog’s hot jizz filling her womb sends Kristin into another orgasm of equal intensity.  Again, her body trembles under the force of her pleasure.  It was also obvious to Blake that Kristin climaxed while the dog jizz sprayed her cunt.  She moaned loudly, her beautiful face contorted with passion, and the girl knew right then that she wanted to be fucked by the big dog.  Blake supposed, at that moment, she would’ve let anybody, or anything, fuck her.  The teen was just that hot.

Baron climbs off so he’s ass-to-ass with his Mistress and drags her across the floor until he decides to lie near the bed.  The woman is still climaxing as she feels the Doberman’s cock pump her full of jizz, filling her womb and expanding her gut.  The big cock throbbed inside her, and Kristin rubbed her clit to bring herself off even more.  Although the dog’s cock still sprayed inside her, the pressure eased again.  She had to lay and wait until the dog’s knot had deflated.

After draining its big balls, the Doberman pulled free as its knot deflated quickly, seeming to lose interest in the whole deal.  The dog twisted its head around and licked that rapidly disappearing cock.  Blake wondered how long it’d take the Doberman to recover.  Kristin rolled over on her back, lifted and parted her knees, her glistening cunt toward the dog.

“Come on, Baron.  You know what to do.  Lick my pussy,” the brunette ordered.

The dog did know what to do or what Kristin wanted it to do.  The Doberman licked her crotch, its long tongue coating the dark pussy hairs with saliva.  Kristin put both hands down and parted her pussy lips.  Baron licked the wet gash, his tongue going in and scooping his jizz mixed with Kristin’s juices.  Kristin finally patted the dog’s head and told him to rest.  Baron padded over to a corner and stretched out on the carpet.  Kristin got to her feet, her eyes going to Blake’s throbbing titties and clutching fingers.  The teen dropped her hands to her sides.

Kristin asked, “So, did you find it disgusting?”

“I don’t think so,” Blake said.  “No, I didn’t.  I’m amazed more than anything, I guess.”

“Even more amazed than you are passionate?  You did get a big bang out of watching, didn’t you?”

“It was an exciting sight, all right.  I would’ve cum if you didn’t eat my pussy so recently.”

“Maybe I’d better give you some relief,” Kristin said.



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