Blind Lust

As Mia hurries through the park, two things are on her mind.  The first is whether she should go out with Jordan Harper next Saturday night.  The second is she’s forgotten whether her period will start by Saturday.  Of course, it won’t matter if she doesn’t date Jordan.  However, if she does and Jordan wants to take her swimming, she doesn’t know how she’ll get out of it if her period has started.

It’s getting cooler now in the last few weeks of August.  The park is pleasant to be in, but later, Mia won’t enjoy it so much.  On her way back home, the darkness will be scary.  Behind every tree, a shadow will hide God knows what.  Mia even heard rumors a huge dog stalked the grassy grounds after the sun goes down.  The dog hasn’t bitten or hurt anyone, but it cornered a girl down by the old bandstand, so the story goes.  The dog, apparently, ripped her dress off.

Strange way for a dog to act,’ Mia thought.  She hugs her shoulders as a tremble goes through her.  No one knows who the dog belongs to or even exactly what it looks like.  Mia smiles.  It’s funny she instantly thought the animal was male.  However, there’s something distinctively male about a dog ripping off a girl’s dress.  ‘If the incident actually occurred,’ she thought.  Thinking about these things causes Mia to feel strange.  She’s a little damp between her thighs.

She knows she’s already thirty minutes late.  Her friend’s mother has probably left for work, and Jada will be alone.  Mia started toward Albert Street.  However, she hardly notices anything along the way as she’s too busy staring at her phone.


“Just a minute,” Jada yells.

Mia can hear her stirring around inside the apartment.  Then the night latch clicks, and her friend opens the door and steps back.  The first thing Mia notices is the smell.  It’s almost exactly like the heavy scent she’s smelled coming from Sissy Hawkins.  She’d never smelled it on her friend before, and the shock must have shown on her face.  Jada, of course, couldn’t see that.

“I’m sorry I’m late.  Hope your mom wasn’t mad,” Mia said with a shrug.

“Mom didn’t even mention it,” Jada said, a little out of breath.

Mia notices she’s trying to pull the front of her robe closed.  However, being blind, Jada can’t tell it gapes open below her waist.  Mia has another little shock.  Her blind friend is naked, and the red curls of her pussy hair plaster wetly against her mound.

“Would you help me get this door locked again?” Jada asked.

Mia helps get the night latch back into its slot.  Jada’s fingers are trembling.

“I feel a little tired.  I think I’ll lie down,” the redhead said and sighs.

Near her friend’s bed, Mia sees a pair of cotton panties and a bra.  Jada moves stiffly across the room, feeling for the bed.  She sits, still trying to hold her robe closed around her body.  Then Mia sees the dog.  The animal’s sitting on its haunches, watching its mistress like a hawk.  However, Mia’s eyes go to the cock jutting up from the sheath on the dog’s lower belly.  Phantom, Jada’s dog, has a massive erection.

Mia finds herself staring at the dog’s red dick.  It’s different and yet unmistakably a cock.  It’s wetter, for one thing, slick-looking where it extends from the furry sheath.  The tip goes to a strange point, and a few inches from the base is an odd swelling of cock flesh.  Mia’s heard stories about how dogs tied while fucking.  She wonders if the hot-looking ball might grow even larger while inside a bitch’s body.  ‘What is Phantom doing with a hard-on now,’ she also wonders?  ‘Does it have anything to do with the smell in the room?

The thick-coated German shepherd of white and silver padded over to where Jada’s panties are and whines as it sniffs at them.  Jada swings her hand around, searching for the dog.

“What’s he doing?” she asks.  “Is he over here?”

Mia’s glad her friend can’t see her because she’s red in the face as she watches Phantom’s long cock grow even longer.  The dog picks up Jada’s skimpy underwear in its teeth as if it were trying to eat them.  The animal hunches its back, its hips jerking rhythmically.  Jada has a strained appearance on her face.  She finds the dog’s collar and then feels it with her other hand until she touches the panties in its mouth.

“Bad dog.  Oh, Mia, he’s been acting just awful lately.  Would you take him into the other room, please, so we can have some peace?”

Shaking herself from her trance, Mia goes over.  “Come on, Phantom boy, come on.”

The dog gave up the panties and trots behind her down the hall.  She takes the dog into the kitchen and fills its bowl with dog food.  However, the animal only sniffs at what she put before it.  The German shepherd seems to be staring at her in such a strange way.  Mia starts to move around the dog, but Phantom growls and blocks her way.  The German shepherd doesn’t seem mad, but Mia isn’t going to test the dog.  She backs away, and the dog follows.

“Phantom, what’s wrong with you?

She backs through the door into the darkened living room.  The arm of the sofa bumps the backs of her knees as she edges around it, trying to get herself between the coffee table and another chair.  However, Phantom has other ideas.  The German shepherd lunges forward, its jaws closing on her ankle.

Mia gives a little squeal but realized instantly the dog isn’t biting.  In fact, she can barely feel its teeth.  Yet, when she tries to twist her ankle free, Phantom tightens his jaws and his sharp, white teeth going into her flesh a little.  A shimmering sensation goes up the insides of her thighs.

“Now, Phantom, I don’t know what’s got into you, but you’ll have to let me go,” Mia said softly.

The teen decides to be friendly.  She really doesn’t have a choice, does she?  Mia sits on the sofa and scratches the fur between Phantom’s ears.  The German shepherd let go of her ankle and licks her knees.  The dog’s nose pushes her dress up as it licks higher.  The warm wet smear of its tongue makes her tremble.  It feels so strange, and then she smells it.  The same hot musk she sniffed when she came into the apartment.  It’s on Phantom’s nose.  The truth hit her so suddenly that for a moment, Mia feels dizzy.

“Oh, no, I can’t believe it,” Mia whispers with a shiver.

Mia tried to hold the dog back.  “Jada wouldn’t…  She wouldn’t let a dog… Would she?”

Phantom moans and pushes his pointed muzzle against her gussets.  The rub of something slick and hot against her shin makes Mia tense.  In the glow from the kitchen, she can see Phantom’s haunches moving and pumping.  The German shepherd is sliding its juicy cock against her leg and whimpering.


The dog growls and shows its teeth.  A million things go through Mia’s mind.  None of them seem to matter.  Phantom put his paws on her belly, pushing her back.  She tries to turn to the side, but the dog’s jaws close on her wrist, and she stops and soothes the dog with her voice.

Good dog … Good dog…

She’s panting, half with fear, half with another emotion she can’t name.  Unable to resist the big dog’s passion, Mia let the dog push her onto the sofa.  The German shepherd’s hot cock pumps against her thigh now.  The touch of it, the slick, sexy friction, makes her whimper.  It’s like a nightmare.  However, it’s real.

“Easy, Phantom, easy boy.  I’m not gonna run.  You don’t have to bite me.”

The dog’s licking her neck now.  Its cock pumps against the groove of her closed thighs.  She can feel its tip sliding against her cotton gussets.  She’s already so juicy the place where its rubbing becomes even slicker.  ‘The dog’s dick is so hot,’ she thought.  She pets the dog’s sides—Mia’s scared half out of her wits.  However, at least it hadn’t hurt her yet.

“Mia?” Jada suddenly shouts.  “Are you in there?’

“I’m OK,” Mia yells back.  “I’ll be there in a sec.”

Phantom growls.  The German shepherd is panting hard now, and its slim haunches move like a jackhammer.  The continuous rubbing of the dog’s hot cock makes Mia shiver again.  She’s panting almost as hard as the dog.  The teen’s never felt anything like this in her life.  It’s so incredible.  So unbelievable.  She prays Jada will stay put.

“OK, Phantom, that’s enough.”

It isn’t enough.  Phantom grabs her wrist gain, and the dog’s body lunges in an animal frenzy against her.  Now the steady bump, bump of the dog’s cockhead against her soppy gussets, is making her clit surge.  The German shepherd is hitting the sensitive nub each time, and a jolt of electric thrills goes through her.

Ooh … Ohhhhh God … Phantom … You’d better stop now…

It can’t be.  I can’t be excited from a dog rubbing against me,’ Mia thought.  ‘It’s unthinkable.  It’s horrifying.’  However, the steady plunge of Phantom’s cock tells a different story.  Helpless to resist, Mia squirms her slim hips.  She’s panting wildly now, her fingers curling deep into the animal’s fur.  The German shepherd is making sharp whining sounds in its throat as its cock grows fatter and wetter.

Her pussy lips swell so much her panty crotch isn’t big enough to entirely cover the dripping plumpness anymore.  The skimpy cotton pulls to one side as she writhes under the dog’s lunging passion.  She feels its hot cock pressing directly against her pussy.

Ohhhh … Ohhhh God … Help Me…

Mia tries weakly to push Phantom away.  However, the dog’s growl makes her stop.  That cock, it is so hot and firm.  It rubs her clit with a frantic rhythm now, and Mia sees colored lights dance behind her closed lids.

Ahhhhhhhhh,” she groans, her young ass dancing up from the sofa.  “Mmmmmm…

Phantom’s tongue wets her neck and chin, and then her mouth.  She smells the dog’s fur, tastes its saliva.  She tosses her head wildly, whimpering with the futility of trying to drown her throbbing feverish lust.  Mia feels an itchy tension building in her loins.  The teen feels all swollen down there, taut, and slippery, and glowing with a sensation making her crazy.  That damned dog keeps rubbing her with its rigid cock.

Ahhhhhhhhhh…” she moans, the tempest suddenly reaching an intensity she can hardly bear.  “Ohhhhhh…

Mia knows she’s climaxing.  In all her eighteen years, she’s never reached a sexual climax like this before.  Almost simultaneously, she feels something hot spattering against her open pussy lips.  Fevered strings of dog jizz shot up her belly as the animal twists and convulse against her.  Mia’s dress is under her arms, and with her breasts exposed, Phantom begins to maul them with his tongue and teeth.  However, the dog isn’t biting.

Ooh … Ohhhh God … Ohhhhh God … I can’t believe it…

Her hips plunge with a will of their own.  Mia rubs her throbbing pussy against the spear of the dog’s shaft as it spouts powerfully from the tip.  It thoroughly coats her dainty pussy-folds with sharp-smelling sperm.

Ooh … Ohhhh, stop it…” Mia whines as her brown hair tangles across her mouth.

She can still feel the pleasure pounding through her, but she’s ashamed, shocked, and devastated.  ‘How could it have happened,’ she wonders?  Her ass plunges again, and she hates herself for moving like that.  Phantom’s cock tip pulsates against her clit, another glop of white jizz oozing onto the tumid little button.

Get down.  Do you hear me, Phantom?  I said, get down…

Now the animal’s lust seems satisfied, the dog is again docile enough.  The German shepherd works its body back and begins to lick hungrily at the jizz it spilled against Mia’s youthful flesh.  The warmth of the dog’s tongue feels so good that for a second, she let the dog do it.  However, again, Mia feels the shock of it all—the horror of it all.

NO … Go away…

The dog limps over to the kitchen doorway and begins to lick the spear of its swollen cock.  Mia staggers to her feet.  Dog sperm is leaking down her thighs, and her dress clings to her belly, where a puddle oozes into her public curls.

God, God, God,” she mumbles, pushing into the kitchen.

“Mia…” Jada shouts from her bedroom.  “Where are you?”

“Be right there.  Gotta go to the bathroom.”

She cleans herself as quickly as she can.  Her dress is a wreck, so Mia takes it off and washes it out in the sink.  The teen washes her panties, too, and scrubs the dog jizz from her belly and loins.  Even then, she thinks she can still smell it.  Mia drapes her damp clothes on a hanger by the window and wraps a towel around her body, then she joins her friend in the bedroom.  Phantom lies curled in the corner.  The dog’s cock has retracted some, and the animal seems to be asleep.

“What took you so long?” Jada asks with a pout.

She’s brushing her long red hair, feeling with her fingers to see if she has all the tangles out.  Jada’s a pretty girl, except for the blank stare of her blue eyes.  Mia’s gotten used to that empty look.

“Nothing,” Mia lied.

“It was Phantom, wasn’t it?  He didn’t bother you, did he?”

“Why would Phantom bother me?  I just had to go to the toilet, and sometimes that takes a while.”

Jada let out a breath upon hearing this.  She seems relieved.  Mia guesses her friend doesn’t want the secret known.  She shivers, just thinking of what her lonely friend has been making the dog do.

“Well, tell me about what you’ve been doing,” Jada asks, her face bright with anticipation.  “You promised to tell me if you went out on a date.”

“No, I haven’t yet.  I’m just thinking about it,” Mia said.

“Your mom doesn’t mind?” Jada put down the hairbrush and turns.  She’s dressed since Mia was out of the room.  The redhead has on a pair of shorts and a mismatched blouse.  She’s managed to get the buttons fastened in line, though.

“Fuck mom, I’m eighteen now.  Who cares if she minds?”

Jada lifts one eyebrow and smiles knowingly.  “I’ll bet Jordan would like to get you alone.  What if it does?  What if it starts feeling around?”

Jada hugs her arms, just thinking about it.

“I don’t know,” Mia admits.  “What would you do?”

Jada closes her blind eyes and trembles.  Her breasts are visible under her blouse.  ‘They’re bigger than my boobs,’ Mia thought.  She can see Jada’s large, dark nipples making bumps in the cotton of her blouse.

“I think I’d like that.  It’s never happened to me before.” Her expression grows suddenly sad.  “Probably never will, either.  Guys are turned off by blind women.”

“Aw, don’t go feeling sorry for yourself.”

Mia goes to Jada’s dresser and rummages for a pair of panties.  She can return them tomorrow, and her friend will never know.

“Well, it’s true.  I’m twenty, and I still haven’t had sex with a man.”

Mia feels her face go red.  She turns to look at Jada, but her friend’s face shows no sign of embarrassment.  Jada appears dreamy instead like the redhead imagines wicked, naughty things.  Mia remembers the smell of musky pussy in the room when she first got there.  The same aroma was on Phantom’s nose.  The teen doesn’t want to think about it.  Mia doesn’t want to think about what that dog has done to her, either.  It had been so incredible.  Mia thought she might lose her mind if she dwells on the details too long.  Jada takes Mia’s hand.

“You will remember everything that happens on your date, won’t you?” Jada licks her lips.  “So, you can tell me about it afterward?”

“Sure.  If you’re really interested, I don’t think it’ll be exciting,” Mia said evenly.

“I hope he does something wild,” Jada said, that crazy look coming over her dull eyes again.  “Don’t you, Mia?  Don’t you?”

“I…  I don’t know.  I really don’t.”


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