Cain’s Canine Corner: Part 1


Cain's Canine Corner: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Alexis Cain, an active swinger, is finding the swingers scene suddenly boring. Sara, her best friend, is struggling with men in general. There has to be an answer? Words: 16,355.
Alexis suddenly becomes aware two other persons have sat on the couch, one on either side of her. A quick glance to her left shows her a good-looking young woman, naked, carefully appraising her. To her other side is a man, perhaps in his thirties, also naked, a strong, well-built, handsome enough male with whom she’d generally be delighted to fuck.

“That fuck was interesting,” the man said quietly.

“You were watching?” Alexis asks.

“Yeah, that guy was really pissed off.”

Alexis rolls her eyes. “What business is it of yours?”

“None, really, I just found it interesting.”

“I see, and what was so interesting about it.”

“It was just so … classic … Poor guy.”

“Rick?” Alexis said crossing her arms over her chest. “He’ll get over it. He expects every woman he fucks to tell him he’s the best lay in the world, the only man who really turns her on. He’s a fucking man child.”

“But he had a point, you were a dead fish.”

Alexis’ frowns and her cheeks turn red, but suddenly all the fight goes out of her. “That bad, huh?”

“Yeah… I hope you don’t think we’re sticking our nose in where it doesn’t belong, but it happened to Cassie a few months ago. Oh, by the way, I’m Tim, and the lovely naked lady on your left is Cassie.”

Alexis nods a greeting to them. Part of her wants to be alone, but there’s something in Tim’s manner that intrigues her. “What do you mean, it happened to Cassie?” Alexis asks.

Cassie answers. “I’d been coming to these parties for a couple of years, and really loving them. You know, having sex with all those different people. Well, one night it just stopped being a turn-on. When the thousandth cock goes in, I just lost interest, it became dull.”

Alexis gasps. “You mean this is really happening to me?” It’s not just I’m having an off night?”

“That’s what happened to me,” Cassie said. “I couldn’t get into it anymore, the thrill was gone…”

“Omigod, is it still that way?”

Cassie laughs loudly. “Oh, no, now just about anything turns me on.”

“You mean it goes away?”

“Uh-uh. We had to work at it. Finally, Tim and I figured out that we’d just have to find a big enough, kinky enough thrill to recharge my batteries.”

“What did you do?”

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Alexis Cain, an active swinger, is finding the swingers scene suddenly boring. Sara, her best friend, is struggling with men in general. There has to be an answer? Words: 16,355.

“I just got the wildest fuck of my life. The kinkiest and most obscene fuck from someone who’s now my best friend.”

“It’s true…” Tim said nodding, “He’s her best friend.”

Instead of sounding despondent at another replacing him, Tim laughs.

“We have him in the car,” Cassie said. “Would you like to meet him?”

“Let me get this straight,” Alexis said incredulously. “You left this bosom buddy in the car? Shit, the party’s been going on for hours.”

“Oh, Jake’s a little hard to control. We don’t like to bring him in until we know there’s someone around who can really use his special talents.”

Cassie is smiling cheerfully during this rather unusual conversation, and Alexis is sure the couple is leading her on. “You’re feeding me a bunch of fucking bullshit,” she said.

“No, it’s true…” Cassie said. “He’s right there in the car, and he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had. You want to find out?”

“You’re trying to pass off some jerk who nobody will fuck, right?”

“Uh-uh,” Tim said. “I’ll tell you what. We’ll bring him in, and if you don’t agree he’s the best fuck you’ve ever had, I’ll give you a thousand dollars cash.”

Alexis is beginning to be intrigued. Hell, the way she feels right now, it didn’t matter whether the guy was Ryan Gosling or Homer Simpson. She doubts anyone could turn her on.

“Okay,” Alexis said nervously. “Bring him in, and I’ll give it a try.”

“Just one thing,” Tim said, his eyes dancing with glee. “You’ve got to promise to fuck Jake whether you want to or not. Jake has sensitive feelings, and we’d hate to promise him something nice like you and have you back out.”

Alexis gazes imploringly at Cassie. She decides to trust in the other woman’s word. “Is it really that good?” she asks.

“Mmmmmm,” Cassie said dreamily. “Fantastic.”

“OK, I’ll do it,” Alexis said firmly.

Tim springs from the couch and pulls on a pair of trousers. “I’ll go get him,” he said and heads out the door.

For the next few minutes, Alexis is nervous, repeatedly glancing toward the door, wondering what kind of freak might come through it. She turns to ask Cassie some questions when she hears the door softly close.

“Jake, say hello to the nice lady,” Tim said behind her.

Alexis spins around and then gasps in shock. Tim has Jake on a leash.

Jake is an immense Great Dane.

“That’s … That’s Jake?” Alexis said wide-eyed.

“No other.”

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Alexis Cain, an active swinger, is finding the swingers scene suddenly boring. Sara, her best friend, is struggling with men in general. There has to be an answer? Words: 16,355.

Alexis’s initial shock is slowly changing into anger.

“Didn’t you guess?” Tim said. “Cassie’s best friend … Man’s best friend … The kinkiness?”

“Only I don’t think of it as kinky anymore,” Cassie said eagerly. “He’s just … Jake, and oh, what he does for me…”

“But, Omigod…” Alexis said, “You really can’t expect me to fuck … a dog.”

“But you promised,” Tim said, “Sight unseen.”

“I can’t be held to a blind bargain like that. Who’d ever have expected…”

“But I told you why I wanted that promise. We’d hurt Jake’s feelings if we brought him in here with a promise of sex and then just left him hanging. See how excited he is, I think he likes you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous…” Alexis said shaking her head, her eyes hard.

Nevertheless, she takes a closer look at Jake. The Great Dane does seem to be favoring her with special attention. The dog is a handsome animal, with dark fur, dappled here and there with white. Its head is massive, and eyes intelligent. It seems to Alexis the animal is gazing up at her almost pleadingly. Alexis likes dogs and has to fight back the temptation to pet Jake.

“Take him back to the car,” Alexis snaps. “No fucking way, and besides, that shit is illegal.”

“But he’ll be so hurt,” Cassie said pouting.

“Well, then you fuck him…”

“Oh, I intend to. However, I wanted to share him with someone else too. Jake’s been getting a little restless lately. I think somebody new will do him a lot of good.”

Alexis’s anger is fading fast. The situation is just too ridiculous. “For fuck’s sake,” she said with a laugh. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were talking about some man.”

“Oh… He is … He is … Jake’s almost human…”

Bit by bit Alexis is becoming fascinated. “Does he really fuck you?” she asks incredulously. “I mean fuck, actually in your cunt? Or does he just hump your leg?”

“Right up the old whazoo,” Cassie said with a laugh. “And like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Really? But how did he ever learn?”

“Oh, we trained him. It’s easier than you think. Dog’s are kind of automatic that way. Put something warm and alive near their cocks and they’re ready to go. Here, watch…”

Kneeling next to her dog, Cassie turns his body so that it’s standing sideways to Alexis, then she reaches beneath its belly and begins to rub the furry sheath. Jake whines excitedly and turns his head to stare back at Cassie.

“Look, here it comes already…” Cassie said breathlessly.

Hesitantly Alexis leans forward, staring at the underside of the dog’s body. A tiny flash of red shows, needlepointed, then the dog’s cock grows, faster and faster. Silently, menacingly, the dog’s thick, red, sharp-tipped cock slides out of its furry sheath into the open.

“It’s big…” Alexis said softly.

“And hard as a rock … C’mon, touch it…”

She peers nervously at Jake. “I, uh…” Alexis said grimacing. “Wouldn’t it make the dog angry?”

“Oh, no, he loves it. C’mon, it won’t hurt you to just feel his cock.”

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Alexis Cain, an active swinger, is finding the swingers scene suddenly boring. Sara, her best friend, is struggling with men in general. There has to be an answer? Words: 16,355.

Swallowing hard, Alexis gingerly touches the glistening red cock. The dog’s cock is hot and wet to the touch.

“Oh, go on,” Cassie said impatiently, “Give it a good squeeze…”

Noticing Jake isn’t displeased by her investigation, Alexis does as Cassie asks, circling her fingers around the dog’s still-growing cock and squeezing it firmly.

“Omigod, it is really hard…” Alexis said wide-eyed.

It feels as if the dog’s tapered cock has a core of steel.

“Mmmmmm, and it stays hard for a long time,” Cassie said dreamily. “C’mon, why don’t you try it?”

Alexis gulps. “You mean … Let him fuck me with that thing?”


“I … I just couldn’t,” Alexis said feebly, which is true enough.

Nevertheless, at the same time, the very lewdness of what Cassie is suggesting is having a strange effect on Alexis. There’s a tingling, steaming feeling in her belly, a feeling like the one she used to get when Alexis met a man she wanted to fuck. A feeling she hadn’t had for a long time. For a second the dark haired woman let her mind play with the thought of having that big canine cock inside her bored cunt, but the thought makes her stomach roil.

“No… It’s just a step too far, sorry.”

Cassie’s face and shoulders drop. “Shit,” she said. “I was hoping … well … I wanted to watch.”

Alexis gasps. “Watch your dog fuck me?”

“Yes… I really did,” Cassie said with a downturned mouth. “I’ve never really been able to watch, with me getting the shit fucked out of me. Oh, Tim’s taken some movies, and that’s where I got the idea of wanting to watch. It’s such a charge to see a dog fuck a woman, even if it’s only a movie.”

“Might as well give up on that idea,” Tim suddenly cut in. “Alexis’s just not into it. But maybe I can suggest a compromise.”

“Compromise?” Alexis said. “How can you compromise on a thing like that?”

“Do you like getting your pussy eaten?”

Alexis nods. “Is the Pope a Catholic,” she retorts.

“Good, so believe me when I say nobody can eat pussy like our Jake. So why don’t you let him, and Cassie can get her kicks watching that.”

Alexis finds this suggestion doesn’t fill her with the same sense of shock as the idea of letting the dog fuck her. It isn’t that new an idea anyhow. When Alexis was a young woman in college, one of her friends confessed how she loved to get her pussy licks by her dog. That dog was only a small cocker spaniel, but Alexis’s friend went through a lot of peanut butter. It used to be a running joke in Alexis’s inner circle that whenever this woman said she was going to the store, they’d say, ‘Don’t forget the peanut butter.’ The woman would smile, and say, ‘Of course, it’s Bernie’s favorite snack,’ meaning her dog. Alexis stares at the long thick tongue lolling out of Jake’s big mouth. Maybe Tim doesn’t have such a bad idea there, she thought.

“Well, OK…”

“I knew you’d see it our way,” Tim said with a grin. “Why don’t you take off your dress? Jake gets into it more when the woman’s naked.”

“Shit… The dog’s a voyeur too?” Alexis’ murmurs but she peels off the dress obviously wearing nothing beneath.


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