Cain’s Canine Corner: Part 2


Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Sara has arrived at Alexis's new business in the country to escape another bad relationship and discovers what's really going on at Cain's Canine Corner... Words: 21,949.
After leaving the main house, Sara doesn’t go back to her cabin. Instead, she hides in the shelter of one of the ranch buildings, waiting for Alexis to come out, determined to find out just what goes on at this very special kennel. Keeping well back in the shadows, Sara follows Alexis to the kennels, where she liberates a large Labrador from its cage, put it on a leash, and heads toward a small building under tall eucalyptus trees. The redhead, Pixie, opens the door. The three of them, Alexis, Pixie, and the Labrador go inside.

Sara tries to decide how best to proceed. Circling the building, she sees a bright beam of light issuing from a rear window. To her delight, the drapes remain open, and since the night is warm, the window is open. She’ll be able to both see and hear. Peering inside, Sara sees Alexis, Pixie and the dog, in a small room with hardly any furniture, a few hooks on the wall apparently for hanging clothes, and a deep thick carpet on the floor.

“Why did you bring this Labrador?” Pixie said. “Where’s my dog?”

“This is Bobby, Pixie,” Alexis said, indicating the big black Labrador, who wagged its tail at the sound of its name. “We think it’s a good idea to kind of start you out with a dog who knows what he’s doing, and Bobby has been very well trained. You know, it’s just as important to give the owner some training as it is the dog.”

“I don’t know…” Pixie said dubiously, eyeing the dog. Then she seems to make up her mind. “Oh, all right,” she said. “I’m probably nuts to be here in the first place, so I might as well try it.”

“What made you decide to come here?” Alexis asks. “I think it’s important to know.”

Pixie sighs. “My husband is a nice man and all, but in bed, he’s a total failure, and I have needs too. I know I’d never get away with having affairs, so a friend told me about you and this training school.”

“I hear stories like yours all the time. A good man, as they say, is hard to find. The difference is women who come here are able to do something about it,” Alexis said warmly. “Find a way to meet those needs without any man knowing. A dog never talks. Also, when the training of your dog is complete, it’ll only ever do sexual stuff with you on command. You need never worry about the dog’s natural instincts giving the game away.”

“Sounds perfect.”

“Thanks, I think so. Make sure you tell any friend’s you have that might benefit from what we offer here.”

“OK… Well, what do I do now?” Pixie asks.

“The first thing is to take off your clothes, all of them.”

With a shrug, Pixie begins to undress. Outside the window, Sara feels a little embarrassed spying on the other woman, but her embarrassment slowly changes to interest as she watches Pixie’s body slowly emerge from her clothes. The redhead is a beautiful woman with shapely, well-rounded breasts, and most exciting of all to Sara, a patch of bright reddish-orange pubic hair. Sara seldom watches another woman undress and is surprised at her reaction. Don’t tell me I’m a lesbian now as well, she thought, but smiles. No, her mind is continuously cock-hungry, but at the same time, Pixie’s naked body is so sleek, pale, and inviting.

“See… Bobby’s interested already,” Alexis said. “When a dog has been thoroughly trained, the sight of a naked woman will immediately get him excited. But he won’t act unless you give him the command.”

True enough, Bobby is looking eagerly at Pixie, the dog’s body is tense, excited.

“Do I just kinda lie down?” Pixie asks, visibly shaking.

“Oh, no. First, you have to make friends with Bobby,” Alexis instructs. “Make him feel confident. He’s just like any other male, you know, sexually rather … fragile. Let him know he’s wanted. Here, just kneel down and pet him.”

Pixie drops to her knees and begins to stroke the big dog’s black head. Its tongue shoots out to lick at her hands and wrists, and the dog’s tail is wagging fiercely. Then, Pixie reaches further back along Bobby’s body to rub along the neck, and as she does so, her breasts are pulled forward, taut and pink-nippled. Eagerly Bobby stretches and begins to lick the woman’s bare breasts. Sara can clearly hear the redhead’s sharp intake of breath.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Alexis said with a smile.

“Yes, it really does…” Pixie said her voice low and husky.

Pixie’s eyes are growing dreamy, half-closed, and her hands are absentmindedly toying with the dog’s head and ears while it continues to lick her breasts. From the window, Sara can see the woman’s nipples are stiffening under the dog’s lashing tongue, jutting hard and pink, while the breasts themselves begin to swell. Only then does Sara become fully aware she’s going to see something extraordinary. Up until now, Sara has been so concerned with staying hidden she had forgotten what she came to spy on. Soon the blonde realizes how incredibly lewd and suggestive the slowly building scene is becoming. A slow heat grows between Sara’s legs.

Pixie appears as if she’d be willing to have Bobby lick her breasts forever. She’s now actively guiding the animal’s big head from the first one to the other breast. Her back is arched, chest thrust out, so her breasts are shoved right into the dog’s face, gleaming wetly with its saliva.

“OK… So far so good,” Alexis interrupts; gently disengaged Pixie’s clutching fingers from the dog’s head. “Now let’s move on to the next part.”

“Oh, no…” Pixie moans. “Don’t make him stop. It feels so good … I know I can cum just from having him lick my breasts…”

“But that’s not why you’re here,” Alexis said firmly. “You’re here to learn, Pixie. Anyhow, if you like what’s happening now, there’s a lot better ahead. C’mon, lie down; we’ll get him to lick your pussy.”

“L-Lick my pussy…” Pixie said shakily. “Omigod, that’d be really something…”

Alexis smiles knowingly and helps the other woman stretch out on the floor. “Now… Spread your legs and let Bobby in between,” Alexis orders, helping position the redhead.

Pixie lies on her back, her still-glistening breasts jutting upward, the nipples hard as rocks. Sara thinks the redhead is lovely, long and lithe, with a smooth incurving belly that trembles a little with expectation. However, the most exciting part to Sara, the most exciting, is the sight of the woman’s pussy with its fringe of trimmed russet hair. With her legs spread apart, most of Pixie’s pussy is visible, there’s a fleshy gash between her shapely thighs, full-lipped, with the pink inner channel clearly exposed. Pixie is obviously already aroused, because that naked slit gleams wetly, gushing with flowing juice.

“It really helps to have the dog lick you first,” Alexis said. “What I find excites a dog sexually is the smell and taste of pussy. It makes them ready, or else you may have a hard time getting them to move onto the next step.”

The next step, Sara thought shocked. Jesus, it looks like I’m gonna to see the whole thing. Remembering how incredible it felt when Thor licked her Sara is growing excited. Was it only this afternoon, she thought. It seems like so much has happened since then. Sara watches Bobby’ head, the dog’s nose sniffing the insides of Pixie’s visibly shaking thighs. The dog paces slowly forward, until its nose is poised less than an inch from Pixie’s pussy, its breath disturbing the pubic hair.

“What’s he waiting for?” Pixie asks breathlessly. “What’s he trying to do … Torture me? Aaaagggghhhh…”

The dog’s tongue finally shoots into her defenselessly spread pussy. Pixie’s body jerks, her long lovely legs quickly drawing up, so her knees are partially bent. Sara sees the redhead’s fingertips digging into the thick carpeting.

“Oh … Oooohhh … My God…” Pixie begins to moan. “Oh, fuck…”

Wide-eyed, Sara watches the other woman writhe and twist under the dog’s inspired licking, wondering if that’s how she appeared earlier when Thor licked her pussy. Alexis is moving slowly around the room, a funny little smile on her face, and Sara wonders if her friend is growing as excited too. Sara’s pussy is glowing with heat. She squeezes her thighs together in a vain attempt to smother that fire, but it only makes matters worse as her tender pussy lips close tightly together. It takes all of Sara’s will power to force her mind away from her body and back to the incredible scene in the shack.

“Omigod … Yes … You big beautiful brute … Lick me … Make me cum…” Pixie moans loudly.

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Sara has arrived at Alexis's new business in the country to escape another bad relationship and discovers what's really going on at Cain's Canine Corner... Words: 21,949.

Writhing and moaning on the floor, her body twisting sinuously, her groin pumping slowly up and down; it’s evident that Pixie is going to climax soon. She seizes Bobby by the collar and is forces the slavering mouth against her pussy. Sara can see the animal’s big tongue slithering all over the fleshy mound, digging past the red hair up into the slit beneath. She’s prepared to watch Pixie orgasm, wishing it was her instead when the blonde’s attention suddenly swings away from the whimpering woman to the black Labrador. Something has attracted Sara’s eyes, but it takes her a moment to realize what it is. There, under the dog’s belly is a flash of red. Bobby is getting an erection.

Sara sees the pinpoint of red slowly grow, becoming larger and longer, a needle-tip scarlet shaft that slides smoothly out of the furry sheath under the dog’s belly. The midnight black of Bobby’ body makes it even more noticeable, the bright red of his cock almost glowing against the smooth black sheen of the dog’s coat. Within less than a minute, an enormous length of fully erect dog cock is dancing and swaying beneath the Labrador’s powerful body, while its licking continues. Now the animal’s hindquarters pump as the scarlet probe searches vainly for something to fuck.

Suddenly, Alexis’ steps in, prying Pixie’s clutching fingers loose from Bobby’ collar and pulling the dog’s head away from the redhead’s gushingly pink pussy. Bobby, apparently a little out of control, tries to bury in Pixie’s sweet-smelling pussy again.

“Bobby…” Alexis said sharply, and the big dog sheepishly draws back.

“Oh… What did you take him away for?” Pixie wails piteously. “I was gonna cum.”

“If you think you were gonna cum from that, you just wait,” Alexis promises the pleading redhead. “C’mon, roll over and let’s get on with it while Bobby’s in the mood.”

Pixie looked as if she’s still going to argue, but then the full import of Alexis’s words sinks in. “In the mood…” the redhead murmurs and then catches sight of Bobby’s enormous erection, her eyes bulging. “You mean… You want him to shove all that inside me?”

“That’s why you’re here, Pixie,” Alexis said firmly. “Now get on your hands and knees … QUICKLY … Dogs don’t keep it up forever.”

Alexis coaxes the whimpering Pixie into position, on her hands and knees, with her ass thrust high for the dog. Now Sara can see why Alexis had Bobby lick Pixie first. If she had suggested right off the bat that Pixie kneel and let Bobby ram that massive cock into her unprepared cunt, the woman would’ve undoubtedly refused. Now, turned into a mass of lust by the dog’s relentlessly lapping tongue, Pixie is in a much better place to welcome that scarlet canine cock. Sara remembers how tempted she was to fuck Thor after the German shepherd licked her to orgasm earlier in the day.

“B-Bring him on…” Pixie said in a tiny voice.

The redhead’s ass wavers back toward the Labrador that’s apparently ready to go, dancing around excitedly on the rug, its long cock jerking in time to its movements. Alexis quickly leads the big animal closer, right up to Pixie’s thrusting ass. The dog sniffs once, eagerly, at the pussy it so recently licked. Even from the window, Sara can see between Pixie’s spread ass cheeks.

“Up… Up, boy…” Alexis commands.

Rearing on its hind legs, the black Labrador mounts the crouching redhead, its powerful forelegs clamping tightly around Pixie’s slender waist. Dancing forward clumsily, the dog’s tongue lolling from its jaws, Bobby works that fat cock close to Pixie’s cuntal opening, but then seems to have trouble locating the exact spot to penetrate.

“Is he gonna shove it in?” Pixie asks nervously.

“You usually have to help cos you’re not a dog, so it’s harder for the animal,” Alexis said. “But I’ll do it this time. You just hold on tight and brace yourself. The important thing is to open your cunt up as much as possible. Dogs don’t believe in the gentle, slow approach. You’re gonna be filled with a lot of dick, very fast.”

Kneeling next to Pixie and the dog, Alexis takes the glistening red cock and guides it into Pixie’s eager slit, placing the needle tip right into the opening of the cringing woman’s ready cunt. Sara watches anxiously, wondering how such a huge cock and she remembers how incredibly hard Thor’s felt, will fit into Pixie’s tight cunt. She holds her breath, frightened for the other woman.

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Sara has arrived at Alexis's new business in the country to escape another bad relationship and discovers what's really going on at Cain's Canine Corner... Words: 21,949.

When the dog feels the tip of its rigid cock encircled by Pixie’s soft cuntal-flesh, its reaction is instinctive. The black Labrador fucks forward powerfully, its strong loins driving its canine cock all the way into the kneeling woman’s cunt in one brutal thrust. Then the dog fucks hard, machinegun fashion, each wild lunge slamming its cock into Pixie’s soft cunt.

“Aaaagggghhhh…” Pixie cries out at that first violent impalement.

Her body seems to draw into itself as if trying to escape that cruel impalement. Skidding forward over the carpet under the impact of the dog’s repeated lunges, Pixie might’ve pulled away, but Bobby’ forelegs hold tightly to her waist, locking her, and preventing escape.

“For fuck’s sake…” Alexis shouts at the whimpering redhead. “Do as I told you … Try to open up … You’ve gotta relax…”

Watching through the window, Sara sees it all, sees that needle-tipped fat dog cock pound its way into Pixie’s soft cunt, sees the outer lips of her pussy pushed aside, clasping tightly around that in-and-out sawing cock. Sara’ heart is racing, and her stomach roils, yet she’s turned-on too. She watches the wailing young wife scramble across the floor with the sex-maddened dog holding tightly to her from behind.

Then, with a visible effort of will, realizing there’s no escape, the cringing redhead struggles to control her fear, forcing her body still, apparently doing the best to open her overstuffed cunt to Bobby’ animal lunges. It seems to work. Pixie’s body relaxes, and the appearance of pain on the redhead’s face softens and her eyes open wide.

“Is it feeling better?” Alexis asks wringing her hands.

“Y-Yes,” Pixie stammers. “In fact, it feels fucking great. Shit, this dog’s got the hardest cock I’ve ever felt.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” Alexis said with a triumphant smile.

Slowly the look on Pixie’s face becomes wilder, more uninhibited, and in a matter of minutes the redhead’s actually moaning in ecstasy, her head hanging low, and long red hair sweeping the ground as she slowly twists her head from side to side. The intensity of Bobby’ fucking has increased. The Labrador is fucking wildly now, its loins a blur of motion. Never before in her life has Sara seen anyone, man or animal, fuck that fast. Pixie’s ass begins to thrust back against the dog’s driving cock, matching it stroke for stroke, her stomach muscles working crazily. Beneath her lithe body, and her full firm breasts jiggle.

“Aaaahhhh … Shit…” Pixie suddenly shrieks. “I’m gonna cum…”

Pixie’s face begins to change again, her eyes blank, her expression half-frightened by what’s going on inside her animal fucked cunt. For a long moment, Pixie holds herself perfectly rigid as enormous forces well within her pussy, then, with a shrill cry of delight, the redhead spasms all over, her stomach muscles sucking in powerfully, and her head thrown back so Sara can see the whiteness of her teeth inside her wide-open mouth.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrr…” Pixie squeals. “Omigod … I’m cumming…”

Pixie’s full-fleshed ass cheeks drove back against the madly humping Bobby, the dog desperately fucking her climaxing cunt onto its relentlessly driving cock.

Squish …. Slurp … Squish … Slurp … Squish …Slurp…

On and on go the slippery sounds, as Bobby thrusts into her with animalistic abandon for a few more minutes seems as if glorious hours to Pixie’s desire-dazed brain. She can feel a knobby protuberance forming at the base of the dog’s thrusting cock, the knot grows slamming against her cuntal opening trying to force its way inside. The dog slams the knot into her hot, wet cunt and pulls it out, then slams it in again, repeatedly, making Pixie moan loudly as her cunt stretches around it. Pixie can feel the dog’s cock inside her twitch, bend, and throb, and knows the Labrador’s about to cum.

“YES … YES … OH SHIT … YEEEEEAHSSS…” Pixie moans.

As the knowledge the Labrador’s going to soil her human womb with its nasty animal sperm registers on her lust-crazed mind, it gives her an additional sordid thrill that tingled clear down to her toes. The redhead can hardly wait to feel the dog’s sperm spewing into her, and she knows the first steaming jet will make her orgasm again right along with it. The passion-crazed woman bucks and twists her ass, gasping for breath as she reaches for her orgasm with all her might. Bobby’s rear end fairly flies for about twenty more seconds then, with a yelp of fulfillment, and saliva drooling from the dog’s mouth, the glassy-eyed black Labrador hunches its pounding cock home for the final time, grunting and whining as its sex muscles start convulsing to expel the dog’s massive load. The first stream gushes out of it beneath pressure, splashing all hot and slimy over the ultrasensitive neck of Pixie’s orgasming womb.

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Sara has arrived at Alexis's new business in the country to escape another bad relationship and discovers what's really going on at Cain's Canine Corner... Words: 21,949.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHRRRR…” Pixie moans, throwing back her head as the sudden inundation of superheated dog semen triggers her release. “Oooooo … Fuck … CUMMING … I’M CUUUUUMING…”

Her womb clenches like a fist and then expands like a balloon. Pixie groans loudly, her face contorting from the rapture of her internal explosion. Jets of sticky hot semen shoots into her as if bullets, ricocheting off the soft mouth of her rhythmically contracting womb, and washing back along the barrel of her cock-packed cunt. The boiling semen coats the rippling walls completely then belches out in waves of frothy white over the swollen reddened lips of her cock-plugged cunt. The semen mats in her red pubic curls and runs luridly down the inner slopes of her shaking legs.

“Oooooo … SHOOT IT … SHOOT IT …. Hot and deep…” Pixie moans, her head sagging in a series of jerky motions until her nose flattens against the bed.

Her pleasure-laden pussy snaps mindlessly, clutching at the dog’s cum-spraying cock with a heartbeat rhythm, only aides Bobby in releasing every drop of the dog’s jizz.

Even from the window, Sara can see slimy gushes of dog jizz pouring out of Pixie’s convulsing cunt, dripping down onto the rug. Pixie wails and thrashes as she presses her hungrily milking cuntal-mouth back against the spurting canine cock, feeling her cunt clench around the big knot. The slimy grayish liquid gushes from around where her madly working cunt clasps tightly around Bobby’s ejaculating member, running in sticky trails down her convulsing thighs to drip onto the carpet below.

Finally, as one last powerful shudder passes through the orgasming woman’s exhausted body, Pixie falls limply forward onto the sperm-soaked floor to lie in a sodden heap, still impaled on the cock now knotted inside her cunt. Bobby soon jumps off her, twisting that cock inside her, so they stand ass-to-ass. Struggling to stay clear and calm as the big dog starts dragging her by the cunt across the floor, Pixie gazes helplessly at Alexis.

“What’s happening?” Pixie groans. “His cock is stuck inside me?”

“He’s knotted you,” Alexis said squatting beside Pixies’ head and stroking her hair. “Don’t worry, it won’t last forever, but this is another chance for you to get off.”


“Reach under and rub your clit,” Alexis said hotly. “Thrust your hips a little to make the knot rub against your g-spot. If you do this right, you could have another ten orgasms before Bobby can pull his cock out of you.”

“Ten? Is that possible?” Pixie said slowly reaching between her legs.

“That’s the record here at the ranch anyway, maybe you can break it?”

“Who holds such a record?”

Alexis smiles knowingly. “Why me, of course…”

Sara gasps at the revelation. Yet Pixie is doing as instructed and rubbing her clit in circular motions. The redhead starts thrusting on the cock still inside her, still shooting jizz into her body. The moans start again, and the woman is soon having another orgasm. On it goes for another twenty minutes until with a sudden plop, the big cock pulls free, and Bobby trundles off to the corner to sit and lick his dick clean.

Pixies cuntal opening is gaping wide, red and angry, and semen is dripping from it at a steady rate. Bobby is finished fucking, but the dog thoughtfully gets up and lick the congealed strings of semen from Pixie’s loins. She quivers under the soft caress of the Labrador’s tongue.

“Good … So good…” the obviously exhausted redhead murmurs.

“Did you like that?” Alexis asks with a sudden frown.

“Omigod, yes,” Pixie said nodding. “That’s the first good fuck I’ve had in years.”

Alexis has to help the redhead to her feet, she’s so weak. Pixie eyes Bobby with amazement.

“Do you think you can teach my dog to fuck like that?” she asks.

“Almost certainly,” Alexis answers confidently. “Now that we know it’s what you really want.”

Still crouching outside the window, Sara watches Alexis help Pixie into her clothes. Tremendously excited from what she just seen, throbbing with lust, Sara sees Alexis’s arm brush against Pixie’s naked breasts, and a spasm of desire ripples through Sara’s overheated body. Jesus, what’s wrong with me, Sara wonders?

Anything sensual, anything with the slightest hint of sex about it is enough to interest Sara at that moment. Completely new horizons begin to open up to the young blonde. After having been an onlooker at one of the most obscenely exciting spectacles she ever witnessed, Sara is a candidate for almost anything that might come along.

As she backs away from the window before Alexis and Pixie might come out and see her, Sara wishes she might run into Jiles with all her heart. The blonde knows she’d throw herself at him if she did. However, at the same time, a warning flashes in her brain that it’s not quite the time. All she’ll end up doing is start again on one of her pointless, miserable, imperfectly understood love affairs. Sara has another goal in mind at that moment. Stumbling through the night, Sara heads back for her bungalow for Thor.


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