Camp Canine


Camp Canine Moe Lester

  • Mia has made a promise to her boyfriend to remain faithful over the summer, but her desires are growing too strong to control for much longer. Words: 23,809.
The dog goes over and lies on a rug.  It gazes up at Mia with such a forlorn, longing look in its big brown eyes that she doesn’t have the heart to throw the dog out.

“OK, you can stay as long as you don’t bug me,” she grumbles.

Mia has other things on her mind than the dog.  She must find something to masturbate with that’s the size and shape of a cock.  Her first thought is a carrot or a cucumber.  But they don’t have anything to eat in the cabin other than some candy.  They usually eat meals in the dining hall.  ‘It’ll have to be something else,’ she thought.

Mia searches furiously through her dresser.  All she comes up with is a plastic hairbrush.  Mia stares dubiously at the handle.  ‘Will it work?’  Mia must find out.  The teen quickly pulls off her shorts and panties.  Her panties soaked through with her gushing pussy juices.  ‘Well, at least I’m gonna be wet enough for the hairbrush.’  There’s a big beat-up easy chair on one side of the room.  Mia sits in it, her legs spread in front of her.  Mia bends forward and parts the soft blonde hair covering her pussy lips, baring her slit.

The blonde’s so excited she shivers as she touches herself.  Holding the brush in her right hand, by the bristles, she slowly inserts the blunt end of the handle into her vagina.  It doesn’t feel right, it’s too cold and hard.  But it’s thick enough.

Ung,” she grunts as she rams the rigid plastic inside her cunt.

Mia feels it spreading her open, and she begins to fuck herself with the brush-handle.  It starts feeling good.  Mia hunches forward, bending over her hand as it moves the handle in and out of her quivering cunt.  There’s only one problem, the handle of the brush is too short.  It doesn’t reach far enough up into her cock-hungry cunt, and the bristles don’t give the best grip in the world.  The brush keeps turning in her hand.

“Oh, shit,” Mia whimpers in frustration.

Angrily, she pulls the hairbrush out of her cunt and tosses it onto the floor.  ‘What am I gonna do now,’ she wonders?  ‘What the hell is there in this God-forsaken dump, long enough to get really inside my pussy?

Her mind catalogs all the items in the main room.  Only then does it jump to the bathroom.  Suddenly, her eyes light up.  “Of course,” she mewls joyfully.  “Ana’s bath brush.”

It’s a silly-looking thing Ana brought with her, only to find the cabin had no bathtub, only a shower stall.  Mia darts into the bathroom to find the bath brush hanging on the wall.  Mia snatches it down.  ‘Yes, this will do nicely.’  It has a long, long handle, with a brush on one end for scrubbing your back, and it’s made of wood, which seems warmer and more comfortable than plastic.

Mia carries her improvised dildo triumphantly into the other room, sits in the chair again, and spreads her legs eagerly.  First, she examines the brush handle to make sure there are no splinters, which is one of the problems with wood.  But it’s smooth and shiny, nice, and natural.  With a sigh of gratification, Mia begins feeding the wooden brush handle into her vagina.  It goes in and in, and when she feels the thick tip bang against her cervix, there’s still plenty of handle left outside to get a good grip.

Mia wraps her fingers loosely around the wood and begins to fuck the brush handle into her cunt.  It feels terrific, filling her vagina, stretching her sensitive insides.  Mia fucks faster, laying back in the chair, staring down, watching the obscene instrument slither in and out of her glowing vagina.  The teen begins to make noises, not really moaning yet, but little choked gasps of pleasure.

Meanwhile, King is busy on the floor.  When Mia disgustedly tossed away the hairbrush, it comes to rest near him.  The dog’s ears pricked, and its nose twitched.  Once again, the animal smells that strange, exciting odor.  This time it’s coming from the hairbrush.  The dog slithers forward over the floor to sniff the brush, the handle is shiny and slippery with Mia’s pussy juice.  The most potent blast the dog’s smelled yet.

King begins to lick the brush handle.  It tastes as good as it smells, but the brush keeps skidding across the floor.  The German shepherd clamps it between its front paws and keeps licking.  After a while, when the dog’s licked the handle clean, it starts chewing on the brush, as if it’s a bone.  As if the animal could crack it open to get at the rich, cunt-tasting marrow inside.

Camp Canine Moe Lester

  • Mia has made a promise to her boyfriend to remain faithful over the summer, but her desires are growing too strong to control for much longer. Words: 23,809.

Eventually, the dog drops the gnawed, tooth marked brush.  King can smell more of that delicious odor across the room coming from Mia, sitting in her chair, busily fucking herself with the bath brush, and humming with pleasure.  King gets up and pads over to the chair.  Almost at once it finds a crust of dried pussy juice on Mia’s naked thigh, where she’s earlier wiped her fingers after pulling them out of her cunt.  The dog starts licking, stroking the girl’s skin clean.  Mia jumps a little, yet she’s too interested in the good feelings inside her cunt to notice the dog approaching.

Go away,” she whispers, embarrassed somebody should be watching her make it with the brush handle, even if it’s only a dog.

But King doesn’t go away.  When the German shepherd had licked Mia’s leg clean, it realizes it’s near the source of that tasty, smelly stuff, the mother lode.  Following its nose, the animal tries to push its muzzle past the brush handle to get at Mia’s gushing cunt.

Go away,” Mia said, more loudly this time.

But the dog is too interested now.  The animal manages to wedge its muzzle close enough into Mia’s crotch to lick at her pussy.  It half-misses, half-hit, the rough tongue slathering over one of the girl’s pussy lips.  Fortunately, the brush handle has opened her vagina enough, so the very tip of King’s tongue digs slightly into her slit.

Ohhhhhh,” Mia moans.  A hot bolt of intense pleasure shoots through her pussy.  For a moment, she forgets about the brush handle so far inside her cunt.  “Shit.  You’re distracting me,” she hisses.

King licks again.  This time it catches a little more of her cunt.  Once again, Mia feels as if her vagina has momentarily caught fire and is still steaming.  Her fingers spasm around the brush handle.  ‘God that feels good,’ Mia thought.  She peers down at the dog with renewed interest.

“You really want to lick my pussy?” she said wonderingly.

King answers by trying to work his head deeper into her lap.  Mia has a moment’s indecision; the brush handle feels awfully good inside her cunt.  But then, King’s tongue feels good too, and it’s barely made contact yet.  ‘What would it feel like if I let him get straight at my pussy,’ she wonders lustily?  Mia quickly convinces herself.  After all, she can shove the brush handle up her vagina at any time.  Who knows when the dog will want to lick her again?  ‘Besides, it’s a living creature.  It’ll be a lot more exciting to get it off with a dog licking my pussy, won’t it?

It sure is a weird thing to do, letting an animal lick her pussy.  But it’s been a night of weirdness.  First, Ana getting her off with her finger while sucking her nipples.  Then, peeking while Ana and Shaun fucked.  Yes, she thought it’s worth it to let King lick her.

“OK, doggie,” Mia said shakily, pulling the brush handle out of her vagina.

It sucks free slowly.  There’s a lot of vacuum behind it.  It’s so fragrant and wet with pussy juice that King almost follows it when she tosses it onto her bed.  But she grabs the dog by the ears and pulls its muzzle down against her crotch.

“Down there, stupid,” Mia said shakily.

Mia begins to wonder if it’ll really do it.  If the German shepherd will lick her pussy or if it had just been a false alarm.  But King’s eyes light up when it smells the rich perfume of the girl’s gushing slit.  The dog’s tongue slithers out hungrily, splaying out over Mia’s pussy lips, dragging up powerfully.  Mia’s eyes fly open.

Ahhhhhhhh,” she moans loudly.

Mia has never felt anything so incredibly good in her life.  The dog’s tongue feels a yard long and a foot wide as it drags slowly over her shuddering pussy mound.  The thing feels so hot, wet, and steamy.  Mia jerks her legs further apart, wanting to open her pussy to this beautiful instrument.

Come on … Come on.  Lick my pussy, doggie,” Mia moans.  “God, it feels good.”

Camp Canine Moe Lester

  • Mia has made a promise to her boyfriend to remain faithful over the summer, but her desires are growing too strong to control for much longer. Words: 23,809.

Mia pries her pussy lips open with her fingers.  Now King’s tongue slides right into her slit, dragging hotly over her quivering inner flesh.  Mia feels her clit drag upward at the end of the stroke.  She thought the dog’s tongue is going to pull the sensitive little nubbin out by the roots.

Trying to open her crotch more, she hooks her knees over the arms of the chair.  Now her cunt gapes in front of the animal’s slavering mouth, flushed pink, hot juices bubbling out of it.  King licks eagerly.  Each stroke starts far down, stroking past the tight brown pucker of Mia’s asshole, sliding higher to dig slightly into the soft petalled opening of her vagina.  Then slipping underneath her tender inner labia, and finally sliding hotly over her painfully swollen clit.

The dog’s tongue is now keeping her pussy lips folded back.  With her slit wide open, Mia’s hands are now free.  Mia begins to play with her breasts, pinching her nipples excitedly.  Mia gazes down, watching the little pink buds grow harder and harder.  The teen girl peers down further, fascinated as she watches King’s long thick tongue dig in between her pussy lips.  She feels her orgasm nearing.  Mia begins to twitch and jerk every time the dog’s tongue digs into her slit.  Her stomach muscles flutter helplessly.

Ooh … Ohhhh … Just a little more … Nice doggie.  Lick, my pussy,” she babbles.

Mia remembers how Ana babbled while Shaun was fucking her.  Well, it’s her turn now.  Mia’s going to get off.  Maybe it isn’t the same as having a hard cock up her vagina, but it’s nice enough.  Mia starts to climax.  The teen feels her stomach muscles jerk and suck inward.  Desperately she seizes the dog’s ears, frantically pulling its muzzle tighter against her pussy.  King keeps licking faithfully.  Suddenly a hot flood of fresh orgasmic pussy juice gushes from Mia’s climaxing loins.

The dog licks happily, reveling in the rich, heady taste.  King licks and licks until Mia’s cunt is as clean and shiny as a new penny.  Mia’s still orgasming though, she can’t seem to stop.  Eventually, she can’t stand anymore, her pussy feels as if it’s going to explode.

Stop.  Stop,” Mia squeals, holding onto the dog’s head and twisting her hips to the side.

Mia curls up in a ball a little disappointed, King laps once or twice at her thigh, then lies down contentedly by the chair.  After a few minutes, when she has her breath back, Mia peers cautiously over the arm of the chair.  King seems so peaceful now.  ‘Had it really happened,’ she wonders?  ‘Had King actually licked my pussy?’  It seems impossible, but Mia shivers as she remembers the power of the orgasm that savagely ripped through her body.

With a sudden burst of exultation, she realizes that maybe her long spell of horniness is over.  Mia’s found a safe lover, a harmless one.  One she feels James need never feel jealous over.  Mia eyes the bath brush, still lying on her bed.  The girl can always use it if she feels she just must have something in her cunt.

Of course,’ she thought wryly, ‘It can never equal a real cock, like Shaun.  Well, too bad.  At least I’ve had more than Ana had when I went to bed last night.  The problem is going to be getting some alone time with King.  Shaun normally keeps the dog with him all the time.’  Mia smiled.  ‘Well, that’s where Ana can help me without even knowing it.  She’ll probably keep Shaun busy enough, so he won’t even remember he has a dog.’


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