Carly’s Nightmare!


Carly's Nightmare Moe Lester

  • Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open. Words: 31,970.
The alarm goes off with its usual piercing scream. At first, there’s no reaction from the two blanket-covered forms in the bed, but then a slender, shapely arm appears out of the tangled mass of bedding and gropes blindly across the bedside table, knocking over the alarm clock as numb fingers manage to still the racket. The arm collapses back onto the bed, and for several more minutes, silence reigns in the room.

Then two big blue eyes blink open, half hidden by a thick mass of blonde hair that spills in a golden cascade over one of the pillows. Carly Pollock focuses foggily as she stares at the clock, shakes her head and stares again.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Danny,” she said, “something must be wrong with the clock. It went off a half hour early.” Her eyes slowly close.

“Mmmmm, yeah,” her husband murmurs in a sleep-thickened voice. “I set it that way.” He moves over closer to his wife and slides an arm around her, cupping one of her firm breasts in the palm of his hand. “Gives us time for a quickie before we have to run off to slave at the salt mines for the day,” he said.

Carly’s big blue eyes fly open again, filled with apprehension this time. “What?” she said with a deep frown. “B-but Danny, we did it last night.”

The dull throbbing ache up between her thighs wouldn’t let her forget that.

“Last night was last night,” Danny said, his voice sounding more awake now.

His hand squeezes her softly resilient breast a little tighter, and she can feel a slight growing pressure underneath his pajamas where his loins pressed against her buttocks. A sick feeling shoots through her. Oh, not again, not so soon, she thought frustrated. Fuck, it was only a few hours ago I forced myself to lie patiently beneath his sweating body, and now he wants to again. It’s just too much to ask.

“Now stop that,” she snaps as his other hand slips up underneath her flimsy nightgown. She tries to wiggle away from his insistent touch, but his arms are too strong.

“C’mon, baby,” he said, his hot breath blowing against her sensitive earlobe. “It’s a beautiful morning. Let’s start the day out right with a little loving.”

“No, no,” she said, struggling harder. “I—it’s not right. It’s not even dark. I-I just can’t do it when it’s light like this. It’s sick.”

She feels his body stiffen at her last words, and his grip slackens around her. Sensing his gaze on her, the woman turns her head quickly around and sees his eyes are cold.

“I think you’re the one that’s sick,” he said in an icy voice. He rolled away from Carly and got out of bed. “This is not nineteen fifty, Carls. There’s no need to feel ashamed about sex” His back is to her as he speaks with shoulders rigid in suppressed anger. He goes on, talking almost to himself. “I might as well go to work a little early this morning; I’ll pick up some breakfast on the way.”

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry,” Carly said with tears in her eyes. “You know I don’t want to hurt you. It’s just that it’s hard for me.”

“Well, it’s not so easy for me either,” he snaps turning toward her.

Recoiling inside as she sees the bitterness in his eyes, the tortured woman turns away with a sob and buries her face in the pillow. She hears her husband mumble a few more angry words, and then the bathroom door slams behind him.

The sobbing blonde lies facing the wall, wishing the day didn’t have to start this way. Maybe there’s some truth in what her husband said. Maybe there’s something unhealthy about her keeping her from responding to his advances. He bears some of the blame too, she thought defiantly, and her mind automatically goes back to their wedding night.


Carly's Nightmare Moe Lester

  • Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open. Words: 31,970.

Her parents carefully and repressively raised Carly. Her mother is a dried up defeated woman, plowed under by a domineering religious zealot of a husband. Carly’s father had spouted bible, sin, and hellfire to her ever since she can remember. He raged against the temptations of the flesh and forbade her to go out unchaperoned with boys. It had been a shock to Carly when one day at the tender age of eleven she discovered his secret cache of porn on his laptop. The girl had stared in horror at the strange positions and lewd postures portrayed by the people in the pictures and videos, and her confused mind had tried to match them up with the grunts of male pleasure and the desperately painful pleadings of her mother that issued from behind her parents’ bedroom door night after night.

When she was fourteen-years-old, her father had unexpectedly made her sit on his lap one night. His brutal hands had ranged over her budding young body, lingering on her already lusty breasts while he had warned what sex would do to her if she let boys touch her here—or here—or here. All this time her mother’s in the same room, watching, her face changing expression as shame for her daughter battled with hate for her husband.

Carly had blossomed early. When she was sixteen, she looked twenty, with high, proud breasts, sleekly swelling hips and long graceful legs. The amateurish groping of her male classmates had only intensified her already profoundly rooted fear of sex. What a relief it had been then to meet Danny, it had been her first year in college, and Danny was several years older than she was, already a senior. Carly’s swept off her feet by his suave, sophisticated manner, and even more by his apparent kindness and consideration for her. In particular, he had been patient and gentle with her right from their first date, never pressing her sexually, always stopping at the first sign of her resistance.

Soon Carly found herself for the first time in her life kissing a boy and enjoying it. As time goes on, she’s amazed at the sensual little flutters racing through her body when Danny’s strong hands caressed her excitedly throbbing breasts, always through her clothes, of course.

Then one night, one warm summer night, she and Danny are lying out on the grass under a full moon. They had consumed some champagne at a party earlier in the evening, and Carly found her head is slightly giddy so somehow the feel of his hands stealing over her body is exceptionally vivid, almost electric. Her dreamy mind didn’t notice when he reached up under her sweater and released the catch on her bra, or when he slid the sweater up in front of that, the shimmering white mounds of her full naked breasts present to his hungry gaze.

Then, almost in a trance of excitement and uncertainty, she feels fingers under her skirt, sliding over the smooth material of her bikini panties. A low moan of half-conscious pleasure broke from the virgin’s wetly parted lips as she feels the first delightful pressure against the sensitive mound between her legs and her thighs fell limply, automatically, open to giving easier access to the caressing hands sending sharp little darts of wild pleasure through her fire-washed body.

Danny’s gentle fingers are at the leg-band of her panties, worming under the confining elastic as the tip of his outstretched index finger dipped like a hot knife into the moistly heated channel up between her legs. Carly moaned with the knowledge she wanted his finger deep inside her hungering pussy, she wanted sex for the first time in her life. She gazed over at Danny, love washing over her like a tidal wave, and then her heart froze within her as she sees the look of sheer lust twisting his features, making him look almost like her father the evening when the nasty man had forced her to sit in his lap.

The inner frightened young girl tore herself away from Danny’s grasp and quickly forced her passion tortured mind and body back under control. It hadn’t mattered to Danny, who just thought of it as virginal shyness, after all, they were going to be married in a month, and he can wait. Carly buried the episode in her mind, attributing her resistance to modesty. As it is, she loved the handsome student so much nothing could’ve kept her from marrying him.

On the day of their wedding night, Carly had spent several hours with the Minister before the ceremony, listening to the old man tell her how beautiful her first night with her husband can be, how God would be present with them. When the wedding was over, and they had finally escaped from the wild reception and finally in the bedroom of their honeymoon cottage by the lake. Carly had expected heavenly music, sweet perfumes, tender words, and—the rest her virginal young mind could only guess.

Carly's Nightmare Moe Lester

  • Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open. Words: 31,970.

How terrifyingly different it was for Carly. Danny was drunk. She had never seen him like this. Her new husband’s fraternity friends had kept pouring alcohol down him all night and dragging him off into corners where they seemed to be telling some kind of jokes. In her innocence, Carly couldn’t understand why some of the men kept snickering and glancing at her as they talked to her new husband. Danny eventually started staring at her, too, a strange fire in his eyes.

When she and her husband got to the cabin, Carly goes into the bathroom with her overnight bag and changes into the beautiful sheer nightgown she’d bought just for the occasion. Then she stepped timidly back into the bedroom to share the sacrament of their marriage with her husband.

Danny’s drunken eyes bulged from his head as they took in the ravishing image standing before him. He had never seen Carly naked before, and the transparent material of her nightgown left nothing to the imagination. An inarticulate animal sound came from his lust-distorted mouth.

“Do-do you like me, darling?” Carly asked hesitantly.

Danny’s only answer had been to lurch drunkenly toward her and crush her fearfully trembling body to him; his saliva-covered mouth smashed down against hers, pressing her lips painfully back against her teeth.

“Be gentle. Oh God, Danny, please be gentle,” Carly pleaded vainly, but her sex-maddened husband tugged at the nightgown standing between him and his goal, eventually succeeding in ripping the beautiful material from her and ruining it forever. His head dropped to her naked breasts, and his wet ovaled lips close around the little tips of her nipples. She gasped as his teeth sank in so tightly blood seeped on the surface of her unblemished flesh. The frightened woman fought against the pain, and to understand, then somehow they were on the bed. Danny struggled from his clothes, and then for the first time in her young life, she sees it, an erect male penis.

It’s huge. The virginal bride stares with a horrified fascination at this enormous thing she’s supposed to take inside her body. She sees her husband positioning the obscenely swollen shaft before the tight vaginal opening, and she knew it’d never fit.

“Oh, please be careful, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me,” she pleaded with the lust-driven stranger crouched above her trembling form.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, she had thought.

With an animal groan, he drove his wildly throbbing cock into her without preparation, without mercy, aware only of his own drunken need. The impaled woman’s shrill scream had knifed out into the room, but Danny goes on ramming his long hard penis further and further into her with each stroke, oblivious to the agony he’s causing his innocent new wife.

Carly struggled vainly against the pain for several minutes before discovering it wasn’t so bad if she just let her muscles relax. A great awareness of how much this is like what her mother had gone through came over her, and for a time she feels it’s her brutal father rocking over her. She shuddered in horror and disgust.

Then to her amazement, the first trickles of painful pleasure radiate out from her plundered cunt as it became more accustomed to the alien presence inside. A guilty feeling of lust swept over her, burning lewd associations into her young mind that would last forever.

An obscene knowledge of her body started to form along with the feeling she’s involved in something depraved, sinful, perverted and beginning to love it.

No, she’s not the person she had thought she was, nor was Danny, for he’s dragging her into evil ways, the wicked ways of her parents. The terrible thing is she wanted to shout, to scream for him to go on with his now-pleasurable ravishment of her body. For she can feel the possibility of some final orgasmic goal within her for which she’s ready to trade all her years of careful moral training.

However, Danny suddenly roared, and his body stiffened, and she feels his wildly jerking penis grow in spasms inside her heatedly throbbing cunt and his cum, hot and endless, shoots up into her, filling her belly with a burning wetness. A compelling indecency swept through her hopelessly aroused body, a feeling she had never known before. At this moment, the bride feels herself teetering on the edge of an abyss. Carly knew she’d gladly abandon all her religious training and fall wanton and lewd into a deep valley of sensuality never to return at this minute. If only he’d take her over the peak and make her orgasm.

She feels her body alive and tingling with this unholy electricity causing her hips to grind in a strange animal way as she reaches for a vague promise of release. It’s then Danny grunted, and his body relaxed, and all of his alcoholic weight pressed down on her nakedly trembling breasts, and he passed out.

Carly's Nightmare Moe Lester

  • Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open. Words: 31,970.

It was quite a struggle to get him off her, but he eventually rolls and began snoring loudly. The unsatisfied bride lies naked on the bed, a horrible guilt combined with shame and anger sweeping over her. Carly feels humiliated. In a moment of emotional weakness, she had offered up all of her beliefs to her husband to do with as he would, and he had used her as a faceless receptacle for his lust. Never again, she promised herself. Never again will I let my body trick me into desire.

Carly had kept her word, dutifully letting Danny make love to her when he demanded it but permitting herself very little satisfaction from the despised act. Danny had been confused at first by her unresponsiveness and later angered. He can remember almost nothing of their wedding night, and Carly had never been able to force herself to speak about it. Danny became more frustrated and lately had been trying to force her into degrading acts; things she knew were wrong and sinful. It had been that way last night, and Carly’s afraid it might be that way again. He’d become more violent and rough in his lovemaking, and she’s a little frightened of him now, which is one extra reason she didn’t want him to make love to her this morning.


Suddenly her meditation breaks by the sound of the bathroom door opening. She quickly closes her eyes, feigning sleep. From under her eyelashes, she can see Danny walking toward the bed and with a stab of panic realizes he’s completely naked, the man’s face clouded by anger!

Oh please, God, no, she thought, and then sharply draws breath as she feels Danny roughly pull back the blankets, uncovering her body.

“Danny—” she began, pretending to be only half-awake.

She fights to control her mounting fear. Then the frightened woman shrinks back instinctively as her husband’s hands roughly roam over her quivering body, pulling up the edges of her nightgown to reveal her panty-clad hips.

“No, Danny, no—” she pleads piteously, desperately trying to squirm away.

“Shut up and be still,” Danny snarls angrily, and something in his tone made her heart freeze.

Carly has never seen her husband in quite this state before and doesn’t know what he might be capable of doing. The frustrated man pulls her nightgown over her head and throws it angrily into a corner. He struggles with the hooks of the bra she insists on wearing to bed and finally succeeds in pulling it away from her soft white breasts. Then, shoving his hands under the tight elastic waistband of his wife’s panties Danny rolls them down over the ripe curves of her hips until she’s naked, her smooth flesh shining lustrously in the soft morning light. Carly lies still on the bed hardly daring to breathe, she’s afraid of making him angrier than he already is.

To her surprise, he’s suddenly gentle.

Danny hovers over her a second, his breath catching in his throat as his wife lies naked beneath him in the full light of day. The man has almost forgotten how beautiful she is, and his gaze moves passionately over her lushly ripened body, drinking in the way the delicately shaded hollows contrasted with the long alabaster curves of her thighs, lingering over the delicate molded hips and richly swelling breasts.

The lustful husband’s hands followed his eyes and traced hotly down his wife’s frightened body, his fingers sliding slowly along her gently quivering thighs and easing tenderly back and forth in the soft crevice between. Danny’s hands press upward, traveling cautiously, tracing a narrowing circle over the ivory flesh until with a sudden electric contact they brush against the first softly curling hairs of her mound.

Carly winces, her long silky legs stirring slightly from the unwanted stimulus of his touch. Her arm stiffens in resistance, but her pelvis tilts upward independently in unconscious reaction to his probing hand. With an effort, the woman wills her loins to retreat, and her naked buttocks sink back down into the mattress to escape his advances.

Danny withdraws his fingers, not wanting to force his passage prematurely. His strong hands slide around and under her softly warm hips, cupping her smooth buttocks and caressing them until they flex involuntarily in a slow circular motion.

Carly's Nightmare Moe Lester

  • Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open. Words: 31,970.

Carly can hardly believe her own reactions. It feels—it feels —good, she thought. The woman feels her breath catch in her throat and her mind short-circuited under the maddening embrace of her husband’s fingers. She just has to accept the ecstasy of his touch. Once more, his hands slide upward and move with a sudden directness to her softly curling pubic hair, his warm palm pressing flat against the moistly throbbing hill of her mound, Danny’s strong pulse merging with the rhythmic beat of her throbbing organs. This time there’s no resistance and Danny gently presses his outstretched middle finger between the sensitive pussy lips, sending a spasmodic wave of joy through the blonde’s love-starved body lying beneath him.

“Ooh—ooooo,” Carly moans, hardly able to believe it’s her own voice gasping this unconscious cry of pleasure.

Danny moves his middle finger in a circular motion inside the wetly gleaming furrow of her pussy in ever-widening sweeps, spreading the moist tendrils of her pubic hair and stroking the pulsing lips of her blood-swollen cunt. Working upward, his fingers finally encounter her erect little clit.

“Oh fuck—Aaaahhhhh,” Carly moans, her mouth falling open.

Her long legs bucks up from the unexpected thrill of his touch as he teases his finger over the vitally sensitive knob, driving bolts of pleasure through his wife’s twitching body. It’s incredible. Danny can feel the hot center of her loins flexing wildly, almost begging him to fuck her. His eyes stare at the enticing pinkness of her open pussy, fascinated by the way, her outer pussy lips form a fleshy collar around the faintly contracting petal-shaped cuntal hole. The sight of the pink folds drives him wild with passion.

Some rational part of Danny’s brain keeps warning the man to control himself. He hasn’t won his prize yet, and his hope for conquest is still teetering on the edge of the full acceptance he has so long desired. However, the last spark of reason suddenly drowns in a flood of ungovernable lust as Danny gazes down at the mouth-watering feast spread open below him. With an inarticulate cry of passion, Danny bends impulsively forward and buries his head between his wife’s widespread thighs, shooting his tongue snake-like into her warm moist depths.

“Aaaaahhhhh—Oooooooh,” Carly cries as she feels the first searing contact of Danny’s long, wet tongue against her helplessly open pussy.

She stares down in horrified disbelief at the obscene spectacle of her husband’s dark head rammed grotesquely between her up-drawn thighs. A spasm of disgust shoots through her, and she desperately tries to squirm free, but Danny’s fingers hold her tightly, pressing painfully into her flesh, keeping the unprotected plane of her fearfully cringing pussy wide open to the man’s disgusting attack.

“Nooooo—oh fuck noooo —it’s wrong, it’s dirty,” she groans then sobs as he stabs his tongue again into her defenseless pussy. Oh, fuck—Oh, fuck—why does he have to turn it into this, she wonders helplessly? Why does he have to spoil it all again? Eventually, Carly manages to tangle her fingers in his hair and yank his obscenely dripping face up from between her cringing thighs. For just a moment, Danny’s iron grip on her loosens and Carly twists free and rolls to the floor. The outraged blonde is on her feet in an instant, glaring at her confused husband.

“You—you filthy animal,” she screams. “How could you? How could you turn it into that?”

Then Carly sees the anger building in his eyes, and she runs into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

“You frigid bitch,” Danny shouts after her. “You need to see a shrink, you’re father has fucked your head so much you can’t even enjoy the natural—normal—pleasures in life.”

Danny is then silent, a few minutes later Carly hears the front door slam, and she’s now alone in the house. Her chin quivers for a moment and then she begins sobbing uncontrollably.

It’s a long time before the shattered woman got herself under control. Plan after desperate plan is born in her mind only to die again. Carly doesn’t know what she and Danny are going to do about this horrible problem between them, but the woman does know she loves him and will do almost anything to stay with him, except become an animal. No, she won’t leave him, not ever. However, will Danny stay with her? Right now, she’d have gladly shared him with half the women in the world if she can just keep one little bit for her.

The heart-broken woman wanders disconsolately around the bedroom before finally realizing she doesn’t have any clothes on. Going to the dresser, she takes out her white shorts, halter, and mechanically put them on. I’ll go out and work in the yard, she thought. It always makes her feel better when she’s in the garden, and tonight when Danny comes home she’ll have his favorite meal prepared for him. However, deep in her heart, she knows it won’t be enough. It’ll take a lot more than a good dinner to heal the widening breach between her and her beloved husband.


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