Haley glances at her cell phone to see the time, and no text messages from Ella about when she will be home.  Then she goes to the window and peers out to see if Ella is coming down the street.  The two Great Danes move after her, licking her ass and thighs.  Finding that her nineteen-year-old border is not in sight, Haley smiles and turns to the dogs, sinking gracefully to her knees.  Their tongues lap at her belly and breasts, and they wriggle and squirm around her.

She feels Hoss’s balls, lifting the bloated bags as if judging how much jizz they contain, then slides her hand up his thick shaft.  It thrills her to feel that massive cock throb in her fist.  She fingers its pointy cock tip, sliding her thumb across the slot of its pisshole.  The big dog whimpers, and its hairy haunches hump as it fucks through her fist.

Haley turns to Vader and runs her hand up and down on his fat cock, in turn.  She fondles Vader’s balls and feels his hot, thick load slosh around in the hairy sack.  ‘What a fucking shame it is that I can’t have that steaming load of jizz in my vagina,’ she thought.  ‘But there isn’t enough time before Ella is due home.’

She sighs with regret and begins to pump Vader’s cock steadily, intending to bring him off by hand.  She curls onto her flank, aiming the dog’s swollen cock tip at her fat breasts.  The dog’s cock is so hard that it’s vibrating like a tuning fork in her hand.  As she pumps back to the Great Dane’s balls, its pointy red cockhead flares, pulsating like an inhaling lung.  The dog’s pisshole is wide open and dripping with pre-cum.  The watery fluid streaks the red cockmeat and runs down the dog’s cock, pooling on the web between her thumb and forefinger.

Hoss is whining enviously, his tongue flashing against her pussy and belly and his hindquarters humping as the Great Dane drives its hard cock into the air.  Haley takes the dog’s cock in her left hand and squeezes it, but she doesn’t begin to jerk it.  When she jerks the dogs off, she likes to do them one at a time to concentrate on each dog’s climax.

Her fist pulls on Vader’s cock, dragging his cock sheath over the ledge of its pointy cock tip, then pushes back to the root and makes its cock tip flare.  The dog yelps and shoves its cock through her stroking hand.  More slime oozes from its pisshole, lathering the animal’s cock tip with slimy pre-cum.  The dog’s cock is like a steel bar as she squeezes it and strokes it, and Haley is panting with lust, eager to milk that massive cock and see it spurt jizz.

“Cum, boy, cum,” she whimpers.

She holds Hoss’s cock tip against her breasts and pumps away on Vader’s throbbing dick with steady strokes.  Hoss tries to hump her hand and fuck his cock between her breasts, but she restrains him as she works on the other dog’s cock.

Vader howls like a wolf.

Haley’s fist strokes back toward Vader’s balls, and she feels his shaft expand and the knot forming as his orgasm nears.  The dog’s balls eventually explode as her hand jerks down to the large knot at the base of his cock.  Then hot jizz comes spurting from the dog’s pointy cock tip.  Haley wails with passion as she watches the Great Dane jizz hose her breasts.  Her hand pumps its cock, and each time she strokes down to the dog’s knot, another load of steaming hot semen comes squirting out of its pisshole.

Her big breasts are awash with dog jizz.  The slimy stuff pours through her cleavage and clings to her nipples.  A frothy load of sperm shoots into the hollow of her throat, and another dose splashes on her belly.  Haley pulls the dog’s cock lower and pumps a creamy spurt onto her bushy mound.  Vader whimpers and fucks her hand, and another jet of jizz hits her breasts.  Slimy dog semen lathers Haley from her throat to her crotch, and the potent Great Dane keeps pumping more of the stuff out.

The dog’s last jizz slides into her cleavage.  The dog eventually whines and stops humping.  Haley continues to stroke Vader’s cock, milking a few last drops from his pisshole.  Then she pulls the Great Dane’s cock to her breasts and rubs the pointy cock tip against her nipples and into her cleavage.  She’s panting with passion, turned on by all that hot dog jizz.

Releasing Vader’s cock, she brings her hand to her lips and licks at the cock slime on her palm and fingers.  She pushes her fingers into her mouth, bunched together into a phallic shape, and sucks on them as if they’re a cock.  The delicious flavor of dog semen tingles on her taste buds, and her tongue feels as hot as her clit.  She cups her big breasts in her hands and lifts the heavy breast mounds, dropping her blonde head and licking the dog jizz from her nipples.

She intended to jerk the dogs off, but the taste of that sweet semen was turning the dog lover on more than she anticipated.  Haley runs her hand through her bushy mound and then licks it again, tasting her pussy slime blended with dog jizz.  Vader’s balls are empty, and his thick cock is starting to droop.  Haley grasps the dog’s cock and pulls it toward her face.  Her tongue flashes out, and she licks at the cock tip, then sucks the naked meat into her mouth and nurses on it hungrily, slurping the sperm from the dog’s cock and polishing its meat to a luster.  Haley still has another horny dog awaiting her attention—balls swollen and cock throbbing in eager anticipation.


Haley jumps up and darts to the window again.  Ella is nowhere in sight, and there are still no text messages on her cell phone.  Hoss comes trailing after her, his tongue lolling out and his cock pounding under his furry belly.  Frothy pre-cum streaks the dog’s red cock shaft, steaming from its tip—it’s a mouth-watering sight.  Haley sinks to her knees, then rolls on her flank, her blonde head under the dog

“Fuck my mouth, boy,” she whispers.  “Fuck my mouth just like it’s a pussy.”

Her hand folds around the hairy root of Hoss’s thick cock, and she draws it closer.  Hoss stands with his legs wide and his flanks quivering.  Haley’s pink tongue slides out, and she licks the tip of the Great Dane’s cock tip.  The dog’s cock is delicious.  The cock-hungry blonde laves over the flaring cock tip and pushes her tongue inside the dog’s pisshole.  Her saliva coats the dog’s hot cock shaft.  She slides her tongue around against the underside of the big slab, then goes down to lick the animal’s balls.

She can feel its semen-load shift around inside the bloated balls as she licks them.  The dog’s cock slid over her cheek as she mouthed its balls.  Then she moves back to its pointy cock tip and laps at it again.  Slimy and watery pre-cum bubbles onto her tongue, and the woman moans.  She adores the taste and hungered for the dog’s semen.  She kisses the tip of its cock and then lets her lips slowly part, taking its naked red shaft into her mouth.

Mmmm,” she purrs as she sucks on the tasty cock.

Her cheeks are hollow, and her lips peel outward.  Her tongue flashes against the underside of the dog’s cock tip, and her lips collar around its thick, slimy shaft.  She nurses voraciously on the delicious dog cock, savoring the tangy flavor.  She’s eager to swallow its semen, but the dog’s cock is so succulent that she’s in no hurry for it to ejaculate.  Holding the dog’s bloated balls in one hand, she folds her other hand around its cock and begins to jerk it through a few inches while she nurses on its dripping, hot pointy cock tip.

The Great Dane whimpers and humps, fucking most of its cock into her willing maw, tilting her blonde head back so the fat lever wedges back into her throat.  Steaming hot ribbons of salty pre-cum pours down her gullet, and for a moment, she thinks the dog has shot its load.  But then she realizes, to her delight, that it’s only pre-cum, and she can savor more time feasting on the Great Dane’s cock before she drinks the slimy and coppery conclusion.

Her head bobs to meet its cock as the Great Dane shoves it into her mouth.  She takes almost all of its long cock into her mouth.  Her fist squeezes and frigs the massive knot, and her lips slide down to bump against it.  The dog’s cock tip is dripping pre-cum down her throat as it thrusts, then lathering her flashing tongue as it withdraws.

Haley tilts her head and takes its pointy cock tip into her cheek, just for a little variety.  Her tongue arches into a moist pink bridge over which the dog’s hard cock rides as it fucks in and out.  Her lips drag and pull on the dog’s cock, and the woman whimpers hungrily.  She takes her hand out of the way and slides down the dog’s long, thick cock, taking every inch into her mouth to the knot.  The dog’s fat cock tip slides down her gullet, and its knot smashes into her chin.

She holds the Great Dane’s cock in her mouth until she comes up for air.  Then she pulls her lips back up its shaft, sucking through every precious inch.  Hoss is frantic by this time, his hairy haunches a mere blur as he pours the cock into Haley’s hungry mouth, fucking her face as furiously as he ever fucked her vagina.

Mmmmm,” she purrs as the dog’s delicious, slippery cock tip throbs on her tongue.

Gurgling with wild lust, Haley jams her head back, deep-throating the dog’s cock again.  Hoss whimpers as the blonde woman’s lips slide down to the knot, as his balls erupt.

Ooh,” she squeals as her mouth fills with dog jizz.  Then, “Mmmmmmm,” as she milks more jizz out.

The Great Dane’s first spurt has shot out as it tucks deep into her mouth so that the stuff goes straight down her throat, missing her taste buds.  But its second spurt pours out on the backstroke, skimming over her tongue in a slimy river.

The dog fucks its cock back into her mouth, shooting more precious jizz into her cheeks and onto her flashing tongue.  Her head bobs.  She’s sucking voraciously, and her delicate throat pulsates as she swallows the dog’s semen.  The dog’s flooding her with its load, ejaculating even more jizz than the other dog had with the handjob, and the cock-crazed woman is drinking it all.  Haley sucks and swallows, swallows, and sucks.  She gulps and gobbles, gasps, and groans, driven wild by the pure joy of drinking delicious semen out of a dog’s cock.

Hoss keeps pouring the cock into her, spurting more jizz each time he fucks into her mouth.  Her golden-blonde head is jerked and jolted by the dog’s powerful fucking.  As fast as she swallows its sperm, semen fills her mouth again.  Her tongue is floating in a swampy sea of jizz, and frothy sperm coats the roof of her mouth and pools in her hollowed cheeks.  Then she gulps it down only to have the big dog pump more jizz into her mouth.

At long last, Hoss’s balls are empty.  The Great Dane feeds her a last fuck-stroke, then pulls its spent cock out of her mouth with a slurping sound.  Haley sits there, stunned by the experience, a happy smile on her lips and dog jizz trickling in glistening ribbons from both sides of her mouth.  She notices that Vader has another hard-on.

Oh, shit,’ she thought.  ‘Do I have time?  Ella should be home soon.


“Listen, guys.  Sometimes Haley isn’t home in the afternoon.  Do you wanna go back to my house?  And if she isn’t there, we can fool around,” Ella said to her two male friends from college, who happened to be identical twins.  She flicks her long red hair seductively.  “I bet you’ll both be horny by the time we get there.  I’ll suck one of you off while the other fucks me, OK?”

Their cocks stir, and their balls begin to expand, and the two guys grin and agree.  They take a shortcut through the park from the bus stop and continue toward Ella’s house.  It isn’t the way that the girl usually arrives home, and they’re going to arrive via the back door.  They’re going to quietly enter so that if Haley is home, she won’t know that Ella has two friends with her.  Later, the guys can sneak away.  But Ella’s landlord is home, and everyone is in for a big surprise.


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