Close Encounter of the Worst Kind!


Close Encounter of the Worst Kind! Moe Lester

  • An alien female finds herself in the clutches of some gross human hillbillies and their dogs. Words: 15,880
Doug and the strange-looking female lie together.  She’s breathing in short gasps.  At last, the female pushes up on his shoulders, wincing with pain as his knee pushes her leg outward.  He shakes his head and mumbles, “What the fuck?”

“Please, you’re hurting me.  Get off,” the strange-looking woman groans.

“Hurting you?  I’ll fucking hurt you, alien bitch.”

He picked himself up on all fours, his hard cock rubbing her belly as he stared at the woman.  She sucks in a fearful breath.

“Come on, Douggie,” Randy cries.  “Give me a fucking turn.  You and Wayne have fucked her already.”

“Ah, OK, but this alien pussy is fucking tight.  It’s a real cock crusher.  Isn’t that right?  Ah, what’s your name anyway?”

“My designation is Kimbuckalayadoz,” she said in a soft singsong voice.

Wayne, who’s still nursing his cock after fucking her earlier, frowns.  “Kim-buck-a-whatsa?”

“We’ll just call her Kim,” Randy said.

“Or alien bitch,” Doug said and laughed.

He rolls away and falls flat on his back on the filthy rug while Randy eagerly maneuvers himself into position.  He has to push his cock down from his belly, but once it starts inside, a single stroke carries him into Kim’s alien cunt.  The dark-haired female gasps in reflex as her cunt adjusts to the new invader, tightening about the man’s thick shaft.  Her muscles are still sore from the strain of taking Wayne’s and Doug’s big cocks, but as Randy begins a quick, jerky, fucking movement, she responds, the excellent feeling quickly returning.

Ohhhhh,” Kim moans.

It’s a new experience for her in more ways than one.  Not only is she having interspecies sex with a human, but she’s also experiencing the feeling of bigger penises in her vagina.  The males of her species have smaller cocks, usually around four inches hard.  The bigger males, maybe six.

Yeah,” Randy moans, his teeth bared in a grin.  “Yeah.”

Oh, please.  Ohhhhhhh,”

“Like it, bitch?  Like my big cock?”

Her head lolls.  She’s too weary to answer.  But her hips buck against him, her knees drawn up outside his thighs, as the man’s bony shape pounds down.  The only hurt in the act came from his elbow digging into her side and his hips, banging her pelvis as they switched from side to side.


“Fuck, yeah.  Say it.  Say it,” Randy urges as he feels her velvety cunt grip his cock.


Kim’s arms move around the man, his weight scarcely a burden.  She can hardly feel his weight, but his cock turns her insides into liquid fire.  She’s melting around his cock.  The dark-haired alien can feel her pussy juices pushing past his pounding cock to trickle down the crack of her ass, mixing messily with the earlier stickiness.

Oh, fuck,” Randy moans.  “Shit, I’m fucking her.  I’m fucking an alien, Douggie.”

His cock pulls back, pounds in, pulls back, pounds in, pulls back, and slips out, the head giving no rim for her muscles to grip, to lock against it.  His cock slams wetly against his belly, and the man curses.

Motherfucker.  Shit.  Fuck.”

Put it back,” Kim moans.  She draws her knees up to make it easier.  “Put it in me.”

“Damn it to hell.  Shit.”

Randy fumbles with his sticky cock, and manages to bring it down to her cuntal opening again, holding while the first few inches slide inside.  Then his wet hand cups and squeezes the female’s D-cup breast, the man’s dark hair bouncing back from his face as he bottoms out.

“Kim bucks.  “Don’t let it fall out again.”

Shut up,” Randy growls.

He concentrates on his fucking, drawing back only halfway to avoid a repeat of the accident, his arms stiff and his head falling back between his bony shoulders as he drills his cock deep into her hungry cunt.  It is good, but it isn’t enough.  Kim wants more.

I can’t feel you.  MATE ME.”

“Whore.  Crazy alien whore.  Don’t the men in your species give you a good fucking like this,” Randy shouts.  He fucks deep into Kim, feeling her clutching cuntal walls as they milk the shape of his cock and feel the explosion beginning in his balls.  “Oh, SHIT.  SHIT.  SHIT.”


His ass bottoms out one final time, the man glued to her groin, his cock swelling and throbbing in the walls of her cunt.  Kim feels it as the jizz slams out of him, feels the working of his cock as it shoots his semen into her cunt.  She tightens further, trying to squeeze the blood out of the man’s cock and breaking it off as he gasps for breath.

Oh.  Ooh.  Ah.  Oh, SHIT.  YOU’RE KILLING ME, BITCH,” he screams.

Don’t stop now.  Mate me.  MATE ME.”

Owwwww.  Owwwww….”  Randy howls in pain as Kim’s cunt works around his cock, dragging out the last of his jizz.  She feels the final ripple of muscles working in expulsion, and he collapses over her, barely holding himself up, his head hanging down and his hair in her face as he pants.  “Ow.  It hurts, fuck you.  It hurts.”

“Human,” she taunts.  “You’re weak.  Your species is weak even if your genitals are large.”

Randy is beyond fucking.  He claws at Kim’s clutching legs, pulling her foot away from his ass, and pops free of her imprisoning cunt, to sit, huddled, besides Doug, who raises his head and laughs at the sight of the drained man.

Doug asks with contempt in his tone, “What’s the matter, Randy?  She too much for you?”

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind! Moe Lester

  • An alien female finds herself in the clutches of some gross human hillbillies and their dogs. Words: 15,880

The other man present, a fifty-something skinny male with a bald head, laughs.

“Fuck you, Douggie.  You too, Wayne.  This alien bitch is a cock crusher.”  Then to Kim, he said, “You’re tighter than a ten-year-old.  Don’t your men have big cocks?”

“The genitalia of the males of my species are not as large as a human, no,” she said.

Wayne asks, “How much smaller are they?”

“A lot smaller,” she said.  “But we females have evolved to feel great pleasure from the mating with them.”

Doug chortles.  “After you’ve had our big cocks you’ll never return to those tiny alien baby dicks again.  Just how old are you?”

“In human years, I am thirty,” she said.

“You look younger,” Wayne said.  “And what’s that black shit around your eyes?”

She touches her face with the black patches around her eyes.  “That is my skin.”

Randy can do nothing but suck air into his tortured lungs.  Kim’s hands fall to her tortured groin, feels the stickiness of the men as her head lolls side to side.  She mutters a silent prayer again, feeling something sharp sticking in one hip, and raises to pull a chicken bone, the greasy remnants dried with age.  She eyed it in disgust, then threw it over her head.

“My kind will find me,” Kim said coldly.  “They will retaliate once they see what you have done to me.”

“You got a big fucking mouth, Kim,” Doug shouts.

Wayne is now standing over her, his cock half-erect, sprouting from his thick pubic bush.  Suddenly Kim remembers she’s alone here.  She wonders where her brother is and hopes he may bring help.  Fright caught her again, and she swallowed, afraid to say more.

“What are we gonna do to her, Wayne?”

That was Doug, getting to his feet.  Now Randy is also staring, his fingers holding the shaft of his still swollen cock, although its hardness had left.  “Yeah,” Randy said.  “Let’s make her sorry she ever came to our planet, Wayne.”

“Oh, we will,” said the old man grimly.  “Shit, she’s already sorry, ain’t you?”

“Please, let me go,” Kim groans.  “It’s the only way I can save your lives.”

Wayne kicks her, his naked foot catching Kim’s jaw and slamming her head against the floor.  She saw stars and felt the sharp stab of pain in her jaw.  She rubs it.

“Kick her again,” Randy said.  “The alien bitches cunt nearly broke my junk.”

“I got a better idea,” Doug said.  “Let’s shove a broom handle up her cunt and break it off.”

“Up her ass,” Wayne said.  “Shit, let’s put the broom up her ass and the mop up her cunt.  Think she can take both at once, Doug?”

“Never know if we don’t try,” he said.

Kim forgot the momentary fucking pleasures as the other two got to their feet and joined Wayne in peering down at her.  She closed her eyes until Randy scratched his big toenail along one D-cup breast.

Ooh,” she groans and grabs the offending part as Randy laughs again.

He asks, “Want me to get the broom and the mop, Wayne?”

“Maybe later,” Wayne said.  “I got other plans right now.”

“What we gonna do?”

“You’ll see.  Hold your piss, man.  You’ll like it, I promise.”

Kim hears his bare feet moving away.  He opens the screen door and whistles.  But his words remind the dark-haired alien female that her bladder pressure is too much to bear, almost as painful as the injuries they had done to her since they discovered her collecting plant samples on their property in the Colorado mountains.  Her brother Xacalax was with her, but he got away.

“Please,” she begs.  “I have to dispel my waste.”

“Yeah?” Doug glances at Wayne.  “Hey, for what?  You gotta shit or pee?” he asks, pointing at his cock and then butt, hoping she understands.

“Please, it’s urgent.  It’s a liquid waste.”

Her face burned with shame as the words came out, and Doug relaxed, grinning.

At the door, Wayne mutters, “Where the fuck are them goddamn dogs?  Never around when you want them.  Yeah, here they come.  Come on, King, Duchess, Prince.”

There’s scrabbling on the porch, and the three dogs come rushing in, eagerly greeting the three men.  Wayne closes the door behind them as the animals trot over and sniff at the strange looking female on the floor.

“She’s gotta piss, Wayne,” Doug said in a singsong voice.  “This alien bitch pisses.”

“Yeah?” Wayne grins at the disgust on Kim’s face as the Great Danes sniff at her sticky legs and her D-cup breasts.  “Well, let’s oblige her.  Get her on her feet, boys.”

Doug and Randy each grab an arm and tugs Kim erect, still holding her as they look to Wayne for direction.

“Whatcha gonna do?” Randy asks.  “Have her pee in a bowl and drink it?”

As Kim hears Randy’s words, she gasps and nearly retches.  Wayne grins.

“Later, maybe.  When we get done fucking, just hold her steady.  OK, alien bitch, you want to pee?  Then pee.”

She stares, not understanding.  “What?”

“Expel your liquid waste.  Or I will make you drink it.”

“Right here?”

“Certainly.  Twist her arm behind her back, Douggie.  Teach her to move when we give an order.”

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind! Moe Lester

  • An alien female finds herself in the clutches of some gross human hillbillies and their dogs. Words: 15,880

Doug obeys willingly, and a new pain shoots through the alien female’s shoulder.

Kim gasps.  “All right.  Please, you’re hurting me.”

“Let’s see that liquid waste, then.  We call it ‘pee’ or ‘piss’ here on Earth.”

Mortified beyond shame, Kim closes her eyes, straining, and feels a trickle of warmth over her leg.  The orange-colored alien urine stops quickly, and she gasps.

“Come on, all of it,” Wayne said.  “All of it.”

Sobbing, she strains again, eyes still closed, and at last, the pent-up stream broke free from her bladder and cascaded out of her bald pussy slit.  The first blast coats both legs, hot but quickly chilling against the night air coming through the room.  As the stream thickens and increases in power, she throws her hips forward, unconsciously, so that most of it misses her thighs.

“Motherfucker,” Randy said and laughed.  “Look at that?  These alien motherfuckers pee more than a fucking cow.”

Doug asks, “Why is it orange?”

Wayne shrugs.  “Guess her insides aren’t like ours, so the same goes for her piss.”

Doug laughs,  “Her outsides aren’t much like ours too.  She’s human-like, I guess.  But that’s where it ends.”

In that she comes from a bipedal, almost hairless species, Kim is what sci-fi TV shows would call ‘humanoid.’  However, her skin is pale white.  While her body is human-like, her face is different.  She has short black hair that’s spiky and sharp, and her eyes are large like she’s from some manga comic.  Kim’s nose is small and delicate, and her mouth is smaller with sharp teeth.  She has large ears, and there are black patches around her eyes that appear like she has grease painted there.  While her breasts are D-cup, she is short at five foot four.  Her pupils are large and black, surrounded by a pale green iris and white.

She can speak and understand English as her species has studied Earth for many years and built an extensive database of spoken languages.  The piss stream slowed again, hitting her thighs and trickling down across her feet to puddle, quickly turning cold.  Kim gasps again and shakes her head.

“No more,” she said.  “I can’t.”

She opens her fear-stricken eyes and sees the grins of delight on all three of her human tormentors.  She gazes down at what she had done, the stink churning her stomach.  Kim thought she’d be ill.  Kim stills the reflex by closing her eyes and turning away.

“Not bad.  But alien piss stinks,” Wayne said.

“I’m not cleaning that shit up,” Randy said with a pout.

“You’ll do what your fucking told, asswipe.  Now, put Kim on the couch.”

The other two do as he says, slamming her ass down against the slope of the couch.  Kim’s feet find the floor as Randy and Doug twist her arms over her head.  Now the Great Danes are moving closer, sniffing at her piss and wet legs and the female smell coming from her bald pussy slit.  Suddenly one licked a tongue across a thigh, the rough-surfaced organ scraping her pussy lips.

Kim gasps.  “Oh.  Make it stop.”

“You like that alien pussy, Prince?” Wayne asks the Great Dane.  “How about you, King?”

As if understanding the question, the other dog sniffs at the gaping, sopping slit, its nose cold when it touches Kim’s flesh.  She gasps again as the animal’s tongue moves deep into her pussy.

“They like it,” Randy said.  “You gonna give her to them, Wayne?”

“Sure.  Don’t we always give them table scraps?  Pick up her feet, hold her so she can’t move.”

The two obey, still holding her arms but grabbing her feet as well, doubling her legs until her cunt is gaping wide, wholly exposed to the assault of the animals.  Prince licks her pussy again, King nosing beside the other Great Dane in jealous imitation.

“Come on, Prince,” Randy said.  “Fuck her.”

No.  NO,” Kim screams.

Kim squirms, trying to break free, but can’t.  The two human males are too strong for her.  The dog licks her pussy as she gasps, its instrument digging deep, savoring her alien pussy juice.  She gasps again as the probing tongue begins to fire her responses, arousing her sexual desire.


“Yeah,” Randy said.  “Eat her out, Prince.”

“Please.  Please.  You can’t do this,” Kim begs.

“Shut up,” Doug said.  “Old Prince is the best pussy eating dog around.  He’s almost as good as Wayne.  That’s what Mavis says, anyway.  Just relax and enjoy what’s happening.”

The Great Dane is getting into the spirit of the thing now, licking hard, sticking its snout into her yielding cuntal opening.  Prince shrugs off King’s attempts to take over.   The third dog, the bitch called Duchess, drops mournfully to the rug, cushioning its head on its paws as it watches the two male dogs.

Oh, GOD.  GOD,” Kim moans, feeling the tongue probe deep inside her cunt.

The rough canine tongue is much bigger than a man’s, doubling over to sweep its texture against her cuntal walls.  Her vagina responds, juices gathering for the animal to lick away.  The dog’s tail wagged happily.


Prince’s hairy nose scratches at the outer pussy lips, punishing the raw, exposed flesh, but Kim ignores the momentary pain in the greater pleasure it brings her insides.  The dog put one paw up on her thigh and then the other, its toenails hard and raking as its tongue moves from her pussy to her belly, and suddenly the dog nips at one dangling D-cup breast.

OWWWWWWW,” Kim shouts.

The dog’s teeth left marks but didn’t break the flesh.  The pain is sharp, but the two men hold Kim’s hands tightly.  She can’t touch herself there, can do nothing but shake her ass around in a futile attempt to dislodge the animal.  Now Prince’s paws cross her belly as the dog rears up, its cock sliding from the tight protection to dangle obscenely.  Kim quickly sees its red glistening nakedness as the dog pushes it against her pussy lips.

No, stop it.  My genitals cannot take something that big,” Kim wailed.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, bitch,” Wayne said coldly.  “You shoot your alien babies out of that snatch so that this cock will fit eventually.  Besides, it took my cock OK, and I’m fucking humungous.”

Her writhing attempts to escape are futile.  Prince finds the correct position and moves the dripping pointed head of his cock against the outside of the muscle ring as the dog finds the stance it needs.  It slides deep into her cunt.  She feels the dog’s hairy belly slide over her, and then Prince’s back curves, the animal’s nails raking her side.

No.  No.  No.  NOOOOO,” Kim shrieks.

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind! Moe Lester

  • An alien female finds herself in the clutches of some gross human hillbillies and their dogs. Words: 15,880

Kim is sure she’s going insane as she feels the dog’s thick red cock go deep inside.  Its shape is different from what she’s known before.  She feels knobs and bumps on its otherwise smooth surface, tapering at the tip.  Prince gives a tentative hump, changing position slightly, and then starts pumping.

It’s too big.  Too big.  It will injure me,” Kim squeals.

“Look at Prince go,” Randy cries.  “Jesus, he sure does like alien pussy.”

The hound bitch picks up its ears, lifting its head to Randy.  Wayne laughs as Randy blushes.

“You want his cock, Duchess?  Go get it,” Wayne said with a grin.

“Shit, don’t egg her on,” Randy said, rolling her eyes.  “I don’t wanna fuck her right now.  I want some more of this alien cunt.”

“Is Duchess as good as the alien?” Doug asks, laughing.

“Yeah, is the alien better than Duchess?” Wayne asks, smiling broadly.

But Randy won’t answer, although he twists Kim’s leg harder, the pain stabbing through her tendons.  She scarcely notices it and doesn’t hear the taunting exchange.  She can think only about what Prince is doing between her legs.

The dog humps wildly, pounding quickly, and now she is responding, her cuntal walls clutching the slippery shape of the Great Dane’s colossal cock, trying to hold it inside.  Several times it falls out, but the dog quickly places its cock in Kim’s pussy slit and throws its ass forward until it’s again inside her vagina.  Kim is gasping for breath.

Oh, no.  No,” Kim moans.

“Shit, she likes it,” Doug said.  “Look at her, Wayne.”

“Fuck her hard, Prince,” Wayne said.

Oh, no.  Don’t stop.  Don’t stop.”

Prince hears her scream of pure pleasure, but the dog can spare no attention from its reflexive fucking as it continues to throw its hairy belly against her smooth one.  The Great Dane falls out repeatedly, but each time it’s back inside without missing a beat, pumping, humping, thrusting deep.  The dog’s cock is eight inches long and thicker than Kim’s wrist.  Wet slapping sounds echo through the room each time the cock bottoms out in her cunt.  The dog’s tongue lolled from its mouth to fall against her D-cup breasts.

Oh, yes.  Mate me.  Mate me.”

The dog slams its hindquarters into her loins, and its entire cock (eight inches) jams into Kim’s tight cunt.  She gasps at the size and force of the fucking strokes.  Prince holds her close with his front legs, slamming his hindquarter into her harder and faster as the Great Dane’s cock stretches her small alien vagina wide open.  The dog’s shooting its pre-cum inside her as it humps its massive cock into her cunt.  Kim repeatedly moans, her head moving back and forth as the dog humps harder and faster.  Then she can feel a giant ball of flesh at her vaginal entrance trying to push its way inside.

The dog suddenly pulls back and thrusts its cock forward with a mighty lunge.  The dog’s knot stretches Kim’s vaginal opening as it had never been before, and there was no escape for her.  The dog’s knot slips into her tight cunt with a final thrust.  Prince’s knot was hot and pulsating.  She feels the dog’s cock and knot begin to swell.  The dog stopped humping now that it had its entire cock inside her.  Kim can feel the dog shooting hot jizz deep inside of her belly.  Its knot and cock swell so large the dog can’t withdraw from her cunt.  Kim’s cunt continues to work against the hard dog cock as the animal empties its balls.

Ohhhhhhh, no.  Don’t stop now.”

But for the Great Dane, the fucking part is done, and now the animal stays still as its balls pump her cunt and alien womb full of jizz.

“She’s gonna regret ever coming to our planet,” Doug said.

The dog starts whining as Kim has an orgasm.  The men laugh, knowing the poor dog is getting its cock and knot crushed by her alien cunt.  Still, the dog doesn’t move.

Wayne chuckles.  “You can’t crush that cock, bitch,” he said with a sneer.  “Unlike our poor human cocks, Prince has a bone in his.  You can’t hurt him.”

“Maybe that’s why her alien men have such tiny peckers, Wayne,” Randy said teasingly.  “These alien cooters have crushed them.”

The men laugh.

Doug quips, “Yeah, these bitch’s take ‘pussy whipped’ to a new level.”

“Pussy crushed.  No, cunt crushed.”

The men laugh again.

The dog suddenly jumps off her, and its cock slides out easily because her crushing contractions have squashed the knot back to nothing.  Dog jizz dribbles out of her red gaping vaginal opening.

“Aw, she squashed Prince’s knot,” Wayne said.  “A human bitch would’ve had to have waited thirty minutes for that knot to deflate.”

Randy laughs.  “These alien bitch’s are fucking weird.”

Kim hadn’t been able to see it, but while Prince was fucking her, King had tried to mount the other male.  King moves into the position abandoned by the first Great Dane, the dog’s paws riding over her sweat-soaked belly as his cock probes for her well-used cunt.  It misses.  Kim screams as the pointed, slippery cockhead pokes at the sphincter protecting her rectum from violation.

No.  Nooooooo,” Kim shouts.

“Shit, what are you crying about now?” Doug yells.  “First you love it, now you don’t want it.  Make up your mind.”

Wayne laughs.  “King has her asshole.”

“Yeah?” Doug and Randy both strain to see and lift her ass higher from the couch to give the dog easier entrance into her cunt.

But Kim shouts, “Stop.  Oh.  Oh, no.  Oh.  Ooh.  Ahhhhh….”

King’s probe pushed, and the dog’s cock broke the anal ring and slid through the anus.  Unlike Prince, King’s cock has a slight bulge in the shaft, which locks the phallus within the anal sphincter as Kim screams in sudden terror.  “STOP HIM.  OWWWWWWW.”

“We ain’t gonna stop nothing, you fucking whore,” Randy said.  “Shut up and take it.  Come on, King, ream her asshole inside out.”

Wayne laughs.  “Who’s the one getting the anal probe now, bitch?  I’ll chalk that one up to revenge for all those poor people who have had anal probes on alien spaceships.”

The dog’s tongue lolls, its tail wagging at the approval from its masters, and it probes again.  His cock slides easily into the depths of Kim’s guts. The liquid gathered back from the shaft until it pooled and slid down the cleft of her buttocks.


“Good, ain’t it?” Doug cheers.  “Fuck her, King.”

“Yeah,” Randy said.  “Now, this is what I call a close encounter.”

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind! Moe Lester

  • An alien female finds herself in the clutches of some gross human hillbillies and their dogs. Words: 15,880

Now the dog is seated to its satisfaction.  King begins humping, working in and out of Kim’s rectum as Prince had in her cunt.  Her head rolls from side to side, madness in her eyes as a new pain stabs deep, exploding across her spine.  This is insanity, this is impossible, but it’s happening.  She groans and grunts as the dog’s cock move through her.  Her anal sphincter squeezes, trying to expel the invader, and each reflex makes King pause and pound harder on the next stroke.

“Oh, wow,” Wayne said.  “King’s in doggy heaven.”

Oh, no.  No, no, no….”

“You like it, don’t you, bitch?” Doug said.

Kim said with each inward thrust of the enormous canine cock into her asshole, “No.  No.  No.  No.”

“Sure, you do,” Wayne said.  “You’d better like it if you know what’s good for you.”

Kim shouts, “No, please.  Please, stop this.”

The dog’s pounding action rocked her body, its hairy belly pushing her cunt wide open.  Pain stabs from a thousand hairs as they dig into her soft flesh.  Kim gasps as King humps, thrusts, and fucks.  Several times the Great Dane’s cock almost slips free, but just enough stays within the clutching anal sphincter to keep it inside her guts.

“You like it, bitch,” Wayne shouts.  “You like it.”

No.  No.  Stop it, or you’ll pay,” Kim threatens.

“Pay?” Randy hollers.  “Your asshole is the one paying, ET bitch.”

After the first pain of the violation, there is no hurt to the action as King’s cock violates her asshole, her despair coming from the humiliation of her position.  But now she feels the movement of the dog’s hot, slippery cock shaft, the Great Dane twisting its ass angrily as Prince tries to mount it from behind, excited again.

“You like it,” Wayne cries again.  “Say you like it.”

Kim moans, “Oh, yes.  Yes.  YES.”

“You want it.  Say you want it.”

I.  WANT.  IT….”

“Say it.  Say what you want.”

I. WANT.  TO.  BE.  MATED,” she shouts as the cock thrusts into her asshole.

Kim ignores the strain in her arms and legs, ignoring all distractions but the wonderful pounding dog cock pushing in and out of her asshole.  She tries valiantly to push down against King, welcoming the dog, wanting that canine cock deeper.  But the dog’s as far inside as it can go.  The growing knot slams back each time the animal bottoms out.

Oh, yes.  MATE ME.”

The animal responds as though it understands her words, cries, and needs.  King redoubles his efforts, pounding, pushing, slamming, and suddenly spilling.  The dog’s ass quivers as it erupts and then quickly falls away, the bulge in the shaft painfully tearing as it twists out of her asshole to freedom.  The knot never gained entry to her tight asshole as it was too big.

Oh, no.  No.  Put it back,” Kim shouts.

King turns away, shaking his head from side to side as though unwilling to believe the craziness of the strange female.  But Prince is there again, ready to take the other dog’s place, trying to mount.  The animal attempts to seat its cock in Kim’s cunt, but the men hold her and lift her higher until the dog’s cock bangs below her asshole.

“Shit, she loves anal.  Let Prince do her there, too,” Doug said.

The Great Dane suddenly thrusts inside her stretched asshole.  Kim gasps in satisfaction as the animal begins to pound.  Her arms are numb from the awkward position and poor blood circulation, but the men show no sign of relenting as they hold her open to the dog’s assault.

Take me.  Take me….”

Prince obeys, thrusting, pumping, and quickly spilling his seed into the cauldron of her rectum.  He falls away, moves to sniff King, losing interest as Kim is released, and collapses, sliding off the slope of the couch to bang her ass on the floor.

“Oh, please.  Help me.”

“No one’s gonna help you,” Wayne said.  “Not unless he’s got a big stiff cock to shove up your cunt.  You want that?”

“I’ve done everything you wanted.  Let me go.”

“You’ll go when we’re damn good and ready to let you go,” he thundered.  “Now shut your fucking mouth before I kick your teeth in.”  He turns away.  “Gimme a beer, Randy.  Shit.”

Randy stretches from the tension of holding Kim prisoner, then leaves the room, returning a moment later with three cold bottles.  “We’re nearly out of beer, Wayne.”

“Yeah, I’ll get some tomorrow.”

Kim swallows.  “Please, may I have water?”

Wayne shrugs, but Doug scowls.  “Shit.  Water’s too good for her.  Randy had the right idea earlier.  Let’s piss in her mouth.”

The thought is dreadful, but Wayne overrules Doug.  “Nah, Not now, anyhow.  I don’t want her getting sick yet.  Get her some water, Randy.”

Randy scowled as he left the room a second time, returning a moment later with a scummy plastic glass half full of tepid water.  Kim gulps it greedily, despite the chemical taste, draining it.  Then she falls back against the sofa again, eyes closing in exhaustion.


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