College Capers


Fuck.  My cock feels like it’s going to explode.”

The words came clearly through the thin wall, knifing into eighteen-year-old Belinda Tranter’s mind.

Oh, Will, it’s so hard,” she heard her roommate, Andrea Cassidy, whimper.  “Get me ready.  Stick your finger up my cunt.”

Belinda twisted nervously on her bed.  “Oh, God, don’t they ever stop fucking,” she moaned.

Oh.  Ahhhhhhh.  Will, it feels so good,” Andrea’s panting voice whined.  “But it’s not enough.  Stick another finger up me.”

Belinda writhed again, trying not to think of Will’s fingers plowing up into Andrea’s cunt, trying not to think of the hard-ready cock only a few feet away in the other bedroom.  “I’ve gotta do something, or I’ll go nuts,” Belinda muttered.

But she knew, whatever she did, she’d have to do it all herself.  Belinda felt the hot juices bubbling from her cunt.  Her panties were already soaked, and when she looked down at the crotch of her jeans, she could see some of the wetness soak through the denim.  God, was she hot.  Belinda quickly unbuttoned her jeans and then slid down the zipper.  She felt cold air wash over her bared belly.  The girl warmed her skin with her hand, slipping her fingers inside her panties.  She worked her hand down further, pushing aside her tight curly pubic hair until she found her slit.  Her cunt-soaked panties stuck to the backs of her fingers.

Aaaaaahhhh,” she moaned as her middle finger finally found her super-heated pussy slit.

God, was she wet.  Belinda could never remember being any wetter.  And why not?  She hadn’t been fucked for nearly a month?  ‘Goddamn,’ Belinda thought.  ‘If I’d known, when my boyfriend, Tim, went away, that it would be so hard going without sex, I’d have never promised him I’d be faithful.  Well,’ she thought, ‘it isn’t unfaithful to rub one out.’  She squirmed around on the bed, parting her legs, trying to make herself comfortable as her fingers drove deeper into her tight jeans.

Her finger was soaked with her hot slippery cunt juices now.  She moved it slowly up and down her steaming slit.  Her belly jerked and quivered every time her finger passed over her cit.  She could feel the sensitive little button swelling under her touch, but she didn’t want to pay too much attention to it yet.  She wanted to work herself up to it slowly.

Belinda wriggled some more, working her jeans lower on her hips.  She looked down.  Most of her curly brown pussy hair was bared now, tendrils sticking up between her squirming fingers.  The trouble was, with her pants pulled low, it was hard to get her legs apart.  She wanted to get her hand deeper into her crotch but couldn’t.  The jeans were going to have to go.

Belinda quickly jerked her hand out from between her legs.  She raised her ass off the bed and worked her jeans down over her well-rounded hips, taking the panties with them.  The girl kicked the whole mess off with her feet and lay back on the bed, naked below the waist.  She spread her long legs, opening her crotch as once again her hand moved down toward her cunt.

Then Andrea’s voice sounded again from the other bedroom.  “My tits, Will,” Belinda heard the other girl panting desperately.  “Suck my tits.  You know how hot that makes me.”

Belinda’s hand froze on top of the cushiony pile of her pussy hair.  She could hear loud sucking sounds coming through the wall, then Andrea’s whimpering moans of delight.  ‘Fuck,’ Belinda thought.  ‘How long since anybody’s sucked my tits?’  She tried to remember how it felt to have a-hot wet mouth against her breasts, to feel lips sucking her swollen nipples deep inside, to feel a warm wet tongue slithering over them.  Belinda frantically pushed up her t-shirt.  She wasn’t wearing a bra-she seldom did-and the shirt caught under her big tits, pulling them high.  Then the shirt was bunched up around her shoulders, releasing her tits.  They bounced and quivered a little, taut, firm, college-girl tits, eighteen-year-old fits, pink-nippled and white-skinned.

The virginal little nipples were already hardening as Belinda’s eager fingers found them.  She tweaked the rubbery little buds between her thumbs and forefingers, feeling the familiar pleasurable ache through her tits, then seeping toward her crotch.  But it wasn’t the same as getting them licked or sucked.  Belinda looked down.  She wished she could reach her tits with her mouth and suck them herself.  She watched the nipples swell between her fingers.  ‘Damn.  My dry fingers kind of hurt,’ she thought.

Then she smelled the hot musky aroma of pussy juice on the middle finger of her right hand.  That’s when she got the idea.  There was nothing in the world warmer or more slippery than pussy juice.  Both Belinda’s hands abandoned her throbbing tits and raced down toward her cunt.  Her crotch was so soaked with gushing pussy juice that her hands got wet even before they dipped into her steaming slit.  Her pussy hair was soaked with aromatic lubricant.  Her thighs were shiny and slippery with it, the crack of her ass slowly dripping cunt juice down onto the bedspread.  All the pussy juice anybody would ever need.

Belinda smeared her hot vaginal secretions over the tips of her fingers, letting some pool in her palms.  Then she raised her hands and clamped them down over her tits.  When she rubbed her achingly hard nipples, her fingers glided smoothly over the puckered pink flesh.  And they were warm.  Warm and hot and slippery.

Belinda frantically pinched and stroked her nipples, writhing and twisting on the bed, her long, dark-blonde hair spilling out on either side of her head.  Her eyes were half closed, glinting hotly from behind long-dashed lids.  More pussy juice welled out of her cunt as she stroked passion into her sex-swollen tits.  It felt good.  But even so, Belinda realized she’d rather have a hot mouth against her near-bursting nipples any day.

Will.  Will,” Andrea’s voice came through the wall, shaky with passion.  “Eat me a minute, then fuck me.  Suck on my pussy.”

Oh, fuck,’ Belinda thought.  ‘Why doesn’t the bitch shut her mouth?’  Just as she became satisfied, Andrea spoke about something else she couldn’t have.  There was no way she was going to be able to eat herself.  ‘God, my pussy is hot, though.’  Her hands left her tits once again and streaked down toward her crotch.  She used the fingers of her left hand to part her thick swollen pussy lips.  The middle finger of her right hand dipped into her smoldering slit.  It felt to the girl like the inside of a volcano.  Her pussy juices were as hot and thick as molten lava.

Belinda sensuously worked her finger up and down her pussy slit, then added another finger.  She slipped them under the thin, hot membranes of her inner labia.  She toyed at the entrance to her cunt for a moment, feeling the tight opening spasm, ready to be filled.  But not yet.  The panting girl’s fingers went back toward her clit, isolating the hot little sex button, pushing aside the thick, soft flesh partly hiding it.  Belinda touched the exposed tip of her cit with one fingertip.  Lightly—very lightly.

Mmmmmm,” she hummed softly, her body quivering with ecstasy.

Funny,’ she thought, ‘that such a light touch could feel so good.’  It was like electricity was suddenly pouring from her finger into her cit, shooting up into her belly.  Belinda moved her finger gently, lightly flicking the tip of her cit back and forth.  Her legs jerked out straight, trembling.  Her belly rose and fell in time to her suddenly hurried breathing.  Belinda al