Every now and then, we put together a collection of stories by our authors in special packs so you can buy more stories for a cheaper price. Here they are:

Moe Lester: Best Sellers
The Zoo
The Storm
The Perverted Housewife
Night of the Dobermans
The Dog Sitter

The Morningwood Collection 2
The Prison Bitch Society
The Neighbor
In the name of Science
The Junkyard Dog

The Hobbler: Books 7 to 9
The Hobbler 7: Infiltration.
The Hobbler 8: Fresh Meat.
The Hobbler 9: The Final Race.

Jack Morningwood: Shorts!
Sam's Backyard
Craigslist Fun
Seduced by a Doberman
The Repairman
The Drunk

The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy
The Hobbler 5: The Preakness Stakes
The Hobbler 6: Belmont Park

Dog Trainer Wanted Parts 1 & 2.
Cain's Canine Corner Parts 1 & 2

Some Women.
The Wild Dog of Diamond Lake

Animal Rescue Omnibus - Buy all three Animal Rescue novella's in one great and mighty eBook. Take the amazing journey of survival and triumph with Debbie Benton and her friends. Includes:
Grooming ( a prequel)
Animal Rescue
Animal Rescue 2: Undercover.

Moe Lester: 2017 Greatest Hits: 17 fantastic novella's in one big eBook for your greatest pleasure. Find Inside:
Big City Blue
Carly’s Nightmare
Doggy Juan
Feral Encounter
Games of the Rich & Dirty
Hope Park
Hot Dog & Pussy
Lina’s Lesson
Mexican Virgins
Nadia’s New Love
The Neighbor’s Dog
No Man’s Land Resort
Nora Unleashed
Teachers Pet
The Zoo

The Mind of the Moe Lester 7: Has three of Moe's recent published novellas plus a bonus story never before published. Includes:
Free at Last
Our Secret Life
Peggy's Canine Confession

Dog Sex Stories: A collection of hot bestiality short stories written by the authors of GW Enterprises publishing company. If you love this sort of taboo literature, then this is a must have for your collection.

Dog Sex Stories 2: A Compilation of six great dog bestiality stories by Moe Lester. All in one book. Raw and intense hardcore erotica, just the way you like it.In this book you'll find:
The Dog Sitter
Night of the Doberman's
A night in with Spike
Small Town Girl
The Lonely Divorcee
Mandy's Downtime

Dog Sex Stories 3: Two great authors - six mind blowing bestiality stories. Sheela B. & Moe Lester at their best.
Peeping Pete
The Mission

Love Thy Neighbor's Dog
Do Your Duty: Save Mankind!

Bitch Hollow: Both Bitch Hollow stories in one epic eBook for the fans. Relive the magic, and the thrills of these great stories.

Horse tales: A collection of 5 hot, erotic stories about women who love their horses way too much.What'll you'll find inside:
Hookers Do Horses - by Moe Lester
Newfound Urges - by Moe Lester
Go Bronco's - by SheelaB
Lily of the Valley (New) - by Misty Chikan
The Magic Pony (New) - by Misty Chikan

The Mind of the Moe Lester: Five Twisted Taboo Tales in One Kinky eBook. Is there an author today as nasty as Moe Lester? You decide.
Julie & Romeo
A Feral encounter
Taming the Termagant
Bad Teacher
Mia Culpa

Gay Bestiality Stories 4 Pack: Four hot stories from Jack Morningwood about man and his true best friend—dog's. Includes:
Snake in the Grass
Pet Friendly Services Gay Edition
Dog's at Work
Driving with Desirae

Desperate Women:Four hot bestiality stories from the wonderful Sheela B, in one ebook. It doesn't get better than this!
Webcam Wendy
The Desperate Housewife
The Meter Reader

The Hobbler: Books One To Three: Read all three eBooks in one volume of the story of Sarah who uses her unusual skills to hobble race horses.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 2: Four hot, twisted, bestiality stories from the master of kink to fill you with sensual pleasure and eroticism. Includes:
The Companion Club
Mexican Virgins
The Stalker
Games of the Rich & Dirty

The Moe Lester 2016 Compendium: All 23 bestiality short stories and novella's published in 2016 in one big eBook.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 3: Four hot bestiality stories from the master of the genre Moe Lester taking you on wicked journey into the lewd world of the taboo. Includes:
Doggy Juan
Carly's Nightmare
Nadia's new Love

The Morningwood Collection: Four amazing gay bestiality stories that will stimulate your desires and blow your..... mind, from the author Jack Morningwood. Includes:
Junkyard Jim
The Stray
The Workout

The Mind of the Moe Lester 4: Four great bestiality stories from the dirtiest mind online, including one never before published. Includes:
Ming's Dynasty
The Gilded Cage
The Red Door
The DogHouse

The Mind of the Moe Lester 5: Four great bestiality stories from the master of deparivity, Moe Lester. One never before published story included.
The Audit
The Answer
Her Roommate's Dog