Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2


Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Pick up the story during the rather depraved job interview for the Dog Trainer position and enjoy the amazing conclusion to this lurid tale. Words: 22,089.
Sadie feels her heart beating fast and stomach fluttering and doesn’t know why.  She should’ve been doubly pleased.  Instead of one trainer, there sits two of them in her living room.  The man called Julian is handsome and about thirty-five.  He has sandy hair, blue eyes, and an intelligent glint in his eyes.  Julian’s features are excellent and solid, not even slightly coarse, and Muttly liked him right away.  Still, he has an odd way of stuttering, stammering, and shrinking back under the gaze of the woman.  The man keeps looking at Sadie with far too much interest for someone whose wife is sitting next to him.  Sadie can’t help gazing back at him with just as much attention, and it makes her palms sweat.

Am I so lonely and starved of male companionship that I’ll look at any man that way, Sadie wonders, or is there something about him that’s special?  She can’t help wondering what he will really be like, away from the influence of his wife.

Sadie glances at the woman called Simone again; she’s beautiful.  Simone’s long raven hair gleams.  That skin is creamy textured and white.  Her full lips are red, sultry, and sensual.  Simone’s cheekbones are high and wide and framed dark eyes that have a feline slant to them and her figure.  Well, she makes Sadie feel like a freckle-nosed kid covered in grass seed.  Sadie suppresses a little shiver and clears her throat.  She tries to sound mature and business-like and wishes she’s wearing something besides her halter and shorts again.

“Have you, um, have you had any experience in training dogs, Simone?” Sadie asks, realizing after it’s out that it’s a stupid question.

Simone gazes at her penetratingly, a little condescendingly.  “We wouldn’t be answering your ad if we hadn’t, now would we, Sadie?”

“You, um, both of you are trainers?”

“Of course.”

Simone smiles in a faintly dangerous way or is it just Sadie’s imagination running wild?  There’s something about her; something that has even Sadie stammering now.  Oddly, she feels her pussy lips tingle inside her shorts.  There’s a flash of memory of last night across the back of her mind, and she feels her face flush.  Sadie felt oddly transparent and revealed as if the strange woman on her couch can read her thoughts and knows precisely what she let Muttly do to her pussy last night.  Muttly isn’t helping any right now either.  The tan stray is licking the woman’s hand with its long tongue.’

What’s worse, the dog’s sniffing around Simone’s her crotch.  The dog’s halfway between Simone’s legs and seems ready to shove its nose under her short skirt and give the front of her panties a good lick.

Muttly…” Sadie said sternly, blushing brightly.  “C’mere.  Stop bothering Simone…”

Simone glances at the dog and watches Muttly’s hindquarters swing around, so its body is in line with her legs and between them.  The dog’s nose has obviously picked up the scent of her pussy and is now trying to zero in on it.  Simone makes no move to push the tan stray dog away or stop it.  Instead, she lifts her head and stares intensely into Sadie’s eyes with an electric gaze.

“He’s not bothering me, Sadie,” Simone said softly.  “Does he bother you when he does this?”

“I, err, no…” Sadie said feeling sweat form on her forehead and her bottom lip tremble.

The little smile is there again, tugging at the corners of the broad, full mouth.  Simone knows, Sadie thought.  She can look at me and guess the truth.  Memory floods over Sadie again.  The sight of Muttly’s stiff, straining, tapered cock last night had been the limit.  From somewhere inside Sadie’s heated, fiery body, she’d been able to summon the sense and will to put the dog out of the room.  Sadie shudders slightly, remembering the trapped feeling, the depraved sensation of feeling she was about to be raped by a dog.  She’d run the stray out of the room as fast as she could, and pushed the sticking door so tightly closed she had trouble getting out of the room this morning.

Then Sadie went back to bed and fucked the dildo to shreds, and it still hadn’t been enough.  She shivers again, looking at Simone, and she sees that mysterious smile.  Fuck me, can Simone tell that too, Sadie wonders?  What kind of woman is she?

“Ah, what kind of training have you done, Simone?” Sadie forces out.

Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Pick up the story during the rather depraved job interview for the Dog Trainer position and enjoy the amazing conclusion to this lurid tale. Words: 22,089.

It’s another stupid question, but she doesn’t care.  Any question right then would do, as long as it takes her mind from the memories of last night.

“All kinds,” Simone said.  “What kind do you have in mind?  The kind you’ve given Muttly, here?”

Sadie glances down at Muttly’s head again.  The dog’s muzzle is squarely between her legs now, and it’s halfway under her skirt.  The animals sniffing and blowing is obscenely loud in the sudden stillness of the room.  Simone makes no move to close her thighs or push Muttly’s head away.  In fact, unless Sadie imagined it, Simone’s opened her trim, smooth legs a little wider and has scooted her ass further toward the edge of the seat.  As if inviting Muttly to sniff at her pussy and maybe lick it.

“I … I…” Sadie stammers wiping her forehead with her sleeve.  “Muttly’s just a stray I take care of, he hasn’t had any training.  Besides, I’m not good at training.  Nigel, my deceased husband, was the trainer.  That’s why I’ve advertised the position because he’s gone.”

“Six months, you said?” Simone asks, glancing up, looking directly into Sadie’s eyes again.  “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Me too,” Julian adds. “You must be terribly lonely out here in the country all by yourself.”

“Thanks, it’s been rough…” Sadie said with a nod.

“And terribly horny without someone to fuck you,” Simone suddenly said making Sadie gasp.

Sadie’s pussy lips bloat and move shamelessly inside her panties.  The woman has no right to talk that way to her, but Sadie can’t find the words or the will to object.

Simone then said, “I can understand why you’ve trained Muttly so well…”

The dog’s head nearly buried under her skirt, and its tail has stops wagging.

“No … NO…” Sadie squeals, shaking her head in denial.

“Think how many other lonely young widows there are like you, Sadie,” Simone said softly.  “Young women not yet married.  Older women who have lost their husbands and don’t want to go through the harassment of dating and trying to find a male companion to fuck them during those lonely nights.”  Simone glances at Julian and smiles in that odd way again.  “Then just think of all the lonely men around too.  Think how many are just aching to slip their dicks into a willing, ready pussy.  Gay’s who want anal sex with a big hot cock any time they want.  Doesn’t it make you want to do something to help them all out?  All those lonely, horny, men and women…”

“To help them out?” Sadie said, not sure what in the world to make of this conversation.

“To help starved, horny women like yourself, yes.  Just think of it.  You’re beautiful, you’re young, you’re healthy and in need of a lot of sex.  You’ve lost your husband, and you go to bed at night wishing you could have a big, hard cock fucking your quivering cunt.”

“Well, really, I … I…”

This woman is mad, Sadie thought, coming into my house and talking to me this way.

Julian just sits there, watching Sadie, seemingly embarrassed for her and yet with a certain light in his eye that suggests he wouldn’t mind helping the blonde kennel owner out with the loan of his stiff cock.

“You’ve undoubtedly taken to masturbating,” Simone goes on.  “To relieve the sexual need inside your ready, yearning body.  But a woman like you, with obvious breeding and taste, you’d probably find it a bit distasteful at first to masturbate, a little embarrassing.  Of course, you’d never admit to anyone that’s what you are doing.  You can hardly admit it to yourself.”

“What a load of shit, of course, I masturbate, everyone does…” Sadie said, her face reddening.

Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Pick up the story during the rather depraved job interview for the Dog Trainer position and enjoy the amazing conclusion to this lurid tale. Words: 22,089.

Simone watches Sadie’s reaction and smiles, and the kennel owner knows the brunette tricked her into the admission.

“Yes, everyone without a partner like you, trying to fill a void that fingers never can.”

“You seem to know a lot about it?” Sadie snaps with cold eyes.

Simone shrugs.  “That’s how I got into the pleasant task of training dogs for sexual pleasure.”

Sadie gasps; she can’t believe what she’s hearing.

“You may even have so resigned yourself to a life of emptiness you’ve gone out and bought yourself a dildo to stroke away the ache of your horny pussy.”

“I have not…”

“But those things aren’t really satisfying, are they?  You wish you had something more.  A cock of flesh and hot blood and spurting cum, instead of boring plastic.  Well, you have it, darling.  Right here, under your nose.  Or, more precisely, now between my legs…”

Simone smiles in that hypnotic way again.  Sadie stares at her with open mouth and wide eyes.  Then she glances down at Muttly, whose head is nearly all the way up the woman’s skirt.  Those soft, trim thighs parted wider than ever.  Simone makes no move to close them.  She’s sitting far forward on the edge of the seat, too, seeming to push her pussy toward Muttly’s face.

Simone continues, “With something besides a satisfying hard cock, my dear, a long … loving … licking … probing … tongue…”  The brunette moans, letting her eyes closed for a moment.  “Oh, you don’t know how nice it is, Sadie,”

Sadie stares with bulging eyes and gasps.  The strained silence in the room brings a sound to the kennel owner’s ears nearly blotted out by the loud pounding of her heart, but there’s no mistaking it.  A slurping sound.  The sound of Muttly’s lapping tongue.  Sadie’s shoulders collapse and a puff of air rushed through her open mouth, causing a small groan.  Simone opens her eyes quickly, just in time to see Sadie squeeze her thighs together, high up as if trying to contain the fluttering of her pussy lips inside her panties.

“Ooh, Sadie,” Simone moans.  “You do know.  I can see it all over your face.  This wonderful tongue has been slithering in and out of you, hasn’t it?  Hasn’t it, Sadie…”

Y-Yes…” Sadie hisses.

“And his cock?  Has his cock fucked in and out of your horny, sweltering cunt, too?”

NO  No, I swear it.  Never.  Omigod, what is there about you that makes me sit here and listen to this?  That makes me have to answer these obscene questions…”

Simone smiles.  Her white, creamy skin pulls tightly across her high cheekbones, and her eyes slant and slit slightly.

It’s not me…” Simone said softly, silkily.  “It’s your own desires and lust making you answer, and the feeling for the hardship of others just like you.”

NO  No, this is just insane…” Sadie shouts.  “What you’re talking about is illegal and not what Nigel and I started this kennel for.”

“You do want to do something to help them, I can tell.  That’s why we’re here, Sadie.  To help you help others.  To make Hinch Kennels famous over the whole country.  Maybe even the whole world and this is how we’re going to begin, darling.  This is how…

Simone moans and licks her lips watching Sadie steadily and then she reaches toward her lap.  Sadie thinks Simone is finally going to push Muttly’s head away from between her thighs.  The kennel owner thought they were all going to go outside to look at the dogs and see what needs to be done to get the business going again, but she’s wrong.  Simone’s fingers hook and like claws.  They catch the material of her skirt and pulls it slowly back over the tops of her thighs.  Sadie watches with disbelief and mounting excitement.  The slurping sounds become louder, more distinct.

Sadie doesn’t see how it’s possible.  It couldn’t have been because she’d lifted the muffling material of the dress away from her crotch.  The material isn’t that heavy that muffling.  It can only be because panties do not cover Simone’s pussy.  Because it’s open and wet and admitting the length of Muttly’s slithering, twisting tongue.  Sadie gasps and stares.  She isn’t conscious of breathing.  Maybe she isn’t anymore.  The blonde’s cunt squirms and twists deep inside her body, and Sadie can feel the slippery oils seeping from her slit into her panties.

Simone’s skirt goes back and back until there’s no doubt.  Raven pussy curls peek from beneath the hem.  Sadie soon sees Muttly’s nose pressed into them, pushing the puffy pussy lips aside.  Then Sadie sees the dog’s long tongue slithering from its mouth into Simone’s open cunt and back into its mouth again.  God, it’s unbelievable.  It’s happening, right there in front of Sadie.  Simone is letting a dog suck out her cunt right there in front of her husband and a stranger, and he doesn’t seem to care a bit either.

Omigod…” Sadie groans as she watches the incredible spectacle before her.

Mmmmm, such a wonderful tongue…” Simone moans heatedly, bunching her skirt at her waist now.


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