Doggy Dreams


Sara Dawson, an attractive thirty-year-old divorcee, was sitting at her desk with her long legs propped up on the desktop and her flowing red hair bunched around her naked shoulders.  High cheekbones, thin red lips, a narrow nose, and cat-like green eyes made up her lovely face.  She ran one finger back and forth across one page of a large black book, studying the day’s appointments.  She could easily see that she had a very busy day ahead of her.

After one year of hard work, Sara’s business was finally going well.  She believed a dog kennel could be profitable if she managed it right.  And that was her secret of success—she knew exactly how to manage her kennel from the start.

The sign outside her front gate read: ‘Doggy Dreams.’  Sara kept dogs of all breeds and sizes, renting the animals out for a nice profit.  But Sara didn’t rent her dogs out to be seeing-eye dogs or watchdogs or hunting dogs.  She was much too smart for that.  She knew she could easily go broke running that type of business, and besides, she saw no fun and excitement in it.  Fun and excitement were very important to Sara.

Sara Dawson was in the business of renting dogs to horny women.  It didn’t matter to her whether they were lonely housewives, fun-loving career girls, hurried business types, or just sex-starved college girls.  They were all her customers, and each woman was given the same excellent service.  No one was happier about her success than Sara herself.

The big redhead was still going over the day’s appointments when there was a knock on the door.  She called out, and in walked her helper—a cute little blonde boasting plump ass cheeks, firmly pointed titties, a slim waist, and wide blue eyes.  The nineteen-year-old girl, wearing only a tiny pair of black panties, came over and sat in a chair alongside Sara’s desk.

Sara Dawson encouraged all the women, customers, and employees to wear as few clothes as possible inside the building.  In that way, she felt she could maintain the horny and wicked atmosphere that was important to the success of her business.  Sara was wearing a thin pair of pink panties—nothing else.

“Is everything ready for the day’s activities?” Sara asked, sitting up as she spoke.

“Everything is ready to go,” Kylie answered squeakily.  “The individual compartments downstairs are all set.  The free-for-all joy room is neat and clean.  The shower room is in tip-top shape.  And all the dogs are healthy, lively, and walk around with hard-ons.”  Then she giggled, and her firm tits bounced.

“Well, if everything is ready, we have a few minutes to kill before the first customer arrives.  Why don’t you bring your pretty little ass over here?”

When Kylie rose and approached her boss, Sara cupped the teen girl’s pussy mound.  The redhead shivered as a blast of heat penetrated the girl’s panties and shot up her arm.  Kylie just stood there smiling.  Her legs spread wide.

Mmmm,” said Sara.  “That’s a nice pussy.  I’ll bet the boys are always trying to get into it.”

“A few.  But this job keeps me so busy I don’t have much time to date.  I probably fuck more dogs than boys.”

“Well, at least you fuck something,” said Sara.  “That’s the important thing.  A pussy this sweet should be fucked a lot.”

Kylie looked down at her boss’s hand.  She knew her panties were soaked.

“Get these panties off,” said Sara.  “I want to see your sweet pussy up close.”  Once the girl was completely naked, Sara ran her fingers up and down the length of Kylie’s pussy lips, caressing the soft yellow pussy hairs.  “Does it feel good, baby?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Hell, yes,” said Kylie, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

Sara continued to explore the pussy in front of her.  She dug her fingernails into the warm pussy lips and kneaded them.  She leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the girl’s cunt slit, teasing the nerves on her tender pussy meat.  Kylie moaned, finding it hard to stay on her feet.  Unsteady, she shivered repeatedly as her boss began to use her lips and tongue.  Sara ran her greedy lips all over Kylie’s small pussy mound, covering the hairy pussy meat with spit.  Soon, the many hairs were glistening and tingling like a well-watered lawn.  Gasping, Kylie just spread her legs wider and leaned her pussy forward.

Sara then snaked her tongue inside Kylie’s pussy crack and licked its entire length, jolting the girl’s nerves.  Her head moved this way and that as she licked, and the air was soon filled with lewd lapping noises.

Oooooo.  Lick my clit, Sara.  You’re making my pussy feel so fucking wonderful,” Kylie squealed, smashing her pussy into her boss’s face.  “Mmmmmm.  I love it.  Bite my pussy right off, you big bitch.”

Sara slobbered all over the cute pussy, using her lips and tongue to make the girl teeter and gasp.  Once, she was sure that Kylie’s knees were about to give out.  But the girl somehow withstood the woman’s hot cunt-sucking.  Sara sucked the girl’s pussy for some time, bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm.  But when the moment was at hand, the woman released the throbbing pussy and lifted her head.

Ahhhhhhhh,” moaned Kylie, her eyes glassy.  “Why did you stop?  I was just about to blow.”

“I want you to eat my pussy for a while,” said Sara.  “While you’re still hot and horny.  Then we can get the dildo and have a ball.  I’m sure we have enough time before we open.  Get down on your knees, Kylie, and strip off my panties.”

Kylie did as she asked while Sara leaned against her desk.  Kylie pulled the little panties down the divorcee’s long, smooth thighs, and when Sara stepped out of them, the girl tossed them aside.  Kylie was always shocked by the amount of pussy hair nestled between the divorcee’s wide-spread thighs.  The long, red, curly strands glistened in the overhead light and seemed to tingle with electricity as if begging to be licked.  Though Kylie had seen the thick bush many times, she still looked on in wonder.

“It’s been some time since you’ve had your tongue up there,” said Sara, caressing the blonde’s cheeks.  “Go on and lick me.”

Kylie reached up and lightly caressed Sara’s silky thighs, her fingers gliding up and down easily.  Then the girl parted the woman’s thick bush to reveal the warm pulsating pussy lips beneath.  As Kylie studied the pussy, Sara reached down and pulled Kylie’s head much closer.  The strong aroma of cunt filled Kylie’s nostrils as she flicked her tongue over the red cunt hairs.  Her mind spun as she began to turn onto the ripe pussy in front of her.  All that Sara had taught her quickly came to mind.

She ran her wet tongue in and out of the many hairs, combing them and making them very wet.  Sara pushed the girl’s face closer and leaned into her, giving her free access to her red-haired cunt.  After soaking the many hairs, Kylie snaked her tongue over the warm, heavy pussy lips, massaging their entire length.  She sent shivers shooting through Sara’s loins, and the redhead began to wobble against the desk, her breathing getting louder.

Kylie, her face snug between Sara’s thighs, reached for the woman’s pussy slit.  The pink slit opened wider when the girl’s tongue slid in, then closed around the long licker and clung to it.  But the little blonde welcomed the burning heat.  She licked hard, her tongue slithering up and down the pink pussy meat.  Pussy juice dripped down over her tongue and got lapped up.  Intense heat escaped the woman’s pussy hole and blasted the girl’s face.  But Kylie kept licking through it all, determined to show her boss how much she had learned.

“Lick me, honey!” cried Sara.  “Make pussy burn!”

The little blonde buried her face in the woman’s cunt bush as she licked the throbbing cunt.  She found the cunt juices very tasty—and very plentiful.  Wanting to search deeper, Kylie reached around the woman and seized her plump ass in both hands, holding the woman steady so she could explore her vagina.  Kylie’s pussy quivered and dripped, and the little blonde craved relief.  But she knew she would have to satisfy her boss first.  So she snaked her tongue up into the redhead’s vagina and lapped at her clit.

Ahhhhhh,” cried Sara as her clit suddenly came to attention.  “Oh, fuck.  Kiss my ass, you little bitch.  You remember everything I ever taught you, don’t you?

Sara raised one leg to make room in her pussy hole for the girl’s tongue.  As she did this, she reached up and squeezed her tits, grabbing one in each hand and mashing it.  Kylie slithered her greedy tongue over the redhead’s aching clit, knocking the little clit about.  She made the divorcee’s clit swell even more, and before the girl knew it, Sara was jerking uncontrollably.

You’re making me cum, bitch,” cried Sara, her voice shaky.  “Oh, what a hot tongue you have.”

Kylie dug her tongue into the woman’s vagina, reaching in as deeply as possible.  She stretched the nerve-studded cuntal walls and made Sara cry out.  The blonde lapped up the woman’s dripping juices, making the redhead squeal.  She caused the tight cunt to swell with hot blood, knowing that Sara was out of her mind with blissful joy.

Ooooooo,” screamed Sara, moving her flattened titties in circles.  “You’re killing me.”

Sara broke out in a heavy sweat as her orgasm deepened in her belly.  The girl’s tongue was buried out of sight, but Sara could hear the loud lapping and sucking sounds very plainly.  She humped into the girl’s face, her mind soaring with passion.

Oh.  Oh.  Ohhhhh,” Sara cried as her cunt exploded, spraying juice in all directions.  “I’m cumming.  I’m cumming.  Son-of-a-bitch.”

Paroxysms of spasmodic bliss rolled through her shivering, sweaty body.  She nearly drowned the little blonde with her steamy juices.  Sara squealed, her eyes dancing in their sockets.  Kylie, her fingers sinking deep in her boss’s ass cheeks, sucked in the flowing juices and even reamed the dripping vagina to gather the remaining pussy slime.  The sticky ooze coated her mouth and face and made them shine.

Ahhh,” cried Sara, her pussy still twitching, her body jerking.  “What a sweet-licking tongue.  Mmmm.

Kylie licked and sucked and drank, always holding on to Sara’s plump ass.  The girl ate out the woman as well as anyone could have, her eagerness filling the air with dirty noises.  Then, when the redhead was satisfied, Kylie rose to her feet and started rubbing her pussy mound.  “Will you do me now?” she asked, her cute little face shining.  “My little pussy is on fire.”

Kylie was breathing heavily as she stood in front of the redhead.  Sara’s red-streaked titties rose and fell rhythmically, and her flat belly quivered.  Her spit-and-cum-soaked bush swelled.  But the dog-fucking bitch smiled at Kylie’s suggestion.

“I’ll do you, all right.  But I’ll use the dildo to do it.  That little cunt of yours needs to be stretched wide.”

Sara grabbed a long fat plastic cock from a desk drawer.  The big cock was at least ten inches long and was covered with many bumps and ridges, and veins, just like a real cock.  The big redhead strapped the cock on with a smile.

“Don’t worry, bitch.  I’ll give you a good hard fuck.”

Kylie, too horny to care about the size of the cock, simply leaned forward against the desk, placing both hands on the desktop and jutting her round ass outwards.  Then she spread her long legs and opened up her vagina.  Sara walked behind the girl and stepped up close, placing the swollen bulb of the plastic cock between the girl’s thighs to rest against her pussy lips.  She told Kylie to relax, but she was having a hard time relaxing, for the rubber base of the dildo was digging into her pussy mound.  The heat from the girl’s ass crack made Sara so dizzy she couldn’t wait to ram the dildo into the little blonde’s vagina.

Hurry,” cried Kylie, feeling the pressure of the dildo on her tender pussy mound.  “Don’t tease me.  Fuck me.”

“Hold on to that desk, you sweet bitch.  Here comes my cock—all ten inches of it.”

Sara drove the big plastic cock into the girl’s pussy slit as hard as she could.  She made Kylie jump and squeal, but she got the entire cock bulb inside the girl.  She felt Kylie’s cuntal walls clamp shut on the prick bulb’s rim and drench it with pussy slime.

“Fuck,” said Sara, gritting her teeth.  “You’re so damned tight, baby.”

Sara pumped the cock up and down the girl’s tight vagina.  She loosened up the pussy and caused the fuck juices to flow faster, oiling the tight cunt tube and her dildo.  Then, when she thought the time was right, she heaved into Kylie and drove the dildo into the teen girl’s pussy up to the hilt.

Ahhhhhhhhh,” screamed Kylie, her body slamming into the edge of the desk.  “Ohhhhhhh.  What a cock.”

Kylie began to move her ass in circles so that every inch of her pussy would get stroked.  Ripples of joy shot through her hot cunt, and her dripping juices splashed and squished noisily as the big cock plowed through her cunt repeatedly.

Mmmm,” she moaned.  “I love that plastic monster.”

Kylie shivered excitedly, loving how her boss’s thighs and hips slapped against her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs.  The girl could even feel the dildo’s balls hammering her pussy lips.  As her joy mounted, Kylie rocked her pussy up and down and round and round, determined to capture all of the cock.  Faster and faster, Sara drilled the teen girl.  The desk creaked as Kylie rocked into it again and again.  The girl’s tits bounced up and down from the steady impact.  Her ass cheeks jiggled enticingly, and even her words were unsteady as she babbled and drooled endlessly.

Fuck me, you big-titted bitch.  Slam that plastic cock into my tight vagina.  I love it.”

Then, the little blonde fell across the desk and rested on her elbows.  Her lust-swollen tits smashed against the desktop, the hard fuck-thrusts causing the titties to swing this way and that.  Sara continued to fuck the tight pussy that was jutted out toward her.  As she thrust into the girl, she held Kylie’s slim waist with both hands and kept her steady.  Sara couldn’t help but admire how the girl’s nice round ass cheeks shook and quivered.

The dildo churned the girl’s pussy juices into a buttery foam, and the creamy-white bubbles soon coated the rubber surface and sprayed onto the girl’s pussy lips and ass cheeks.  As she listened to the lewd squishing noises, Sara was aware of a sudden warmth in her cunt, right where the base of the dildo was digging into her pussy mound.  She kept fucking, each fuck-thrust shooting arrows of blissful sensations through Kylie’s cunt and her own.

Ahhh,” cried Kylie, her head resting on the desktop.  “My little pussy is about to blow.”

Her titties were flattened beneath her, but her pussy was wide open.

I’m going to make you lose your mind,” said Sara, grunting.  “We’re going to cum at the same time.”

Sara kept humping, being sure to thrust her hips so that the base of the plastic cock dug into her cunt and jolted the dam holding back her juices.  Waves of bliss soared through her pussy as she rammed the cock into the little blonde’s cunt.

Ahhhhhhh,” cried Kylie, her lips and pussy quivering uncontrollably.  “I can’t hold back much longer.  I’m going to cum.”

Me too,” shouted Sara, her body glistening with sweat.  “I’m making us both cum.  Fuuuck.”

Kylie, her mind reeling, began to slam her pussy back into Sara and the dildo.  She met the redhead’s fuck-thrusts with her own, and soon, the room filled with dirty, wet, flesh-slapping noises.  Sweat and froth sprayed every which way as the women’s passion mounted.

That’s it,” cried Kylie, her whole body shaking.  “I’m losing my mind.  I’m—I’m cumming.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Orgasmic spasms swept through her, and her cunt began spewing juices.  She licked her lips and babbled wildly, always bouncing her ass.

I’m cumming too,” shouted Sara, slamming the entire length of the dildo into the girl’s vagina.  “Yes.  I’m cumming.  I’m cumming.”

Her pussy exploded with a bang and sent streaks of lightning shooting through her body and into her brain.  Then her dam broke, juices poured out, soaking the dildo’s base.  Sara leaned into the panting, trembling girl for some time.  The heat between their pussies was intense, and the sweat and slime were thick.  The redhead rubbed the girl’s back and shoulder blades to calm her down and bring her back to reality.

“Well,” said Sara when her breathing had returned to normal.  “We’ve got just enough time for a quick shower.”

Kylie nodded, and they raced downstairs, giggling happily.


“I’m always happy to have new customers,” said Sara.  “Now, what can I do for you two fine ladies?”

The redhead addressed two well-dressed brunettes sitting in chairs opposite her desk.  Though she was wearing only her panties, the two women didn’t seem to mind.  They seemed impatient to get naked themselves.  The tallest (an attractive woman called Tonya) of them spoke first.

“Gina and I are next-door neighbors.  Our husbands are always out of town on business, and we’re tired of going for weeks at a time without cock.  We need some cock right away, or we’ll lose our minds.  It’s that simple.”

“That’s right,” said Gina.  “Some friends told us about this place, so we decided to try it.  This way, we’re not cheating on our husbands.  We can get fucked and still have clear consciences.”

“Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place,” Sara said.  “I can fix you both up just fine.  But since this is your first visit with us, I feel I should accompany you and get you started.  Then, once you’ve got the hang of it, I’ll leave the two of you alone to enjoy yourselves.”

“That’s all right with us,” said Tonya.  “As long as we can get started right away.  My pussy is on fire.”

“Fine,” said Sara.  “You can get undressed here and hang your clothes in the closet.”  Then, to Kylie, sitting on the other side of the room, Sara said, “You stay here and watch the office.  I won’t be gone long.”

“Sure thing, Sara,” said the girl.

Meanwhile, Tonya and Gina climbed out of their clothes and hung them in the closet.  Sara admired their well-curved bodies and their youthful looks.  She knew her dogs would be happy to pound their cunts.  When the women were stark naked, Sara led them downstairs to an unoccupied compartment where they could have plenty of privacy.  The small room had two comfortable chairs, a lamp and table, and soft carpeting.  The big redhead left Tonya and Gina there for a few moments while she went to fetch the dogs.

She returned with a large black and brown German shepherd and a big black retriever.  The women seemed slightly frightened when Sara entered with the dogs, but the redhead had expected that.  After closing the door behind her and locking it, she proceeded to acquaint the women with the animals.

“Come on over and pet them,” she said as she fell to her knees between the two dogs and caressed their backs and heads.  “They won’t hurt you.”

The more the women stroked the dogs, the less afraid they became.  Soon they were even rubbing their tits into the hairy beasts.  Sara watched it all and was happy to see the horny housewives reacting favorably.  More than anything, she wanted satisfied customers.

“Mmmmm!” said Tonya, growing bold.  “I want to fuck this German shepherd right now.  Show me what to do, Sara.”

“Treat him just as you would your husband,” said the redhead.  “Play with his cock first and get it nice and hard.”

With Sara and Gina watching, Tonya reached under the big dog and wrapped her small hand around his cock.  As she squeezed the hairy bag, the pink cock shaft shot out and pointed at the woman.  Tonya jumped back, gasping and shivering like a virgin, but then she settled down and began massaging the cock.  The dog-cock grew bigger and bigger, rising out of its bag.  The sight of so much cock made her pussy tingle, and soon the hairy cunt dripped.  Tonya squirmed around on the carpet, got a better grip, and began to beat the animal off.

“He’s about ready to fuck,” said Sara.  “Why don’t you get his cock nice and wet now?  All my dogs like to get sucked.”

Tonya, her pussy steaming, bent her head and flicked her tongue over the pointed pink tip of the dog’s cock bulb.  Her tongue was like a snake’s, tickling the animal’s piss hole and jolting his nerves.  Though the strong aroma surprised her, she didn’t think it was any worse than her husband’s cock aroma.  Her tongue searched the fat cock head thoroughly, lapping up pre-cum and laying down spit.  She made the cock shine—and swell.  Tonya could feel her cunt twitching as she thought of what it would be like to have this thick cock wedged between her pussy lips.

As Tonya licked the animal’s cock, Gina caressed the dog’s furry back and rubbed her swollen titties into its side.  She was turned on by what she saw and knew this was for her.  No more long lonely days without a cock.  No more guilt about letting the postman see her in her see-through nightie.  She now had a place to come to get relief.  Sara held the big retriever while Tonya played with the German shepherd.  Tonya and Gina had to learn slowly, one at a time, Sara knew.

Tonya opened her mouth and wrapped her wet lips around the dog’s cock bulb, seizing it firmly.  Then she began slithering her hot tongue around the animal’s cock head.  As she made the cock bulb wetter, she stroked the dog’s cock shaft.

“Beautiful,” said Sara.  “You’re doing just fine.  Now try to deep-throat the big cock.”

Sara was squatting beside the woman, and her open pussy gave off a powerful aroma, even through her panties.  The dogs couldn’t help but become aroused.  Tonya worked her lips down the thick dog-cock slowly but surely.  She gobbled up the cock until she could feel the flaring cock bulb pressing into the back of her throat.  The animal’s hairy bag tickled her lips and chin.  When the heat soared into her brain, the sexy brunette began sucking on the cock, moving her clinging lips up and down with steady fuck-strokes.  As she sucked, she licked the underside of the cock with her dancing tongue, and she had the dog whining and squirming in no time.

Oh, yes,” said Gina, her nipples bright red and throbbing.  “Suck that big cock.  Make the motherfucker burn.”

Wrinkling her nose, Tonya bobbed her head up and down, sucking and licking the fat dog-cock.  The pointed cock repeatedly speared her cheeks while the dog’s nuts hammered her stretched lips.  The dog lowered its head and watched the naked woman working on its cock.  The dog’s whining increased, and it began to lick its lips wildly.  It was obvious that Tonya was making the dog delirious with her wet lips and darting tongue.

Tonya’s cunt throbbed something awful as she licked and sucked.  Her big titties swung to and fro, and her ass cheeks jiggled enticingly behind her.  Her eyes bugged out with desire.  It seemed she just couldn’t get enough of the cock meat.  Her teeth scraped the entire cock shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth, filling it with jolts of bliss.  The dog howled and teetered, and she knew she had hit the right spot.  The more she sucked, the more she wanted the dog’s cock inside her neglected vagina.

Soon the animal’s cock swelled up and started throbbing.  Sara had to pull Tonya away from the big cock so it wouldn’t erupt prematurely.  Tonya lifted her head reluctantly, her heavy breathing making her titties rise and fall.  Then she wiped the spit and cum from her lips and prepared to fuck the hairy beast.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Sara told her.  “Then arch your back deeply and wiggle your nice ass around.  The dog will do the rest.  One sniff of your hot cunt, and he’ll be happy to fuck you.  Just wait and see.”

Tonya quivered with excitement.  A draft reached her exposed pussy and made her tingle even more.  She nearly died from passion when the dog crawled behind and mounted her.

Ahhhhhhhhh,” she squealed, shivering hard.  “Oh, hell.  I can feel his hair scratching my back.  And now I can feel his cock poking my pussy lips.  This is it, Gina.  This is it.”

Unable to stand the suspense any longer, Tonya balanced herself on one hand and reached back with the other to spread her pussy lips apart.  The dog immediately speared the juicy pink slit and drove its cock into it until the bulb was out of sight.

Ahhhh,” Tonya cried, shaking her head.  “The fat cock is in my pussy.  Oh, hell, is it stretching me.”

The raven-haired housewife, her stretched pussy boiling with lust, looked at her next-door neighbor and smiled.  She wanted Gina to know that the cock was just fine.  Then she grunted deeply as she took more of the dog’s cock into her pussy.  The dog whimpered as it humped the woman.  The dog drove its big cock deeper and deeper, loving how her greasy cunt parted to make way for its intruding canine cock.  The dog kept driving until its balls rested against her widely stretched pussy lips.

Ahhh.  Shit,” moaned Tonya, bracing herself with both hands.  “The dog’s got its entire cock inside me.  I feel it so deep.”

The beast tightened its grip on her waist and started ramming its cock in and out of her tight cunt.  Her pussy walls expanded and receded repeatedly while the dog beat its nuts against her pussy lips.  The dog’s fuck-thrusts rocked her entire body.

“Now you’re fucking the dog,” said Sara.  “Let him have his way with you.  The dog will make you cum better than your husband ever did.”

Sara rubbed her tits and the retriever’s cock as she watched the housewife get fucked.

My pussy is filled up,” shouted Tonya, licking her lips.

Tonya shook her head this way and that and wriggled her cunt to and fro as lightning bolts rocked her senses.  Her hanging titties swung every which way, almost reaching the floor.  She couldn’t believe the blissful sensations she was feeling—they were driving her crazy.  Then she tightened her cunt muscles around the cock and tried to hold it.  But this only ignited the dog’s passions even more, and it began to slam its cock into her brutally, plowing right through her clinging cuntal muscles.  The dog fucked her so hard it raised her knees off the floor and drove her forward a few inches at a time.

Ohhhh,” cried Tonya, the dog’s yips and whimpers filling her ears.  “The dog’s fucking the hell out of me.”

The air resounded with flesh-slapping noises as she met each of the beast’s fuck-thrusts with a thrust of her own.  She winced each time its cock head speared her cuntal walls, and she groaned each time its balls exploded against her pussy lips.  It was a hard fuck, but she loved it, and her lust soared.

Oh, what a cock,” she cried.  “What a sweet-fucking cock.”

The dog looked down on the horny woman beneath the dog, its long red tongue hanging limp from its panting mouth.  ‘Another horny bitch,’ it thought.  ‘But with a nice tight pussy.’  The dog would give her all it could, so she’d be sure to return for more.

Weeee,” she cried, the dog’s hair sending shivers up her spine.  “My pussy is so hungry.  I can’t get enough.  Oh, fuck me, you damn dog.  Let me feel your balls and your cock inside me.”

Tonya started bouncing her pussy and ass up and down as if seized by some fit.  She drooled loudly and cursed everyone and everything around her as her eyes rolled back into their sockets.

Ahhhh,” she cried, jerking and pumping on the dog’s cock.  “Your big mutt is making me cum, Sara.  My juices are boiling over.  Oh.  Oh.  Ohhhhh.  I’m cumming.”

The horny housewife was then seized by orgasmic spasms that shook her entire body and made her speechless.  Sweat glistened from her pores as her cunt juices spewed onto the animal’s thrusting cock.  The dog, feeling the fiery fuck juices, was then overcome himself.  The dog started humping wildly as its cock swelled up and exploded.  The dog’s cries could be heard as it blew its heavy load deep inside her gaping cunt.

Ahhhh,” howled Tonya.  “The dog’s cum is like hot lava.  Oh, my poor pussy.”

She continued to drench the dog’s cock and balls with her pussy slime as she used her cuntal muscles to swallow up the animal’s jizz.  They traded fire and fuck juices as they reached a fever pitch simultaneously.  More whimpers and yips escaped the German shepherd’s black lips as it pumped out the last of its jizz.  Spit drooled from its mouth and fell on Tonya’s naked back.

She shivered from the sensations but loved every bit of it.  The housewife groaned and grunted and milked the dog’s cock dry.  Slimy jizz, mixed with pussy juices, squirted from her well-stuffed cunt and dribbled down her inner thighs.  The heat blasted her senses until, with a scream, she collapsed to the floor, her pussy spitting out the dog-cock noisily.  The dog, its cock now limp, walked over to the side of the room to recuperate.  The dog knew it’d be needed again later.  It was always that way.  And it knew it’d be ready when called.

Gina had watched every stroke her friend had taken, and now her cunt was swollen and throbbing.  Filled with lust, she rolled her friend onto her back, spread Tonya’s legs wide, and bent down to eat out the woman’s jizz-filled cunt.

Eeeee,” squealed Tonya, loving her friend’s mouth.  “Mmmm.”

Sara was too aroused, and she watched the show happily.


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