Doggy Juan


The next evening after Angela is out on yet another date with a different guy, Chloe’s study abruptly ends by the sound of scratching on the sliding glass door just a few feet from where she’s sitting, accompanied by a low, insistent whining. With a little cry of joy, the blonde jumps from her chair and moves quickly to the door, sliding it open without hesitation. Sure enough, there stands Sean and Buddy!

“Thought I’d let Buddy do the knocking, seeing he’s the one who’s coming to stay with you,” Sean said huskily.

Chloe notices her friend’s speech immediately is a little thick, and there’s a strong smell of booze about him, and she feels nervous for a moment. However, Buddy didn’t give her a chance to let her imagination get the best of her. The Rottweiler comes bounding into the room, running here and there, thrusting its nose into corners and familiarizing himself with the place in the ways that matter to a dog. Finally satisfied, the big animal lies down contentedly on the carpet and gazes up questioningly at his two human friends.

“That’s right, Buddy, you’re gonna stay here the night,” Sean said reassuringly. “You take care of Chloe, and I’m sure she’ll take care of you.”

Weaving a little, Sean glances to where Chloe has joined his dog on the floor. Again, the blonde is sitting in her customary cross-legged posture, and the half-drunk older man groans inwardly as he sees the way her tight jeans plaster themselves like a second skin to her lovely body. It’s almost as if she were naked, Sean thought. The jeans are old and worn thin, and the blue material clearly outlines the twin bulges of her pussy lips, held invitingly open by her cross-legged posture. Time to get out of here, old man, Sean thought. Time to split, before you lose control, fall on your hands and knees before innocently seductive little beauty, ram your head between those tender thighs, and fuck her sweet little cunt with your tongue. The thoughts are too much for the tortured man, and he backs hastily toward the door.

“Thanks for dog sitting for me. I better get going to this stupid faculty dinner,” Sean said in a kind of frantic jovialness. He almost trips over the low metal sill as he steps back through the doors and slides them almost shut. There’s just enough space for Chloe to hear him mutter, “Lucky bastard dog.”

Then Sean’s gone, a lonely hulking figure heading toward a demeaning night among people he despises. The faculty all know of his past, and he senses their disapproval for his squandered potential.

“Well,” Chloe said then sighs and rolls her eyes.

Never having seen Sean quite this way before, Chloe’s a little upset, but quickly passes it off to the booze her friend had obviously been drinking. Everyone on campus knows Sean’s an alcoholic, yet few have ever seen him drunk. With good-natured tolerance, the student passes the whole thing off as another one of those inexplicable things and then turns her full attention to her canine companion for the night.

“Since you’re my guest, Buddy, I suppose I should entertain you,” Chloe said with pretended gravity. “Would you like to play a Gravity Rush with me? Alternatively, perhaps you’d care for a cup of coffee. Do you take milk and sugar?”

Then giggling, the happy woman put her arms around the animal’s powerful neck and pushes her warm pink nose against his cold black one. Immediately Buddy’s long, pink tongue shoots out and licks Chloe on the face, making her giggle again. On impulse, the blonde sticks out her own tongue and tries to touch the dog, but their tongues meet in mid-air and caress for a moment. Chloe thought it funny for a second but then becomes aware it feels good. Too good in a weird sort of way, so with a little shiver she quickly pulls her tongue back, a strange look coming over her face.

The big dog stares at his human friend with darting eyes, a little puzzled, wondering why she pulled back so hastily from it. However, getting to her feet, Chloe goes to her desk and pulls out a small packet of dog candy she brought this afternoon just for tonight. With slightly trembling hands, the student tore open the package and pours out several pieces for her delighted animal companion, laughing as Buddy noses eagerly through the little mound of candies, searching for its favorites.

In a moment, both dog and woman are back to the lighthearted mood of a few minutes before. Chloe is tossing pieces of candy into the air for Buddy to catch, trying to race the dog to the pieces it drops. Eventually, both become tired and sits quietly watching one another, the dog sitting on its haunches and Chloe leaning back on her bed propped on her elbows.

For the thousandth time, the blonde woman finds herself thinking how handsome Buddy is. Not just attractive in an animal way but also in a potent, male way. Some inclination of the universality of sexual attraction seeps through the woman’s mind and this time she lets it linger there, not allowing herself to be afraid. Chloe knows now if she met someone, some man she could trust a little the way she did Buddy, then there’d be no problem with sex. The trouble is she trusts Buddy precisely because he’s a dog and doesn’t have the inbred human ability to trick and deceive to use others for his own ends. Too bad humans and dogs aren’t interchangeable as lovers, Chloe thought, and then laughs to herself a little nervously.

“Oh, Buddy, just be glad you’re a dog and don’t have a nutty human brain that imagines all kinds of weird shit,” Chloe said and sighs. Suspecting it’s just general tiredness making her so introspective she stands and stretches languorously. “Time for bed, I think,” Chloe said to the dog as it got to its feet, thinking she wants to play again. “Now let’s see, where am I going to put you? Maybe Angela will go mental if I let you sleep on her bed, and I can’t let you sleep on the floor, so—” and a mischievous little grin flickered over the woman’s beautiful features. “So why don’t you sleep up here with me? Oh, I know it’ll be a little cramped, but it’ll be nice, warm, and friendly too.”

Chloe gets ready for bed, pulling off the white sweater still has Buddy’s paw-prints on it from earlier in the day. As Sean has notices then, the blonde student is wearing no bra, and her high firm tits stretched even more taut and proud as she reached her arms up to pull the sweater over her head. The rough knit material causes her nipples to harden involuntarily as it scraped over them and a little rash of gooseflesh spread over the woman’s skin from the unexpected sensation.

Wearing only her jeans now, Chloe walks over to the washbasin and noisily washes her face before groping blindly for the towel. “That’s another thing, Buddy,” Chloe said. “You never have to wash your face or hands. Life must be easy for a dog.”

Going to the closet next, the rosy-cheeked woman peels her tight jeans down her legs, almost losing her balance before she’s able to kick free of them. Unlike her roommate, she carefully hangs the jeans in her closet and then stands a moment in indecision. Should she put on her nightgown or not? Maybe not, she finally decided. If Buddy is going to sleep on her bed, it might be too warm. Therefore, wearing nothing now but her tiny bikini panties, the blonde virgin walks over to the bed and sits on the edge.

“OK, buddy, you sleep next to the wall,” she said to the dog and pats the bed for him to jump.

This is quite confusing to the animal since his master never lets him get on beds and the dog gazes at the woman with a questioning but adoring expression. Some strange emotion is starting to form inside the dog’s heart. Buddy has never seen a naked or semi-naked human female before, and there’s something oddly exciting to the beast about the subtle symphony of pink and cream-white flesh before him. The dog loves the woman, and now the nearness of her plus the intoxicating warmth and smell of her velvety flesh causes it to nuzzle in closer to her, forcing its body between her slightly open thighs.

“Why, Buddy,” Chloe said in surprise. “What’s the matter, don’t you want to sleep with me?”

Then the startled virgin jerks back in surprise and shock as the dog’s long pink tongue shoots out and licks her nakedly exposed left breast.

“Oooooo,” the stunned woman said in involuntary reaction as the hot, rough tongue scrapes over her already erect nipples, sending a jolt of raw pleasure all through her body.

Chloe squirms backward trying to escape the insistently nuzzling dog until she’s half-lying, half-sitting, propped against the wall next to the bed. Although the most sensible thing to do is force the dog’s head away from her tingling tits, somehow the virgin’s arms seem paralyzed. Chloe’s unable to move the short distance necessary to protect herself from the affectionate animal’s lingual caresses.

“Oh, no, no, Buddy,” the confused woman keeps repeating ineffectually as the big animal continues to lick and slaver at her exposed tits, moving impartially from one to the other.

Despite her best intentions, Chloe feels a delicious and sensuous warmth steal over her tingling body, rippling through her flesh in electric waves with each further swipe of Buddy’s long hot tongue. A dreamy, vacant look comes over the blonde student’s face, and for a moment, her lovely half-naked body holds still. Then, finally, she permits the exquisite sensations from the dog’s licking of her firm, trembling tits to pour over her in continuous waves of pure sensual bliss. Then and only then do her hands steal slowly up from her sides, but instead of pushing the dog away, they trail lovingly over the big animal’s head and settle firmly behind its ears. Actually pulling the furiously licking animal’s muzzle tighter against her now palpitating tits.

“Oh, Buddy—oh, Buddy,” the gasping virgin repeatedly moans, talking in disjointed, confused sentences to the unheeding animal. “We shouldn’t be, it’s—Omigod—Buddy, your tongue, your lovely tongue.”

When the woman has stopped fighting the dog’s advance, her legs fall loosely open so the strong furry animal body crowds in even closer. The animal’s massive head able to rise higher from time to time to bestow a sensual kiss on her half-parted lips. Little by little, the crooning woman becomes aware Buddy’s powerful chest is pressing hard against her partially opened pussy slit. Each time the dog stretches forward to lick, the movement of the dog’s body against this most sensitive part of her body adds thrillingly to the wild sensations already flowing from her tits.

Becoming more and more aroused with each passing second, Chloe can feel the hot wet juices of her passion building in her hopefully expectant pussy. She presses her clit tightly against the dog’s furry chest, simultaneously opening her legs wide.

What had began for the dog as simple, friendly affection, expressed in the only way it knows, is now assuming different and confusing proportions? It’s hardly likely the sensitive animal will fail to pick up its human friend’s rising excitement. The musky stimulating odor of Chloe’s advanced sexual arousal is building just under the dog’s thrusting muzzle, causing a familiar tightness to start forming deep inside its furry loins. To Chloe’s great disappointment, Buddy abruptly stops his dominant licking of her tits, and for a moment, the panting woman thought the beautiful animal had lost interest. Then the dog’s head drops between her thighs and sniffs inquisitively at the widespread trembling loins from which the strange but exciting odor is coming.

Chloe watches in fascination as the cool black nose slides ever further in toward her seeping pussy and a lewd and forbidden idea forms in her sex-fevered mind. If I encourage Buddy, will he lick me—down there—just as he did my titties, she wonders. Even though she knows how society views such things, the desperately aroused virgin cannot deny how much she wants her canine friend to drive its pointed muzzle deep between her trembling thighs. To give her the kind of pleasure her fingers had never been able to provide.

“C-Come on, Buddy,” the woman said in a shaky voice. “Do it—Lick me—lick me there—Lick my pussy.” Chloe slowly pulls aside the moisture-soaked crotch band of her white panties, bearing to the animal’s eager gaze the gleaming wet furrow of her expectantly waiting little pussy. “C’mon, baby, do it for me—Please, oh please,” the hopelessly impassioned teen begs.

She lies there spread-legged on the bed, holding her panties away from her pussy with her fingers, knowing she’s about to embark on an illegal act. An act so lewd and perverted by society’s ridiculous standards, Chloe knows she’ll have to keep it a profound secret. Her imploring blue eyes meet the soft brown ones of the dog, and for a moment, the pleading woman thought Buddy’s not going to do it.

Then the long hot tongue snaked out, stabbing deep between the waiting woman’s quivering thighs, mercilessly splaying aside the gold-fringed cuntal lips, sliding over the wetly flowering cuntal opening, and then digging into the tiny pink button of Chloe’s clit.

“Aaaaahhh—oooooo,” the half-naked woman moans in helpless submission before the burning, pleasure-giving tongue.

Her back automatically arches to thrust her steaming genitals up toward the dog and the back of her head bangs against the wall. For long moments, the pleasure-wracked woman holds herself rigid in this position. Her lovely, eager body curved like a drawn bow. Chloe’s firm, full, saliva-covered tits thrust out high and trembling, and her softly flexing thighs spreading further and further apart in a mindless attempt to open her body to the maximum. The blonde student is begging for Buddy’s darting tongue to drive ever deeper inside her cunt.

It did, repeatedly.

The Rottweiler ardently strokes its hot wet tongue up into the glistening pink pussy slit, its loins burning now as the odor of Chloe’s rising female passion floods directly into the canine’s senses.

“Oh, yes—yes—yes—darling,” Chloe moans, her hips now starting a slow revolving motion against the dog’s furiously licking tongue.

With one hand, the blonde woman continues to hold aside the crotch band of her panties while the other is now pinching and rolling her nipples.

“Omigod—fuck, keep licking—licking—it feels so good—I’m gonna cum—faster—faster, darling—aaaahhh—Omigod, don’t ever stop—oohhh—oohhh—oohhh.”

The helplessly inflamed student’s mindless ravings fall into a kind of delirious chant keeping time to the dog’s continuous licking of her desire-moistened cunt. This is the sound Angela, her roommate hears as she stands in amazed wonder outside the door to their room. For a moment, Angela thought she must have come home to the wrong room, but then she recognizes Chloe’s voice.

Fuck, she has a man in there, Angela thought incredulously. Someone’s making love to Chloe Hewson, the biggest prude on campus.

Angela’s first reaction is a little mindless giggle of surprise, but then a cold, calculating expression comes over her face. Chloe broke in on her the other night just when Jack Watts was about to give her the fucking of her life. Well, two can play that game, Angela thought, and she tries to open the door but finds it locked. After a moment’s hesitation, the avenger knocks loudly, cursing her habitual carelessness making her forget her key. How she’d like to walk in unannounced.

It’s long moments before the panting and moaning Chloe becomes aware of the insistent hammering at the door, but even then, her inflamed senses push it into the background. Chloe’s so close to her orgasm now nothing else matters. Her parents, the dean, anyone could’ve burst into the room at this moment, and the helplessly impassioned woman would’ve been unable to stop the desperate search for gratification building to a head deep inside her seething belly. Just another few seconds and it’ll be here, she thought. Chloe grits her teeth and almost stops breathing as she feels herself teetering on the edge of the greatest physical and mental gratification ever and then Buddy backs away, alarmed by the racket Angela is making.

“Oh, no, no,” Chloe desperately moans, trying to draw the animal’s head back between her spread thighs, but Buddy easily dodges her clutching fingers and moves quickly to the other side of the room. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Chloe sobs, knowing there’s nothing more she can do to call the alarmed animal back.

Quickly pulling her panties back over her swollen pink pussy, the frustrated woman staggers to her feet and snatches her nightgown from the nearby closet, settling it quickly over her body. Chloe goes to the door, recognizing her roommate’s voice, as she demands entry. With an angry, contemptuous motion, Chloe throws the lock back and twists the door handle, letting it open by itself under the pressure of Angela’s knocking.

When the door gives before her, Angela surges triumphantly into the room, bursting with curiosity to know who had turned her uptight roommate into such a slut.

“Well, it’s really something when a person can’t get inside her own room,” she said but stops dead when she saw no one but Chloe and Sean Simpson’s Rottweiler. “What the fuck, I thought you had someone in here.”

“There is,” Chloe said icily. “Buddy.”

Chloe points toward the animal as the dog stays prudently back in the far corner. Angela’s first reaction is to think whoever it had been must have left through the sliding glass doors, but she sees it’s impossible. Some books and records are propped against the glass, moved there by Chloe while she had been playing with Buddy and it’s clear the doors wouldn’t slide back without removing them.

“I’m sure I heard somebody,” Angela insists with a deep frown, looking around suspiciously and fighting down an impulse to look under the beds.

“Well, you’re wrong,” Chloe snaps and then tries to change the subject. “What are you doing home, anyhow? I thought you were going to spend the night locked in the arms of some football player?”

Angela can’t help making a wry face. “He turned into a dud. The meathead takes me to a restaurant and tells me all about his exploits as a footy player. Then at ten, he said he had to be home so he can get plenty of sleep,” Angela said and sighs. “By then, I was so bored I would’ve done the whole football team. So here I am, unloved and unfucked.”

While she’s talking, Angela takes a closer look at her friend and knows she hadn’t imagined the sounds she heard. Chloe had been up to something all right, she thought. It shows in the hot flush on her cheeks, and her breathing is still ragged and forced. Also, the dark-haired Angela distinctly detects the odor of hotly aroused female flesh. Still, where is the guy, Angela wonders? It’s clear there’s no one here but Buddy. Then the horrible suspicion comes to the supposedly unshakable sexual prodigy.

No, it just isn’t possible, Angela thought, staring wide-eyed at Chloe as the blonde went to the bathroom. Angela would’ve believed the Earth’s flat before she’d accept the suspicion her prudish roommate could ever do such a thing. Bestiality—Chloe—NO, not with a dog, not ever, Angela thought as she sinks slowly to the edge of her bed. She glances up to catch Chloe’s eye, but the blonde turns away. Then Angela tries to catch Buddy’s eye, but the dog seems distracted.

She probably just bought a new vibrator or something, Angela thought, relaxing at last. There’s no way Chloe would do such a thing.


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