Drifter Moe Lester

  • After a nasty lover dumps Julia, a sexy Hawaiian socialite, and she finds solace in a stray dog she calls "Drifter." Words: 20,550.
No, I’ll never be lonely again, the curvaceous divorcee thought thrillingly as she happily slips out of her bikini while she watches her new animal-companion with smiling, possessive eyes. God, it’s such a handsome fella, and I already love him.

“Drifter, I wish you could talk,” Julia said, excitedly looking down at where the German shepherd sits watching her. “I’d ask you: how do you like me all naked and standing before you, and you’ll answer: you’re beautiful, Julia. I’ve never seen anyone, or anything as beautiful as you are. Yes, you will, I can see it in your eyes, you devil.” She gasps, running to the dog and dropping to her knees to hug its neck, her resiliently out-thrusting breasts and rounded, full buttocks deliciously dancing and rippling with inner-sensuous feeling. Then, she kisses the dog between the eyes, the beast’s cool, wet nose brushing against the sensitive, erogenous flesh between her breasts, the sensation of Drifter’s unexpected, kissing tongue warmly caressing her there causing a wild chill to tremor up her back.

“Why, you lecherous beast, you kissed me,” Julia whispers hotly, leaning back and holding the dog’s head between her small hands.

The expression of delight brightening Julia’s face is apparent to Drifter. The German shepherd has never known anything quite like these surroundings, or the dark-haired woman who’s so lovingly kind to it. The sweet taste of her naked body lingers on its tongue, and the warmth of her hands and arms when she holds the animal inspires heated sensations in its loins that the dog isn’t familiar. At first, Drifter hasn’t known, but now it does. The dog likes them, and very much loves the sight, smell, and taste of Julia’s nakedness.

The dog cannot help but whimper when she hugs or kisses it, or when the warm, soft smoothness of her human body rubs against its fur. No, the dog has never known any person like Julia, for she’s so pleasing to its eye, and the sounds she makes unquestionably kind to its ear. However, it doesn’t yet fully understand, and Drifter aches deep inside because of it. Yet the German shepherd instinctively knows she’ll somehow make this hurt go away, for she’s its new mistress, so pleasing to look at and with a gentle, loving voice. This is where Drifter belongs.

Julia swivels away from the dog, crawling on her knees in her incited nakedness to the sunken tub and opening the faucets to the proper temperature. Omigod, she thought, I’ve never been as thrilled with the idea of bathing any of the bastards I’ve lived with before. What’s this grand intoxicating thing sweeping me up, anyway? Drifter’s only a dog. Still, he’s my dog now—my lovable, faithful companion, and protector.

She refused to acknowledge the maddening lurid thoughts trying to steal into her mind. Instead, she climbs into the sunken tub where the aromatic foam is rapidly rising from the bubble-bath powder and the spilling streams of water.

“C’mon, fella, in here. Oh yes, you are. Now, come on,” she insists as the dog’s ears drop, almost flat to its head while it stares at her, reluctantly inching across the floor. “C’mon. You’re gonna get right in here so I can give you a proper bath. Now, come here and get in.”

She can’t help but laugh and splash, feeling like a child with a new toy as she watches Drifter hesitantly inch closer, its ears still close to its head, but as if knowing there’s no escaping. Julia can’t remember feeling as happy in her life as she giggles and throws suds at the dog’s face, then realizing it’s the white foam frightening the beast.

“It’s no use, fella. You can’t get away,” she said. “I’m gonna give you a bath, and not only that, you’re gonna have one every day. So you might as well get used to it.”

The dog edges close enough for Julia to grasp its forepaw, and eventually, she drew the animal in. Always with cooing little tones to lessen the dog’s fright, until it stands solidly in the huge, sunken tub and she can joyfully move around it. Julia starts soaping the German shepherd with great billows of suds and kissing it on the nose every time the woman thought of it. On her knees, and then with legs stretched out widespread with him between, she washes and loves Drifter, its grand, glowing eyes never losing their warmth for her and she knows it.

Eventually, she drains the tub and turns on the shower, hugging the dog’s neck and whispering not to be afraid, all Drifter needs to keep it standing fast beside her. Then turning off the shower, she takes the soap bar and starts to wash its animal genitals.

Had this beast been a man, one of her ugly leeches, the genitals would’ve been the first place she cleaned. The dog stands unmoving while she does it. Her hand fills with suds as she smoothes it back and forth over the unhidden length of Drifter’s sheathed animal cock and hanging testicles. As she patiently continues to wash, something happens right before her eyes. The tip of the dog’s long scarlet cock emerges from its concealing protection, more and more, as she gently soaps the phallus with slow, rhythmic massaging strokes. Julia’s breathing suddenly catching in her throat as she watches the mysterious phenomenon. God, it’s huge, she thought admiringly. However, in all truth, she’d known already by the hard feel of the canine cock in her hand.

Suddenly, Drifter whimpers and Julia realizes she’s teasing the dog, or at least goading it, and with no place for the animal to go. It’s cruel, but the feel of the canine cock in the woman’s hand so long and thick is sending insane vibrations through her, and after all, Drifter is only an animal. Her animal now and she needs the beast.

“Oh, oh, fuck you, Andy. I hope they send you to prison for a hundred years,” Julia groans.

Drifter Moe Lester

  • After a nasty lover dumps Julia, a sexy Hawaiian socialite, and she finds solace in a stray dog she calls "Drifter." Words: 20,550.

The hot, hard feel of Drifter’s long, thick-fleshed hardness firing her loins and lustfully concentrating mind with an uncontrollable longing for the filthy junkie’s huge, pleasure-bringing cock.

Omigod, I have to get some sort of hold on myself, she thought. That junkie is gone, and I can still use my fingers to get off, it won’t be the first time, or undoubtedly the last. Quickly, she rinses away the soapy lather from Drifter’s patiently unmoving body and climbs from the tub with it following close behind. Not bothering with her wetness, she takes a big, soft towel and starts drying the dog before it broke into one of its vigorous shaking spasms and drenches the bathroom.

“There, fella,” she said, smiling and trying to recapture their mood of moments before.

Julia nakedly kneels, moving around on her knees while she towel dries the dog, her glistening breasts and buttocks rippling provocatively from the exertion. She’s in front of Drifter’s face when it eventually happens, catching her unaware as the dogs warm, moist tongue quickly darting out to brush hotly against her cheek. Reflexively, Julia draws her face back away, surprised, yet not repelled. In fact, the loving wet contact sends a new sensation fluttering through her. For a long moment, she stares deeply into the German shepherd’s wide brown eyes, again taking its head between her small hands. The dog had kissed her. There’s no question about it. The fervent glimmer in its guileless eyes gives the dog away.

Slowly, the curvaceous naked woman leans forward, holding Drifter’s face tenderly, and then nearly breathless, she parts her moistened lips with her tiny pink tongue. Eagerly, the dog’s long tongue gently licks out and touches the tip of it in a fiery, desire-smoldering caress.

Julia can’t move. Had a human lover kissed her so passionately on the lips, or licked out at her tongue, she could never have felt it more intensively. Again, Drifter does it, until she realizes she’s exchanging feverish, tonguing caresses with the dog. The animal whimpers, the almost pleading sexual tone racing erotically through her. For a moment, the Hawaiian woman is losing whatever moral stability she might still have. Julia has never known more wildly provocative sensations of desire than those raging now between her legs, upward into the secret depths of her fire-filled belly.

Julia’s short, panting breaths seem unreal to her as she crawls to the soft thickness of the rug and rolls nakedly over it. She lies lewdly on her back with trembling thighs spread partially open, the woman’s fingertips racing over the satin-smoothness of her stomach to the sensuously swollen mounds of her breasts. They find the tiny pink nipples that have already risen into little marbles of hardness and teasingly fondles them while Julia’s glowing eyes search the face of the massive animal moving toward her.

Drifter feels the throbbing quiver of its loins from the torrid craving the new mistress’ hotly smoldering eyes transmit. The beast’s heart pounds unknowingly in its chest at the sight of the nakedly rounded curves of Julia’s body stretched out on the floor before the animal, and the dog pauses to stare hungrily down at the woman. Julia’s breathing comes unevenly as she watches the animal surveying between her obscenely spread thighs.

Drifter Moe Lester

  • After a nasty lover dumps Julia, a sexy Hawaiian socialite, and she finds solace in a stray dog she calls "Drifter." Words: 20,550.

God, it isn’t too late, she thought. I can still stop him, come back to my senses. Then Drifter is beside and above her, lowering its canine head to lick with a hot, wet tongue over the smooth flesh of her softly quivering belly. Omigod—yes—yes, it’s too late, her mind screams hotly as she shakes her head from side to side.

Again, Julia feels the gentle delight of the German shepherd’s wetly curling length, and she raises her head to watch Drifter licking the small rounded tummy of her belly. Higher and higher the dog comes, until at last its licking the smooth, sensitive undersides of her heaving breasts, ever licking upward, over them to their almost passionately bursting little nipples.

“Ooh, you darling dog,” she moans shamelessly as Drifter’s eager tonguing caresses licks wetly at the pinkly throbbing tips repeatedly, sending maddening charges of a new and foreign animal desire through her body.
Julia’s lust-clouded mind is blanking to everything, but the lewdly rising sensations the dog’s hotly licking tongue-tip rippling over the naked mounds of her heaving breasts is creating within her. The woman hears the beast whimper from deep in its animal throat; her intense gaze fixes on its incredibly seductive lovemaking. Then Drifter’s warm brown eyes rose to meet hers, their candent glow level with hers. Julia waits, not speaking, not moving, only intensely breathing through parted lips, and Drifter moves to lick them too.

Boiling animal-blood pounds through Drifter’s powerful body, as again it tastes the delicate essence of the naked woman’s heat on her lips and fire-tipped tongue. With its own tongue, the dog whiningly flicks back at the tiny, pink member darting from her open mouth, licking and tasting its wet sweetness while faint mewling sounds purr from beyond it. Drifter sees her eyes have closed as she lies beneath it, passionately returning caress for caress, the dog’s confused animal instincts driving it on unlike anything before. A hurtful feeling throbs in the weight of the dog’s sperm-laden testicles and the beast whimpers as it backs away from her.
Abruptly, the canine kisses stop and Julia opens her eyes to see the German shepherd moving down between her legs. Her breathing quickens as she lewdly spreads her knees further apart for the beast. Lifting her head, Julia’s brain madly whirling, and the woman watches the dog poise its head above her quivering pussy slit. God, will it do it to her, will it lick her naked pussy? She hears her own guttural little whine when it slowly lowered its face, its hot animal breath taunting the sparse dark pubic curls there. Then, the dog’s cool, wet nose brushed against the warm flesh of her soft inner thighs, and finally, against the thin hair-lined lips of her eagerly waiting pussy crevice. She hears its whimper then as it sniffed, and she waits in frantically growing passion!

“D-Don’t be afraid, fella,” Julia said huskily, pulling her legs up and back, wildly trying to persuade the dog to go further. “Go ahead do it. I want you to, oh, how I want you to.”

She can’t hold back her sudden gasp when she feels Drifter’s cold nose graze wetly against the tiny puckered ring of her upturned anus. She hadn’t expected it.

“Omigod,” she blurts the moment the dog’s tongue snakes between her luridly exposed buttocks.

Drifter licks the smooth valley surrounding her snug little anal mouth, the tip exploring and burrowing into its tightly clasped, pouty lips. How long this obscenely blissful titillation goes on, Julia isn’t certain, for she’s suddenly lost track of time. Only the beast’s forbidden animal attentions never stops is all that matters now.

Julia feels the dog’s searing, wet licking bringing it to the narrow pink crevice partially hidden by her pussy lips. A delectable shiver ripples over her naked curves as Drifter draws the burning wetness of its long, thick tongue over the full length of her vibrantly hot pussy from her dampened little anus, tracing along the thin, hair-lined edges of her desire-swollen pussy lips to the tiny bud of her now excitedly jerking clit. Again, the German shepherd does it, this time the long, fire-filled tongue licking the outer lips of her desire-moistened pussy smoothly.

The licking doesn’t stop but continues splaying wide the wetly sizzling pussy-flesh, at last lunging in a sudden wildly deep curl far into the clutching heat of her greedily craving cunt. Julia moans, spasming with the unknown, erotic ecstasy beneath the dog’s oral loving, her sensuously glazed eyes staring over her breasts and salaciously feeding on the obscene, forbidden spectacle they deliciously make together.

“Oh—Oooooo—Yes—I’m gonna cum a dozen times, fella—keep licking,” the voluptuous naked woman groans from the intense sensations Drifter’s long, thick tongue is spiraling through her eager body.

Julia’s gasping moans increase, the woman’s shamelessly ignited brain slipping deeper and deeper into a new and obscenely debauched world she hungrily welcomes. Repeatedly the German shepherd’s beautiful scorching tongue licks hungrily through her wide-split pussy and anal crevice. At its peak, it invariably hesitates, and then instinctively flicks hotly into the burning liquid flesh to tease at the palpitating bud of her tiny, erect clit, fanning the hotly growing flames inside Julia like a renegade wind.

On, and on, and on it went with Julia losing all relation to time. Her first orgasm sweeping over her like an unexpected hurricane, the explosion bursting deep in the intricate depths of her screaming loins and belly in an unequaled fierceness to overwhelm her at last with velvety waves of tingling, pleasureful joy she feels to the very tips of her fingers and toes. The heated flow of the cumming woman’s orgasmic release only seems to spur her whimpering animal-lover on as it excitedly licks wildly through the woman’s wetly spasming cuntal flesh, until she’s moaning and squirming insanely beneath the beast.

Drifter Moe Lester

  • After a nasty lover dumps Julia, a sexy Hawaiian socialite, and she finds solace in a stray dog she calls "Drifter." Words: 20,550.

“Ugh—Omigod—Yes—Ahhhh,” she gutturally wails as Drifter lunges the long, thick measure of hot animal-flesh with a lust-teasing curl ever deeper up into the feverishly clutching channel of her burning cunt. “Mmm, fuck, Drifter, it’s so beautiful when you lick my pussy. Oh, where have you been all my life? D-Don’t stop, please, don’t ever stop.”

Julia thrillingly watches her soft sensuous curves ripple and squirm beneath the dog’s unbelievable cunnilingus, suddenly wishing she had Andy’s huge, filthy cock fucking brutally into her mouth simultaneously. Fuck, I’d suck him dry, she thought wildly fuelling her lust, make him squirt its hot, creamy semen down my throat.

“Oh fuck, fuck. We’re gonna do this every day, Drifter. Agghhh, yes, lick it, fella. Like that—like that—way up inside my cunt—Tongue-fuck me,” she obscenely goads, lifting her feverishly simmering loins and ass cheeks higher up to the hotly licking animal-mouth. “Ooo, further, baby, deeper. S-Shove your hot tongue up my cunt as far as you can—Omigod.”

Julia reaches between her widespread thighs, grasping Drifter’s furry head to pull its long nose tighter into her wetly palpitating cuntal channel. The German shepherd’s firebrand tongue races into the warmly seething hole as if a white-hot cauterizing whip, the beast’s animal-whines matching hers as it lashed and tongue-fucks the smooth blood-tingling cuntal walls with a growing skill no man has matched.

“Ah, you’re killing me, you beautiful cunt lover,” she passionately hisses, head raised and eyes wide.

The lustfully intoxicating sight of their obscene act is nearly bending her mind to a point beyond any human reason. If only she had Andy’s huge, hard cock in her mouth to complete their lewd, obscene orgy.

Drifter feels its loins and flanks throbbing from the liquid female heat flowing from Julia’s cunt. The dog senses a stronger fire burning inside her than when it had first begun licking between her legs, and its intensity makes the blood pump furiously through its canine body. The German shepherd has never known affection like it feels for her with any other human. Her soft, smooth flesh and heated odor Julia generates from the thin, hair-fringed slit between her legs makes the beast know a fierceness of desire that urgently excited it.

The hot, pink flesh of her mating hole in its flowing wetness is communicating through the dog’s tongue a wild sensation it has never known to this extent, not even with canine bitches. Drifter almost feels it’s doing something wrong, and the knowledge makes the dog instinctively feel a new ferocity, the axis of which centered in its heavily laden testicles below.


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