Ebook Category: heterosexual

Seducing Daddy

Cindy is nineteen and madly in lover with her father, Tom. With the help of her friend she starts to up the heat at home trying desperately to get him into bed. Tom is conflicted. His mind says no, but his lust says yes! Can Cindy get her dream man? Words: 10,070. ISBN-13: 9781311936431. Get …

My Brazen Brother

A brother and sister forced to share a room in the family holiday home all their lives find now they’re young adults in college the sexual tension between them grows and grows until one day Luke decides to up the ante in a shockingly perverted incestuous way. Words: 7,435. ISBN-13: 9781311757494

Abby Does Dogs!

One night, Abby decides to shock her friend Leah in a lurid moment with a dog. Unable to stop herself after that with her own dog, her neighbor catches her in the act. He then blackmails Abby to become something she never thought possible. Words: 21,232. ISBN: 9781005562366.