Faith’s Birthday


Faith's Birthday Sheela B.

  • Faith is 18 today and has a day she'll never forget at her neighbor's house. Words: 13,293. ISBN: 9798215729113.
On the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Faith wiggled under the covers and sighed as she pushed her panties down over her slim hips.  Her small, trembling hands dipped between her juicy thighs, and a tremor swept through her young body.  She kicked off her panties as pussy slime greeted her exploring fingers.

So hot,” she moaned.  “So hot.”  She stroked her pussy gash, coating her fingers in the slippery juice of her sizzling teenage cunt.  “So fucking hot!”

Kicking the covers off herself, her slender young body quaked.  The girl’s legs spread wide, and she rolled her hips as soft, panting gasps came from her moist lips.  The pink slit of her pussy dripped, and the puffy folds glistened with the filmy juice of her overheated vagina.  Frantic, she yanked off her nightie and tossed it on the floor.  Her tits, creamy and plump, jiggled.  The swollen pink nipples ached, and she brought one quivering hand to the soft meat of her tits.

God,” she moaned.

She squeezed her tits and fondled her pussy lips.  Her body shuddered, stiffened, then twitched as waves of pleasure swept over her.  Juice from her throbbing vagina oozed from her slit, soaking her fingers and dripping down to the crack of her swiveling ass.  Concentrating on her sizzling pussy, Faith smeared the sticky slime from her vagina over her blood-swollen clit.  She gasped as her clit pulsated and the inside of her pussy slit oozed more juice.

Cock,” she said huskily, conjuring up an image of a stiff cock in her lust-sopped brain.  “Cock!”  Faith spasmed as her body writhed.  Her tongue flicked across her lips as she dipped her fingers into her virgin vagina.  Her Hyman blocked her path, and she moaned with frustration.  “Fuck—fuck—fuck.”

Eyelids fluttering, her blue eyes widened.  Pupils dilated, her head snapped from side to side as her silky blonde hair swished across her flushed, innocent face.

I wanna cock,” she mouthed.  “I wanna cock.”

Out of her head she crawled out of bed and stumbled to the dresser.  Wild-eyed, she stared at her naked reflection in the mirror as she grabbed a hairbrush and jammed it between her juicy thighs.

Fuck,” she moaned as tiny spastic orgasms whipped through her virgin body.  “Fuck.”

Hot, panting gasps rushed from her drooling lips as she watched her plump tits jiggle.  She swayed, her head spinning as she dragged the brush across her puffy cunt lips and clit.

Ooooooooo, shit….”  Her legs turned to rubber, and she melted to the floor as her hot young body twitched out of control.  She twisted on her back, torturing herself with the hairbrush.  “I wanna get fucked.  I wanna get fucked.”

Pussy slime flowed from her cunt.  Hips jerking, tits flopping, she pushed the brush handle into her pussy.  She gasped as her Hyman blocked the path.


She jerked the handle from her pussy and attacked her cunt with the bristly hairs.  Spasms racked her hot flesh, and for a second thought, her nipples would burst.  Her back arched, and she moaned as everything started spinning.  Squirming, she rolled to her stomach and bucked her hips.  Her blood-gorged clit brushed against the nap of the carpet as she teased her puckered asshole with the handle of the brush.

Yesss,” she hissed as she pushed the handle against her twitching crack.  “Yesss.”

Writhing, she mangled her tits into the rug.  The rough nap made her nipples ache and her clit pulse.  She pushed the handle into her ass, and her blue eyes seemed to pop from their sockets.  “Fuck,” she moaned as her asshole muscles attacked the handle.  “Oooooooo.  Fuck….”

Twisting on her stomach, she jerked her ass back and fucked herself on the brush handle.  Her mouth drooled, and her cunt overflowed.  “I wanna cock….” Her tongue whipped across her lips.  “I wanna cock….”

With the handle stuck up her ass, Faith writhed on her stomach.  She clamped her asshole muscles tight around the hard plastic handle, then clawed the rug as she jammed her clit into the coarse nap.  Spasms raced through her.  Tiny explosions of passion bombarded her, and the inside of her cunt turned to fire.

Faith's Birthday Sheela B.

  • Faith is 18 today and has a day she'll never forget at her neighbor's house. Words: 13,293. ISBN: 9798215729113.

I’m so fucking hot,” she whimpered, writhing frantically on her stomach.  Her nipples ached, and her clit felt as if it were going to explode.  “So fucking hot….”  She twisted her hips, then dragged her nails through the carpet as buttery pussy slime flowed from her cunt.  Hips rolling, she milked the brush handle with the muscles of her ass.  “I wanna cock,” she rasped as spittle drooled from her mouth.  “I wanna cock.”

Soft whining sounds came from the other side of Faith’s bedroom door.  The door opened, and three German shepherd puppies bounded into Faith’s room.  They scampered over to the writhing newly turned eighteen-year-old and playfully began licking her feet and legs.  Faith gasped as the puppies broke her concentration.  She rolled to her back, the brush still embedded in her asshole.

Get away, damn it,” she moaned.  Her body sizzled, and she needed a climax to keep from going crazy.  “Get away.”

The puppies ignored her and started licking her thighs as the sweet, pungent aroma of Faith’s hot, bubbling pussy attracted them.  Writhing, Faith lifted her head.  She watched from glazed, misty eyes as their wet, slapping tongues and playful nips turned her on.  A gasp came from her panting mouth as an idea filled her lust-sopped brain.

“OK,” she moaned, spreading her legs wide.  “Lick my pussy.”  She shuddered as one puppy climbed between her legs and began nibbling and licking on the juicy meat of her inner thighs.

Ooohhhh, yes.  Yes.”

Twisting on her back, Faith creamed as the three frisky puppies attacked her.  Juice flowed from her virgin pussy and trickled down to the brush handle still embedded in her tight gripping asshole.

My pussy,” she whimpered anxiously.  “Lick my pussy.”

She humped, her body quaking as the puppies’ gentle nips and wet slapping tongues turned her virgin cunt into an inferno of boiling pussy slime.  One whimpering puppy caught the scent of Faith’s oozing pussy.  The dog yelped and squirmed on its stomach as it nibbled toward the seeping pink gash.  Another puppy attacked Faith’s stomach, its nipping mouth drawn to the jiggling flesh of her tits.  The last puppy’s soft whines filled Faith’s head, licked her face, and drenched her with its drool.

Faith’s ass pulsated around the handle of the brush.  Her vagina, bubbling and oozing, contracted rhythmically as the three puppies drove her insane.  She squirmed down, her body tingling as she tried jamming her pussy into the puppy’s face.  She wrenched her shoulders, attracting the other puppy to her tits as she opened her mouth and took the third puppy’s tongue into her mouth.

Faith orgasmed as she sucked on the puppy’s tongue.  Her ass rotated, and the handle shoved up her ass added to the pleasure of the nipping teeth and slapping tongues.  She gurgled as the puppy squirmed, pulling its tongue from her hungry mouth.  Moaning, she grabbed the puppy and lifted it over her.

Lick my face.”  She gasped as she saw the dog’s small puppy cock peek out from its sheath.  “Oh, God….’

The puppy squirmed in her hands as the other two puppies chewed on her tits and the soft meat of her thighs.  Eyes wide and mouth drooling, she ogled the squirming puppy’s cock.  She licked her lips, then gasped as the whimpering puppy began pissing on her.

Ohhh, God.  God.” She shuddered, the warm yellow pee turning her on.  “Yesss,” she hissed, letting the puppy’s piss drench her face.  “Yesss….”

Faith's Birthday Sheela B.

  • Faith is 18 today and has a day she'll never forget at her neighbor's house. Words: 13,293. ISBN: 9798215729113.

With the puppy pissing in Faith’s face, the other puppy started nipping at her swollen nipples.  She orgasmed, her ass humping as the third puppy’s hungry mouth finally reached her pussy.  Spasms racked her flesh as nipping teeth feasted on her body and hot puppy pee poured into her mouth.  Faith gulped, drinking the piss as the puppy squirmed in her hands.  She writhed, her eyes wide as the slapping tongue on her pussy made her cunt contract.  A gurgling moan came from her mouth as the last few squirts of piss splashed over her chin and dribbled down her neck.

Twitching, she set the puppy next to her.  “Bite my tits,” she groaned.

The puppy attacked her other tit, and she raced toward a climax as all three puppies nipped at her overheated body.

Bite my clit,” she moaned, wishing the puppy would understand.  “Bite my clit….”  She rolled her hips and spasmed as she ground her pussy into the snipping puppy’s mouth.  “Yessss.”

While the two puppies snapped and licked at Faith’s tits, the third puppy squirmed off its stomach and snipped at the puffy folds of Faith’s virgin pussy.  Pussy slime saturated its snout and coated its tongue as the puppy slashed it through Faith’s buttery slit.  The dog whipped its tongue over her clit and yelped as she banged her oozing pussy into its snout.  Twisting, Faith moaned as the pleasure from the three puppies drove her insane.  Her head snapped back and forth as she watched the two puppies nip and lick her tits.

Yesss,” she moaned as she lifted her head and watched the third puppy devour her pussy.  “Yesss.”

Her hips rolled, and the gripping action of her asshole tugged on the handle of the brush.  Her back arched, and she stroked the puppies’ thick coats as they marred her creamy tits with their teeth.  She jerked, battering her pussy into the other puppy’s snout as its tongue slithered into the wet, seeping slit.  Squirming and whimpering, the puppy’s tongue bit the thin membrane of Faith’s Hyman.  The dog snorted, its head jerking up as pussy slime clogged its nostrils.  The German shepherd puppy’s nose hit Faith’s sensitive clit and caused the teenager to shriek with joy.

Bite me,” Faith pleaded as the dog licked her cunt.  “Bite me.”

She ground her cunt into his face, agitating the Puppy to attack her blood-swollen clit.  The puppy yelped, then snagged Faith’s clit with its teeth.  The dog held it tight as if it were a piece of meat and jerked its head back and forth.  This action and the devastating attack on her tits carried Faith to the peak.

I’m there,” she moaned, her body in spasm as she hovered at the peak.  “I’m there.”

The next instant, Faith’s virgin pussy exploded as her body went into convulsions.

I’m cumming….”  As orgasms whipped through Faith’s cunt, she thrashed demonically on her back.  She jammed her tits at the snipping puppies and smashed her cunt into the pussy-biting dog.  “I’m cumming,” she shrieked as another orgasm tore through her virgin cunt.  “I’m cumming….”

Snarling and chewing, the puppy destroyed Faith’s pussy.  The dog beat her clit with its tongue as hot sudsy pussy slime gushed from Faith’s pussy and flowed into its mouth.  The puppy snorted but wouldn’t let go of Faith’s clit as it continued to chew the raw, pulsating piece of flesh.  The dog squirmed, jamming its mouth tighter against Faith’s pussy as the teenager’s screeching voice filled the room.  Hot slime gushed from Faith’s vagina.  Her asshole twitched violently around the buried brush handle as she humped up and down on it.

God, don’t stop,” she rasped, praying that the puppy would keep eating her clit.  “God, don’t stop.”



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