Harvey’s Revenge


Kelly groans as she doubles up and staggers back into another clump of bushes.  Losing her balance, she pitches backward and falls into the scratching, stiff branches.  Before Kelly can realize what’s happening, the woman feels something weighty suddenly press down on her upper thighs and belly.  She glances up and sees something dark blocking her view of the dark-grey, foggy sky.  Only when she hears the sound of something low and growling does Kelly realize the big Doberman is on top of her.  Its big forelegs are pressing down hard into her belly.

NOOOOOOOO…” she cries, thrusting her head back into the bushes as she raises both arms and digs her fingertips into the powerful black dog’s throat.

Kelly can feel the dog’s short hair tickling the skin under her fingernails and its intense body heat, warming her icy hands.  For a minute, Kelly relaxes, enjoying the warmth given off by the excited, barking animal.  Then she sees the dog’s black, rubbery lips peel back and reveal two rows of sparkling, white crisscross teeth.  Hot, stringy spittle oozes out from the corners of the dog’s mouth and drools to her inner thighs as its claws painfully scratch the flesh on her belly and upper legs.  With another shriek, Kelly shoves her hands up, pushing the barking animal away.  ‘No, it can’t be happening to me,’ she thought.  ‘I’m a young travel agent just here for a convention.’

NO, NO, NO…” Kelly screams, struggling out of the bush as the Doberman stands braced for a forward leap in front of her.

Kelly draws her right hand across her hanging breasts, pressing them tightly to her chest as she balances on her left hand.  Still half-crouching by the bush, she stares warily at the growling Doberman in front of her.  The tone grips Kelly and makes her skin crawl.  She feels her muscles tense as she darts her eyes back and forth, desperately searching for a path of escape.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Fritz said, folding his arms across his chest and sneering at her.

The wind blows the long red hair across her face as Kelly watches the dog start to move cautiously forward.  She jerks to the left, digging her feet hard into the soft, damp ground as she starts to spring toward the clearing and away from the animal.  But Barney’s prepared for any sudden moves.  The Doberman changes its course as quickly as Kelly does, leaping in front of her and barking angrily as it jumps.  Screaming out in fear, Kelly jerks to a halt, stumbling sideways and tumbling off-balance to the ground.

Ohhhh,” she cries as she hears Fritz and Jon laughing in the background.

Kelly rolls over several times, clods of loose dirt, grass, and tiny bits of gravel clinging to her sensitive, damp skin until she comes to rest on her belly.  The Doberman moves quickly into action, trotting between her two widely spread legs.  Lowering its head, the big animal sniffs at Kelly’s asshole picking up the odor of Jon’s semen.  She buries her face into the dead leaves under her face as she feels the Doberman’s cold, wet nose press lightly between her butt cheeks.

Barney is whining and growling alternately, the dog’s short, bristling hair around its pointed snout tickling her ass.  The beast pokes its snout further, rolling its brown eyes slowly in its head.  Kelly’s fingers curl into the ground as she let out a choking series of strangled sobs.  She can feel a moist tongue licking her butt crack, searching for the tight, musky asshole that still leaks Jon’s jizz.  At the same time, she feels a thrilling, erotic tingle rolling along her spine.  That hot wetness around her asshole contrasts with the chilling dampness of the air around her.  Shivering with revulsion and pleasure, Kelly hunches her ass up slightly to the big, licking animal as the dog’s thick tongue circles around her asshole.

Kelly’s repulsed by the idea an animal can arouse her.  She’s never given a second thought to stories about women fucking with dogs, donkeys, or horses.  That was impossible, she thought, and incredibly sick.  Yet here she’s trapped under the powerful black body of a dog and actually enjoying what’s happening.

Mmmmmm,” the redhead hums, praying to God neither Fritz nor Jon hears her involuntary groan of passion.

A musky dew dampens her pussy as the Doberman runs its tongue lightly through her asshole.  The dog’s searching snout pokes at her pussy lips, pushing the outer labia inward and setting off a tiny series of sparking explosions in her loins.  Kelly’s knees jerk forward, digging into the soft cold ground and forcing her butt cheeks up slightly.  They tilt backward at a steeper angle, giving the dog a better and larger surface to lick.  The Doberman dips its tongue into her juicy cunt, lapping the pungent, bubbling juices frothing out of it.

Kelly closes her eyelids tightly as she draws her hands to the sides of her face and digs her fingernails into her cheeks.  She’s feeling her pussy clench tightly, quivering with unspeakable delight as Barney slathers her cunt with thick layers of hot canine spittle.  There’s a strange contrasting combination of hot and cold.  When the dog laps its tongue across her pussy lips, she feels bathed in hot wetness.  But when its snout leaves that area to poke at her shitter, the chill wind freezes the greasy spit oozing over her cunt.

Fritz and Jon laugh louder and crasser.  Kelly finds herself tucking her knees further under her belly, raising her butt cheeks in the air as she gives herself entirely to Barney.  She shudders with ecstatic excitement as the Doberman moves back to her pussy and concentrates on her labia.  When the Doberman’s tongue flicks across her clit, Kelly cries out, hunching forward and dragging her thunderous breasts across the uneven dirt.  It’s as if someone has driven hot needles into her cunt.  Her pussy explodes with wild, contracting spasms.

Oooooooooo … Ahhhhhhhhhhh…” Kelly blurts, feeling her lungs swell with scorching air as she falls forward.

The loose gravel crunches her pussy as Kelly sprawls across the drive and sobs helplessly.

“Come on, get over,” Fritz said, pulling Barney back by the scruff of the neck as he raises his foot and jams it under per thigh.

He kicks upward, spinning Kelly around until she’s on her back, staring at the sky thick puffs of clouds and fog drift lazily above the swaying pines.  It’s a scene of utter desolation.  Kelly realizes how right it is as she gazes up and sees the two men sneering at her and the big dog growling in front of them.  The Doberman’s muzzle is slick with her pussy juices and its spittle.

“Don’t let him do that to me,” Kelly begs as Barney drops starts moving forward again.

Not only is she afraid of having sex with the Doberman, but Kelly’s also terrified about what she might learn about herself.  The men ignore her, watching what the big dog is going to do next.

Nnnhhhhrrr,” the redhead groans again.

Rolling her head back and forth in the dirt, then digging it into the ground as Barney slinks forward and pushes that long snout against her shuddering pussy.  Kelly can feel her vulva pressed inward, then peeling back under the constant pressure.  The Doberman’s short hairs tickle the hot, slick membranes between her outer and inner labia.  Then the dog pushes forward harder, forcing that muzzle deeper and deeper into her vagina.  Kelly feels her knees falling apart as her body blossoms and explodes with exotic spasms.

Barney pulls back slightly, opening those powerful jaws and starting to lick her off once more.  Kelly cries out and beat the ground with her clenched fists as she feels that long, hot, wet tongue sloshing around her pussy.  The dog’s licking her pubic hair until they’re matted with dog spittle.  Her knees jerk together, banging against the panting sides of the big Doberman, only to fall apart again.  She digs her butt cheeks into the dirt, grinding them back and forth, working the loose soil into her butt crack as she feels her pussy tighten more and more.

P-Please,” Kelly stammers, her throat becoming hot and dry.  “Why are you doing this to me?

She can’t think straight anymore.  There’s that hot, lapping going on between her legs, making her vagina glow, and creating a strange sexual heat she never felt before.  ‘Licked off by a dog,’ she thought.  The crushing humiliation nearly drives her mad.  But the mind searing ecstasy of the animal’s sandy, hot licking almost makes Kelly forget about its source.  Kelly’s cries turn into groans of pleasure.  Her eyelids flutter, and her fingers claw at the loose soil as she wriggles helplessly under the animal’s attack.  When she opens her mouth to cry out, nothing comes.  It’s as if her vocal cords have become paralyzed.  Every muscle in her body tenses and pulls as Barney shoves that snout further forward.

“Why?  Why are you doing this to me?” she groans at the leering men.

The men laugh at her pleas. Jon said, “Why not? Our dog needs pussy, and you’re it.”

“Yeah,” Fitz said, smiling. “You’re our bitch now. Get used to it.”

Kelly’s entire cunt is wet and glistening with Barney’s spit. The red, silky pussy hairs plastered into a tangled mat. Kelly finds herself making little hunching movements and squirming her ass more and more under Barney’s licking. The pleasure she’s experiencing she can’t hide anymore. It registers on Kelly’s face. She pulled her hands up from the dirt and moves them to her breasts, squeezing them tightly between her trembling, icy fingers. Kelly can feel the hot stiff nipples poking between her fingers, tingling with excitement as she squeezes the spongy flesh rhythmically with her hands. ‘What’s happening to me,’ she wonders? ‘I’m becoming worse than the whores who walk the streets of Hollywood. At least they stick to humans. How can I ever look at myself again?

Barney’s tongue is licking and probing deep between Kelly’s parted pussy lips. She rolls her ass slowly back and forth over the ground, pulling her knees painfully up and hugging the warm sides of the Doberman. The dog’s her lover now, this big, black, panting, growling dog lapping her cunt raw with its tongue. Her breasts seem to swell larger and larger as she pinches her half-inch-long red nipples. Her vagina winks shut in response to that breast-teasing, moving like a little animal against Barney’s tongue. The dog whines in delighted surprise, pulling back for a second, then diving back into the swampy mess of Kelly’s cunt.

She forces herself to pull her head off the dirt and stare at the animal in front of her. The woman sees his powerful body shuddering as the dog ignores her subtle movement and keeps on licking. Kelly feels a strange kind of power flood over her. Yes, they’re forcing her to endure a Doberman licking her off, yet her pussy is making the big dog fill with passion.

Glancing over to her right, Kelly sees Fritz and Jon riveting their eyes on her pussy and Barney’s powerful head. They’re prisoners of her pussy as much as she’s a prisoner of their power. Then Kelly glances down and sees Barney’s long, pointed, knobby cock fully extended from its black hairy sheath. The pointy red cock glistens wetly, jerking spastically as Barney licks more and more.

“Ohhuuum,” Kelly groans as she feels the dog’s rubbery lips peel back, revealing its sharp teeth.

They cut gently into the swollen, slick folds of her pussy. Instead of making her cry out in pain, those tiny incisions fire her cunt even more. Kelly drops her head back to the ground and babbles meaningless obscenities as the dog’s teeth slice deeper and deeper down her juicy pussy.

Her knees snap together, trapping the big dog’s head between her legs as it dives further into her cunt. Kelly doesn’t care if the animal rips her into thousands of bloody pieces. Her pussy aches and throbs with a new kind of passion. Her juices burn into the tiny cuts made by the Doberman’s razor-like teeth. Yet the burning pain adds only to her new heightened sexual excitement. She feels herself melting into the scenery, losing her identity as Kelly Johnson, and becoming nothing more than this dog’s bitch lover.

“Getting to you?” Fritz asks, taking out his phone and pointing it at her.

Kelly can’t answer him. She starts rolling her head wildly again. Strands of dirtied, matted redhead hair clung to her cheeks and forehead as she sobs and babble uncontrollably. Her big breasts heave up and down on her chest as she continues to mash her nipples and squeeze the breast flesh between her trembling fingers.

Kelly is aware something is about to happen when the licking stops suddenly. She feels Barney draw that canine head out of her cunt and start to move forward. Gazing up, Kelly watches the Doberman drooling, peering at her and snapping its jaws together with lust. For a second, the unspeakable delight gripping her pussy disappears. It’s replaced by a heart-rending terror as she sees the Doberman’s throbbing pointy red cock edging closer to her wet pussy.

No, don’t do that,” Kelly said, digging her elbows into the soil and trying to crawl away.

It’s hopeless, though. Barney moves forward faster than she can slide. Pressing those powerful forepaws down on her shoulders, Barney peers down menacingly at her. Fritz and Jon laugh at the redhead’s screams that turn into frantic, incoherent shrieks. Her body thrashes and writhes while her big breasts jiggle from the violent movement, bouncing together as Barney manages to keep a position on Kelly’s belly.

No, no, NO,” Kelly cries as she bucks her thighs in a desperate attempt to throw the growling animal off her.


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