Insatiable Dana


Insatiable Dana Sheela B.

  • Eighteen-year-old Dana is eager to lose her virginity, and in a fit of horniness, she gets it on with her horse. Pretty soon, the whole family is horse fucking. Words: 25,528
Dana Thompson was eighteen, a virgin, and horny.  She slowly walked out of the small lake hidden in the woods.  Her lush, naked body glistened.  Her wet blonde hair clung to her head.  She shivered, then relaxed as the sun warmed her.  Being outside and naked excited her like it always did.  Her small creamy tits bounced as she walked, the nipples swollen with the passion that constantly itched between her long slender legs.  The blonde hair that decorated her cunt seemed to sparkle in the sunlight.  She sighed dreamily and sprawled on the blanket, her blue eyes staring up through the trees at the sky.

Dana lay on her back, soft sighs rushing from her parted lips.  Her creamy tits moved erotically as her hips rolled.  “Always so damn hot,” she purred.  Her tits heaved as her breath quickened.  “So fucking hot.”

She clawed the blanket, then brought her trembling hands to the soft, pliant meat of her tits.  She moaned, her hands molded firmly to the yielding flesh.

“Nice,” she purred as the hard bullet tips burned into the palms of her hands.  “So nice.”

She kneaded her tits gently as the lust in her virgin pussy spread through her body.  The gentle kneading turned into rough pawing.  She scratched at her flesh, the juices in her cunt boiling and seeping from her pulsating pussy-hole.  A ragged moan choked from her throat, and she rolled to her stomach, her hips rocking gently back and forth.  Her clit, swollen and sensitive, brushed lightly against the nap of the blanket.  Sparks of pleasure twitched through her cunt, and she flexed the muscles in her ass with each twitch.

“I’m creaming,” she panted as her face flushed.  “Creaming for a cock.”

Spittle drooled from her gaping mouth as she rolled her hips and skimmed her hands under her trembling body.  Anxiously, she sought out her pulsating clit.  Dana heaved a sigh, her nails teasing the sensitive piece of flesh.  She twisted, her tits crushed beneath her.  She shuddered, a spasm rippling through her turned-on body.  Her nipples felt as if they were going to explode.  She gasped, then rolled to her back.  Tits flopping, she played with her pussy.  Juicy cream flowed from her cunt, soaking her fingers and velvety folds.  She stiffened, then jammed her fingers into the scalding heat of her cunt.  She hit the hymen and moaned.

“Oooo, what a feeling!  Whatta fantastic feeling!”  She humped her fingers, her hips jerking wildly.  “God, I wanna get fucked.  I wanna get fucked and lose my fucking virginity.”

The pressure against her virginity had her trembling with excitement.  Images of cocks invading her body, squirting jizz made her dizzy.  She moaned, her eyelids fluttering as spastic jolts of pleasure caromed through her virgin pussy and spread.

“Cockmeat,” she moaned.  “Cockmeat.” Her tongue flicked across her parted lips.  She strained, prodding her hymen with her fingers.  “Gotta…gotta have a cock.”

She kept her legs spread and began smearing the sticky cream that oozed from her pussy-hole over her clit.  Her breath hissed out, and she brought her juicy fingers to her mouth.

“Delicious,” she purred, the taste of her cunt making her head spin.  “Mmmm…  so delicious.”  She brought her fingers back to the juice of her pussy and squished them through her dripping slit.  Cunt-cream made her lips glisten.  She pushed a finger into her cunt again and hit her hymen.  “I need a cock!” she wailed, her voice lost in the branches of the trees.  “I need a cock!”  Her back arched as she pinched her clit.  “I need it so much!” She fell back to the blanket and spasmed.  “Need it so much!”

She twisted, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth.  Her eyes widened as her pinching fingers brought her slowly toward the peak and the orgasm she needed so badly.  She rolled her hips, the gentle rocking turning frantic.  She scratched her clit, her firm ass slapping against the blanket.

“Oooo…  I want to cum!  I wanna cum!”  She bucked, her neck straining as the pleasure whipping through her body became more intense.  “Getting close,” she mouthed.  “Getting so fucking close!” She humped and gasped as she clawed her cunt and now raced toward her orgasm.  “I’m there,” she gasped, gurgling on her spit.  “I’m there!”

Her mind filled with the image of a huge throbbing cock as she hovered at the peak.  “I’m there!”  With the images of cockmeat ripping into her cunt and mouth, Dana climaxed.  “I’m cumming,” she squealed hotly.  “I’m cumming!”  The inside of her virgin pussy had exploded.  “I’m cumming!”

Milky pussy-cum gushed from her cushiony walls and flooded her virgin cunt.  The flowing cream gushed from her pussy and washed over her tormenting fingers.

“Creaming…  Creaming…  Creaming,” she chanted as the sticky pussy-cum flowed down to the crack of her humping ass.  “Creaming so much!”  Dana twisted maniacally on the blanket, her shrieking voice filling the warm summer air.  Her tits bounced, and her back bowed, almost snapping in two.  “Yesss,” she hissed as foaming spit drooled from her mouth.  “Yesss.”  She slammed her ass down on the blanket and shuddered.  Immediately, her ass jerked up.  “Oooo…cock…cock,” she gasped as her eyelids fluttered.  “Sweet cock!”

Hips twisting, she raked her nails over her clit.  She brought her free hand to the soft, jiggling meat of her tit and scratched.  She clawed herself as another orgasm tore through her virgin pussy and sent her into convulsions.

“I’m cumming again,” she hollered, wishing someone could hear.  “I’m cumming!”  She snapped her head from side to side, her wet blonde hair slashing across her face.  Her mouth twisted, and her eyes rolled in their sockets.  “Oooo, God…  I need…”

She couldn’t finish her thought.  The intensity of her orgasm had taken away her voice for the moment.  She thrashed on her back for what seemed like an eternity, then went limp.  Soft moaning gasps choked from her throat as she shuddered.  Her hands dropped away from her quaking body as the last of her orgasm washed over her.  She lay still, her tits heaving as she caught her breath.  Still tingling, she rolled to her stomach and closed her eyes.


Noir, Dana’s black stallion, tossed his head and snorted.  He pranced over to his naked mistress lying on the blanket and lowered his head.  His nostrils flared as the heady scent of her pussy burned into his brain.  He sniffed, his rubbery lips mouthing the white creamy flesh of Dana’s ass cheek.  Dana stirred and sighed as if she were dreaming.  She moved her hips as the inside of her cunt began to pulse.  She sighed again, then quivered.

Noir slapped out his tongue and swiped it across Dana’s ass.  He soaked the creamy flesh, then slithered his tongue up through her ass crack.  His tail flicked, and he whinnied softly as his horny mistress rolled her hips.

“Yes,” Dana purred, coming out of her light sleep.  She shuddered as the wet slurping tongue on her ass told her she hadn’t been dreaming.  “Noir!” she gasped, rolling quickly to her back.  “Whatta you doing?”  She looked up at Noir, her blue eyes misty with desire.  “You were licking my ass.”

She began trembling as hot ideas caromed through her young horny mind.  As if to answer, Noir tossed his head and whinnied.  He pawed the ground, his rubbery lips smacking as his coal-black eyes glared down at Dana.  The girl spasmed.  She grabbed her tits and jiggled them.

“C’mon, fucker,” she purred with excitement.  “C’mon and give my titties a nice bath with your spit.”

Noir neighed, his attention drawn to the white jiggling meat of Dana’s tits.  He stepped forward, then lowered his head.  His wet, drooling lips covered one of Dana’s small firm tits.

Dana creamed.  “Oooo, Noir!” she gasped.  His foaming mouth was hot against her sizzling flesh.  “Christ!”

Her pussy flowed.  She scratched Noir’s forehead, her eyes wide as she watched him dine on her sensitive tit.  Noir slobbered over the milky flesh of her tit.  He nibbled with his lips, snagging her hard nipple as her whimpering voice made his ears flicker.  He moved his mouth, his lips and tongue washing Dana’s other tit with warm saliva.  Dana writhed frantically on her back.  Pleasure swept through her.

“You’re so wonderful, Noir,” she moaned.  “So wonderful.” She arched her back and jammed her tit against his teeth.  “Bite.  Bite.”

Noir nibbled.  Snorts came from his flared nostrils.  His tail swished, and his thick mane slapped across his neck as he worked his hungry mouth from one jiggling tit to the other.  He snagged a nipple with his teeth, then jerked his head.

“Yesss,” Dana wailed.  “God, it feels good.” She twisted her hips, her cunt bubbling.

“My pussy,” she whimpered, pushing at his head.  “Do that to my pussy.”

Noir neighed, then pawed the ground as she pushed at his head.  The pungent aroma of her cunt drifted up from between her slender legs.  He snorted, then chomped and lathered her flesh with spit as he worked his mouth toward the overpowering scent of her cunt.  Dana jerked sporadically on the blanket.  Her eyes widened as the stallion’s slobbering mouth worked closer to the heated wetness of her cunt.

“Yesss,” she moaned as he began nibbling at her hips.  “Yesss.”  She twisted on the blanket, her ass thumping.  “My pussy!  My pussy!”

Noir reared his head and whinnied.  He kicked at the ground, then dropped his head between the teenager’s thighs.  The stallion sloshed his tongue over her juice-stained thighs as the aroma of her cunt made the muscles under his slick black coat ripple.  Drooling and snorting, he jammed his mouth against Dana’s virgin cunt.  Dana spasmed violently upon contact.

“Noir,” she wailed.  The pleasure overwhelmed her.  She lifted her head and stared wild-eyed at her horse.  “Yes, Noir!”

Her head dropped back to the blanket with a thud as Noir’s tongue slashed over her boiling-hot pussy.  Noir slashed his tongue through the teen’s wet puffy cunt folds.  His tongue snaked into her gash and hit her hymen.  He snorted, then shook his head as pussy-cream clogged his nostrils.  Dana spasmed as she felt the pressure of his tongue against her hymen.

“Break it,” she gasped, humping at his mouth.  “Break it.”

Insatiable Dana Sheela B.

  • Eighteen-year-old Dana is eager to lose her virginity, and in a fit of horniness, she gets it on with her horse. Pretty soon, the whole family is horse fucking. Words: 25,528

Noir whinnied and reared his head.  Pussy-cream dripped from his chin and lips.  His eyes blazed with fire.  He snorted, shook his head, then dropped back to the delicious meat of his mistress’s cunt.  Dana rolled her hips frantically, battering her cunt against Noir’s mouth.

“Make me cum!” she moaned, her body shuddering with excitement.  “Make me cum!”

Noir jammed his mouth hard against Dana’s pussy.  Cream flowed over his lashing tongue and into his nose.  He snorted but continued to whip her pussy with his tongue.  Dana’s young, naked body quaked.  She stared up through the trees.

“God!” Knowing what was happening to her made her dizzy.  “Make me cum!”

She threw herself at his mouth, then crashed back to the blanket as Noir started to chew on the velvety folds of her pulsing virgin pussy lips.  Pawing the ground, his tail slapping at his twitching rump, the black stallion dined noisily on the teen’s sweet-tasting pussy meat.  He chewed on her pussy lips, then darted his tongue into her slit.  He chewed, his huge mouth covering every inch of her sizzling hot pussy.  Dana was out of her mind.  The pleasure was exquisite.  Ten times better than playing with herself.  She responded to his chomping mouth and slashing tongue.

“My clit,” she screeched.  “Bite my clit!”  Back arched, she humped up against his snapping teeth.  She clawed the blanket, her head whipping back and forth.  Spittle drooled from her mouth.  “My clit, Noir.  Bite my clit!”

Noir lifted his head and neighed.  His mane slashed across his neck, and his flanks heaved.  The screaming teen was arousing him, and his balls began to swell.  The bloated head of his cock poked from its thick-skinned sheath.  He neighed again, then was drawn back to Dana’s sweet pussy.  Dana screamed, her voice carried off by the breeze.  She lunged up as he dropped his head between her legs and smashed her cunt into his mouth.

“Bite, fucker! Bite!”

Aroused, Noir began chewing.  He nipped at her pussy, then found the pulsing clit.  He whipped it with his tongue, then used his lips and began pulling on it.  Dana went out of her skull.

“Yes,” she screamed.  “Yes!” With Noir beating her clit and tugging on it with his lips, she raced toward her orgasm.  “Bite!  Bite!” she chanted, needing his snapping teeth to take her into her orgasm.  “Bite my fucking clit!”

With Dana battering his mouth, Noir snorted and jammed his face hard against her cunt.  He latched his teeth to her clit and chewed.  At the same time, he snapped his head, pulling on it violently as he took his young screaming mistress into her orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” she screamed as her pussy exploded.  “I’m cumming!”

The intensity of her orgasm boggled the teenager’s mind.  She thrashed wildly on her back as the cushiony walls of her virgin cunt went into rhythmic contractions.  Buttery pussy-cum gushed from her walls and flooded her virgin fuck hole.  She screamed, threw herself at the horse’s mouth, and screamed again.

“I’m cumming!  I’m cumming, Noir!  Keep chewing me!  Oooooo…  I’m cumming!”

Noir, his snout drenched with pussy-cum, continued to devastate the teen’s sweet climaxing cunt.  He munched on her clit and snorted to keep his nostrils clear of the flowing river of milky cum.  Her frenzied voice and thrashing body had him enraged.  His cock thickened, extending out from his thick sheath as his balls rumbled.  Dana went crazy.  She bucked, her ass thumping the blanket as she started pounding it with her fists.  Her small tits bounced, and her face twisted.  Screams rushed from her mouth.

“Noir!  Noir,” she shrieked insanely.  “I’m cumming again!  Bite me!  Bite me all over!”

She kept her hips swiveling as she bathed his mouth with cunt-cum.  Noir stepped forward, smashing her cunt with his chomping mouth.  He tongued, chewed, then shook his head as he pulled and stretched her clit.  His flanks heaved, and his tail twitched as his cock turned rigid and began to seep.  Dana twisted on her back.  Everything turned fuzzy, and she blinked as she stared up through the limbs of the trees.

“Noir!”  Another orgasm caromed through her cunt and spread to every tingling nerve in her young body.  “Noir!”

Bucking and thrashing, the inside of her virgin cunt turned to fire.  It pulsed rapidly, a constant flow of pussy-cum gushing from her fuck hole.  It flowed down to the crack of her ass and stained the blanket.  It coated Noir’s snout and flowed over his tongue and into his nose.  She screamed hysterically as everything started spinning.  Her body stiffened, then suddenly went limp.  Sporadic twitches made her body jerk.  Her clit was still trapped.

“Noir,” she gasped, her strength sapped.  “Noir.”

Noir, his cock throbbing, jerked his head up, his teeth almost ripping Dana’s clit from her body.  He reared up on his hind legs and whinnied as he jerked his head back and forth.  Dana gasped, and her eyes almost popped from their sockets.  For the first second, she was frightened about being trampled.  The next second, she saw his cock.  The fear of being trampled no longer interested her.  She gulped, her eyes glued to his giant cock as he dropped back to all fours and began whinnying softly.

“Oh, Noir!” she sighed.

She quickly sat up and wriggled under the frisky horse, her eyes riveted to his long thick rigid cock.  She saw jizz seeping from his pisser and became dizzy.

“Such a beautiful cock.”

She touched his fat hulking cock as the black stallion whinnied and pawed the ground.  Spasms raced up her arm, and she thought she was going to climax again for a moment.

“You’re hot, huh?” she puffed, tracing a path down his giant cock to his huge cum-crammed nuts.  “Eating my pussy got you all worked up.”

She giggled again, her body quivering as she devoured his monstrous cock with her wide eyes.  Noir snorted, his rump twitching.  His cock ached, and he stepped forward as more jizz seeped from his pisser.  Dana swooned as a drop of Noir’s cum dripped onto her creamy tit.

“God, you wanna cum, huh?”

She was fascinated with his cock as she wrapped her hands around the meaty shaft.  Noir jerked, driving his cock through the teenager’s shifting fist.  Soft, high-pitched whinnies came from his rumbling lips.  His head bobbed, his mane swishing across his powerful neck.  The teen’s hands were rumbling the cum in his nuts.

“You wanna cum?” she cooed, staring hypnotized by the giant horse cock.  “You wanna cum like I did?”

Noir whinnied as if to say yes.  He tossed his head and lurched forward.  His cock glided through her clutching fists.  He snorted, his balls aching as foam dripped from his mouth.

“Yes, Noir,” she sighed dreamily.  “I’ll get you off.” She was dizzy.  At last, she had the cock she had been praying for.  “I’ll get you off really good.”

Insatiable Dana Sheela B.

  • Eighteen-year-old Dana is eager to lose her virginity, and in a fit of horniness, she gets it on with her horse. Pretty soon, the whole family is horse fucking. Words: 25,528

Noir neighed and jabbed hard.  His cock swelled in Dana’s hands, and his balls churned.  He jerked, his rump twitching as Dana’s shifting fist brought him to the edge.  Tits jiggling, Dana’s hands flew rapidly up and down the length of Noir’s rigid cock.

“Cum,” she moaned throatily.  “Cum all over my titties.”

She jerked her hands faster, her eyes wide as she stared at his pisser.  Noir’s balls burst.  He neighed and tossed his head as thick cum gushed through his fat cock and squirted from his pisser.

“Yes,” Dana squealed happily.  “Cream.  Cream!”

With Noir whinnying and blasting his nuts, Dana jerked him off.  Cum splattered her tits and dripped to her thighs.  The thick globs of jizz were hot against her flesh.  She swooned, watching intently as spraying arcs of horse-cum spurted from his cock and splashed over her.  A shrill whinny came from Noir’s drooling mouth as his balls erupted again.  He tossed his head high and twisted his neck as his thick mane slashed back and forth.  His ears flickered, and his eyes bulged.  He jabbed, a thick river of horse-cum shooting from his cock and splash over Dana’s face.  Dana squealed with joy.  The cum splattering her skin had her pussy in spasm.

“Cum…cum…cum,” she chanted as she shifted her fists up and down the length of Noir’s gigantic cock.  “Keep cumming!”

Noir’s tail slashed across his twitching rump.  Jizz poured from his cock, drenching the whimpering teenager.  He lurched forward, the head of his cock banging against Dana’s cheek.  He snorted and creamed again as Dana’s gripping fists worked frantically up and down his exploding cock.  Dana was creaming.  She grabbed his huge balls and began massaging them.  She squeezed his cock rhythmically, her hand flying rapidly up and down.

“Oooo, Noir.  Noir.”

Noir neighed and shook his head as the cum in his balls drained.  He jerked, kicked at the ground, and spewed the last of his jizz into Dana’s hair.  Another glob surfaced from his pisser and dripped onto Dana’s leg.  He stopped, his body shuddering as the teenager continued to maul his cock and balls.  Dana came out of her sex-induced stupor.  She released his cock and fell back on the blanket.  “Wonderful,” she sighed joyfully.


She lay on her back rubbing the thick lumps of horse-cum into her flesh as Noir headed for the lake and a drink of water.  She quivered, wiped her face, and brought a glob to her trembling lips.  She tasted it.

“God,” she said, licking her lips.  “It’s better than pussy-cum.”  She pulled herself up and stretched.  Things were going to be different now.  She smiled at her horse.  “A lot different,” she said aloud as she rushed into the lake to wash the stallion’s cum off her young body.

A few minutes later, she came out of the water, dried herself with a towel, and dressed.

“Let’s go, Noir,” she urged, climbing into the saddle.  “We’re going home.”

By the time she reached home, she was already boiling again.


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