Jack Morningwood: SHORTS!

Sam’s Backyard

One night, when the wife is in Michigan visiting her mother, Sam drinks a couple of beers and falls asleep in the recliner while watching football on TV.  Sam wakes with a start when he hears what approximates the snarls and roars of vicious animals fighting nearby.  He stands and goes to the back patio to see several dogs, including his, fighting while another watches.

“What the fuck?” he said, shaking his head.

A dog breaks off and sniffs the docile one’s butt when Sam suddenly realizes it’s his neighbor’s dog, Princess, and the bitch is in heat.  The other dogs, including Rudy, a mixed breed Labrador/Malamute, is fighting for the right to breed the bitch.

“Fucking dogs, get outta my yard,” Sam shouts, going to them shaking his fist in the air.

He grabs Princess, a Bearded Collie, and holds the bitch above the other dogs, who now jump for the suspended animal.  Unknowingly, Sam rubs Princess’s hormones over his shorts as he moves toward the fence to deposit the bitch back into its yard.

“Get off me, you fucking mutts,” he shouts as one rips his nylon shorts, leaving a gaping hole exposing his butt.  “Oh, fuck, my favorite shorts.”

By the time he makes the fence, he’s panting heavily and strains as he lifts Princess over and drops her to the ground on the other side, back in her yard where the bitch belongs.

Turning back to the three dogs remaining, he scans the two strange dogs to see if he can recognize them.  Both are dirty, one a terrier of some sort, and the other an Australian shepherd.

“Strays, fucking great,” he says, rolling his eyes.

As he takes a step forward, the terrier grabs his bitch-hormone soaked shorts in its teeth and pulls them off completely.  The force of the action knocks him to the ground, landing on his hands and knees on the grass.  The dogs run around the stunned man, barking, panting, and most of all, each has a big red-boner jutting from their stomachs.

The Australian shepherd jumps on his back and passes something between his legs, sinking its cock in his ass.  The process is fast, catching Sam by surprise, and it hurts badly.  Sam yells and struggles.  However, the other dogs snarl and snap at him, even Rudy.  He grits his teeth and takes it, as he can’t move.  When the dog’s cock is in all the way, it feels like a knife is in his guts, and the dog starts plowing.  Sam’s rear end is on fire, and tears run from his eyes.  After what feels like an hour, the pain reaches a peak, a point where it doesn’t get any worse.  He can stand it.  ‘Maybe I’ll live, after all,’ he thought.  About the time he mercifully gets comfortable with the massive canine cock up his butt, the dog slows and eventually stops.  Sam can feel a strange buzzing and throb inside his belly and a growing warmth.

“Oh, fuck, he’s cumming in me,” he moans.

The Australian shepherd keeps at it for ten minutes, grunting quietly and panting loudly as the dog pumps its balls into the man’s bowels.

Oh, God, this is so wrong.”

However, it isn’t over.  As the Australian shepherd eventually pulls out of his ass, the next one takes its place, and again Sam gets a canine cock fucking his ass wildly, and it surprises him to realize he’s accustomed to it already.  ‘No man should have to get used to a dog fucking his ass,’ he thought.  However, he’s glad it doesn’t hurt as much this time.  ‘The sons of bitches.  Twice.’  Something else hits him then.  Sam discovers he has a hard-on digging into the ground.  ‘Oh, fuck, no. I’m not getting a boner from this?’  The dog’s thick cock sliding into him, rubbing his anus walls, doesn’t feel bad.  It feels good, and it’s making him horny.  Getting a familiar feeling in his balls and cock he gets when watching porn.  Cold sweat breaks out on his forehead.  ‘If these dogs keep this up, they’ll make me cum.’ 

Ahhhhh,” Sam squeals as the terrier slips his knot inside his abused ass.

The fucking becomes harder for a burst before the animal slows down, as the Australian shepherd did before, and the warm feeling of jizz bursts into his awareness from his belly.

“Jesus, what’s wrong with me?”

The dog’s knot is large, and as it moves, it presses right into Sam’s prostate, and before he knows it, a colossal orgasm takes him, and he shoots his load onto the grass.  Rudy and the shepherd come to it and sniff, licking it from the grass, before licking his aching cock, making the man twitch and groan.  After waiting another period, tied to the terrier by his cock, the animal finally pulls free.  His asshole feels warm and, to his surprise, pleasant.  Rudy, Sam’s dog, runs around, making the man’s eyes bulge as he sees the cock beneath the animal.  He’s seen black men not hung as well.  ‘His mama must’ve been fooling around in the pasture with bulls,’ he thought.  The tapering cockhead is a hot, shiny, ruddy-red thing downright frightening.  Proud, glowing, taut, and commanding.

A terrible feeling sweeps over him, a strange emotion.  ‘Jesus, what a cock.  It’s beautiful. I wish I had a cock that big.’  When Rudy mounts him and shoves that massive cock up Sam’s asshole, it hurt.  He’s bigger than the first dog, yet that time it was fucking weird.  It hurt so bad he clenches his fists into the ground.  However, it also feels fantasticA magnificent feeling.  Glorious.  Sam bites his lip.  He has to admit he wants Rudy to fuck him, and sure enough, as the dog thrusts into him, he can’t help himself and climaxes again.  The pain, shock, struggle, and the heavenly, maddening stretch, made him want to scream with pleasure.  Sam bites his lip, forcing himself to be silent, yet the intensity is more than he can stand.  Another load coats the grass, and the other dogs lick it away, finishing by licking his cock until it goes soft.  ‘How goddamned demeaning,’ he thought.  ‘I came after Rudy barely started and without even touching myself.’

However, as the dog continues to sock it to Sam’s asshole, the little bastard takes him along with it, stretching out its climax into a long, quavering, piercing note Sam swears to God must be the canine equivalent of multiple orgasms.  When he finally feels the animal ejaculating inside him, Sam feels grateful.  As if the dog had somehow done him a favor.

When the dog eventually pulls out, Sam’s exhausted.  He lies sweating, breathing in shallow gasps, with his legs splayed out.  The dogs wander off to places to lick their dicks and bask in their expression of post-coital pleasure.  Sam climbs to his feet and waddles inside as cum ran down his legs from his gaping asshole.  He turns on the lights and heads for the bathroom.  ‘Little fuckers, hope they get run over by a car,’ he mentally curses.  ‘Except, maybe, Rudy.  Damn, he made me feel good.’

Sam can’t sleep that night, of course.  He passes a bowel motion to get the semen out of his ass and stands in the shower running water so hot he almost burned himself.  The man bows his head with shame.  ‘What would people think if they knew I just got fucked by some dogs,’ he wonders?  ‘This is one secret that’ll go with me to my grave.’


This is one of the stories you’ll find in Jack Morningwood: SHORTS. There are 4 other great reads in the eBook.


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